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February, 2011

Issue 14

Mark Grebby appointed as the new General Manager LaSource, Grenada announces the appointment of Mark Andrew Grebby as General Manager. Mark, an English national, has amassed an impressive 25 years experience within the hospitality industry. He has started his first management role at the age of 19 as the Front Office Manager of the Halcyon Hotel in London, before he moved to New Zealand to work for an international communication company as a training officer in customer service. When he returned to the UK, he took the post of Rooms Division Manager at the Milestone, which is now consider as one of London‟s top hotel. From there he was head hunted to the Athenaeum Hotel and Apartments, as rooms division Manager for over 2 years. He then went to the St James Club as Deputy General Manager, where the guest list reads likes who‟s who and was responsible for the whole

operation of this very prestigious private members club. Mark‟s career as a General Manager began at a private estate in Buckinghamshire, before moving to Cornwall, to take over a renovation project that is today known as Watergate Bay - The Hotel and Extreme Academy. Mark was made Resort Director on the board at Watergate Bay, where he was involved in many projects that included the commissioning and opening of the Jamie Oliver inspired restaurant Fifteen Cornwall and he also won many awards including, South West Tourism Destination of the year, Best UK restaurant for Fifteen Cornwall and the prestigious international business award from Coutts Bank for best small family business in the UK. Mark left England in 2008, to take up the post of General Manager of a

beautiful resort in St Lucia. After 3 years Mark is very pleased to have taken on his new role as General Manager of “The amazing Holiday,” In his own words “LaSoure is a very special boutique style resort offering a unique experience, and the resorts‟ reputation around the world is first class, and I am delighted to be part of the team that looks forward to welcoming back our very high repeat guest factor (over 40%), and all the new guests as well”.

Janice Victorin appointed as Social, Activities and Water sports Manager at LaSource Born and raised In St. Lucia, Janice Victorin has over seventeen years working in the hotel industry. Janice started her career in the food and beverage department and needed to expand her horizon, joined the Activities team at a resort in St Lucia. She then got promoted as activities supervisor, based on her professionalism, dedication and mannerism with the staff and guests. Her desire to grow, decided her to resign and move on to greener pasture, where she joined the Sandals team as the Gym Manager. Janice was sent to Jamaica where she obtained her ACE group fitness certification that includes aerobics, strength training and nutrition. She also obtained her Scott Pilates certification. On returning to St. Lucia, she continued her career as Activities Manager at various resorts in St Lucia. Janice also started to offer life styles consultations that would include fitness, nutrition and personal training to your lifestyle, Prior to taking up the position of Social, Activities and Water sports Manager at LaSource Janice has been working as a personal trainer for The Bank of St. Lucia and CURVES International. Janice feels great pride in being part of a highly motivated team of staff at LaSource.

Amazing Things Happen When You Introduce Your Body To Your Mind

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Holistic Master Class Programme At LaSource February Master Class Yoga-Mind-Body Retreat February 2-16, 2011 Janet Foglia Janet Foglia, an experienced Sivananda Yoga teacher with qualifications from both the British Wheel of Yoga and the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. She has been practicing yoga over thirty years and her teaching philosophy draws on a variety of schools, including Iyengar, Sivananda and Ashtanga. Her teaching also includes meditation, stress management and relaxation techniques, chakra balancing and pranayama (controlled breathing).

Healthy Tips for the month  

Do not forget to “break” fast. The metabolism will “turn on” with a morning meal Whole grains like barley, quinoa, millet, and oatmeal are very nutritional and cost-effective. They fill you up because of their wholeness and have high fiber content. You should not limit your choices to rice and pasta should when it comes to making a list for cost-effective grocery shopping. Drastically reduce the consumption of packaged juice, soda, and alcohol. These beverages are filled with empty calories. Instead, consider fresh juices and green tea. Green tea is filled with anti-oxidants and has negligible sugar content. Avoid pre-packaged foods as much as possible. Most of the pre-packaged foods are loaded with preservatives and they lack the high-quality nutrition our body needs. Instead of pre-packaged foods, consider slow-cooker recipes. Sit upright on the sofa or chair. If you read or watch TV in the sitting position rather than lying down, you will burn 5% more calories.

Upcoming Classes Brian Richmond April 10 - May 1, 2011 Brian has over 15 years of experience as freelance Group Fitness Instructor, Sport Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer. Further to his certification as a Personal Trainer from both American Council on Exercise (ACE) and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, Brian has been working as Personal Trainer at Bannatyne‟s Health Club, specialising in Core and Functional Training. Since 2005, Brian has been teaching classes at a variety of gyms on a permanent and cover basis. This includes Bannatyne‟s Health Clubs, Virgin Active, Cannons Health Clubs, Reebok Sport Club, Chelsea Sports Club, Gym Box, Dolphin Fitness Club, The Third Space, City Health Club and several Corporate Gyms through Nuffield Health Clubs. He also runs a series of Master Classes at many of them, including his proprietary classes - Island Jam and Aqua Splash.

Psychic Development & Life Coaching Alison Kynaston-Jones May , 2011 This Course takes you on a journey of inner discovery, in a stunning environment. The aim of the course is to help you to; ● Have the ability to align you heart, soul and life‟s purpose. ● Release old programming and patterns. ● Recognise and implement the Laws of Attraction. ● Learning to make time for yourself and prioritise. ● Live the life that you deserve to lead. ● Understand the importance of creating positive boundaries. ● Work with and embrace The Four Agreements.

Amazing Things Happen When You Introduce Your Body To Your Mind

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Tropical Baked Snapper - Recipe from Chef Jhun ½ tsp 2oz 50grm 1 ½ cup

Ground Cinnamon Olive Oil Unsalted Butter Fish Stock

Makes: 2 Portions

Ingredients 450grm 4 pcs 100grm 100grm 60grm 200grm ½ tsp 10grm 2pc 3cup 6pcs 2pcs 1pc 2pcs 1pc 1pc

Fillet of Snapper Jumbo Shrimps Cassava Dasheen Grated Dry Coconut Local Callaloo ( cut in sliced) Ground Nutmeg Grated Fresh Ginger Cloves (Freshly Ground) Coconut Milk Garlic (Chopped) Medium size Tomatoes Fresh Mango Onion Small Size Green pepper Small size red pepper


Creole Sauce

marinate snapper with salt, white ground pepper garlic olive oil and nutmeg set aside. Meanwhile cut tomato in wedges and sliced the mango then place on top of marinated snapper.

in a sauce pot sautéed onion, garlic ginger, sweet peppers and tomatoes for about 2 minutes then add tomato paste cooked for another 2 minutes then add fish stock cooked for another 3 minutes or until the thickness comes consistency season with salt & pepper.

Welted Callaloo In a hot pan sautéed callaloo, butter, garlic and onion then add coconut milk season with salt and pepper. Cassava Cake combine cassava and dasheen in mixing bowl then add coconut milk and cinnamon season with salt & pepper. Then pour in baking try, bake in oven for about 30-40 minutes at 300 Fahrenheit

Treatment Of The Month

Myoxy Caviar Facial

Ultimate Anti-Aging Concept from Pevonia. Pevonia Botanica is an elite natural skincare brand offered by prestigious spas worldwide.

Pevonia Botanica is passionately committed to providing effective skincare solutions to teens, women, and men of every age and ethnicity.

This superlative bio-thermal treatment contains a potent combina ti on of ingredients designed to smooth wrinkles and improve elasticity, increase oxygenation and suppleness, promote greater cellular activity, expedite protein synthesis and provide extreme hydration and radiance.

Island spices marinated fillet of snapper with mango and tomato served with welted callaloo, jumbo shrimp, Cassava and dasheen cake in a Creole jerk sauce


Oasis spa at LaSource gives you the opportunity to experience this most advance treatment to fight the signs of ageing at the price of a basic facial!

Amazing Things Happen When You Introduce Your Body To Your Mind

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The Transformation Success Story - Andy speaks... Andy Grant, Activities Coordinator at LaSource shares his own success story. He remembers to add his on style of touch to the classes, he provides, the most popular ones being Aquacise and Stretch Class. I am a Grenadian, born on the 9th of July, 1978. As a young man, I started running and fitness training with some friends in my neighbourhood, in St Andrews. I would take part in any sport I could; basketball, football, cricket but I wanted to go further. So I began training with the Grenada Amateur Boxing Association in St George‟s and soon became Grenada‟s heavyweight boxer, representing Grenada at regional and international games from 1998 to 2003. I saw the opportunity for me to excel and come back to help young people here. But I realized that my achievements were not recognized and there was no support for me to help others in Grenada. In 2004, I created a boxing fitness project „Let’s Dance Revolution’ as a volunteer, with a youth skills centre working with 25 disadvantaged youths. I tried to get funding to develop this as it was a great success but I was not successful in getting support for it in Grenada. I then visited the US and took up the opportunity of fashion modelling. Palmero Models trained me and I built up a portfolio and returned to the Caribbean to further this new career. In Trinidad in a few months, I had participated in top fashion shows and became the new „Top Role Model’ . But, I did not like the

jealousy and favouritism in this industry for my future. I had found a job at a Fitness Centre gym and also trained with the Trinidad Boxing Association to gain a coaching certificate. At the gym I offered boxercise classes and Grenadian Caribbean Dance classes. I was also glad to receive fitness training in stretches, core, abs and Bosu techniques, and worked as a personal trainer. I kept trying to get funding for my project „Let’s Dance Revolution’ and UNICEF funded it for one year in Tobago. In 2007 in Tobago, I worked with students who were „trouble makers‟ and out-of school youth on the block, using dance, boxing and fitness techniques with music to create performances. The Red Cross Society certified me as a Community Team Leader and I trained and received a Sports Administration certificate from a UNICEF/TTSAPE Australian Sports Outreach Program (ASOP). My project, Let’s Dance Revolution, worked well for anger management, self discipline and motivation. We created videos, I became a mentor, building up self-esteem and the

group went on to continuing performances and getting further funding. I returned to Grenada and continued personal fitness training with a local gym. I kept looking for ways to build my fitness career and came across this great opportunity at LaSource, to work as an Activity Coordinator. I was introduced to aquacise, pool and beach volleyball, fencing, archery and other land sports. Master Trainers, brought to LaSource, have helped me to build my skills and improve what I do. I was also introduced to guest relations - hosting and orientation, and I have come to love this part of my job too because I meet people from everywhere and we exchange knowledge. In this job I am able to help people to have fun and feel better about themselves through fitness and sport, as well as help guests to enjoy my country. I love being a part of the social, health and well-being atmosphere at the best all -inclusive resort in Grenada.

Amazing Things Happen When You Introduce Your Body To Your Mind

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