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Third Semester B.Tech. Degree Examination, June 2009 Branch : IT (2003 Scheme) 03-306 : BASICS OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS (F) Time : 3 Hours

Max. Marks : 100

Instruction : Answer all questions. PART – A

(10×4=40 Marks)

1. What is a port ? What are the types of ports ? 2. Explain the principles of BIOS. 3. What do you mean by operating system ? 4. What are shells ? 5. How will you create a folder in Linux and DOS ? 6. Explain the working of Mouse. 7. List two windows tools used to view IRQs. 8. What are the use of NIC ? 9. Explain token ring technology. 10. What are RJ-45 connectors ? PART – B

(3×20=60 Marks)

Answer one question from each Module. Module – I 11. a) Describe how you can make your own pin-out diagram with a good lable. 11. b) Explain IDE and EIDE. OR 12. a) Explain the type of storage devices in detail. 12. b) What are expansion slots ? Give some examples. P.T.O.


3123 Module – II

13. a) What are necessary files required for DOS ? Explain each of them in detail. 13. b) What is a computer virus ? What are the types of virus normally affect the operating system ? OR 14. a) Explain Solaris operating system. List out some commands for making a directory in solaris operating system. 14. b) Windows 98 is being installed on a network computers. What is the maximum number of characters for the computer name ? List out the minimum configuration for windows 98 installation. Module – III 15. a) Explain the principle working of dot. matrix printer. 15. b) Explain simplex and duplex technique. OR 16. a) Explain the physical topologies of computer network. 16. b) Explain the working of inkjet printer.