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Third Semester B.Tech. Degree Examination, November 2009 (2008 Scheme) Branch : Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering 08.306 : MICROBIOLOGY (B) Time : 3 Hours

Max. Marks : 100

Instructions : 1) Answer all questions from Part A and any one full question from each module of Part B. 2) Each question in Part A carries 4 marks. 3) Draw diagrams wherever necessary. PART – A 1. Who developed the small pox vaccine ? Discuss why smallpox could be eradicated. 2. What are the different methods used to stain the bacterial endospore ? 3. What are the different types of motility in bacteria ? How can you demonstrate the motility of a bacteria ? 4. What is quantitative culture ? What are the different methods used to quantify bacteria in urine ? 5. List methods to culture viruses. Describe methods to detect viral growth in cell culture. 6. Classify methods of sterilization. Discuss the principle of sterilisation by radiation, giving examples. 7. What are serological tests ? Describe the ELISA test. 8. What is innate immunity ? Which are the cells of the immune system involved in innate immunity and discuss their functions ? 9. What is mycetoma and which are the causative agents ? How can you differentiate between them ? 10. What are mycotoxins ? How can you prevent poisoning by fungi ? Give examples. (10×4=40 Marks) P.T.O.


8247 PART – B MODULE – I

11. Discuss the structure of the bacterial cell wall and the distinguishing features of the gram positive and gram negative cell wall. 20 12. a) Classify bacteria according to their nutritional requirements. b) Discuss the different kinds of media used to grow and differentiate bacteria in the laboratory. (5+15=20) MODULE – II 13. Classify disinfectants. Discuss the different groups of antiseptics and their use in the hospital. 20 14. a) Classify biochemical tests used to identify bacteria. b) Discuss the different sugar fermentation tests with examples.


MODULE – III 15. a) List the antibiotics that act on bacterial ribosomes. b) Discuss the different mechanisms of resistance to these antibiotics.


16. What is immuno florescence ? Discuss the different types of immuno florescent tests with examples. ————————


Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering 08.306 MICROBIOLOGY (B)