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2012 Year  of  High  Visibility  Maximum  Impact     Breakthrough  Worship  Night  (21st  October  2011)   Dr  Jonathan  David   2012  –  Year  of  High  Visibility  and  Maximum  Impact     Supernatural   things   will   begin   to   happen.     This   is   the   year   of   high   visibility.     All   eyes   will   see   your   glory.     All   eyes   will   see   the   Lord.     Your   glory   shall   fill   the   earth   as   the   waters   cover   the   sea.     Eyes   of   men   will   be   opened  to  see  You.    Eyes  of  men  will  be  opened  to  see  Your  glory.    Holy,  holy,  holy  is  the  Lord  of  Host.    The   whole   earth   is   filled   with   the   glory   of   God.     Men   will   see   the   glory   of   God   manifest   throughout   our   life.     Men  will  see  that  we  walk  with  You.    Men  will  see  that  we  speak  on  Your  behalf.    Men  will  see  we  are  Your   choice  instruments.    Men  will  see  Your  Body  in  full  expression.    There  will  be  high  visibility.    In  the  Name  of   Jesus.    The  day  of  manifestation  is  here.    What  You  have  been  planting  for  so  many  years,  what  You  have   been  working  on  for  so  many  years,  what  You  have  been  fashioning  for  so  many  years,  it’s  time  to  bring  it   forth.    When  Zion  travails  bring  it  forth.    Bring  it  forth  in  this  year.    Let  it  be  the  year  of  high  visibility  not   just  hidden  in  the  womb.    Let  it  come  forth.    Let  it  be  high  visibility  maximum  impact  with  all  that  You  are   bring   forth   in   our   life.     Today   we   declare   we   are   in   covenant   with   You.     We   treasure   You   O   God   as   our   Father   who   art   in   heaven.     Hallowed   be   Thy   Name.     You   are   truly   ours.     You   are   our   Father,   cause   Your   kingdom   to   manifest,   cause   Your   will   to   manifest,   cause   Your   life   to   manifest,   cause   Your   church   to   manifest  Your  will  here  on  the  earth  so  that  nothing  is  hidden.    Lord  we  are  not  doing  in  the  corner  of  our   life  we  are  not  doing  in  the  corner  of  some  city.    We  are  going  to  the  ends  of  the  earth.    Maximum  visibility.     In  the  name  of  Jesus  I  pray  for  maximum  visibility  maximum  impact.    Let  this  be  our  portion.    Year  2012  be   our  year  of  high  visibility  and  maximum  impact.   Mark  1:33   God   is   opening   the   city   to   us.     We   are   not   going   to   run   to   the   city.     The   city   will   come   to   us.     The   people   in   the  city  are  going  to  ask  for  help.    The  people  in  city  will  look  for  you.    The  people  in  the  city  are  going  to   come  to  you.    Because  God  has  finished  His  assignment  and  His  work  in  the  House.    I  can  see  this  year  of   what   God   is   going   to   do   in   His   House   will   be   more   and   more   established.     It   will   be   more   and   more   formulated.    It  will  be  more  and  more  consummated.    It  will  be  more  and  more  visible  and  structured.    So   everything  in  the  house  will  be  ready  for  us  to  minister  to  the  nations  of  the  world.    The  House  will  be  filled   with  His  presence.    The  House  will  be  filled  with  His  word.    The  House  will  have  everything  that  is  needed.     Jesus  went  out  to  touch  the  crowd.    But  now  He  has  built  a  base  for  the  crowd  to  come  to  the  church.    I   believe   the   days   are   going   to   be   opened   in   a   very   powerful   way   that   the   church   will   be   a   place   like   a   storehouse,   people   will   come   in   and   be   blessed   by   what   God   is   doing,   what   God   has   established   in   the   house.    Do  you  believe  that?    That’s  why  the  whole  city  is  at  the  door.   Mark  1:34-­‐35   In  the  evening  He  began  to  minister  to  the  people.    He  touched  the  people,  turned  the  lives  of  the  people   around.    In  the  morning  He  connected  with  God  for  the  supply.    The  supply  will  flow  in  the  morning.    Every   morning   His   mercies   are   going   to   be   new   every   morning.     God   is   going   to   supply   everything   in   the   beginning  of  the  day  so  we  can  minister  right  to  the  coming  down  of  the  sun.    The  house  must  be  set  in   order.    Something  is  about  to  happen  in  the  house.    This  thrills  me  for  we  are  waiting  for  the  house  to  be   assembled  to  be  well-­‐ordered  house.   1   Copyright  ©  Dr.  Jonathan  David,  SOP  2011    

2012 Year  of  High  Visibility  Maximum  Impact     2012  –  year  of  high  visibility  maximum  impact.   The   house   is   going   to   get   ready.     Something   supernatural   is   about   to   happen   to   the   house.     The   Holy   Spirit   is  going  to  come  to  the  house  and  establish  the  church  in  such  a  powerful  way.    Position  us  in  such  a  way   that  we  can  touch  the  nations  of  this  world.    Do  you  believe  that?   Mark  2:1-­‐13   I  am  going  verse  by  verse  so  you  can  understand  what  is  going  to  happen  in  the  midst  of  His  house.    The   hand  of  God  is  going  to  refresh  us.   Jesus  said  I  will  build  My  church  and  the  gates  of  hell  will  not  overpower  it.    God  is  going  to  build  His  church   in   a   very   powerful   way   so   that   the   church   will   be   ready   to   build   nations   and   build   cities.     Build   the   environment  and  cause  things  to  happen.    Do  you  believe  that?   I  believe  this  will  not  just  be  the  house  of  God  but  it  will  be  His  home.    I  believe  the  church  will  no  longer  be   His  House  but  it’s  going  to  be  His  Home.    His  habitation  will  be  in  the  house.    God  will  dwell  in  His  house.     His  presence  will  become  more  and  more  concentrated  in  the  midst  of  us.    His  presence  is  going  to  become   so  saturated  that  He  will  feel  at  home.    He  will  feel  most  relax  in  the  house  of  God.    God  is  going  to  change   His   address   from   heaven   and   come   right   in   and   feel   at   home.     He   is   going   to   manifest   Himself   just   as   He   is   God.    There  will  be  no  religion  to  hide  Him.    There  will  be  no  things  that  we  do  to  hide  Him.    There  will  be   no  traditions  of  men  to  hide  Him.    He  will  just  act  as  He  is  at  home.    There  is  going  to  be  a  supernaturally   natural   and   naturally   supernatural   day   of   God   encounter   going   to   come.     As   we   enter   in   God’s   presence   will  be  so  supernaturally  manifesting  among  us.    They  heard  He  was  at  home.   We  are  going  to  build  for  Him  a  place  that  the  House  of  God  will  be  a  place  where  God  can  move  so  freely.     The  church  will  not  hinder  the  move  of  God.    The  people  will  not  hinder  the  move  of  God.    The  minds  of   the  people  cannot  hinder  the  move  of  God  but  God  is  going  to  manifest  in  the  midst  of  us.    Are  you  hearing   that   tonight?     The   Lord   is   going   to   manifest   so   powerfully   that   He   is   going   to   be   like   His   home  –  His  second   home.    The  first  one  is  in  heaven.    The  second  one  is  here  among  us.    He  is  going  to  be  at  home  with  us.     We  are  going  to  be  at  home  with  Him.    There  is  such  an  ability  to  interact  and  His  presence  will  be  among   us.     I   feel   the   Spirit   of   God   is   going   to   clear   the   pathway   to   come   more   and   more.     That’s   why   God   is   sending  His  prophetic  word.    He  is  sending  His  voice  to  clear  the  pathway  so  that  the  way  of  the  Lord  can   be   made   clear.     God   want   to   come   but   the   people   are   not   ready.     God   want   to   enter   but   the   people’s   minds  are  confused.    God  want  to  enter  but  the  people’s  minds  are  still  considering  doing  their  own  stuff   and  their  own  things.   In   the   days   of   Haggai,   God   was   no   longer   please   with   the   people   because   He   said   build   My   house   but   they   are   building   their   own   houses.     God   said   work   in   My   field   but   they   are   working   in   their   own   fields.     Everyone  was  doing  what  was  right  in  their  own  eyes.    But  God  is  turning  the  hearts  of  men  around  in  such   a  powerful  way  to  let  us  know  the  urgency  of  time.    This  is  the  thing  that  is  pressing  on  my  spirit.    That’s   why  I  speak  to  my  church,  I  speak  to  my  network,  I  speak  to  our  people,  I  speak  to  you  tonight  –  fill  the   earth  with  the  urgency  of  God.    Because  God  want  His  house.    He  wants  His  house  to  be  ready  so  He  can   make  a  home,  He  can  make  a  habitation,  He  can  come  and  dwell  in  that  place.    We  got  to  create  the  house   like   that.     We   got   to   make   the   house   so   conducive   for   God   to   come   and   land   and   stay   here   for   Him   to   function  freely.    He  doesn’t  want  to  be  put  in  a  straight  jacket  and  we  struggling  with  Him.   The  problem  in  Jn  6,  He  said  I  want  to  feed  the  multitude  I  want  to  touch  the  community.    But  the  people   were  not  ready.    Philip  said  to  Jesus  it  will  cost  us  300  denarii.    We  need  money  we  don’t  have  money.    We   2   Copyright  ©  Dr.  Jonathan  David,  SOP  2011    

2012 Year  of  High  Visibility  Maximum  Impact     don’t  have  resource  we  are  not  able  to  do  this.    It’s  a  good  idea,  it’s  a  bad  idea,  we  cannot  help  you.    The   church  must  become  mature,  meet  God  at  least  halfway.    Not  like  Philip  who  didn’t  want  to  meet  God  at   all  because  he  could  not  provide.    But  at  least  Andrew  came  along  and  he  said  Lord  there  is  somebody  with   5  loaves  and  two  fishes.    Get  something  going.    Get  something  done.    Participate  in  what  He  wants  to  do.     You   may   not   have   the   grace   to   do   what   He   wants   to   do   fully   but   let’s   start   somewhere.     Let’s   have   the   urgency  to  start  somewhere.    Give  Him  what  you  have.    If  it’s  5  loaves  and  2  fishes  give  Him  5  loaves  and  2   fishes.    Why?  Because  what  He  wants  to  do  nobody  can  provide  for  Him.    Only  He  can  provide  for  Himself   but  we  can  give  our  best.    We  can  give  our  time,  give  our  energy.    We  can  say  to  God  we  give  you  our  best.     We  give  you  our  life.    Like  5  loaves  and  two  fishes.    The  little  that  we  have  we  give  it  to  you.    This  is  the  best   that  we  have.    This  is  what  we  have.    The  best  that  they  had  was  5  loaves  and  two  fishes.    They  gave  their   best.     What   happen?     Jesus   took   it,   blessed   it,   multiplied   it.     Jesus   gave   to   them   and   they   took   it,   went   and   blessed  it  multiplied  it  in  the  midst  of  the  congregation.    Finally  supernatural  things  are  going  to  happen.   There   is   an   urgency   in   my   heart   to   move   the   church,   move   our   network,   move   our   people,   move   you   tonight   so   you   can   get   ready   because   God   want   His   house   back   He   wants   His   church   back.     He   doesn’t   just   want   the   house   to   be   people   dwelling.     He   wants   to   come   and   stay   there.     His   house   is   not   just   for   the   people.    His  church  is  not  just  for  the  people.    Not  just  to  meet  the  needs.    He  wants  it  to  be  His  home.    We   got   to   allow   Jesus   to   make   the   church   a   home.     It’s   for   Him.     This   is   His   house.     He   must   be   most   comfortable  in  His  own  house.    Let’s  give  the  church  back  to  Him.    Let’s  give  our  services  back  to  Him.    Let’s   give  our  life  back  to  Him.    Let’s  give  everything  that  we  have  back  to  Him.    Why?    Because  this  is  not  our   house.    It’s  His  house.    It’s  not  our  desire.    It’s  His  desire.    It’s  not  our  plans  that  we  are  dealing  with.    The   church   has   no   plans   of   its   own.     The   church   follows   the   plan   of   the   Maker.     And   the   Maker   said   I   am   going   to  feed  the  multitude.    I  AM  going  to  change  the  multitude.    I  AM  going  to  heal  the  sick.    I  AM  going  to  cast   out   devils.     I   AM   going   to   turn   the   cities   around.     Unless   the   Lord   builds   the   house   they   who   labor,   labor   in   vain.     Some   of   us   feel   our   labor   is   not   working.     Why?     We   got   to   let   God   build   the   house   and   build   it   according  to  His  plan  and  He  can  watch  over  the  city.    He  can  change  the  city.    The  city  will  never  be  the   same   again.     Muar   will   never   be   the   same   again.     Our   town   will   never   be   the   same   again.     Our   family   roundabout  will  never  be  the  same  again.    Let’s  return  this  church  to  Him  and  say  Lord  make  this  house   Your  Home.   Say   after   me:   Make   this   house   Your   Home.     Make   our   church   Your   Home.     Express   Yourself.     Manifest   Yourself.    Reveal  Yourself  at  Home  so  You  can  find  a  permanent  place  of  residence.   God  will  not  come  on  Sunday  morning  and  leave.    We  just  don’t  want  God  to  come  on  Sunday  morning  and   bless  the  people  and  then  He  goes  to  His  own  House  and  we  go  to  our  own  houses.    We  want  Him  to  stay  –   a  permanent  resident.    Sometimes  we  have  our  stuffs  in  our  own  houses  and  Jesus  is  the  unseen  Guest.     For  most  people  Jesus  is  always  the  unseen  and  forever  the  unseen  guest.    When  is  He  going  to  manifest  in   the  midst  of  us?    When  will  the  house  become  a  home?    When  will  He  reveal  Himself?    When  will  He  come   forth  and  turn  the  house  around  and  make  the  house  becomes  His  operational  base?    I  am  telling  you  I  am   seeing  in  the  spirit  that  God  is  not  just  using  heaven  as  His  operational  base.    He  wants  an  operational  base   here.    He  needs  a  home  here.    Can  your  church  become  His  operational  base?    Can  God  use  your  church?     Can  God  use  your  family?    Can  God  use  your  ministry  to  become  an  operational  base?    So  He  will  no  longer   at   a   house.     He   is   at   home.     God   is   at   home.     The   urgency   is   in   my   spirit   to   turn   people   around,   to   turn   families   around,   to   turn   church   around,   to   turn   our   church   member   around   because   God   is   about   to   do   that  work.  

3 Copyright  ©  Dr.  Jonathan  David,  SOP  2011    

2012 Year  of  High  Visibility  Maximum  Impact     They   heard   that   He   was   at   home.     I   pray   everybody   will   start   to   hear   He   is   at   home,   He   is   in   the   house.     That’s  His  home.    He  is  not  just  staying  there.    They  got  to  hear  that  He  is  at  home.    Sometimes  when  we   cannot  find  the  people  we  go  to  their  home.    Sometimes  you  cannot  see  the  politicians  but  when  you  go  to   their  homes  you  bound  to  hit  them.    They  have  to  come  back  to  their  family.    They  have  to  come  back  to   their  children.    They  have  to  come  back  to  their  home.    They  come  back  to  shower.    They  come  back  to  live.     They  come  back  to  sleep.    You  can  always  catch  them  at  home.    They  heard  He  was  at  home.    I  pray  that   they  know  the  ark  has  found  its  resting  place.    The  ark  is  not  in  transition  moving  from  one  tabernacle  to   another  tabernacle.    He  found  his  resting  place.    I  pray  to  God  I  cry  out  every  day  that  God  will  make  All   Nations  Sanctuary  His  home.    He  will  make  All  Nations  Sanctuary  His  house.    God  will  make  it  a  resident   place.    God  will  stay  there.    I  offered  to  God.    For  the  last  2  years  I  have  been  asking  God,  God  will  make   this   place.     I   kept   hearing   again   and   again   –   get   the   people   ready,   get   the   people   ready,   get   the   people   ready.     All   ANS   members   must   turn   their   hearts   to   God   afresh   again   and   again.     You   have   to   turn   your   hearts   again   and   again.     You   have   to   turn   your   ministry   again   and   again.     Because   God   is   desperately   needing  apostolic  base  so  that  the  house  can  become  His  home.   Most   people   build   their   house   and   they   want   God   to   come   and   bless   the   house.     Most   people   build   and   all   they  want  are  God  come  and  minister.    So  when  God  has  done  His  job  and  we  have  bless  the  people  and   the   people   are   happy   and   we   send   them   home   and   God   still   don’t   have   a   home.     Everybody   has   a   home   to   go  to  except  He  has  a  house.    But  the  days  are  going  to  change.    You  are  going  to  make  it  happen.    You  are   going  to  turn  the  church  to  make  it  His  home.    When  that  begins  to  happen  He  will  find  a  resting  place.    No   longer  is  He  in  transition.    God  no  longer  needs  to  come  during  conferences,  during  GLS  or  during  major   conferences  but  every  day,  every  hour  that  this  will  become  His  home.    I  pray  God  will  open  up  your  hearts,   open   up   your   spirits   that   this   is   what   you   will   desire.     We   desire   that   this   place   will   become   His   home.     When  they  heard  He  was  at  home,  everybody  rushed  to  that  place  until  the  whole  place  was  jam  packed   with  people.    He  is  going  to  be  the  success  factor.    He  is  going  to  be  the  increase  we  all  are  looking  for.    The   increase  is  when  God  find  His  rightful  place.    It’s  not  we  finding  that  adding  to  the  number.      When  God  find   His  place  people  will  come  from  every  place.    People  will  come  and  fill  up  every  place.    Every  chair  will  be   filled  until  there  is  only  standing  room  because  God  is  about  to  do  an  amazing  work.    There  is  urgency  in   my  heart  to  prepare  nations,  prepare  churches,  prepare  ministries,  prepare  ISAAC,  prepare  our  people  all   across.    Because  God  want  an  apostolic  place,  a  place  where  He  can  be  at  home.    Somewhere  He  can  really   live  and  manifest.    When  they  hear  that  He  is  at  home,  they  are  coming  by  the  bus  load,  they  are  coming   from  every  direction,  from  the  north,  south,  east  and  west.    Why?    Because  everybody  knows  when  He  is  at   home  something  is  going  to  happen.    The  non-­‐Christians  will  know  something  is  going  to  happen.    Even  the   Pharisees  will  know.    The  Sadducees  will  know.    The  Scribes  will  know.    The  people  will  try  to  come  from   everywhere  to  come  inside  because  He  is  at  home.    When  He  is  found  at  home  then  all  things  will  begin  to   happen.    He  will  manifest  in  way  that  we  have  never  seen  before.   Mark  2:2   2.  The  word  of  God  will  come  into  nations  in  an  unhindered  manner.    There  will  be  abundance  of  bread.     There  will  be  abundance  of  God’s  word.    God  is  going  to  speak  into  lives,  prophetic  words  are  going  to  flow   into  people’s  lives  into  people’s  family.    God  will  supernaturally  come  into  the  lives  of  the  people.    There   will  be  abundance  of  God’s  word.    There  will  be  abundance  of  God’s  revelations  going  to  flow.    There  will   be   abundance   of   God’s   speaking   in   such   a   powerful   way   that   God   is   going   to   speak   to   individuals   the   prophetic   word.     He   is   going   to   speak   to   collectively.     He   is   going   to   speak   to   the   businessmen.     He   is   going   to  speak  into  every  environment,  every  situation.    Why?    Because  God  is  not  going  to  be  silent  anymore.     He   is   going   to   speak.     His   voice   is   going   to   be   heard.     His   ministry   will   be   felt.     God’s   word   will   not   be   silent   4   Copyright  ©  Dr.  Jonathan  David,  SOP  2011    

2012 Year  of  High  Visibility  Maximum  Impact     anymore.    God  is  going  to  speak  His  word  and  allow  His  word  to  come  forth  in  a  powerful  way.    So  shall  My   word  be  that  proceeds  out  of  My  mouth  shall  not  return  to  Me  empty  but  that  word  will  succeed  in  the   matter  for  which  it  is  sent.    It  will  not  turn  to  the  left  or  to  the  right.    But  every  word  goes  out  will  not  fall  to   the   ground.     Every   word   will   be   confirmed   with   signs,   wonders,   miracles   and   people   are   going   to   have   abundance  of  the  word.    The  people  are  going  to  hear  God  in  a  way  they  never  heard  God  before.    He  is   going  to  speak.    He  is  going  to  shake  everything  that  can  be  shaken.    He  is  going  to  speak.    He  is  going  to   purify  everything  that  needs  to  be  purified.   God  said  to  me  don’t  worry  about  this  the  word  is  going  to  confront  them.    I  will  speak  to  My  people.    I  will   deal  with  them.    Nobody  is  going  to  be  spared  in  the  house.    God  is  going  to  send  a  word  to  you.    He  said  to   me   clearly   again   and   again   I   will   not   let   My   word   fall   to   the   ground.     I   will   cause   My   word   to   become   a   reality.     Eyes   of   My   people   will   see   what   I   AM   able   to   do   so   that   those   who   live   by   the   word   will   be   honored.     Those   who   follow   the   word   will   be   honored.     Those   who   follow   what   God   is   saying   will   be   exalted.    There  will  be  difference  between  the  righteous  in  the  House  and  the  unrighteous  in  the  House.     The  just  shall  live  by  faith.    They  will  hear  the  sound  of  God’s  voice.    Those  who  trust  God’s  word  they  will   be  exalted.    Those  who  trust  God’s  word  they  will  see  miracles.    But  those  who  trust  in  themselves  will  see   failures  after  failures,  see  judgments  before  their  own  eyes.    Those  who  listen  to  God’s  word  they  are  the   ones  prospering.    Their  hearts  will  turn.    Today  when  you  hear  His  voice  don’t  harden  your  heart  as  in  the   days  of  provocation.    When  you  hear  His  word  responds  to  His  word.    That  word  is  our  life  source.    Man   cannot  live  by  bread  alone  but  by  every  word  that  proceeds  from  the  mouth  of  God.    The  man  inside  us  can   only  live  by  the  power  of  His  word.    People  who  live  by  the  power  of  God’s  word  will  be  exalted.    God  will   bless  them.    God  will  honor  them.   So   many   people   are   in   the   church.     They   hear   the   message   but   they   don’t   seem   to   be   breaking   out.     Listen   to  this:  watch  what  is  going  to  happen  this  year  –  those  who  hear  the  word  of  God  and  act  upon  it  they  are   going  to  accelerate  very  quickly.    They  are  going  to  move  so  fast  and  they  will  be  no  more  excuse  in  the   church.     “Well   God   said   but   nothing   happen”   –   is   not   going   to   happen   again.     God   said   those   who   take   the   word  they  are  going  to  be  like  speedy  gazelle  they  are  going  to  run  and  not  be  weary,  they  walk  and  not   faint.    Nothing  is  going  to  allow  the  enemy  to  stop  them.    When  He  was  in  the  house  He  spoke  the  word  of   God  to  them  and  there  was  no  delay  of  God’s  word.    There  will  be  no  more  delay,  no  more  hesitation,  no   more   barriers,   no   more   boundaries,   no   more   walls,   no   more   giants.     The   word   of   God   is   going   to   accelerate.    When  you  start  to  do  that  you  shall  go  out  with  joy.    You  shall  be  led  forth  with  peace.    The   mountains  and  the  hills  will  clap  their  hands.    Those  who  hear  God’s  word  and  act  upon  it  they  will  be  like   the   wise   man   who   builds   his   house   upon   the   rock.     The   wind   cannot   touch   them.     The   storm   cannot   touch   them.    The  waves  cannot  touch  them.    They  are  going  to  show  themselves  strong  in  the  midst  of  all  the   confusions  that  happen.   We   are   going   to   see   in   the   days   ahead   that   those   who   obey   God’s   word   are   going   to   be   highly   exalted.     Those  who  obey  God’s  word  will  be  healed.    Those  who  obey  God  will  take  them  out  miraculously.    Take   them   out   from   sickness   take   them   from   death.     Because   of   God’s   word   they   will   survive.     Because   of   God’s   word  their  business  will  prosper.    Because  of  God’s  word  their  family  will  be  delivered.    Because  of  God’s   word,  God’s  word  alone.    When  God  speak  the  word  there  will  be  no  reverse  gear.    When  God  speak  the   word,  the  word  will  go  out  and  those  who  live  by  the  word  shall  be  sustained  by  the  word.    This  word  is   going  to  go  out.    There  will  be  no  famine.    You  can  come  into  the  house  and  God  will  begin  to  speak.    Our   churches  are  going  to  change.    The  way  we  are  going  to  do  things  are  going  to  change.    Because  we  are   going  to  give  Him  more  time  for  Him  to  talk.    More  time  for  Him  to  say.    More  time  for  Him  to  speak.  Why?     5   Copyright  ©  Dr.  Jonathan  David,  SOP  2011    

2012 Year  of  High  Visibility  Maximum  Impact     Because  people  in  these  last  days  are  going  to  have  itching  ears.    They  won’t  want  to  listen  but  God  is  going   to  speak.   I  am  telling  you  something  is  going  to  happen.    People  are  going  to  hear  His  voice.    In  the  night  hour  you   will  hear  His  voice.    In  the  night  time  you  will  hear.    In  the  morning  you  will  hear.    Morning  by  morning  you   will  hear  the  voice  of  God.    He  will  pierce  your  ear  so  that  you  can  hear.    You  will  know  what  it  means  to   hear   the   voice   of   God   and   live.     The   voice   of   confusion   will   not   touch   your   life.     There   will   be   no   more   confusion  in  the  house.    People  will  not  be  saying  this  counsel  and  that  counsel  because  God’s  word  will  be   so   clear.     This   is   the   way.     You   will   hear   the   voice   from   behind   saying   this   is   the   way.     This   is   the   way   to   go   and   you   will   follow   that   voice.     You   will   enter   into   the   abundance.     I   believe   the   release   of   God’s   word   and   the  dimension  of  His  word  will  flow  so  powerfully  into  the  house.    That  will  begin  to  confront  the  wicked.     That   will   begin   to   confront   the   unrighteous.     That   will   begin   to   confront   those   who   live   in   darkness.     Because   the   word   of   God   is   not   going   to   be   challenged,   contested.     The   word   of   God   is   going   to   be   accepted,  believed.    The  word  of  God  is  going  to  be  received.    The  word  of  God  is  going  to  be  our  hope  our   future.    The  word  of  God  is  going  to  be  our  everything.    The  church  is  going  to  value  His  word  like  never   before.    They  are  going  to  see  that  if  they  don’t  have  the  word  nothing  will  happen.    If  we  have  the  word  all   things   will   happen.     They   realize   as   they   obey   the   word   their   lives   are   going   to   be   built   up   higher   and   higher.    That’s  going  to  be  a  new  day  a  new  season  new  hour  for  us  like  we  have  never  seen  before.    This   year  I  am  so  excited  because  I  believe  God  will  give  us  high  visibility  maximum  impact.    His  voice  is  going  to   be  clear.    Because  of  that  we  are  going  to  the  next  level  we  are  going  higher.   People  are  going  to  start  business  because  they  heard  God.    People  are  going  to  do  things  because  they   heard   God.     People   are   going   to   conceive  because  they  heard  God.    People  are  going  to  be  healed  because   they  heard  God.    People  are  going  to  be  delivered  because  they  heard  God.    Those  who  know  their  God   and   heard   His   voice,   these   are   the   ones   who   are   going   to   be   more   and   more   successful.     They   are   going   to   run  so  fast.    They  are  going  to  move  on  so  fast.    Things  are  going  to  happen  to  them  like  never  before.    The   ones  who  hear  the  voice  speak  to  one  another  and  the  Lord  will  hear  it  from  heaven  and  He  will  write  it   down   so   that   the   day   when   He   moves   He   will   fulfill   the   word   God   has   spoken   to   your   heart.     It   will   be   anchor  in  your  soul.   2012   –   year   of   high   visibility   maximum   impact.     What   will   take   you   up   high?     What   will   move   you   fast?     What  will  take  you  from  one  level  to  another  level?    God’s  word.    God’s  word  will  give  you  the  right.    God’s   word  will  give  you  the  access.    God’s  word  will  give  you  the  pass.    God’s  word  will  give  you  the  access  code   so  that  you  will  run  faster  and  faster  because  the  word  of  God  comes  to  you.    The  moment  the  voice  of   God   comes   to   you   all   voices   will   come   to   an   end.     The   moment   the   word   of   God   comes   to   you   all   power   of   darkness  will  come  to  an  end.    The  moment  the  word  of  God  comes  to  you  when  He  sends  forth  His  word   He  will  heal.    When  He  sends  forth  His  word  things  will  begin  to  happen.   Just  like  the  Centurion  man  said  I  am  a  man  under  authority.    I  said  to  one  come  and  he  comes.    I  said  to   another  go  and  he  goes.    I  said  to  this  one  do  it  and  he  does  it.    Your  word  will  start  to  move  things.    When   God   give   you   the   word   things   will   happen.     God   will   trigger   the   button   to   make   things   happen.     People   will   begin  to  move.    Work  will  be  done.    Because  God’s  voice  is  going  to  go  out.    The  work  is  going  to  become   easier   and   easier   because   God’s   word   is   going   to   move   everything.     The   word   of   God   is   going   to   move   people.    The  word  of  God  is  going  to  make  jobs  happen.    Things  will  happen  and  all  take  place.    The  word  of   the   Lord   will   come   to   the   non-­‐Christians   and   God   will   speak   to   Cyrus   and   said   to   Cyrus   this   is   what   you   need  to  do  to  God’s  people.  

6 Copyright  ©  Dr.  Jonathan  David,  SOP  2011    

2012 Year  of  High  Visibility  Maximum  Impact     I  am  prophesying  to  you  in  the  name  of  Jesus   –  the  word  of  God  is  not  only  going  to  come  to  you  but  also   to   the   authorities   and   to   the   power.     Going   to   come   to   the   town   council.     Going   to   come   to   the   non-­‐ Christians.     We   will   speak   to   them   and   they   will   response   to   us   because   the   word   of   God   goes   to   them.     God   spoke   to   Pharaoh   set   My   people   free.     God   spoke   to   Nebuchadnezzar   that   I   AM   the   God   of   Daniel.     God  will  speak  to  those  in  captivity  and  release  resources  just  like  the  word  of  God  came  to  Cyrus.    Cyrus   knew  that  God  has  called  him  to  build  Him  a  house  in  Jerusalem.    In  the  same  way  non-­‐Christians  are  going   to  response.    Many  of  the  church  people  who  don’t  believe  are  going  to  fall  down  in  shame  because  the   non-­‐Christians  are  going  to  come.    The  non-­‐Christians  are  going  to  help.    The  non-­‐Christians  are  going  to   put  in  the  money.    The  non-­‐Christians  are  going  to  come  and  say  we  believe  you.    We  believe  in  what  you   are   doing.     Where   can   we   give   the   offering?     We   believe   what   you   are   doing.     How   can   we   help   your   church?    We  believe  what  you  are  doing.    How  can  we  help  your  school?    How  we  can  help  your  church?     How  we  can  raise  up  money  for  the  orphanage?    How  we  can  help  your  building?    The  non-­‐Christians  are   coming  from  everywhere.    Why?    God  is  not  only  going  to  speak  to  us.    He  is  going  to  speak  to  them.    He  is   going  to  tell  what  is  going  to  happen  and  they  are  going  to  be  involved  in  what  is  taking  place  here.    Do  you   believe   that?     The   day   God   is   going   to   reveal   and   manifest   Himself.     The   days   of   high   visibility   is   here.     Maximum   impact.     When   the   word   goes   out   the   people   will   go   forth.     When   the   word   goes   out   the   heathen  will  hear  the  sound  of  God’s  voice  and  they  will  know  that  this  is  His  house.    They  will  say  what  can   we   do?     Every   survival   in   that   place   will   receive   love   offering,   cattle,   goods   and   the   people   roundabout   will   support   the   survival   and   they   will   help.     I   am   telling   you   help   is   coming   from   everywhere.     The   non-­‐ Christians  are  going  to  help  us.    Corporate  sectors  are  going  to  help  us.    People  are  going  to  say  what  are   you   doing   can   we   bring   some   sacks   of   rice?     Can   we   bring   some   money?     Can   we   bring   in   some   help?     Can   we  bring  in  some  people?    Can  we  bring  in  some  doctors?    Can  we  bring  in  some  medication?    Can  we  give   you   all   the   glass   you   need?     Can   we   give   you   all   the   toilet   bowls   that   you   need?     All   the   beds   that   you   need?     All   the   curtains   that   you   need?     Whatever   you   need   we   will   give   it   to   you.     Can   we   come   in   and   help?   I   am   telling   you   in   the   Name   of   Jesus   Christ   this   is   the   year   of   high   visibility   maximum   impact.     Everywhere   you  turn  to.    To  the  left  to  the  right.    Everybody  will  come  and  help  you.    Some  will  put  money  into  your   account.    Some  will  give  you  jobs.    Some  will  give  you  all  kind  of  resources.    Why?    Because  you  are  building   His   house   and   God   is   at   home   and   He   is   speaking   His   word.     His   word   is   not   just   confined   to   the   people.     A   few  weeks  ago,  God  said  to  me  when  you  preach  the  word  of  God  don’t  just  act  like  it’s  only  this  people.     He  said  speak  the  word  let  the  whole  earth  hear  the  word  of  the  Lord  because  there  are  more  for  you  than   against  you.    There  are  more  in  this  house  than  you  think.    We  think  the  word  goes  to  the  walls  and  it  ends.     It’s  not.    Because  God’s  word  is  not  confined  to  the  structure  of  this  building.    His  word  will  go  out.    This   word   will   go   out   and   find   the   person.     He   sent   forth   the   word   and   that   word   will   not   return   to   Him   empty.     They   are   people   who   will   be   involved   with   us   and   they   are   going   to   come.     They   are   people   who   will   support   us   and   they   will   come.     They   are   people   who   will   give   us   money   and   they   will   come.     They   are   people   who   need   to   bring   their   children   to   our   school   they   will   come.     They   are   people   who   need   to   come   to  this  place  and  be  heal  they  will  come.    Because  His  word  is  not  going  to  fall  to  the  ground.    It’s  going  to   go  out  and  touch  everybody.    It’s  going  to  be  visible  to  the  non-­‐Christians  world.    I  am  telling  you  if  this  will   excite   you   your   life   will   never   be   the   same   again.     When   God   speak   to   me   my   strength   became   renew   again,  my  mind  became  renew  again,  my  soul  became  revive  again.    There  is  a  fresh  new  thing  happening   in  the  nations  of  the  world.    God  said  lift  up  your  eyes  and  see  I  will  speak  and  My  word  will  not  return,  I   will   declare   and   the   word   will   not   be   lost,   I   will   speak   and   I   will   bring   healing.     The   word   that   He   is   going   to   send  out  is  not  going  to  be  limited  by  us.  

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2012 Year  of  High  Visibility  Maximum  Impact     2012  is  a  year  of  high  visibility  maximum  impact.    Because  His  word  is  not  going  to  die  in  the  house.    His   word  is  going  to  launch  from  here.    God  tell  you  and  you  tell  10  people,  20  people.    God  tell  you  and  you   speak  to  everybody.    Whoever  you  meet  you  tell  them  our  God  said  that,  our  Jesus  said  that.     This   is   what   He  said.    Don’t  be  afraid.    Sometimes  we  think  non-­‐Christians  will  not  believe  what  we  say.    It’s  because   you  don’t  believe  what  you  heard.    If  you  believe  what  you  heard  then  say  to  everybody.    Let  the  world   know  that  God  has  spoken  to  me.    God  has  said  this,  go  and  tell  the  non-­‐Christians.    Our  God  said  this  is   what   will   happen.     Because   we   don’t   believe   we   don’t   want   to   speak   to   others.     We   are   embarrassed   because   we   are   unsure.     Bible   tells   us   we   overcome   the   devil   by   the   word   of   our   testimony   because   we   love  not  our  lives  unto  death.    We  have  defeated  the  enemy  by  the  blood  of  the  Lamb.    Jesus  paid  the  price   for   the   whole   world.     He   didn’t   just   pay   the   price   for   you   and   I   or   50   people   in   the   church   or   200   people   in   the   church.     Jesus   died   for   the   whole   city.     He   died   for   the   whole   nations   and   we   have   no   right   to   stop   God’s   word   and   kill   God’s   word   here.     We   have   no   right   to   stop   His   word.     We   have   no   right   to   say   we   believe  or  we  don’t  believe.    You  have  no  right.    We  have  no  alternative  but  to  say  “yes”  to  His  will,  “yes”  to   His  plan,  “yes”  to  His  purpose.    Let  your  mind  change  don’t  change  God’s  word.    You  change  your  mind.     Let  God’s  word  be  true.    Let  not  the  God  of  Israel,  the  glory  of  God  not  departs  because  God  is  not  a  man   He  should  lie.    He  is  not  the  Son  of  man  who  will  retract  back  His  word.    Let  you  be  changed.    Sometimes   when   God’s   word   begins   to   come   we   are   trying   to   adjust   it.     We   are   trying   to   change   it.     We   said   we   don’t   want  You  to  do  that  because  it  will  cost  us  this.    We  don’t  want  You  to  go  forward.    No  it’s  not  your  right.     Your  right  is  to  say  this  is  God’s  will,  I  choose  God’s  will,  I  choose  God’s  plan.    If  you  don’t  understand  it   doesn’t  matter  but  don’t  say  no  to  Him.    You  have  no  right  to  stand  before  the  King  of  Kings  and  who  are   you  to  counsel  God?    Who  are  you  to  tell  God  what  to  do?    If  He  wants  to  do  it  you  say  yes  to  His  will.    You   say  yes  to  His  plan.    You  say  yes  to  His  purpose.    Then  understanding  will  begin  to  come.   The   church   in   Malaysia,   the   church   in   the   nations   of   the   world   must   stop   answering   back   to   God.     Because   you  need  to  hear  His  voice  and  let  His  word  goes  as  far  as  it  wants  to  go.    If  God’s  word  wants  to  reach  the   non-­‐Christians   let   it   goes   out   of   the   four   walls.     Why?   Because   this   is   the   word   that   changes   the   world.     Because   this   is   the   word   that   recreated   the   world.     This   is   the   word   that   took   people   out   of   Egypt   and   brought   them   into   the   Promised   Land.     This   is   the   word   that   causes   supernatural   things   in   heaven   to   come   down.    That  word  must  rise.    That  word  must  not  fall  to  the  ground.    We  got  to  uphold  the  word.    We  got   to  stay  with  the  word.    We  got  to  confess  the  word.    We  got  to  believe  the  word.    Can  you  say  amen  to   that?     I   don’t   care   what   we   feel.     God’s   word   is   final.     His   will   is   final.     We   have   to   change.     We   have   to   change   our   fear.     God’s   word   is   final.     When   we   do   that   high   visibility   maximum   impact.     You   will   be   so   shock  before  you  can  open  your  mouth.    Before  you  can  even  shut  your  mouth  things  are  going  to  happen.     By  the  time  you  lay  your  hands  on  somebody  that  person  will  be  healed.    When  you  allow  God’s  word  to   accelerate   and   go   it   will   not   return   to   Him   empty.     Do   you   believe   that?     That’s   why   don’t   compromise   what   God   is   saying.     Don’t   draw   back.     Don’t   apologize.     Don’t   turn   back   and   water   down   what   God   is   saying.     I   don’t   care   how   wise   you.     I   don’t   care   how   manipulative   you   are   or   how   human   you   are.     You   got   to   know   the   word   is   the   only   thing   that   works.     Not   your   personality.     Not   your   favor.     Not   your   relationship.    It’s  God’s  word  that’s  final.    When  He  said  let  there  be  light  it’s  light  that  will  come.    When  He   said  be  healed  people  will  be  healed.    When  He  said  be  delivered  it  will  be  delivered.    Why?    Because  His   word   will   not   fall   to   the   ground.     I   assure   you   in   the   Name   of   Jesus   not   one   iota   of   the   word   will   fall   to   the   ground.     Heaven   and   earth   will   pass   away   not   one   word   from   heaven   will   fall   to   the   ground.     Why?     Because  the  word  will  stand  forever.    The  whole  earth  has  been  held  by  the  word  of  God.    God  created  the   whole  world  by  the  power  of  His  word.    His  word  will  stay  heaven  and  earth  will  pass  away.    His  word  will   still   remain.     You   and   I   must   allow   God   to   speak   in   our   church   as   freely.     Don’t   shut   it   down.     Don’t   let   Him   stop   talking.     Don’t   let   the   word   of   God   be   frustrated   in   His   house.     The   day   when   you   hear   His   voice   don’t   8   Copyright  ©  Dr.  Jonathan  David,  SOP  2011    

2012 Year  of  High  Visibility  Maximum  Impact     harden  your  heart.    Don’t  say  you  cannot.    Say  yes  you  will.    Don’t  say  I  can’t.    Say  yes  I  must.    Don’t  say  you   don’t  know.    Yes  you  should.    Get  out  there  and  take  hold  of  God’s  word  and  pick  up  your  assignment  in   Jesus  Christ.    Let  there  be  an  obedient  heart.    Learn  obedience.    Take  God’s  word.    Trust  God’s  word.    Act   on  God’s  word.    Sometimes  as  I  said  to  you  this  morning  many  people  are  not  ready  for  their  assignment.     God  said  something  and  they  are  not  ready.    God  say  something  I  am  not  free.    God  say  something  but  I   don’t  have  money.    God  say  something  I  don’t  like  persecution.    God  say  something  I  am  shy.    People  are   always   “butting”   what   God   is   saying.     That’s   the   reason   why   the   thing   doesn’t   happen.     Find   a   company   that   will   say   yes   to   His   will.     Find   a   company   that   say   yes   Your   will   be   done.     I   am   telling   you   things   will   happen   like   crazy   to   the   north,   to   the   south,   to   the   east,   to   the   west.     Everywhere   things   will   begin   to   happen.   Let  this  year  2012  be  a  year  of  high  visibility  maximum  impact  for  God’s  word.    Let  God’s  word  have  high   visibility.     Let   God’s   word   have   maximum   impact   so   that   everything   God   is   saying   to   us   will   become   reality.     Can  you  say  amen  to  that?   Mark  2:3-­‐5   3.  2012  is  a  year  of  high  visibility.    What  is  going  to  happen?    Faith  will  be  seen.    Faith  is  going  to  become   obvious.     Faith   is   going   to   become   evident.     Not   faithlessness   but   faith.     Faith   will   begin   to   manifest.     Jesus   seeing   their   faith.     We   are   going   to   see   people   with   faith   rising   up   causing   things   to   happen   inside   the   house  of  God.    Great  exploits  are  going  to  happen.    Faith  is  going  to  bring  actions.    Faith  is  going  to  bring   miracles  like  we  have  never   seen   before.    That’s  why  it’s  going  to  become  so  visible.    Those  who  have  faith   will  not  hide  it.    Those  who  have  faith  will  not  allow  fear  to  destroy  it.    Those  who  have  faith  will  begin  to   break   the   rule,   will   break   the   barriers,   will   break   whatever   holds   them.     Why?     Faith   will   overcome   the   world.    There  is  a  measure  of  faith  coming  upon  you.    Stretch  your  hand  and  receive  it.    The  measure  of   faith.    I  am  telling  you  faith  is  coming  to  you.    In  the  Name  of  Jesus,  faith  for  everything  that  you  need.    God   is  going  to  release  faith  inside  your  heart.    The  spirit  of  faith  is  coming  to  you.    The  courage  is  coming  to   you.     The   spirit   of   faith   will   rise   in   your   heart.     Yes   I   can   do   His   word.     Yes   God’s   word   will   be   true.     There   is   a   spirit   of   faith   that   will   flow   in   your   heart   for   provision,   for   everything   that   is   going   to   happen,   for   healing   to  take  place,  for  miracles  to  take  place.   Bible  said  Jesus  seeing  their  faith  He  spoke  to  them.    I  am  telling  you  God  is  going  to  respond  to  faith.    It’s   going  to  be  visible.    It’s  going  to  become  clear.    It’s  going  to  become  obvious.    It’s  going  to  be  evident.    He   will  break  every  barrier.    You  shut  the  door  they  are  coming  by  the  roof.    You  put  all  the  people.  They  are   still  going  to  find  the  way.    Why?    Because  faith  will  always  find  a  way.    Faith  is  going  to  be  a  portion  that   will  not  allow  us  not  to  connect  with  Him.    Faith  will  allow  us  to  connect  with  Him.    Every  barrier  between   us  and  Him  will  be  broken.    If  the  roof  is  stopping  you,  faith  will  take  you  in.    If  the  people  are  stopping  you,   your  faith  will  come  in  such  a  powerful  way  you  press  in  and  press  through  until  faith  begins  to  flow  and   touch   the   lives   of   those   people.     But   I   am   telling   you   amazing   things   are   about   to   happen.     Something   supernatural  is  about  to  take  place.    I  can  see  every  limitation  is  going  to  be  broken  because  your  faith  is   rising.     Just   like   blind   Bartimaeus,   he   said     Lord   have   mercy   on   me.     People   are   going   to   say   be   quiet   be   quiet.     He   said   call   this   man   here.     You   know   what   is   going   to   happen?     Faith   is   going   to   bring   you   closer   to   Jesus.     Faith   is   going   to   move   you   away   from   the   crowd.     Faith   is   going   to   move   you   away   from   the   unbelievers.    Faith  is  going  to  move  you  away  from  the  environment  that  is  wrong  because  faith  is  going  to   connect   you   back   to   God.     There   is   a   new   release   of   faith   coming   to   you.     Faith   of   our   fathers.     Faith   of   our   forefathers.    The  faith  of  the  Spirit  of  God.    The  faith  of  the  apostolic  men.    Faith  of  our  early  fathers.    In  the  

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2012 Year  of  High  Visibility  Maximum  Impact     Name  of  Jesus  the  faith  of  Abraham  will  come  upon  your  heart.    The  faith  of  Joshua.    The  faith  of  Moses.     By  faith.    By  faith.    By  faith.    The  faith  of  men  of  renown.    In   the   Name   of   Jesus   receive   faith   in   your   heart.     Faith   for   the   impossible.     Faith   for   the   miraculous.     Faith   for  the  supernatural.     Faith   for   the   things   you   thought   can   never   happen.     Faith   for   transformation   of   lives.     Faith  for  Malaysia  to  change.    Faith  for  this  nation  to  turn  around.    There  is  going  to  be  supernatural  faith   coming   about   our   nation   in   our   lives   like   we   have   never   seen   before.     High   visibility   maximum   impact.     Jesus  seeing  their  faith  He  spoke  to  the  man  My  son  your  sin  is  forgiven  rise  take  up  your  pallet  and  walk.     God   is   doing   some   amazing   work.     Because   of   faith   things   are   going   to   happen.     Every   limitation.     Every   barrier.     Faith   for   the   impossible.     With   faith   all   things   become   possible.     To   him   who   believes   all   things   become  possible.    Every  impossible  situation  will  turn  around.    Every  difficult  situation  will  become  easy.     Every  situation  where  the  walls  of  the  enemy  are  surrounding  you  God  will  turn  it  around  because  of  faith.     Your   faith   will   overcome   the   world.     Because   of   faith   things   will   release   to   you.     Without   faith   it’s   impossible   to   please   God.     He   who   comes   to   God   must   believe   that   God   is   not   just   God   has   but   God   is   and   He  is  the  rewarder  of  those  who  seek  Him  diligently.    Those  who  have  faith  will  be  rewarded.    Your  reward   is  coming  your  way.    The  reward  for  your  faith.    The  reward  for  your  faithfulness.    The  reward  for  staying   through  to  God.    The  reward  for  trusting  God  right  up  to  the  end.    Because  you  trust  Him.    Because  you   listen   to   Him.     Because   you   believe   Him   something   is   going   to   happen.     The   impossible   will   become   possible.     What   cannot   happen   will   happen   to   you.     What   people   say   cannot   take   place   will   take   place.     Because  with  God  all  things  are  possible.    To  him  who  have  faith  all  things  become  possible.    It’s  possible   for  God  it’s  possible  for  you.   I  am  telling  you  the  key  word  you  will  begin  to  say  “now  to  Him  who  is  able  to  do”.    It’s  doable  my  friend.     Everything  that  is  impossible  is  doable.    Everything  that  is  impossible  can  be  done.    It  can  be  done.    We  will   do   it   because   we   trust   God’s   word.     Faith   is   going   to   take   us   into   the   place   of   high   visibility   maximum   impact   like   we   have   never   seen   before.     I   don’t   know   what   is   going   to   happen   but   all   I   know   is   it’s   going   to   happen  in  style.    It’s  going  to  happen  in  abundance.    The  impossible  things  are  going  to  be  reality.    Things   that   we   never   thought   could   happen   will   fall   into   our   lap   because   faith   will   make   all   things   possible.     I   believe  with  all  my  heart  this  will  be  the  reason  why  the  world  will  turn  around  and  come  up  here.    They   know   we   operate   by   faith.     They   know   we   trust   God.     We   know   our   God   is   the   specialist   in   the   impossible.     He  is  the  specialist  in  the  miraculous.    He  is  the  specialist  in  what  men  say  cannot  be  done  it’s  doable  in   God.    God  said  now  to  Him  who  is  able  to  do.    The  God  who  is  able  not  only  to  speak  He  is  able  to  do.    If  He   says  it  He  will  do  it  because  He  says  it  He  will  do  it.    That’s  the  reason  why  faith  is  going  take  you  to  high   visibility  maximum  impact.    Jesus  saw  these  people  with  faith  and  He  said  to  them  your  sins  are  forgiven   God  is  going  to  cause  amazing  things  happen  inside  the  house.    Faith  is  going  to  be  so  high.    Our  faith  is   rising.    We  can  believe  God  for  dead  to  rise.    We  can  believe  God  for  sin  to  be  broken.    We  can  believe  God   for  our  children  to  be  changed.    We  can  believe  God  for  our  nation  to  change.    What  look  impossible  will  be   possible.    Every  day  you  will  be  thinking  yes  it  can  be  done.    It  can  be  done.    It  can  be  done.    Every  morning   you  will  say  impossible  things  will  become  reality.    It  can  be  done.    It  can  happen.    Why?  Because  that’s  the   way   it’s   going   to   happen.     It’s   going   to   take   the   church   into   high   visibility   maximum   impact.     Are   you   ready   for   2012?     Are   you   ready   in   the   nations   of   the   world   for   2012?     Because   of   high   visibility   maximum   impact.     The  days  of  faithlessness  will  be  over.    The  days  of  doubting  Thomas  will  be  over.    The  days  of  fear  will  be   over.    Because  fear  will  be  swept  away.    Because  a  new  dawn  is  breaking  upon  us.    Keep  the  word  of  God   inside  your  heart  until  the  morning  star  rises  in  your  heart.    Until  the  Son  of  God  rises  in  your  heart.    The   morning   star   rising   in   your   heart.     The   sun   of   righteousness   rises   in   your   heart.     You   don’t   have   to   fear   because  faith  will  take  to  the  place  of  high  visibility  maximum  impact.    Can  you  handle  that?   10   Copyright  ©  Dr.  Jonathan  David,  SOP  2011    

2012 Year  of  High  Visibility  Maximum  Impact     4.  Because  God  is  going  to  raise  up  a  new  generation  of  people  and  fill  the  church  with  such  people.   Mark  2:6-­‐12   A   new   generation   is   rising.     The   problem   with   church   is   the   church   is   occupied   by   too   many   scribes   only   reasoning  but  no  faith.    They  said  this  can  be  done  that  cannot  be  done.    This  is  the  way  that’s  the  way.     They   are   all   reasoning.     Jesus   said   I   can   do   both.     I   can   speak   and   I   can   do.     I   can   do   and   I   can   speak.     There   is   going   to   be   a   company   rising   inside   the   house   to   see   the   miraculous   like   we   have   never   seen   before.     Instead  of  scribes  God  will  give  you  men  and  women  of  faith  inside  the  house.    There  is  a  new  generation   rising  and  they  will  fill  the  house.    Not  going  to  fill  the  house  with  men  who  are  reasoning  and  have  rational   patterns.    We  will  fill  the  house  with  men  and  women  who  will  glorify  God  who  will  say  we  have  never  seen   anything  like  these  and  allow  God  to  manifest  in  a  way  that  we  have  never  seen  before.    I  am  telling  you   more  and  more.    These  people  are  already  coming  in.    Do  you  know  these  men  with  faith  were  trying  to   find  the  way  in?    The  people  who  sat  inside  were  not  exercising  faith.    They  were  exercising  reasoning.    The   days   are   coming   God   is   going   to   turn   our   life   around   in   such   a   powerful   way   that   we   will   no   longer   just   living   by   our   rationality   of   our   human   mind   but   we   will   allow   God   to   manifest   the   way   He   wants.     If   He   wants  to  do  this  we  allow  Him.    If  He  wants  to  do  that  we  allow  Him.   We  are  going  to  become  partners  with  Him.    There  will  be  a  new  generation  of  men  and  women  who  will   partner  with  Him  and  allow  Him  to  do  what  He  wants  to  do.    Not  restrict  Him,  restrain  Him,  reason  with   Him,   argue   with   Him.     But   that   generation   will   arise   and   allow   God   to   do   whatever   He   wants.     They   are   going  to  become  partners.    This  generation  will  not  be  contenders  with  Him  but  become  partners.    That’s   why   there   will   be   a   finishing   generation   God   will   start.     And   this   generation   will   help   Him   bring   to   pass.     Bring  to  reality  what  He  wants  in  the  house.    The  days  are  coming  the  heart  of  the  scribes  are  going  to  turn.     The  mind  of  the  people  are  going  to  change.    We  can  work  hand  in  hand  with  Him  and  co-­‐labor  with  Him.     Those  of  us  who  are  already  in  the  house  who  are  already  occupied  the  space,  stop  reasoning  in  your  mind.     Start  working  with  Him.    Start  laboring  with  Him.    Start  partnering  with  Him.    Don’t  use  your  mind  to  push   God  away.    Don’t  use  your  mind  to  shut  down  the  things  God  want  to  do.    The  incredible  reports  shall  go   out   everywhere   in   the   sight   of   everyone.     The   whole   city   will   begin   to   turn   around.     We   will   see   some   amazing   things   happen.     I   believe   we   will   see   the   new   breed   that   is   rising   inside   the   church   who   will   become   partners   with   the   Lord.     I   feel   in   my   heart   there   will   be   a   change   of   people   the   type   of   people   inside   the   house   is   about   to   change.     Not   those   who   live   by   fear.     Not   those   who   live   by   human   reasoning.     But  those  who  live  by  faith  in  God.    But  those  who  are  able  to  trust  God  for  those  things  to  happen  will  not   resist  Him.    Will  not  say  You  can  do  this  You  cannot  do  that.    We  will  not  determine  what  He  can  or  cannot   do.    We  will  allow  Him  to  do  whatever.    We  are  not  going  to  stand  in  the  way.    We  are  not  going  to  stop   Him.    We  are  going  to  stand  and  partner  with  Him  so  that  all  these  miraculous  things  can  happen.    Can  you   say  amen  to  that?   In   2   Kings   4.     Please   keep   your   hearts   open   because   something   is   about   to   happen.     Because   a   new   generation  of  people  is  going  to  discover  something  that  they  have  never  discovered  before.    That’s  why   the   people   are   going   to   be   different.     They   are   going   to   be   different   caliber.     They   are   going   to   be   different   type  of  people.    Different  character.    They  won’t  be  frail.    They  won’t  be  afraid.    They  won’t  be  intimidated.     The  new  breed  that  is  rising  is  one  that  is  filled  with  character.    They  know  they  can  change  circumstances.     They  know  God  is  in  the  house.    They  know  the  oil  is  in  the  house.    They  know  the  river  is  in  the  house.     They  are  confident  because  God  is  with  them  and  they  are  with  God.    They  will  never  stand  in  opposition  of   what  is  about  to  take  place.   2  Kings  4:1-­‐2   11   Copyright  ©  Dr.  Jonathan  David,  SOP  2011    

2012 Year  of  High  Visibility  Maximum  Impact     I  want  you  to  remember  these  things.    Even  before  the  needs  took  place  there  was  already  the  oil.    The   husband   before   he   died   has   already   made   the   provision   of   oil   available.     What   the   wife   didn’t   know   the   man  had  already  made  the  provision  before  he  passed  on.    I   tell  you  this  doesn’t  matter  who  come  or  who   don’t   come   the   oil   is   already   in   the   house.     Before   the   needs   arise   the   oil   is   in   the   house.     This   company   of   people  will  know  how  to  tap  into  the  oil.    They  know  how  to  make  things  happen.    They  know  something   has  already  been  provided  for.    You  believe  before  your  needs  arise  God  already  made  provision.    Before   the  problem  happens  God  has  already  made  the  answer.    Before  the  sickness  ever  come  God  has  already   made   the   provision   for   your   healing.     Before   your   need   ever   rose   God   has   already   provided   all   the   resources   ever   needed.     The   oil   is   already   provided   for   before   it   happened.     The   oil   is   in   the   house.     The   oil   is  provided  for.    The  oil  will  multiply.    The  oil  will  fill  every  vessel.    The  oil  will  flow  when  the  door  is  shut.     The  oil  will  change  the  state  of  my  life.    The  oil  will  bring  abundance  in  the  future.    This  is  the  story  I  want   to  let  you  know.    There  is  a  company  of  people  who  know  how  to  work  with  the  oil  and  work  with  the  river   and  work  with  what  is  there.    Not  the  ones  who  contend  with  God  but  the  ones  who  say  yes  to  His  will.     That  breed  is  going  to  rise.    I  tell  you  it  will  be  the  greatest  church  for  you  and  I  to  pastor.    Because  God  is   not  going  to  have  great  church  without  great  people.    He  is  not  going  to  have  a  great  city  without  a  great   church.    That  great  people  are  going  rise  in  the  church.    They  are  going  to  displace  and  replace  those  who   have   left   and   those   who   walk   in   fear   and   those   who   are   in   frustration.     The   ones   who   are   coming   in   will   be   thousands   times   better   than   those   who   have   left.     The   ones   who   are   coming   in   will   be   more   solidly   grounded  because  they  know  how  to  work  with  the  Holy  Ghost.    They  know  how  to  work  with  the  oil.    They   know   how   to   work   with   the   river.     They   know   how   to   work   with   the   Spirit.     They   are   not   contenders.     They   won’t  fight  the  Holy  Spirit.    They  say  you  can’t  do  that.    Who  has  the  right  to  say  you  can  forgive  sin?    Who   has  the  right  to  say?    You  can’t  say  this  you  can’t  say  that.    They  won’t  limit  Him  but  they  will  know  how  to   work  with  Him  in  the  house.   This  will  happen  in  year  2012  –  people  will  learn  to  work  with  the  oil,  work  with  the  river  that  is  going  to   flow,   work   with   the   life   of   the   Spirit   that   is   flowing   in   the   midst   of   us   because   the   provision   is   already   here   in  the  house.    This  people  will  not  fight  God  but  they  will  labor  with  Him.    They  will  fight  for  Him.    They  will   fight   the   battles   of   the   Lord.     God   will   stretch   forth   His   hands   and   cause   miraculous   things   to   happen.     People   will   turn   around   everywhere   and   say   we   have   never   seen   anything   like   these   before.     We   have   never   heard   a   sermon   like   this   before.     We   have   never   worship   like   this   before.     We   have   never   seen   a   miracle   like   this   before.     We   have   never   seen   a   pastor   like   this   before.     We   have   never   seen   a   church   member   like   this   before.     We   have   never   seen   any   business   like   this   before.     That’s   going   to   be   the   days   of   great   beginning.     Incredible   reports   will   rise   because   a   great   people   are   rising.     I   can   see   across   the   horizon   in  the  churches.    Our  churches  are  going  to  be  replaced.    The  people  who  are  sitting  there  contending  who   are  fighting  and  fighting  who  are  struggling  are  going  to  be  replaced  with  those  who  are  better  and  better.     God  said  to  me  spend  and  give  the  best  of  your  time  the   best  of  your  life  to  the  best  people  I  am  going  to   send  your  way.    No  longer  are  we  going  to  labor  and  labor  in  vain.    No  longer  are  we  going  to  sow  and  sow   into   the   ground   fills   with   termites.     No   longer   are   we   going   to   be   in   a   place   where   we   are   trusting   and   trusting  only  to  be  disappointed  again  and  again.    The  days  are  coming  my  friend  from  the  north  from  the   south  from  the  east  and  west.   God  said  to  me  lift  up  your  eyes  roundabout  and  see  they  will  gather  to  you  they  will  come  to  you.    I  said   God  I  lift  up  my  eyes  and  see.    I  want  to  see  beyond  the  natural.    I  want  to  see  thousands  of  people  coming   from  everywhere.    I  want  to  see  leaders  coming.    People  joining  ISAAC  from  so  many  nations  of  the  earth.     From  every  nation  on  planet  earth.    People  coming  from  everywhere  responding  to  this  message  so  that   everything  that  we  labor  for  is  going  to  bring  us  a  full  harvest.    Not  30%  not  60%  but  a  100-­‐fold  harvest.     We   are   not   expecting   30%   anymore.     Those   days   are   over.     60%.     Those   days   are   over.     We   are   expecting   a   12   Copyright  ©  Dr.  Jonathan  David,  SOP  2011    

2012 Year  of  High  Visibility  Maximum  Impact     full   harvest.     In   the   same   year   we   reap   a   100-­‐fold   harvest.     I   believe   this   is   what   God   is   speaking   to   our   heart.    A  new  generation  is  going  to  rise  up.    A  new  company  of  people  are  going  to  rise  up.    A  great  people   are  about  to  rise  up  this  hour.    People  who  know  God  who  will  display  strength  who  will  take  action.    Those   who  have  insight.      A  new  generation  that  is  rising  is  not  the  ones  who  fight  God  but  these  are  the  ones   who  fight  for  God.    These  are  not  the  ones  who  create  internal  conflicts  and  war  but  these  are  the  warriors   of  the  Lord.    These  are  the  ones  who  get  out  there  partner  with  Him  and  you  can  see  the  Lord  riding  to   take  city  after  city.    When  the  church  arises  the  city  will  be  taken.    When  these  people  begin  to  break  forth.     I   tell   you   when   these   people   begin   to   break   forth   the   kingdom   of   this   world   will   start   to   serve   God.     I   want   you  to  start  looking  forward.   I  told  ANS  church  to  get  ready.    I  am  telling  those  in  ISAAC  to  get  ready.    I  am  telling  people  here  in  the   School   of   Prophets   to   get   ready.     Those   who   are   coming   for   IPC   to   get   ready.     People   of   God   must   get   ready.     There   is   a   change.     There   is   a   new   generation   rising.     The   old   is   passing   away   behold   people   will   become  new.    The  Holy  Spirit  will  descend  upon  them  and  raise  up  a  new  generation  in  the  midst  of  us  who   will  not  eat  the  harvest.    They  will  become  the  reason  for  the  harvest.    They  will  not  eat  up  our  labor  but   they  will  be  the  reward  of  our  labor.    They  will  not  bring  discouragement  and  disappointment.    These  are   the  ones  will  establish  joy  so  when  we  think  about  them  joy  fills  our  heart.    When  we  think  about  them  our   hearts  will  be  filled  with  excitement.    When  we  remember  them  we  thank  God  for  all  these  people  have   become.     Because   great   people   are   going   to   rise.     I   believe   with   all   my   heart   and   soul   and   strength   the   winter  is  over  pass  and  gone.    The  flowers  appears  on  the  earth.    The  turtledove  is  in  the  land.    There  is  a   new  generation  about  to  fill  the  house  and  that  generation  will  not  be  like  the  scribes  who  have  already   occupied   all   the   seats   but   they   will   come   from   everywhere.     You   cannot   stop   them.     They   are   coming   from   the  roof.    They  are  coming  from  the  side  doors.    They  are  coming  through  our  business.    They  are  coming   through   our   school.     They   are   coming   through   our   church.     They   are   coming   from   everywhere   and   anywhere   because   these   are   God’s   great   people.     I   am   telling   so   many   of   these   people   who   are   great   people  and  they  may  not  know  Jesus  but  they  are  getting  ready  to  come.    They  may  not  know  the  Bible  like   you   and   I   know   but   they   are   going   to   come.     They   are   going   to   come   together   and   flow   to   the   goodness   of   the   Lord.     They   will   just   come   in   and   they   will   just   flow.     They   will   just   enter   and   just   move   on.     Why?     Because  God  has  made  a  people  ready  for  Himself.    I  am  telling  you  God  will  have  a  people  in  ANS.    God   will  have  a  people  in  All  Nations  Sanctuary.    God  will  have  a  people  in  ISAAC.    God  will  have  a  people  in   your  church  those  who  love  the  Lord  those  who  serve  the  Lord.    They  will  do  what  is  needed.    Because  God   will   not   be   without   a   people.     A   great   God   and   a   great   people   and   a   great   partnership   that   will   change   the   world  forever.    Here  comes  God  and  His  people.    When  they  heard  what  God  has  done  for  His  people  there   was  no  longer  a  spirit  left  in  them.    That’s  why  the  God  must  start  working  for  the  people,  the  people  must   be   working   with   God.     Two   must   move   together.     When   the   two   move   together   it   will   strike   fear   in   the   camp   of   the   enemy.     We   are   not   going   alone.     God   is   not   going   alone.     God   and   His   people   must   move   out   from  Egypt  and  see  what  will  happen.    Fear  of  what  God  did  in  Egypt  strike  fear  in  the  hearts  of  those  in  the   wilderness.     What   God   did   in   wilderness   caused   fear   in   all   those   in   the   Promised   Land.     And   all   the   nations   roundabout  begin  to  hear  what  God  has  done  with  His  people  and  what  God  has  done  for  His  people.    God   and  His  people  will  not  be  put  to  shame  anymore.    We  are  not  going  to  dishonor  His  name.    Our  Father   who  art  in  heaven  hallowed  be  Thy  Name.    We  are  the  reason  why  we  will  bring  in  the  Kingdom.    We  will   bring  what  God  has  planned  for  us.    A  new  day  is  happening.   Year  2012  high  visibility  maximum  impact.    Put  your  hands  together  lift  your  hands  before  the  Father  and   thank   Him   right   now   because   something   is   about   to   happen.     A   new   day   is   dawning.     High   visibility   maximum  impact.    Not  in  a  quiet  corner  anymore  not  in  a  small  place  anymore.    God  is  going  to  go  into  the   open  because  He  has  found  a  home.    He  has  found  a  home.    He  has  found  the  freedom  to  speak  all  that  are   13   Copyright  ©  Dr.  Jonathan  David,  SOP  2011    

2012 Year  of  High  Visibility  Maximum  Impact     to  be  spoken.    He  has  seen  faith  rising  in  the  church.    God  is  moving  because  He  has  a  people  for  Himself.     Let   God   arise   let   His   enemies   be   scattered.     Let   God   arise   let   the   power   of   His   enemy   be   pushed   back.     Let   God  move  and  let  the  power  of  the  enemies  move  out  of  the  territory.    Let  God  arise  tonight.    Let  the  Holy   Spirit  rise  strong.    Let’s  stand  with  Him.    Let’s  stand  with  our  God.    Let’s  labor  with  Him.    Let’s  finish  the   assignment.    Let’s  go  on  forward  and  not  allow  the  enemy  to  hold  us  back  anymore.    In  the  name  of  Jesus   flow  by  Your  Spirit  O  God.    Flow  by  Your  Spirit.    Lift  up  those  hands  and  talk  to  Him.    Surrender  your  heart   to   Him.     Surrender   your   life   to   Him.     Surrender   your   mind   to   Him.     Let   God   has   His   house   back.     Let   the   house   becomes   a   home.     Give   Him   back   His   house.     Give   Him   back   His   church.     Give   Him   back   the   services.     Give  Him  back  everything  in  the  house.    The  message  you  preach  let  it  be  change  so  He  can  be  at  home.    In   the  Name  of  Jesus.    Let  His  word  comes  forth  freely  powerfully.    The  word  of  God  will  not  become  rare.     There   will   be   no   famine   of   God’s   word.     Vision   will   not   be   infrequent   anymore   but   it   will   flow   like   a   mighty   river.    Let  the  Holy  Spirit  moves  strongly  among  us.    Lift  those  hands  and  begin  to  pray.        

14 Copyright  ©  Dr.  Jonathan  David,  SOP  2011    

2012 - The Year of High Visibility, Maximum Impact  

Transcribed Notes of the Prophetic Word spoken by Dr Jonathan David

2012 - The Year of High Visibility, Maximum Impact  

Transcribed Notes of the Prophetic Word spoken by Dr Jonathan David