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“How To Get Filthy Rich With Precious Metals” (Headline) Follow Timothy Donaghue Advice to Protect Your Family And Save Yourself (Note darker shade of red) (Sub-headline – grammatically incorrect deliberately, leave as is) By Timothy D. I firmly believe it’s possible for you to become extraordinarily rich in the next few years. And here’s why. The simple act of owning precious metals is going to have a tremendously powerful impact on your personal wealth and even safety very soon. In fact, by getting gold, silver, or both, now while their prices are unbelievably low, you are setting yourself up to be extraordinarily well off, indeed! It’s not a secret anymore that the economy is in a terrifyingly poor condition. And all independent honest economists agree… it’s only going to get much much worse. Dire, in fact.

Did you know that as many as 1 out of 7 American citizens are living on government granted food stamps and handouts? It chills me to the bone just picturing it. Are you aware that the central bank of the United States, known as the Federal Reserve, has inflated our currency to such an extreme, that financial analysts around the world are realizing that hyperinflation is officially inevitable? The only people who try to “debunk” this law of economics, are the paid pundits you see on daily talk shows. And let’s face it, those people have a hidden agenda. What is hyperinflation anyway? It’s the ever-increasing expansion of the money supply to the point where everyday items become practically unaffordable. Think Weimar Republic. Imagine being required to pay 100 dollars for a single loaf of bread. And here’s the painful kicker, if you live on Earth, there’s no way to escape the terrible consequences of an American hyperinflation. Too bad! And the devastating effects of this kind of inflation are just beginning to show its face. Adding insult to injury, politicians slap you across the face when they say the economy is coming around. Not only do they know it’s really bad, while their constituents suffer foreclosures and job losses, congress collectively votes every year to raise and boost their own salaries. That pisses me off. Fortunately, despite all the disgusting politico-economic phenomena occurring, there is truly a bright shining light at the end of the tunnel. Your savior is precious metals. It is your new best friend. Throughout history, human beings have resorted to buying and owning gold and silver metal, to endure calamity, economic collapse, and empire decline. And since human behavior is childishly predictable, history repeats itself every century. What happens is smart people get gold and silver before the economy collapses. Then when it does, the scrubs and late-comers desperately rush toward it, driving the price to the moon, and making all precious metal holders rich beyond rich.

This is very basic logic we’re discussing here. This is the kind of profit that is going to make you regret missing out on it for the entire duration of your sad life afterward, if you don’t wise up and take action now. Literally. Precious metals, namely gold and silver, are totally and absolutely destined to multiply by a factor of at least 100, and that’s conservative. So if you put 10k in silver, you could be a millionaire soon. We ARE entering the biggest precious metals bull market in the history of the entire world. But there’s the problem. Time is beginning to run out, like sand through an hour glass. And people are waking up just as rapidly. To sum up: • •

Gold and silver are going to be the next “bubble” and “massive gainers” of this decade. And it’s so silly how undervalued they both still are. The economy is on a collision course, and every second you hold on to paper money, or currency, you are killing your own economic future.

And those who educate themselves, and act, always win.

When you protect your wealth, you protect yourself. Remember: the only way to protect your wealth, is to get precious protection. This means going for precious metals. In a nutshell, that’s why I truly believe you can be rich with gold and silver. And I’ve set up my website so you get a no-risk copy of my course, Precious Protection, which is going to teach you how to properly and safely get gold and silver at the most affordable prices. Not only this, but it’s going to show you step by step how to know when to sell it, as well, so you can profit, having successfully protected you and your family. It’s on sale now, for a limited time. For more info, click here: Precious Protection Free Trial ---end---

How The Banksters Are Killing You

“How The Banksters Are Killing You” Learn From Timothy How To Profit By Beating Corrupt Bankers At Their Own Game… By Timothy D. We all want to live in a peaceful world. But the truth is that there are actual people on Earth doing things which seriously hurt you individually. Maybe even without you knowing it. It’s been said that the banking institutions of the world, act like sophisticated gangs. These banksters have one job, and one purpose only, to make as much profit as humanly possible, no matter what the expense. And trust me, their ruthless, relentless attitude is killing you economically. How are the banksters killing me economically? You must understand how value works. The more of something there is, the less it’s worth. Period. Furthermore, our country has a fractional reserve central banking system, which overall legally allows and gives incentive to banks to lend out 9 times the amount of money it holds on deposit. And the money they lend, they create on the spot digitally. And that is one major way money is created and added to our money supply. You better believe that these banks take full advantage of this privilege, and the more profit they make by creating cash, the more it devalues all of our existing currency! Because remember, regarding value, more is less, and less is more. So next time you see a giant Wallstreet vampire bank reporting record profits, remind yourself that they did it at the expense of weakening your money and savings, and moving the nation closer to poverty. So what happens if the currency is too weak?

An inferior currency means very high prices. In fact, the weaker it is, the higher the prices of everything else. Frankly, it’s just a huge pain in the ass for everybody… except the people that get precious protection: gold and silver precious metals. Have you gotten yours yet? Trust me when I tell you, you want to get precious metals immediately! There is only one way to fight back, protect yourself and your family, and even make beautiful investment earnings in the process: get precious protection in precious metals. Your precious protection is the only asset class that not only gains in the face of currency adversity, it THRIVES! Looking back at history, we see the same cycle occurring. Nation states are born. They grow up and become strong and wealthy. Then they get arrogant and pick fights with whomever disagrees with their philosophy or policy. From here they wage never-ending wars. These are funded by hyperinflating the currency (creating entirely too much money) which dilutes and weakens all the people’s savings. Inevitably the economy and currency collapses, and all the smart people that got precious protection are not only protected from disaster, they are rewarded by it! Precious metals is a win-win play. Currency, and all other cash assets or investments, are sure losers. It’s really this simple. If you’re beginning to feel worried or insecure about your cash-based retirement plan (if you eve have one), then you are right to be afraid! And blame the banksters and the government for promoting it! But ultimately, we must take responsibility for letting this get so severe. It’s sad how many people have staked their entire retirement on cash assets. And it’s even worse how many children are going to be forced to grow up in a ruinous economy.

You see, fractional reserve central banking, coupled with fiat paper currency, is a financially lethal combination of market forces that assuredly drives an entire society into poverty and bankruptcy. And it is the criminal and draconian banksters that are stabbing you in the back. They are literally killing your future. But there is still time for you to get precious protection now! The first step is to admit to yourself that you need to defend and safeguard whatever funds you have to your name, for whatever reason you have to do so. Secondly, you have to be recognize and be thankful that there is a savior, an undefeated guardianship against bankster danger. A way to fight back. Finally, I set up my educational program, Precious Protection, so that you get it at a discount, risk-free. But there is limited availability. So, click here for your Precious Protection Free Trial now. ---end---

3 Deadliest Debt Bombs

“3 Deadliest Debt Bombs” Let Timothy D. Teach You How To Avoid The Most Dangerous Debt Bombs By Timothy D. Some of us live in a fantasy where we only see and hear pleasantries. But others see explosive nuclear debt bombs going off throughout their country, and hear the desperate cries of victims screaming for their lives to be spared from debt. All in all, there are at least 3 extremely dangerous problems impacting the entire global economy at this very moment. And particularly the United States. • • •

Consumer Debt: what normal people owe for buying everyday things National Debt: what government owes citizens and more Foreign Debt: what we owe other countries

Here’s the bottom line. If you are reading this article right now, then as sure as you’re breathing right now, you are responsible for paying off some of the debt from at least 2 of those categories, if not all 3. And for those among us, like myself, that railed against going so far into debt, it’s an extremely annoying truth to bear. Deadly Consumer Debt For years, citizens of the United States, and other well-developed countries, have been living like spoiled brats, throwing cares to wind, buying whatever consumer goods and services they wanted all on credit. Can you actually believe that many of these people honestly thought they wouldn’t have to pay borrowed money back? You might have seen the poll where people genuinely thought they were getting free money! There are a few sub-categories of consumer debt, and for the most part, mortgages and student loans fall under this category. One may say, “What’s wrong with people wanting a house, or desiring to go to school?” On the surface, nothing. But when we really go deeper, and we find out that so many of the people that took on real estate mortgages were heavily speculating, and looking to flip properties like a risky gambler in a casino. Further, if we analyze the risk profile of a student these days, it’s just an absolutely horrible investment to attend a university. For starters, it’s outrageously too expensive, and prices continue to rise, which shows inefficiency in the college market due to government guaranteeing loans. And as jobs disappear to nothing, graduates are crossing their fingers and hoping somebody will hand them a job so they can begin to pay off the ridiculous debt they owe. There is more student loan debt than credit card debt in America. And there is higher unemployment than ever. A sad scenario.

Deadly National Debt According to a member of the Federal Reserve Bank, the central bank that is helping to destroy economies around the world, the United States owes more than 100 trillion dollars to it’s own citizens. And these liabilities are unfunded. Which in plain English means, we there is no money to pay for it. A few of the major unfunded liabilities are Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. What will the government do to pay the people it owes money to? They will have the central bank make money, which as we know from the article, How The Banksters Are Killing You, devalues and weakens all the money in circulation. This means you can buy less in the future. Deadly Foreign Debt The United States has been borrowing money from countries and other economies to such an extent, that it is unlikely they can ever pay it off. Foreign lenders are now learning that their borrower is as trustworthy as a fiendish drug addict that steals money to get another hit of dope. Foreign creditors hate the United States for screwing them. And as more and more international lenders recognize US insolvency, less and less money is happily lent to the US. Although that won’t stop the government from continuing expensive wars. They’ll just crank up the money-making at their local central bank, and keep devaluing the currency even further. In the end, it must be clear by now that the United States, and many of other major countries and economies subscribe to what can only be called Toilet Economics, because it’s complete shit. Gold & Silver Bomb Shelter We that are intelligent deserve to treat ourselves better than a life of indebtedness and indentured servitude. We should have financial control, and economic freedom. The only way to take shelter from the destructive debt bombs exploding all around you is to get precious protection immediately. When you buy precious metals (gold and silver), you not only safeguard yourself and your family, you set yourself up to make extraordinary gains as we enter the biggest commodities bull market ever.

Shield yourself. Click here for your Precious Protection. Go ahead, it’s totally risk-free. -end-

How An Honest Market Works

“How An Honest Market Works” Learn From Timothy How A Free Market Works By Timothy D. An honest free market is the surest and fastest way to prosperity. It is the ONLY way. This is confirmed time and time again by all the great countries that gave it a shot. Compare that against the dark economic poverty experienced in deprived countries where warlords and dictators rule the market with an iron fist. When we let humans play and exchange naturally, and allow the markets to discover optimal organic price points for goods and services, we find wealth, prosperity, cleanliness, technological development, and the eradication of illness and poverty is right around the corner. Honest organic free markets = prosperity Artificial government-controlled markets = poverty Which do you want? In the history of humanity, the quickest and most egalitarian economic development and prosperous blossoming occurred in the United States in the early 1900s. By establishing the country’s economy on a solid manufacturing base, the nation set itself apart as a true blue leader ahead of the pack, and ahead of its time. Through staying hands off, and letting citizens and peoples inspire one another and innovate, the country became the most technologically advanced economy in the world in a VERY short amount of time.

Now that we understand why we want a free market. Let’s explore how one works. It’s simple. If I have something that you want, and you ask for it, you must compensate me fairly for what I give you. This is called a trade. How do we know if what you’re willing to give in return is fair? This depends on the concept of supply and demand. Supply means the quantity of something. And demand is the “quantity” of desire for that same thing. The relationship between the supply and demand for an item determines the value, or price of the thing. This is correct, albeit over-simplified. The more supply there is, and the less demand, means there is a lower value. The less the supply, and the greater the demand, the higher the value. This is the natural fair market value. This is why it’s considered honest. Because it genuinely reveals the true overall state of the thing in regard. It’s something we can all mutually participate in without getting screwed. As we know that the market itself is always going to find the most optimal, and fairest price point. In other words, we know that there isn’t somebody else involved, that could be individually setting the price, and either giving you a good or bad deal, as they see fit to meet their personal agenda. Now it certainly is true that retailers can set their own prices, but it’s unwise on their part to try to rip anybody off, as that shopper can easily go to some other shop where the fair market price is being respected. And inversely, it’s not clever for a scheming shopper to try to haggle down a price far below the fair market assignment, as the seller can easily reject your offer, refuse your business, and let another customer get the product instead. Why Artificially Controlled Markets Suck Letting a single individual, or team of people, decide what a market price should be, this is called price controls, they are immediately interfering with and interrupting the natural fair market price discovery mechanism.

This changes the whole game. Now who knows if the price one business has is good or not? Are you getting a bargain or are you being had? For what reason is the dictatorial authoritarian price setter choosing that price? How come they are trying to manipulate the market and the overall economy in that direction? Are they being compensated for setting that price? Is it directly benefiting a special interest deliberately? When we get down to brass tacks, the entire notion of whether or not we would ever allow price controls or an artificially controlled, or manipulated market, is totally silly. Out of fairness to everybody involved, honest free markets are clearly the best choice. Especially if you want prosperity, rather than poverty. Precious Metals Market Manipulation For years now the government and large banks, working in conjunction, have been rigging and manipulating the gold and silver markets rigorously. Precious metals is one of the most covertly exploited and most artificially controlled markets in the world, aside from currency, bonds, and equities. The government has been suppressing the price of gold and silver for so long that they are the single best bargains on the face of the Earth now. Fortunately, those of us that own precious metals are going do extraordinarily well when the market corrects itself against all the outside price manipulation. We are all going to be very rich. Not just that, but as central banks destroy their national currencies through overcreation and devaluation, the “herd” of people that aren’t reading this article, are going to desperately rush to precious metals to protect their wealth. But we’re already sitting pretty. And that bum rush, coupled with the power of the natural upward market correction, is going to make precious metals the hottest investment ever in the history of the planet. Think it could be a good idea to learn how to get some precious metals?

Learn how to protect yourself, and even make extraordinary monetary gains with my educational program, Precious Protection. It’s totally risk-free, and on sale now, for a short time! To learn more, click here: Precious Protection Free Trial. -end-

How To “Wake People Up”

“How To Wake People Up” Follow Timothy Advice On How To Not Only Wake Up Friends & Family, But Have Them Wake People Up Too By Timothy D. Before my friends and family learned to protect their wealth through precious metals, I can remember reading articles, and watching documentaries and thinking: “If only so and so would watch this movie, or read this newsletter, they would know they need to protect themselves! I could be a hero!” I understand that you are going through the same thing that I went through, and still sometimes go through, depending on who I’m talking to. But thankfully, all the people who I really care about, are smart enough to take my advice and now have a major portion of their net worth in gold and silver metal. They are safe and secure, and ready to make massive gains during the marvelous bull market we are experiencing currently. My Big Breakthrough After a long conversation, a lot of explaining, and far too much energy input on my part, I realized that that person I was speaking to STILL didn’t “get it”. This made me sad, because this person was my very own father. How could I be a so-called “precious metals expert” and not even have my own family members understanding the severity of economic trouble we are in as a world, and as a country?

And in a moment of silence between he and I, it dawned on me. It was time for me to shut my mouth and stop talking, and just listen to what he was saying. So I asked, “What would you have to see or hear to finally be convinced that gold and silver are the only solution to this catastrophic economic problem?” And that’s when I struck gold, so to speak. He said, “I have to see a few intelligent people, on my television, talking about this stuff. People you don’t know.” And that’s when it all came together. I sent out to find a DVD that discussed these issues, and once I did, I sat my father in front of the tube, and turned on the player. By the end of the program, he and I were deep in planning how much gold and silver for him to buy and how to store it safely. How To Approach Begin easy. And match their level of knowledge. If somebody doesn’t know anything about the economy whatsoever, then you want to start with something that can make sense to them, not some fast talking financial pundit on a flashy television talk show. In all seriousness, send them a link to read one of my articles. Have them come to my website. We purposefully designed the layout of this page to make it aesthetically simple and practically easy to navigate and use. I know how big a pain in the ass it is to help people get smart to all of this. But when you know what you’re doing, it’s actually pretty easy. People are open to learn, when you’re honest and go, “Hey, I watched a great program the other night. I want you to check it out, so we can talk about it afterward.” When working with somebody who is fairly intelligent on these issues, then link them to one of our articles that explains a more complex issue. Or go to Youtube, and find somebody that they may consider reputable to be giving a lecture on the subject. Host A Viewing Party Setup a time for them to join you to watch an “entertaining and educational” documentary.

This gives incentive for them to sit through a precious metals course or program. They get to hang out with their friends, eat popcorn or pizza or whatever, and maybe learn a couple things. This ABSOLUTELY has worked for me over and over and over again. Start A Book Club I told my friends I wanted to start a book club, and I asked them to join. When they inquired as to what the theme of it is. I truthfully said, “It’s a book club devoted to FUN education stuff.” I made sure to emphasize that the fun comes first. Above all else. And I would pick economic/financial books when it was my turn to select a book, as we rotated between members. And it’s the god’s honest truth, a few books later, I had people coming to ME asking how they could get started buying gold and silver precious metals. So start a book club. Or host a viewing party once a month. Just make sure you approach people at their rate and speed. Be honest, be fun, enjoy this whole thing. There are more sure-fire ways to help people get started on the path of learning about and getting precious metals. Remember, we are suffering through a terrifying economy that is literally killing us financially. If you don’t help protect your friends and family, you’re going to end up paying for them when they are broke! I’ve set up this site so you can get a copy of my program, Precious Protection, at a major discount for a short time! • • •

It’s going to show you how to help friends get started with gold and silver. You’re going to learn ways to get precious metals at the most affordable prices. And it teaches you exactly when and how to sell your metal so you make an absolute killing on your profits.

You need precious protection to survive. And Precious Protection is going to help you THRIVE! To get more info, click here: Precious Protection FREE Trial. -end-

Precious Metals Price Predictions

“Precious Metals Price Predictions” Learn How To Accurately Prophesize Like Timothy With His Peak Price Predictions By Timothy We all want to know in advance at what price the precious metals bullion is going to peak. And, of course, nobody can absolutely predict the future, but we can make some very highly educated estimations. In fact, we’ve used this exact kind of logic to accurately forecast price peaks in all sorts of markets. The single question that we get most frequently asked is where gold and silver are going in price. And the answer is very simple: up. WAY WAY UP! It is going so high up, that I believe it’ll even strike the most bullish investors and analysts as unprecedented and absolutely staggeringly shocking. To learn more about why this is happening, read the article, How To Get Rich With Precious Metals. What’s The Top? You need to know the peak price, or the top, at which point afterward the price of gold and silver precious metals is going to begin falling again. Amidst the crowds of people swarming local bullion dealers, the frenzy of traffic we’re going to see on dealer websites, you are going to be totally relaxed, and sitting comfortably selling off your stock of gold and silver metal to local dealers or online vendors, who are going to face major shortages, and likely have preorder lists. In the case of a hyperinflation, and it’s a very STRONG case, then the prices of precious metals are truly and genuinely going to be incalculably high.

Neighbors are going to beg you to take their spare houses, cars, land, art collections, jewelry, businesses and anything else of value, in exchange for just a couple of pieces of silver or especially gold.

Just so they can feed their family. Or take their sick child to the doctor. The most famous case of hyperinflation, although not the worst instance, is Weimar Germany. There are so many terrifying and chilling stories coming out of that region, that it deserves attention. The most interesting story to me, is that a man reported to his grandchildren and progeny that he was able to acquire an entire block of real estate in a hot metropolitan city, for just a few coins of precious metals. And this story has been confirmed as true by outside sources. Extreme Facts Right now, on Earth, there are more investors than ever before. Research shows that there is at least 10 times more active investors than there were in the last commodities bull market. Multiply than by the fact that it is at least 10 times easier to get asset performance data, and to place trades, than it ever was before now. And then multiply this by 10 to account for the fact there are 10 times more people on the earth who have access to trading platforms, or dealers, should they run to get metals when the market price explodes. Precious Shortage According to the United States Geological Survey reports, the numbers show that gold and silver reserves will be exhausted in less than 30 years. Uh, excuse me? We’ll be flat out of precious metals in the Earth’s crust in the United States soon? If that isn’t reason enough to begin accumulating, than what is? Precious Usage Add the fact that silver is one of the most versatile and important metals in many industries, computer and mobile phone technology for one.

Put simply, without silver, we would not have the technological society we enjoy! This is a fuse that is going to ignite a major explosion in prices. Precious Manipulation Irrefutable proof and evidence exists revealing that large banks and traders around the world have coercively manipulated the gold and silver markets through far too much naked short selling of metals contracts! Naked short selling means that people committed on paper to selling gold and silver in the future that they did not own! That being said, the biggest short squeeze in metals history is going to happen VERY soon. And what is this going to do? It’s going to SKYROCKET the prices of precious metals very quickly! And also put some dastardly people into prison. In the end, gold and silver are going to the moon. My Prophetic Predictions When catastrophic forces collide, real disaster occurs. In this case, this catastrophe can BENEFIT you. • •

I believe gold is going to hit at least $15,000 per ounce. And silver is going up to at the very least $1,000 per oz.

Those are my predictions and I stand by them firmly. And these are my lowest most conservative forecasts. How much money would you make if you began stockpiling massive quantities of this stuff? Or even just a few coins? And I have far more evidence where this comes from. Just for these two assets to match historical price highs, they have a ways to gain. Call To Action So what are you going to do? Are you going to get yourself some metal, and hide it in a safe or under your bed, or are you going to sit on the sidelines and watch the greatest opportunity in the history of the world pass you by?

Gold and silver not only protects your wealth from this terrorist economy, but it’s going to make you richer than you ever thought possible. And to do that, you must educate yourself on how to get started. I setup my course, Precious Protection, so that you can discover the right way to accumulate metals, without taking on any risk, for a limited time. To get more info, go to: Precious Protection Free Trial

Why Hyperinflation Sucks

“Why Hyperinflation Sucks” Let Timothy Teach You Why Hyperinflation Is Extremely Painful For Everybody By Timothy Imagine a world where everybody is clean and has food and water to enjoy. Everyone has enough leisure to satisfy their creative and intellectual desires, and prosperity is so abundant we have savings to not only last the rest of our lives, but the lives of our children too. This is an example of a highly affluent and wealthy prosperous society. This is what the United States was at one point. Now, instead, imagine a world where everybody is broke, and stingy as hell. People care only about their own survival, and trickery, deception, and robbery are the norm. Violence settles debts, and people are starving and dying of illness in street corners and alleyways. Small children grow up in filthy tent cities out in the middle of dirt fields. Once a day people line up to get free food handouts, fill their water bucket, and receive low grade medical treatment. This is an example of a depression-ridden hyperinflationary society. It is a living hell. And guess what? This is what the United States is turning into, and is going to be full on soon.

Now you may not see it around you yet, because you could reside in one of the wealthier areas or towns of America, but believe it or not, this is ALREADY happening in the United States. And it’s coming to a theater near you. When hyperinflation hits, EVERYBODY feels it. Remember the Titanic? All the rich people were busy drinking cocktails and dancing to music, while the ship itself was already filling with water on the bottom deck after hitting the iceberg. That is EXACTLY what is going on in the world today. Every empire in the history of humankind has broken down and fully collapsed at some point. And the most significant cause of this, is the hyperinflation of the currency supply. And every indicator in the world is signaling that the United States is the next “great one” to die. All the people who think the economy is safe and growing are living under a dangerous illusion, and they are going to get their asses kicked when they least expect it. It’s like standing on a railroad track when a train is coming, and pretending it isn’t going to run you over. And I have on record, LOADS of professional economists warning people against the coming hyperinflation. But the government doesn’t listen, and television talk show pundits only want to talk about “green shoots” and “turnarounds” and stupid “stock picks”. But all the while, the hyperinflation train is getting closer and closer to running into us. With the recent government stimulus, the central bank effectively more than doubled the money supply of the United States. And that’s just the beginning. When you understand the nature of value, you know that increasing the supply of something lowers its value. Which increases the price of everything else in relation to it. (To learn more, see my article: How An Honest Market Works)

What’s even worse, is that there are citizens celebrating that decision to radically expand the money supply, and decrease the value of everybody’s money and savings. That’s not very social of them is it? Progressive liberal democrats cheered on the increasing of the chance of hyperinflation! They are rooting for their own destruction! And they don’t even know it. Because VERY few supporters of socialist ideology have even a hint of a clue of the extremely deadly consequences of their dangerous economic policies. So you understand the irony of socialism. They all think there are trying to help people, but they are doing just the opposite with their policies. Just look back at history to see the track record of socialism: it always ends in genocide! Mao in China = 78,000,000 died Stalin in USSR = 23,000,000 killed Hitler in Germany = 12,000,000 murdered Tojo in Japan = 5,000,000 slaughtered Pol Pot in Cambodia = 1,700,000 died Mariam in Ethiopia = 1,600,000 killed United States = how many are going to be murdered? And remember, the United States has already sent people to concentration camps. Remember the Japanese “work” camps? People died in those! How many Americans are going to be killed in the United States if we don’t stop the socialist takeover? Why do they always end in genocide? Because socialism means unfettered government control. Absolutism. Totalitarianism. Insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different result. Are you insane? The Only Safe Protection From Hyperinflation

Protect Your Wealth. Protect Yourself. The only way to get off the tracks of the oncoming hyperinflation freight train is to find safety in precious metals. Only gold and silver coins are going to stop you

from dying economically during this economic depression hyperinflation. Get your precious protection now, before it’s too late! There is still time. So prepare yourself. I’ve set this website up so you get my educational program, Precious Protection, totally risk-free for a very short time. It’s going to teach you everything you need to know to get precious metals, and save yourself and your family. And even make tremendous monetary gains in the process! To get more info, click here: Precious Protection Free Trial.

The 3 Hottest Mining Stocks On Earth

“White Hot Mining Stocks” Learn From Timothy What The Most Profitable Stocks In The World Will Be By Timothy Everybody who is anybody knows that the precious metals sector is not only the next giant “bubble” in the economy, but the people that own gold and silver bullion are going to be the richest and wealthiest people on the planet very soon. As we as a globe, and as a country move closer and closer to depressionary hyperinflation, the government continues to stoke the fire of never-ending wars, fund ridiculous money-wasting projects, and call anybody who is thinking with a clear mind a terrorist, a racist, or a lunatic. Governments and central banks around the world are so in denial, that they’ll kill you if you try to tell them otherwise. Precious Metals Bull Market Gold and silver prices are going to go higher than they have ever been in history. I attribute this to a lethal combination of a hyperinflationary money supply, disgustingly excessive debt, flat out illegal market and banking manipulation, and an absurd amount of ignorance by the general public. We are facing the equivalent of a global economy run by mafia mob bosses in slick business suits coordinating a global crime syndicate. It is a pathetic sight.

The result of long years of deliberate interference and manipulative coercive influence on the world economy is only going to end in one way: disaster. And that leaves only one solution to the thinking individual: precious metals. The people that get gold and silver bullion coins in preparation against this, are going to be EXTREMELY handsomely rewarded, and more importantly, SAFE! We’re going to see friends, family members, and the population of uneducated, unthinking, ignorant people of the world rolling around on the ground begging and pleading for your help. They are going to be flat broke! All currency is going to be ruined. And they had all their money in currency! Booming Business Think about it. In the process of precious metals underoing its bull market, who do you think is in control? The miners of the metals themselves! Mining companies are going to wield so much power in the next few years, that it is going to absolutely take your breath away. It will be unparalleled. Seriously. And the owners of the mines, are going to be among the richest people on Earth. Fortunately, you’re able to own shares of the mines and production companies! It’s not like you have to grab a shovel, put on a helmet, and go hit the mine. You just put in the order to get as many stocks as you want. And BANG, you are now holding the most undervalued, potentially profitable asset in the entire world. My 3 Most Favorite Mining Stocks Let’s get into discussing my top picks in the mining stocks. These are all killer companies, and show tremendous potential for fast gains very soon. Newmont Gold (Ticker: NEM) This is one of the largest, and most well-vetted companies, that is actually producing metal, and has even more proven reserves. It has mines and operations around the world, and easily is one of the most trusted and respected names in the entire mining industry.

This stock is so under-valued, that I think we could certainly see it increase by a factor of 10, or even 100, in less than a few years as the gold fever begins to set in. The management is the best in the sector, and there is not a single person I know that tracks precious metals that doesn’t own this stock. The smartest man in precious metals, Pierre Lassonde, is an executive of this company. You better believe that if it’s good enough for him, than it’s more than sufficient for you. Goldcorp (GG) This is another major, highly respected company, and physical producer of gold. Interestingly, they also stockpile gold, rather than holding all cash. This is huge for me, as it demonstrates that they walk their talk. Furthermore, they have both active production, and reserves in more than one continent. This is another selection that all my friends in the game own themselves. Gold Fields (GFI) Finishing off my “must-own” stocks list, Gold Fields is another winner. For reasons like the above mentioned, Gold Fields has active mining operations, reserves, is under-valued, and destined for extreme greatness. The management is keen, and so is the production. And those are my 3 absolute favorite mining stocks. All really extraordinary. In a bad economy, the only protection for yourself is precious metals. In other words you must get your precious protection to be safe! My educational program, Precious Protection is yours for a killer discount today, and is totally risk-free. It’ll teach you how to use precious metals as a defense against financial stupidity, and as a way to become just filthy rich during this biggest bull market in history! To get more info, click here: Precious Protection Free Trial. --end--

How To Know When You’re Dealer Is Lying

“How To Detect A Dealer’s Lies” Follow Timothy Advice For Identifying Precious Metals Lies By Timothy We all want to do business fairly, and enjoy ourselves. And why shouldn’t we? Can’t we have a good time as investors, and be free of any unnecessary bullshit? As you will learn in any self-defense class, we are not teaching you how to fight so that you can attack people. We are teaching you how to protect yourself from being attacked! And the same principle applies in precious metals. You must be aware of the facts, and tactics of dealers, so you are adequately prepared to handle any nonsense, if it ever occurs. Lie #1 “Everybody charges this much over spot price!” The industry standard is to charge only 3 dollars over spot. Convert that to whatever your local currency is. That’s be standard. If you have a dealer trying to sell it at 7 over spot, or 5 over spot, or something more than 3, than go somewhere else. There is no reason for them to do that, other than to increase their margin. It’s unnecessary on their part. Lie #2 “Everybody pays only this much over spot on sellbacks!” When you sell back your metals, the standard rate is 1 dollar over spot. That is what you should demand to receive at the very least. Never get less than that. There is no reason for them to expect you to accept less than 1 dollar. So reject it. Lie #3

“Numismatics are going to perform just as well as regular bullion in this bull market!” This is simply not true. Numismatic coins certainly do contain the metal content, but they are generally valued by collector’s for their collectible appreciation. That means, the rarity of a coin made in Spain in the 1600s, or something like this. In a bull market, a few of these coins can do exceptionally well. But not all! The difference from them, is that bullion coins are based on the world spot price, while numismatics don’t necessarily reflect this. So if a dealer or trader tries to tell you that numismatics are as a safe a bet as bullion, you now know better. Lie #4 “Numismatics are totally safe. They are rarely counterfeit.” The interesting fact is that 99% of counterfeit coins are numismatics, so unless you know how to inspect the coins for their genuine qualities, it may be a bad idea to trust a numismatics dealer. Lie #5 “You better sellback your coins to my shop, otherwise you won’t find a buyer!” This is also not true at all. Most dealers will buy your metals from you as long as they sell those same kinds of metals. And that’s really all there is to that. It’s easy to guard yourself against unnecessary lies coming from any dealers or even shoppers in the world of bullion metal. There is a lot more to understand about precious metals as you move further in this direction. And as the economy worsens, and currency weakens, both the only protection, and the only potentially profitable investment, is precious metals, both coins and stocks.

For all our members, we give you special discount on our video course, Precious Protection, which teaches you everything you need to know about investing in gold and silver. It’s easy to get started, and totally risk-free for a short time. To get more info, click here: Precious Protection. --end—

Goes under the “Get Rich” category 5 Burning Questions I Always Get! By Timothy I always invest wisely. This is why I’m rich. But making money and protecting your wealth is more than just investing. It also involves making good decisions when it comes to the “regular” things in life, like transportation, insurance, housing, food, and other items. People come over to me and ask what my thoughts are on a variety of topics. And they if they don’t have to do with precious metals, or the possibility of “conspiracies” in banking and government, then it almost always has to do with ordinary issues we all face. Here is what I do to increase my net worth in reference to a host of issues: Food I enjoy eating. But at the same time, I care more about my health, than I do my taste buds. And that’s not to say you can’t get excellent nutrition while having a savory taste. I am a member of a monthly nutritional supplement club, from which I get a near perfect installment of nutrition-rich food I blend up into an honestly delicious blended iced beverage as two of my meals each day. It’s just under 100usd a month, and I get enough for 30 days each package. That is 1200 usd a year on food. My other meal that day is whatever I want. Maybe a big dish of pasta I buy in bulk at wholesale prices. I spend very little money on food. I rarely eat out at expensive restaurants. On a side note, some people grow small lots of food, and I think that’s a good idea if you have the skills and motivation. Although, some tell me it’s not cost-beneficial on a one-person or family scale. So it may require a growing club. Transportation I like driving. I want to have my own vehicle. Some people don’t. I don’t mind getting gasoline for the privilege of being able to go wherever I want whenever I want. I only go for used vehicles. I’ve never bought a new automobile and never will. You can get a perfectly good 10 year old car or truck for 1/10 the original price with fairly low mileage and usage. And don’t try to tell me they don’t run as well. I know people with 30 year old cars that go in for fix-ups less than my friend that drives a Lamborghini.

Leisure Go on the internet, and do a search for “100 free things to do” and do them. Stop spending 20 dollars to go the movies, or 50 bucks to go to the sports game. If you really love sports you can go watch the senior citizens play for free at the local park. Trust me, it’s FAR more entertaining and exciting. My personal favorite is the free local public library, or something as simple as having a friend sit with me in the park close to my house. Still others may enjoy window-shopping at the mall. Housing The obvious answer is to only live in a place that you can afford. I think it’s stupid to take on a giant mortgage for an unnecessarily big house, and then cross your fingers and try to hope that you’ll be able to afford it later. Two practical solutions are, firstly, get a smaller more suitably sized house and learn to enjoy it. Or secondly, acquire a duplex or triplex apartment setup, and have your renters help you pay off the mortgage on it. Both of these options are better than taking on an overly risky liability. Depending on your situation, it could also be a good idea to rent. But I always push for owning a house, even if it’s tiny and cheap, over renting for your whole life. Money Management I think one of the silliest things people do is they try to make money by just handing it over to some person, because they are wearing a shirt and tie, sitting behind a desk, and have a license to give financial advice. Firstly, almost anybody can get that license. Secondly, these so-called advisors typically only ever look at “finances”, which is different from investments. They only oversee things related to “cash” or “currency” like stocks and bonds. You do realize that there are other places to put your money that have nothing to do with finances, right? Learn about money on your own, and take control over your portfolio. At the same time, it can be wise to let a successful manager control a portion of your money. But not all of it. And only after you’ve got control of your own portfolio. I knew a guy that got a “financial planner” that put all his money into a commonly wellknown mutual fund and then never lifted another finger. And I asked him, “do you really need to pay somebody commission and fees to have that money put into a mutual fund when you could’ve done that yourself?” And he understood what I meant. The other problem is that financial advisors, since they only deal in cash-based investments, hence the name “financial” advisor, they’ll never suggest you get into physical precious metals, because it’s a commodity, not a financial. They can’t service it, unless you get a metals stock. Plus they get no commission on your physical metals gains. That really wraps up my overall thoughts on these various topics. These are the areas most people come to me and ask for help or guidance.

When you make rich decisions, you get rich. When you make poor decisions, you become poor. It’s very simple logic. I give a lot more common sense advice in my book, Precious Protection. It’s yours for a free-trial at no risk for a short time now. Click here to learn more.

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