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belĂŠm 2013

Welcome to BelĂŠm!

You are about to live a life-changing experience through this exchange. An AIESEC exchange allows you to learn about a different culture, develop leadership skills, social responsibility and make a positive impact in the society. In this booklet, there are the main information about the city of BelĂŠm which must be useful for you. There is so much we can cover in this booklet, therefore if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact members of the LC (Local Committee).

Thank you for coming to BelĂŠm ! Enjoy our city!

do you want to be a perfect trainee? - Get to know the AIESEC programs and realize that they must work as well as the organization to ensure great experience have been delivered. - Understand that a sucessful reception program depends on trainees' iniciative as much as it depends on the host committee. - Promote AIESEC opportunities or become an AIESEC member when returning to home. - Comes to the exchange with the idea of learning about a new culture and making a new friends. - Ensure that the organization will continue to be a partner of AIESEC BelĂŠm because it had great experiences with the trainees.


In BelĂŠm there are urban buses connecting every neighborhood. Today bus tickets cost R$ 2,20 per ride. Here's a website that can help you to move more easily in belĂŠm : h p://

Host Family Here we have a local family to host you, where you have the opportunity to learn about our way of life. We select carefully the family that will host you, to avoid any casualty. These families are very receptive, they have the good will to help our needy community by hosting and make you feel almost part of the family.

Buddy Program Buddy is who will introduce you the city, to show you around (where to go and how to get there), one of their “job� is introduce you to other people and make you feel as comfortable as possible, they will even take you to where you will work for the next days. He will be with you since your arrival until departure.

Attractions Belém is the capital and largest city of state of Pará in the country's north. It is the entrance gate to the Amazon Forest, situated by the River and overlooking the vast Isle of Marajo, Belem sure is the elegant Capital of Para. Here we have a very rich culture wherever you look, wonderful architecture in the city centre, good infrastructure, elegant Avenues, beautiful squares, is a very friendly city, with flair and charm. People from Belem is the most gentle and friendly ones you will ever meet. In June, the city hosts a very famous dancing festival, called “Arraial do Pavulagem” it happens all the Sundays in June. Hundreds of people come to the streets to dance, drink and celebrate. We also have the largest variety of scents, flavors, native tastes from the rich and exotic cuisine in, adding up to the most authentic of regional cuisines in Brazil… And you will be able to prove it all. In October, happens the Círio of Nazaré , on the second Sunday of October, it is the largest and greatest religious event in Brazil, when approximately 2 million people come to Belém to celebrate.



Recommendations to you: Vacines: In this site you will find information about the vaccines that are recommended to you!

money: We recommend that you visit the following site to see how much money you will need in your exchange. And we also recommend that you bring Reais (Brazil official money) if you need to spend before arrival in Belém. repellent: Belém is an area where there are many mosquitoes. We recommend you bring repellent to prevent the annoying bites. Sunglasses and sunscreen to protect you from the sun rays.


This is the new Brazilian standard plugs... .

... or you can use an adapter plug.

telephone companies

These are the telephone companies in BelĂŠm. .

We recommend bring a cheap and unlocked cellphone to use during your stay.


The weather in Belém is hot and humid, typical equatorial from direct influence of the Amazon rainforest. It rains very often. The temperature can reach 35 degrees, but the average annual temperature is 26 ° C. You can visit this website to check how is the weather in Belém right now:

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Celina chagas Local Comittee President

Renata Laranjeira Vice President Incoming Exchange GCDP renata.laranjeira

Larissa Ribeiro Salgado Delivery Manager

Booklet belem  
Booklet belem  

Booklet AIESEC Belém destinada aos intercambistas da ONG. Dados sobre os principais pontos da cidade, moeda corrente, operadoras de celular...