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Portfolio Mano Balliu 2016-2021

Mano Balliu

Hi I’m Mano Balliu. I’m a student product development born in Belgium Gent. I have a passion for creating and designing new things. In this portfolio you can see my design projects for all kinds of purposes and users. I have special intrests in materials, shape design and prototyping.

Rue des courbes 71 ORROIR 7750 BELGIUM mano.balliu@gmail.com +32 0479937362 https://www.behance.net/ManoBalliu https://issuu.com/manoballiu/docs/portfolio_mano_balliu_lowqual

About Skills CAD Siemens NX Solidworks Autodesk fusion 360 Video editing Final cut pro/ premiere Autodesk Moldflow Adobe Photoshop IIllustrator After effects Lightroom xd

Rendering Keyshot/ Showcase 3D printing Cura / Mesh maker Prototyping wide variety of manual and machining skills working with all kinds of material

Koninklijk Atheneum Avelgem Sience mathematics HOWEST Industrial product design University of Antwerp Product development Internships Laser Helmets 2017-2018 Parsprototo Design agency 2020 Master thesis project Orthobroker bvba 2020-2021


Master thesis project.

In this master thesis, in collaboration with the orthopedic company Orthobroker, a dynamic orthosis made of thermoplastic polyurethane is developed using the Multi Jet Fusion printing technique. TPU has flexible properties according to the material study therefore it can be used as the basis for a dynamic hand-arm orthosis for children with cerebral palsy who suffer from the negative consequences of hypertonia in the upper limb. From a human centred analysis all the needs of the user are translated into the specifications that the orthosis should possess. These specifications and properties are individually examined through prototypes and material verifications. The result is a design of a dynamic orthosis for the chosen target group that can be developed by an orthopedic technician. The orthopedic technician can upload the upper limb with a 3D scanner into a software, after which the orthosis can be placed around this anatomical shape. In the software, the orthosis can be fully personalized according to the clinical data measured by a physician-specialist and the personal wishes of the patient. The production of the dynamic orthosis is done by the Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology. This product will replace the traditional flawed static orthoses produced with outdated techniques.

Industrial partner:


Additive manufacturing

Medical applications

Material research

System design Detailed design Multi Jet Fusion PRINT PROTOTYPE Base V3

Concept sketch Base V3



2 1





Before getting into the prototyping it was important to understand the hypertonia and forces in the upper limb and also taking the patient/user into account by doing user interviews. After this phase the protoyping could start using CAD software such as Geomagic, Siemens NX, Fusion 360. 6



Voorstel MCP

The M95A MJF TPU has its own unique characteristics wich have been tested to fit the patiënts needs. The spastic contractions of the muscles in the upperlimb can be accommodated by the folding points of the orthese with the correct resistance force.



Exploring & research

Concept testing & Prototyping



Mask for Lazer Helmets S.A. This is my final year bachelor assignment in collaboratin with Lazer helmets. It’s a mask for bikers with a jetfighter inspired look. It has two filters on the side wich protect you from polluted air on the road.


Flanders DC put me in an article about best graduation projects for 2018. My project was chosen for the category ‘product design’.


Bekina litefield redesign Bekina boots is one of the market leaders in the production of PU boots. I got the assignment to redesign the bottom mold for the sole. The upper mold was not redesigned because of financial reasons. This model ‘The Litefield’ is the only leasure boot offered by Bekina. 12

During my internship at Parsprototo we got an assignment to redesign a pool lift chair for disabled people. The company we designed for was Handimove. The existing models were very dehumanizing in stigmatising materials and methods. The idee was to produce a PVC model that could be manufactured using vacuum forming. The designs we delivered were based on dimensions resulting from previous test Parsprototo executed with prototypes.



The homebrand of Parsprototo QUUT wanted to include a children’s tent to their product range of toys. In this assignment we did a full analysis of what the brand QUUT would link to a children’s tent. We analyzed what kind archetypes of tents there exist and how they are constructed. We also dit a full market review to get a good overview. After the analysis we started the concept generation and got some interesting proposals.



Also for QUUT the homebrand of Parsprototo design agency we redesigned and analyzed the ‘Triplet Tool’. The Triplet is a sand tool/toy that has the three functions of a shovel, a rake and a sieve. It’s one of their oldest toys and therefore not as fitting in their product range as the rest of their products. It’s also slightly too big and does not stack well. It was our assignment to make it stackable and open up the ideas of what a tool with the same assets could look like within their product range.


Rafale spoiler for Lazer Helmets S.A. This product has been developed as a design for an upcoming helmet model called the Rafale. The Rafale has an agressive look inspired on the french jetfighter. The design of the spoiler inhances that agressive look.


Crampon compatible snowshoe The crampon compatible snowshoe was designed as a designproposal for Black Diamond Equipement. The product offers the ease of use by being able te step in it with your crampon for lightweight alpine approaches.

Scharnier systeem, dit bestaat uit een U-vormig stuk plaat materiaal dit verbind de 2 L-profielen. Deze plaat is voorzien van gaten voor die een vormverbiding geven met de crampon en 2 Materiaal: 2mm stainless steel sheet productie: Lasercut gebogen in 90 graden Trap verbiding is met een L-profielen Materiaal: Staal Porductie: Plooien

Spie vdeze zorgt voor het blokkeren wanneer deze omhoog wordt gezet Materiaal: ABS Porductie: spuitgieten

Frame Materiaal: ABS Productie: spuitgieten

De onder betanding bestaat uit 2 L-profielen Materiaal: 2mm stainless steel sheet Productie: Lasercut gebogen in 90 graden

Schroef verbiding tussen de kunststof frame en de L-profielen


3-wheeler USER


Person with a motor disability.

designchallanges Replace the look of a "care product" with a look that is not noticed in daily traffic. The danger in the corners can be solved by a different type of suspension. The issue of stability that is now being solved by the extra wheel, can be tackled with technology. Breaking the link between the 3 wheels and the disabled person by shifting the user focus. Adding an additional function that reinforces the user's identity. And the link with a motor impairment is removed. Maintain the appreciation and independence that the user derives from moving independently.




In this first comparison I try to show the contrast between the 3-wheeler and a cargo bike. The products are very similar and yet very different. The 3-wheeler is designed like many products within the healthcare sector with high functionality. But we cannot deny that the design and the eye for detail in finishing cannot match the ladies' bicycle. The ladies' bicycle is aimed at a user who is addressed by the appearance, finish and choice of materials of the bicycle.


move independently movement / sport stability low step height pedal assistance (more expensive)



This concept combines 2 ideas. The first idea is to transport the disabled person from a wheelchair. The burden of having to pedal by yourself is removed here. As an additional factor, this is a social event. The relocation is done with 2 people, which is a comforting and pleasant combination. The second concept is about a user who can still walk and cycle but also uses a wheelchair. With this concept it can move over a longer distance.


Direct link between 3-wheeler and handicap striking awkward for some looks of a care product, not sporty, cool, beautiful, .. does not necessarily reflect the personality of the user. dangerous in turns

Parsprototo has a long partnership with Jabbla, a company that creates products and software for people with speaking disorders and literally gives them back a voice trough these devices. One of the devices is the Jabbla Vibe, a speaking computer with a big touchscreen for message buttons. Some of these screens are covered with a plexi board with certain cutouts for a selection of buttons. This Plexi board is connected to the device with a 3D print screw-on part. After feedback from the clients it appears that the plexi must be removed quite often for cleaning. So we got the assignment to redesign these 3D prints with a user-friendly but firm connection.


In my first master year we got the module ‘Technology Driven Design’. This module exists of a theoretical course of fluid mechanics and virtual flow simulations. Our assignment was to design or examine a product in the software of solidworks 2019 flowsimulation. I chose to design a automotive roof antenna starting from a concept and refining the design using flowsimulion. As a focus I researched the power levels dB that the antenna creates. The automotive sector is evolving into electric vehicles and the main sources of sound is now coming from non engine related components.




Mano Balliu

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