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Personnel (Contd.) Payslips and other bits and pieces This is your statement of time out of the United Kingdom and should be carefully checked as errors can be made, even in the "Holiest of Holies"!! You should note, however, that these dates are only the days actually spent out of the United Kingdom and do not necessarily relate in any way to the date of joining or leaving the vessel. A copy of this information is submitted to Cardiff Marine, together with a calculation to show leave earned for the period out of the UK. Form P.60 is also despatched in April. This form is really self-explanatory except for two points. Firstly, in the box "Total for Year", the figure shown is the Gross Pay (less superannuation contributions) including interim tax reduction for time out of the UK; that is to say the gross pay on which you have been taxed. Secondly you will see an additional entry on this form -True Gross Pay- this is the actual gross pay less superannuation contributions and is the figure to be entered on the tax return which you submit to HM Inspector of Taxes.

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Now that Spring is upon us and many people's minds have turned to tending their gardens, one keen horticulturalist, Gary Watson, (our chief cashier in Mersey Chambers), has supplied us with a few definitions from "The Completely Unillustrated Encyclopaedia of Gardening" with which many of us must find affinity. Annual: Broad Bean: Bulb: Drought: Harden off: Mother Earth: Rockery: Self Sufficiency: Soft fruit: Weed:

A plant that thrives year after year through self seeding. Special food grown for blackflies. Potential flower planted in Autumn never to be seen again. Weather experienced immediately after planting. Kill by frost Deep mud. What the builders left behind. A method of growing vast supplies of vegetables, not normally eaten. Bird sanctuary. Principle U.K. crop

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