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Editorial (Contd.) Until now I have assumed, perhaps presumptuously, that the content of this newsletter is just what you, the reader, require and enjoy. Of course, many matters concerning the Company's affairs and the way they affect individuals are best dealt with in other ways but I think it is time that you be asked what you think of the content of these pages and what additions, exclusions or alterations you would like to see. If you have any views please pass them on to me, either verbally, or written (anonymous if you prefer). I am anxious to ensure that the two way communication develops (without necessarily becoming controversial) so that hopefully 'our' newsletter will encourage the elimination of the 'them and us' syndrome. I have a recurring nightmare that, on my retirement, in about 110 editorials time, I am told that all was in vain because nothing I had produced was of interest to the readership at large. Please let me have your ideas and suggestions therefore, if only to provide a little peace of mind! lOth May 1982

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PERSONNEL OBITUARY Name J .J. Corfield W. Foster J.R. Fitzpatrick L.O. Richards E. Whitehouse

Position Retired Forman Stevedore Retired Clerk Retired Catering Officer Retired Chief Engineer Retired Master

Died 1.3.1982 14.3.1982 18.2.1982 19.3.1982 5.3.1982


Age 83 90 65 82 83

Joined Company 1937 1947 1933 1920 1918

Retired Admins. Asst.London SLIC 30.5.1982



EXAMINATION RESULTS We congratulate the following on passing their examinations:D.Selvan P.N. Humphreys J. Murray A. Kiwanuka-Musoke P.S. Dickens

Masters Certificate Class 2 Deck Class 2 Deck Class 2 Deck Class 3 Deck

R.P. Rees A.R. Gargan P.A. Keelan M.R. Lewis J.F. McCormick

Part 'A' 1st Class Motor Part 'A' 1st Class Motor Part 'A' 1st Class Motor 2nd Class Motor T.E.C.

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COVER DESIGN COMPETITION The official closing date for entries will have passed with the distribution of this edition of the newsletter, (although any last minute entries will be considered, of course). Frankly, the limited response is somewhat disappointing, particularly since the offer of a cash prize was expected to provide the necessary incentive. Nevertheless, several entries have been received and will be considered by a panel of judges during the next few days. If all goes according to plan the winner will be announced in the next newsletter and that edition should, therefore, have a new look about it!

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Harrison News Letter No35