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Sports (Contd.) L.S.S.A. LeagueAt the time of going to press there is a doubt about next season's league taking place, but we hope that the present problems will be overcome and that next year will be our Year. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the players who have given me such support this past season.

* * * The following poem was received just too late for inclusion in the last Newsletter and now that the "BENEFACTOR" has been sold, the details are slightly out of date. Nevertheless, the sentiment remains the same. The author of this poem describes himself only as "the Beni's Poet Laureate".


Two S's three A's Three W's too Plus the "old" Beni The numbers are few Twenty-nine ships When I first joined the line The twenty have gone Which leave us with nine Automation is here It's push-button life But try telling that To the redundant man's wife The wastage is great In men and machines And I dread to consider The out of work Teens Tory or Labour They're both just the same It's a world-wide recession Who knows who to blame? But there's hope in the future We're building new ships Will retention be over By their maiden trips? So let's hope for more charters At favourable rates And future employment For all our ship-mates!

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Harrison News Letter No35