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Trade Reports (Contd.) BELOW: m. v. "ADVISER" under the gantries at Walton Container Terminal on her maiden call.


In spite of its considerable wealth from oil and valuable mineral deposits, Venezuela is also feeling the pinch from the continued world recession. The Government is having to introduce restrictive economic measures to combat the serious effect the depressed state of the world oil market is having on their economy. It nearly always follows, that whenever a country starts introducing economic cut-backs, imports

inevitably fall, and the current situation in Venezuela is proving to be no exception. The freight carried by our more recent sailings has declined quite noticeably, and while these conditions last, we have decided, in conjunction with CAVN, to reduce our sailings from fortnightly to three-weekly. Hopefully, this will lead to an increased volume of cargo being offered for each sailing, thus making the voyage more rewarding. However, it should also be mentioned that cargo is expected to increase later in the year, and we hope that the increase will be sufficient to warrant a return to the original fortnightly schedule. Our trade to Colombia has hardly changed from that reported in the last edition of the Newsletter. The tonnage of cargo being offered continues to be at a disappointing level. Ports in both these countries are now free of congestion and this is almost entirely due to the fall in traffic currently moving in the trades. 11


Harrison News Letter No35