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Trade Reports (Contd.) CAROL by S.H. Gifford-Mead May has brought the introduction of the new dry-docking season with all five vessels presently serving in the CAROL fleet due to be dry-docked in rotation between the middle of this month and the middle of August. Hopefully this will be achieved with slight variations to the schedule and the sailing frequency, rather than the introduction of additional chartered tonnage. Of our vessels, the ASTRONOMER is scheduled for dry-dock in June and the ADVISER in July. The introduction of Felixstowe to our schedule is now well established and although it is too early to judge the port's performance completely, it has been difficult on some occasions to get a prompt berth for working because of the busy schedule of the terminal used. Many of those more closely involved with the CAROL service will know that, for the past two years, we have had a CAROL consultant based in Trinidad to assist operations, and to expedite the eventual re-introduction of the mainline vessels. Mr. R. Babooram has now been appointed to take over this position for a few months in Trinidad, and he leaves for Port of Spain at the beginning of May. I would also like to use this opportunity to extend best wishes to Trevor Platt, who left the company at the end of April and who, during his time with the Company, amongst many other things, has been closely involved with CAROL's advance planning in the early days, and subsequent operations at Seaforth. I am sure others will join me in wishing him every success in his new enterprise.

* * * FELIXSTOWE, 2nd February 1982. P. Bennett, Managing Director of Walton Container Terminal, presents a plaque to Captain R. Simmons, Master of the "ADVISER" on the occasion of the first scheduled CAROL call at Felix stowe.

ABOVE: (Left to Right) R. Mallett, Anderson Gardiner (Shipping) Ltd. -Harrison's CAROL agents in Felix stowe; G. Nicolas, Ops. Manager at C. C 0; Captain Simmons; J. Jonckheer, C. C. 0. General Manager; P. Durell, Walton Planning Manager; Mr. Bennett; P. Gardiner, Anderson Gardiner; Captain B. Jones, relieving Master; N.J. Hollebone, Harrison's London Office; H Wedekznd, Hapag-Lloyd Agencies.



Harrison News Letter No35