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Issue 6 April 15, 2013


Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of the Mannix College Students’ Society


So much  to  be  revealed  this  week,  and  probably  just  the  right  amount  of  ;me  to  do  it.  Get  fucking  ready  for  the  ball   this  year,  I’ve  already  seen  what’s  going  on  and  thus  far  I’m  more  than  impressed.  We’ll  be  revealing  the  2013  ball  at   dinner  tonight  so  make  sure  you  get  yourselves  down  to  the  dining  hall  extra  speedy  like.  Another  thing  that  will  be   revealed  this  week  is  the  super  secret  of  super  secret  func;on.  That’ll  happen  on  tuesday,  so  be  ready.  Other  than   that,  not  a  whole  lot  else  will  be  revealed.  At  least  we  hope  so.  





Mon, 15th April:


Ball Reveal at dinner!

Tue, 23rd April: Shave for a Cure

Tue. 16th April:

Wed, 24th April:

This one isn’t like your usual function. There is a super secret element that will be revealed this week. Either way get super keen (you don’t even have to do that in secret!)

Deba;ng Grand  Finals

BE Formal Dinner

Wed, 3rd April:


Med, Nursing, Health and Pharm. Formal Dinner

St Vinnies de Ball

Thur, 18th April: Super Secret  Func;on

Mannix Messenger – Issue 6, April 15, 2013

Thur, 4th April: Halls Pool Comp

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NEK MINUTS IN A MINUTE Jangles - Prez Discussed function  clean  up. Needs  a  slab  from  all  members  of   the  college.  slabs  slabs  slabs. It  was  mentioned  that  Andy  has  no   eyebrows.   Rhys - Sexetary Only  a  few  left  to  get  on  to  data   base.  Yay! Zoe – Ball Video  reveal  on  Monday  at  dinner. Get  super  keen   Jackson  opened  a  legal  can  of   worms  (It  was  mentioned  to   rename  ball  as  “liaball”)   Rach and Moufles – Sport Cricket  was  rained  the  fuck  out.   “Maybe  next  time  plan  better?”  -­‐ Andy.  The  committee  was  advised   that  we  shouldn’t  worry  as  cricket   teams  were  mixed.  Unsure  of   rescheduling.  TBA. Tennis  comp  coming  up.  More  info   soon! It  was  suggested  that  maybe   should  we  print  all  posters  in   black  and  white.

Mannix Messenger – Issue 6, April 15, 2013

Magsy and Rupe - Functions Super Secret  function  reveal  this   week.  (The  theme  is  not  “super   secret”  there’s  a  secret  element   that  will  be  revealed). 3  is  too  much  but  1  isn’t  enough.   Not  sure  if  there’s  an  in  between.   Might  ask  Mags.   Fletch and Em Communications Pigeon:  Get  your  article  on  for   super  Uloor  points. Gena - Community Cool  survey  comin’  ‘atcha  soon Chandler - Activities Peter  Chandler  stands  up. All  male  judges  for  debating  the   way  it  should  be.  Topics  out  now. Andy - Culture Can  haz  rights  to  play!     Auditions:  Fri  +  Sat  Wk  7,  Mon  +   Tues  Wk  8.   Committee Call “It’s  like  the  police  giving  a   fourteen  day  notice  on  a  drugs   bust.”  -­‐  Rhys

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Mannix Messenger – Issue 6, April 15, 2013

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specialises in imaging of living dissatisfaction with the silos in which research is conducted. structures.


Jesudason explains: "We useful knowledge can have no noticed that the airways were twitchy before birth and that boundaries, whether this was under control of geographical, disciplinary or natural pacemakers rather like institutional, underpins an those that control the heart innovative collaboration between a paediatric surgeon rhythm. We wondered whether targeting these pacemakers and an engineer seeking a better understanding of how air could control airway spasm in THE idea that the quest for

asthma. "When Andreas and I met at a US scientific meeting, we realised his techniques difficulties. could visualise airway calibre in Edwin Jesudason and Andreas unparalleled detail during Fouras are senior researchers normal breathing." working together to try to solve intractable lung diseases such This was what was needed to as asthma. Both were funded clinch their new approach to asthma. by the American Asthma flows through the lung of a young child with breathing

Foundation to develop novel solutions after ranking in the top 3 per cent of applicants.

"As an engineering group we are now commercialising our breakthrough imaging technology, but it is invaluable for us to have clinicians like Ed, who are willing and able to

What makes them unusual is that neither is an asthma specialist and they work together despite being based work with us and across such on different sides of the world. wide disciplinary boundaries," Jesudason, who is an associate Fouras says.

As Jesudason puts it: "Improving healthcare is a massive and continual challenge for which medical science provides only part of the solution. Medics are taught to recognise patterns, but engineers are pressed to ask questions and to be original problem solvers. So engineers can take us beyond the popular misconception that there's a gene or stem cell fix for each disease. "In reality, healthcare problems are often complex so even single gene diseases like cystic fibrosis continue to evade easy cure." As Fouras puts it: "Patients with spinal cord injury may get more progress from engineers and bionics than from stem cell implantations alone." Even as a surgeon, Dr Jesudason says he has to agree. "Much of surgery remains fairly old school, and it seems likely that technology will advance

solutions for patients faster than "I have already recruited a gene therapy or stem cells alone. junior doctor to my group, and After all, Dr Snow halted Ed and I plan to bring medical a London cholera outbreak with a and engineering students who is the National Health and together to solve this and other mechanical solution - removing the handle from the Medical Research Council problems." career development fellow and Broad Street water pump. Asthma Both researchers have won associate professor in is just a start, because engineers national awards and major engineering at Monash funding for research in Britain like Andreas can help us University, and Australia respectively. But visualise the impact of what we do they are distinguished by their and where we need to go." professor in paediatric surgery at the University of Liverpool in Britain, is used to studying lung development in babies. Fouras,

Mannix Messenger – Issue 6, April 15, 2013

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