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Issue 9 May 6, 2013


Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of the Mannix College Students’ Society

In the words of the famed Lorem Ipsum, “dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.” True indeed. Speaking of truth, which may be found in its entirety within these pages, it is known that you are what you eat. So please, consume. Enjoy. And be the Messenger.





Mon, 6th May:

Mon, 13th May:

That’s right muchacho’s

Study Night

Study Night

get around: Space Jam, Hey Arnold, Angry Beavers, Arnie at his prime, the conception of Saxon Jiles, Grunge and

Wed, 8th May:

Wed, 15th May:

Mid West Formal Dinner

Business and Economics Formal Dinner

the ultimate killer: Boob Tubes (and also the internet).

Sat, 11th May:

Thur, 9th May: 90’s Night

Drinks and entry at normal prices. Hot food.

Mannix Messenger – Issue 9, May 6, 2013


Fri, 17th May: Halls allstars Soccer Fri, 31st May: Unforgettaball

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From the Committee... Jangles - Prez Mentioned that  NAAUC   elections  start  soon   (more  to  come  in  5loor   meetings).  Get  around   pumping  up  tickets  for   the  Ball. Saxon - VP Nothing  to  report. Rhys - Sexetary Talked  about  party  bus   organisation.   Mentioned  to  be  ready   for  Whiskey. Hatchy - Treasurer Last  submission  of  the   audit  due  on  tuesday.   Still  chasing  receipts.       Grant  money  coming   through  on  tuesday  as   well. Zoe – Ball Posters  are  being   Delivered  to  us   tomorrow  (monday). We  are  accosiaf5iliated   with  MSA  and  C+S  so   postering  at  uni   shouldn’t  be  a   problem.  

Mannix Messenger – Issue 9, May 6, 2013

Rach and Moufles – Sport Basketball: Mannix   beat  Halls  and  Mid   East  won  the  inter-­‐ 5loor  game.   Magsy and Rupe Functions ‘90s  night  this  week.   Money  was  authorised   for  this  function.     Con5irmed:  Fresh   Prince  is  ‘90s   Fletch and Em Communications Clarifying  “minutes”. Gena - Community Con5irmed  that  admin   would  contribute  the   rest  of  the  money  to   get  Mannix  donations   to  $2000  for  shave  for   a  cure.  Gena  and  her   subcommittee  will   collect  money  this   week.   Chandler - Activities Peter  Chandler  stands   up. Bible  Study  group:   Tuesday  7.30,  SCR. Page 2

Mannix Messenger – Issue 9, May 6, 2013

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Messenger S1W9  

Week Nine Mannix Messenger

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