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Issue 2 March 9, 2014


Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of the Mannix College Students’ Society

East vs. West Cricket! (Nice legs boys)

I hope that you have all enjoyed your first week ever at Uni (or back at Uni for us second and third years) and that it hasn’t been too much of a shock to the system! Whilst most of us struggled to make it to those early morning tutes this week (that’s if we did make it…), I for one have had a ripper week and can’t wait to continue the good times over the coming days!

FUNCTION OUTDOOR CINEMA CLUB Come along for a chilled out night on the back astro, with sweet beanbags, good movies and great company!


The Best Cricket Joke of the Day*


Jones had taken his wife to a cricket match. She sat through the first innings although plainly bored. In the second innings a batsman gave a tremendous swipe and knocked the ball out of the ground. 'Thank goodness they got rid of it,' she sighed. 'Now we can all go home.’

$2 entry - free popcorn and soft drink… what more could you want?

Mannix Messenger – Issue 2, March 9, 2014


*well the only one

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So many events, so little time… yet remember, nobody looks back in life and remembers all of the nights where


they got plenty of sleep so make the most of your time at Mannix and get involved!

Monday 10th March - Dance Workshop at 8.30 pm in the JCR

Tuesday 11th March - Committee vs RA debate at 7.30pm in JCR

Topic: ‘RA’s are better than Committee’

Thursday 13th March - Outdoor Cinema

Free popcorn and soft drink on the back astro

Friday 14th March - 20/20 MOCA vs. Mannix Cricket

Come and meet some Old Cols!

Sunday 16th March- Halls Cricket

More details to come, keep your ears out this week! Tuesday 18th March - ‘Unidayze’ at Sir John’s

Music Festival themed - $15 tickets online - your ticket is a token to get a free piece of merch (if you get in quick) and there is a foam pit! GET YOUR TICKETS QUICK as limited available and they will sell out! Sunday 30th March - St Mary’s Sports Day

Wednesday 2nd April - Global Dinner

29th April May - Shaving night Goes towards a water tank for a medical centre in Uganda- such a fantastic cause!

Saturday 10th May - Skydiving Sign up over the next few weeks to nab a spot!

Mannix Messenger – Issue 2, March 9, 2014

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WHAT’S ON from Barbara

Mannix Messenger – Issue 2, March 9, 2014

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Mannix Messenger – Issue 2, March 9, 2014

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THE MANNIX BALL IS UPON US! The date is set for Wednesday May 28th and the venue is Cargo Hall (South Wharf Promenade). Call your mother, call your friends - well maybe don’t invite your Mum unless you want her to shout you the ticket - as this is set to be one of the best nights of the year.

SNAPSHOT OF COMMITTEE MEETINGS ANDREW STEWART (Pres) Nothing to report. EMILY STOKES (VP) Dooley’s went well this week!
 O-week survey is finished and will be emailed soon. 
 Need to update the committee portfolio’s to be shown on each door. DAISY MEDIC (Tresh) Audit due on Tuesday .

Sold most of the merchandise. WHITNEY STILES (Sec) CNS database registration (due March 17th) being held up because sheets have not yet been returned. Hopefully will work out database for function sign in soon.

20+ students haven’t picked up sports shirts will be handed out over next few days.


JOE TUNKS (Communication Design) Outdoor cinema poster finished.

WALTER AND TINA (Sports) St Mary’s Day - potential to be on Sunday March 30th.

Back Astro Lights - coming on automatically now but will be investigated.

MOCA cricket day attempting to get oval.

Running group - hopefully will be up and ‘running’ soon.

Halls cricket this Sunday ears out for more details. RAINBOW AND JULES (Functions) Unidayze March 18th

Outdoor Cinema Function this Thursday.

Full Moon hopefully to go ahead in week 4.

Mannix Messenger – Issue 2, March 9, 2014

LAURA MCDONALD (Communication Content) Nothing to report.

CONOR MCDONALD (Community) Sponsorship for a child $360 for one child for the year - hopefully each floor can pitch in to support a child each.

April 2nd - Global Dinner. - speaker in the works.

29th April - Shaving night.

10th May - Skydiving. 15th August - Snow Trip.

GEORGIA HARDIMAN (Culture) Nothing to report.

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EAST vs. west Cricket

(photos credit to issy sillar)

Mannix Messenger – Issue 2, March 9, 2014

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Mannix Messenger 2 - March 9th 2014  

This is the second messenger for 2014!