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Issue 2 August 5, 2015



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Do you have an extensive

Tue, 6th August:

Tue, 13th August:

knowledge on one very specific topic? Ever wish you had a forum to express this knowledge while simultaneously

Coats for the Homeless

MOCA Careers Breakfast

Wed, 7th August:

Wed, 14th August:

M.E. Formal Dinner

Top West Formal Dinner

Thur, 8th August:

Thur, 15th August:

Trivia Night

Tight, White on Bright

10th-11th October:

Sun, 18th August:

Snow Trip

Interfloor netball


lording your superiority over those lesser to you? Trivia night is for you. Get a table of ten. Get a theme and costumes. Get around it.

Mannix Messenger – Issue 2, August 5, 2013

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Mannix Messenger – Issue 2, August 5, 2013

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Mannix Messenger – Issue 2, August 5, 2013

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News From Committee Jangles - Prez Several actions  put  in  place  to   improve  committee  ef2iciency.   Requested  that  all  drafts  for  new   Committee  bible  due  in  week  3.   Saxon - VP Study  night:  No  longer  worth   2loor  points  due  to dining  hall  being  open  on  week   nights.  Our  current  constitution   is  now  publicly  available  with   amendments  to  be  drafted. Rhys - Sexetary Talked  about  new  merch  designs.   It  was  decided  that  the  new  logo   will  be  on  the  new  shirts.  All  new   merch  ordered.  Unfortunately,  no   wimbledon  green.   Hatchy - Treasurer Absent Zoe – Ball Annual  dinner:  Red  Scooter  was   booked  out  on  a  friday  resulting   in  its  current  placement  on  the   calendar. Rach and Moufles – Sport Fresher  2loor  captains  elected  in   next  2loor  meeting.  Interested   freshers  should  put  name  in  with  

2loor RA/Committee.  Halls   football  in  week  3.   Magsy and Rupe - Functions Motions  for  trivia  night  passed.   Students  should  organise  tables   of  ten  and  see  functions  reps  @   dinner  to  sign  up.Each  table   needs  its  own  theme. Fletch and Em Communications Start  submitting  material  for   new  Pigeon.  Submissions  close   Friday  Wk3.  New  Mac  app   functioning  (check  out  the  FB   page  for  info).   Gena - Community Coats  for  the  homeless  this   Tuesday.  If  interested  talk  to  any   member  of  the  Community  team   (incl.  the  community  RA’s) Chandler - Activities Snow  Trip:  Get  your  money  to   Peter  ASAP! Andy - Culture Play  week:  85%  of  play  covered.   Great  progress!  Special  thanks   to:  Dee,  Amber  and  Naomi  for   the  effort.   Suggestion  of  new  JCR  speakers   -­‐  will  address  with  admin.   Play  posters  out  approx.  week  5.  

Mannix Messenger – Issue 2, August 5, 2013

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The Wizarding   World   of   Harry  Potter:  A   Population   V i a b i l i t y   A n a l y s i s   (Amongst  Other  Things) By  Ashray  Rajagopalan JK   Rowling   made   an   admirable   a1empt   to   detail   exactly   how   a   world  of  wizards,  witches  and  Alan   Rickman   can   reasonably   co-­‐exist   alongside   non-­‐magical   people   without   Muggles  ever  catching   on.   Thus,   although   this   is   a   work   of   fantasy,   it   could   conceivably   be   true.   But   wait,   I   hear   you   say.   Would   the   billions   of   dollars   fantasy   world   which   she   has   created   actually   stand   up   to   a   r i g o r o u s   s c i e n G fi c   a n a l y s i s ?   InteresGng  that  you  should  ask.

Assuming that   there   are   no   other   wizarding  schools  in  the  UK,  which   seems   to   be   implied   during   the   books,   this   means   that,   in   the   whole  country,  there   are  only   300   witches   and   wizards   aged   from   11-­‐17.  ExtrapolaGng  from  this  with   a   standard  populaGon  distribuGon,   it  can   be  esGmated   that  there  are   at   least   3000   witches  and  wizards,   in  total,  across  the  UK.            Genetic  viability The   most   obvious  quesGon   to   ask   here   is   whether   there  are  enough   witches   and   wizards   to   sustain   a   p o p u l a G o n   w i t h o u t   g e n e G c   similarity   developing   over   Gme   that  leads   to  the  exGncGon   of   the   magical  populaGon   due   to  what   is   essenGally  large  scale  inbreeding.

wouldn’t people   talk   about   that   Gme  they   saw   a  bunch   of   cloaked   creatures   on   broomsGcks   flying   away   from   Privet   Drive?   Oh   wait,   they   wouldn’t,   because   their   memories  would  be  modified. But   if   even   one   Muggle   were   enterprising   enough   to   hide   from   the   strangers  who  knock  on   his  or   her  door  wearing  cloaks  that  make   them   look  like  culGsts,  what  would   happen  then?

Figure 4.Who  wouldn’t  open  the  door  to   Alan  Rickman?

Figure 1.  Definitely  not  related  to  JK   Rowling.

My esGmate   is,  extrapolaGng   from   the   five   named   male   Gryffindor   students   in   Harry’s   year,   there   would   be   70   students   per   house   and  perhaps,  at  most,  300  students   at  Hogwarts  School.  Of  course,  this   doesn’t   sit   well   with   one   of   the   scenes  in   the  Great   Hall   from   the   first   movie   (approximately   160   students   total) 2 ,   and   even   JK   herself   seems   to   be   confused   on   the   ma1er3,   so   let’s   just   take   the   b o o k s   a s   canon

Figure 2.  Not  associated  with  the  books.

Figure 3.Definitely  not  associated  with   large  scale  inbreeding.

The upper   end   of   esGmates   for   a   viable   human   populaGon   without   significant  mortality  due  to  geneGc   similarity   is   around   1000,   and   the   magical   populaGon  clearly   exceeds   this,   so   we  shouldn’t  have  to  worry   about  this  for  now.

       Social  forces Maybe   the   magical   populaGon   is   large   enough   to   be   self-­‐sustaining   without   risk   of   inbreeding,   but   then   again,   it’s   also   mostly   interspersed   amongst   the   Muggle   populaGon. The   enGre   magical   society   hinges   on  Muggles  remaining   unaware   of   the   existence   of   wizards   –   but  

Mannix Messenger – Issue 2, August 5, 2013

For all   that   the   Order   of   the   Phoenix  seems  to  endorse  the   idea   of   Muggles  being   le`   alone  to  live   their   lives   without   the   benefit   of   magic,   doesn’t   this   form   a   class   divide?  If  Muggles  are  manipulated   by   magical   people   without   their   consent   so   that   they’re   separated   from   the   magical   world,   doesn’t   this  reflect   the  same  ‘greater  good’   argument   that   led   to   the  downfall   of  the  dark  wizard  Grindelwald? Or   so   will   be   the   chants   at   the   mass-­‐uprising  when  the  secret  gets   o u t   a n d   t h e   s u p p o s e d l y   harmonious,   if   ignorant,   co-­‐ existence   of   witches,   wizards   and   Muggles  escalates  to  all-­‐out  war. Perhaps   the   wizards   and   witches   could   defend   themselves  for  hours   on   end,   but,   eventually,   they’ll   need   to   go   to   the   bathroom.   Hopelessly   outnumbered,   this   is   how  the  Wizarding   World  of   Harry   Po1er  comes  to  a  fiery  end.  

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