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Nicola Dunkerley Mann Island Management Ltd Apartment 904 15 Mann Island Liverpool L3 1ER

10th February 2014 Reference: MIRA 010

Re: Engage Blockheads seminars Dear Nicola, As you may recall, last year you attended Engage’s Blockheads seminar series last year. We have been informed by Engage that this has not been paid for (see attached email). As we are keen to keep a working relationship with Engage, could this outstanding amount be paid? Also: Engage are running the seminar series again this year, and we would like to send three of our new committee members. Engage have suggested that managing agents may wish to contribute towards the cost of residents associations attending these meetings, in the interests of improving life for residents in their block. Please could you advise whether MIML would be willing to do this? Yours sincerely,

Zarino Zappia, Secretary on behalf of the committee of Mann Island Residents’ Association.

Mann Island Residents’ Association, Apartment 122, 15 Mann Island, Liverpool, L3 1EN

Mira 010 blockheads