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Nicola Dunkerley Mann Island Management Ltd Apartment 904 15 Mann Island Liverpool L3 1ER

10th February 2014 Reference: MIRA 006

Re: Block 1 Trees Dear Nicola, Many residents in Block 1 have raised concerns over the state of the trees in the atrium. It is clear that the trees are not healthy, despite these concerns being raised in the past. We think it would be appropriate and timely to seek a professional opinion on the state of these trees. And, in the interests of transparency, to also open conversation with residents regarding the outcome of this and MIML’s solution to their concerns. Please could you also confirm what we have been told in that past, that no service charge contributions have been made, or will be made, towards the upkeep of these trees? Yours sincerely,

Zarino Zappia, Secretary on behalf of the committee of Mann Island Residents’ Association.

Mann Island Residents’ Association, Apartment 122, 15 Mann Island, Liverpool, L3 1EN

Mira 006 block 1 trees  
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