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Mann Island Finance Est. 1991

‘Helping You Sell More Cars’

Rate for Risk Lending is BACK! How many of your customers get turned down for a motor loan?

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The most comprehensive Rate for Risk lending panel in the market Up to £25,000 advances, 120% Glass’s Guide Retail, 60 month terms and rates from 4.75% per annum

Advantages:™ ™ ™ ™

Fast decisions Up to 120% Glass’s Guide Retail. No deposit required. 60 month repayments.


£25k maximum loan.


Competitive rates and commissions.


Hugo Flashmann 07765 663456 HELPING DEALERS SELL MORE CARS Ref: 160211

Mann Island Finance Limited 30-32 Pall Mall, Liverpool L3 6AL Telephone: 0870 600 6668

Est. 1991

Rate or Risk Lending is Back  

Rate or Risk Lending is Back

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