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9 to 23 Oct

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Simone Weil said the two things that pierce the human heart are beauty and affliction. When experienced, both remind us that we are alive. On the surface, China may seem to be a place rich with culture, populated with too many people, and where everything is manufactured. However, those who have been there would have likely witnessed both striking beauty and the

A business man contacted YWAM Herrnhut with a unique story. He felt that the Lord was leading him to build an art gallery in the heart of Shanghai’s shopping district. However he was neither an was obedient to what he felt the Lord had asked him to do. Shortly partnership was formed. He had an empty gallery, we had the art. YWAM Herrnhut is a base rich in the arts and overflowing with Training School, designed to equip young people in misisons through the medium of art. This gallery has presented an amazing opportunity to serve the Chinese church. Jan Schlegel & Ulrich Mannchen, will display some of their brilliant photography, along with the eloquent sound of ‘Liz and the Lions’ at the gallery’s grand opening.

Despite this, God has been moving in this land in a powerful way. The underground the past decade; They will not remain underground any longer. The Chinese are youths in missions and the arts.

We need your support to make this trip a reality Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us nancially? There are 12 of us on the team and each of us has to raise about 1,000 ? to cover fl

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! Liz and Uli Mannchen For donations -PayPal us at: or contact for other ways to send funds!

Mannchens go to Shanghai  
Mannchens go to Shanghai  

The Mannchens go to Shanghai!