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OLIDAY MEALS UNITE MANNA COMMUNITY Pie in the Sky fundraiser’s new goal to sell 13,000 pies and raise $325,000

by Sue Daugherty-Rodriguez, Chief Operating Officer and Meg Rider, Director of Events and Communications

Food brings families together. When most people are celebrating the holidays with family and friends, MANNA’s kitchen is packed with more than 100 volunteers preparing a gourmet-meal-for-four for each client to share the holiday with families and friends. We know we can’t replace a favorite family recipe, but we do our best to serve a traditional turkey dinner with all the fixings on Thanksgiving. Last year’s winter holiday meal included NY strip steak, vegetable medley, garlic mashed potatoes, Greek salad, bread basket, fruit salad and one of MANNA’s famous pies. Each client also receives a special gift from Kids Care, a program where students in public and private schools create art for MANNA’s clients. Kids Care is a collaboration of MANNA and 88.5 WXPN’s Kids Corner. The students’ art is exhibited at the Woodmere Art Museum before it is given to clients. Holidays can be stressful for everyone, but imagine the added stress of being at nutritional risk and too fatigued to even cook a meal. MANNA’s staff and dedicated volunteers work overtime to make sure each client receives a home-cooked holiday meal—one big enough to share with loved ones. Our MANNA volunteers are critical in making the holiday meal program a success. MANNA invites everyone in the community to volunteer on Thanksgiving and Christmas days and wishes each client a very happy, healthy holiday.

Each PIE you purchase FEEDS a family of 4 this holiday season.

BOB COTTEN’S STRIKE IT RICH returns this year! The original recipe of this gourmet cheesecake pie is now baked by Annie Pies Gourmet Bakery. This specialty pie is $35 and includes an entry into the Southwest Airlines raffle for two round-trip tickets. See page 7 for info about forming a pie sales team!

On Christmas Day, hundreds of bags filled with holiday dinners line MANNA’s loading dock. Each year on the holidays, more than 250 volunteers make deliveries to clients and their families.

Pie in the Sky is by far our sweetest event of the year for clients, volunteers and donors alike. This event generates the funding to produce more than 2,100 holiday meals delivered to our clients’ homes. MANNA’s goal is to sell 13,000 pies and raise more than $325,000.This year we celebrate Dear MANNA Staff and Volunteers, the 11th anniversary of our holiday tradition with some new features and the return of an I would like to take this opportunity to old favorite. acknowledge you for all that you do. You go far beyond delivering nourishing meals. You Now through November 16th, MANNA’s holiday also deliver smiles, kindness and pleasant pie sale offers five gourmet pies; Old Fashioned words. That shows me how much you care, Apple, Southern Pecan, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and it means more than words can express. and Strike It Rich gourmet cheesecake pie. Each pie will be available for $25-$35. We’re also I do not just receive physical nourishment introducing MANNA’s signature gourmet pie from MANNA, my spirit is also nourished server imprinted with the MANNA logo for $5. because of your unselfish kindness. It gives And each presentation pie box is now printed me great pleasure to extend my most sincere gratitude and deepest appreciation to all of with detailed information about MANNA and you for allowing me to be the recipient of all clearly states how the funds from the purchase your gifts and giving me a sense of belonging of each pie are used. Now, you can serve your to the MANNA family. pies in style and show your support of MANNA, too! You have put the “Merry” in Christmas, the “Thanks” in Thanksgiving, joy in my heart There are many ways to get involved: buy or and a smile on my face. sell pies on your own or form a team; volunteer to bake, sort and distribute pies; and become From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. a promotional partner to help sell pies. Visit -Steven, MANNA client or call 215-496-2662 ext. 138 for more info. Pies can be purchased until November 16 online at, by phone at 1-866-SKY-PIES, or by sending a check to Pie in the Sky, c/o MANNA, PO Box 30181, Philadelphia, PA 19103. Pies can be scheduled for pick-up on Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving at one of 43 convenient locations throughout the greater Philadelphia area and Southern New Jersey.

a LETTER from THE C.E.O.

THE MANNA MISSION IS TO DELIVER CARE AND HOPE BY NOURISHING PEOPLE AT ACUTE NUTRITIONAL RISK DUE TO A LIFETHREATENING ILLNESS. “How is everything at MANNA?” and “What’s going on these days?” are two questions I am frequently asked. In many ways, the What’s Cooking newsletter will provide some answers but, of course, so much more goes on than one newsletter can adequately report. Please let me just share a little bit about each significant part of our MANNA family starting with the most important fact: Clients: Nearly 1,300 individuals were served this past year. Of these, 142 are dependents, mostly children. Sadly, 92 have passed away, but we are grateful we could be a part of their lives. More than 230 regained good health and were able to return to nutritional independence. 2

Ξ MANNA in Namibia Ξ Sue Daugherty-Rodriguez, RD, LDN offers a first-hand account of her work with ANSA at Hope Initiatives Windhoek in Namibia, Africa, from July 27 to August 9, 2007.

Here I am 32 hours since my return from a two-week stay in Windhoek, Namibia, located in southern Africa. I received word on May 17 that I’d be representing MANNA as part of an international nutrition program headed by the Association of Nutrition Service Agencies (ANSA). Words could never describe the range of emotions I felt in preparing for my departure, though excitement along with some anxiety were probably the most consistent.

MANNA’s chief operating officer Sue Daugherty-Rodriguez meets with the youth participants at Hope Initiatives in Okahandja Park, Namibia

After two days of travel, my team and I finally arrive at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Namibia called Terra Africa. My “Namibian Team” included Emily Piccirillo from Food & Friends in Washington D.C., Rachel Gardner of Food For Thought in Sonoma, California, and me. The three of us had never met before, but we formed an instant connection and welcomed the adventure that was ahead of us. The goal of the project was to work with Hope Initiatives, an organization that was started by Patricia Sola as a soup kitchen in Okahandja Park in 2001. Okahandja Park, considered a squatter community, is supposed to be temporary, but for the majority it remains their permanent residence. To understand Okahandja, imagine a dry, dirt landscape with thousands of loosely constructed “homes” built of sheet metal, each no bigger than a small bedroom, with up to 15 individuals living in just one. The residents have no electricity or plumbing and only one well to provide drinking water for the entire settlement. For one month’s water supply, each person must pay 100 Namibian dollars (one U.S. dollar equals seven Namibian dollars). Looking across the landscape, I could see clothing hanging out to dry and meat they are preserving by dry aging in the sun. The community of Okahandja Park in Namibia houses three Hope Initiative programs that feed more than 500 orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC’s), as well as adult women and men living with HIV/AIDS.

Volunteers: Hardworking, steadfast and loyal. Without them, MANNA would need to raise one million more dollars a year just to cover labor costs. If you often think about volunteering, please do! Contact us today and get involved. We need you now more than ever.

More on Sue’s trip continued on page 4

sometimes every month through the Raise The Dough monthly donor program (see page 6).

Staff: One of our own is now a MANNA client. He’s fighting colon cancer. Another just returned from Namibia, Africa. You can read about how she’s helping to establish an HIV/AIDS nutrition program in this issue. Donors and Funders: Our expanded mission is All 30 of our employees work at MANNA for the mission, helping us to grow our donor base. Last year we not just the paycheck. It’s truly inspiring. received significant contributions from a number of new-to-MANNA foundations in support of our Thanks for being a part of the family. programs and services for people with cancer and other illnesses. While these new funds are ishing you peace, important, we deeply appreciate the loyalty of Richard Keaveney, CEO all of you who donate to MANNA every year and





by Sue Aistrop, Volunteer Coordinator

Every summer, teens from the Center for Student Missions (CSM) volunteer in MANNA’s kitchen. According to co-directors of the Philadelphia chapter, Justin and Krista Perry, CSM provides students and adults with an effective urban ministry experience that transforms lives. Groups from all over the country, some from as near as New Jersey and others from as far away as North Dakota and Ontario, Canada, help prepare and deliver meals for MANNA. Not only do they interact with MANNA’s chefs, staff and regular volunteers, but they also deliver throughout Philadelphia. The students have opportunities to use maps to navigate each route, learning about neighborhoods throughout the city. MANNA thanks everyone at CSM for all their help, especially Justin and Krista, who not only teach young people about MANNA’s mission, but also donate their own time to the organization. For more information about CSM, please visit their website at What CSM volunteers say about volunteering at MANNA: “I really loved MANNA. It felt really good to know you’re helping someone every time you scoop something into a bowl. But it was funny to see everyone in a hairnet!” “All the folks at MANNA were well organized and informative, down-to-business, and really seemed to utilize their volunteers effectively. There was no standing around or waiting; I felt like we actually accomplished something.” “Thanks to MANNA for helping the people who are less taken care of because of their disease. Big Thanks! You have impacted my life!”

From L to R: Gabrielle, Tom, Gary, John, Matt, Kate, Anna, Don, Sarah and Jennifer are some of the volunteers from the Center for Student Missions who work at MANNA each summer.

“I was really moved by the volunteers at this site. Not only were they serving, but they were some of the most joyful servers we worked with. Ricky and others: Thanks for a great experience and inspiration to do everyday tasks with joy and commitment. “

GET MORE FROM VOLUNTEERING WITH A KITCHEN AND DISTRIBUTION COMBO Thanks to the information shared on our MANNA surveys, we know that MANNA volunteers get a lot of satisfaction from working in the kitchen. But would you like to make your experience more meaningful?


er lunte o V r ! You ience r e p x E

One of the ways you can super-size your volunteer experience is by preparing food during the morning shift, and then delivering it to our clients. We have routes all over the greater Philadelphia area and parts of South Jersey. It is a great way to meet clients and receive thank-yous for the food you prepared. It’s easy to do: Let us know 72 hours in advance that you would like to deliver after your shift. Call 215-496-2662 ext. 120.

Decide where you’d like to deliver - to your own neighborhood, one you’ll be traveling through on the way home, or anywhere you’d like to go. Like driving in South Jersey? We’ve got a route for you! Come in for your regular morning shift in the kitchen. After the hot meal turnout is completed, head over to distribution. Your delivery will be bagged up with a map and a delivery route. Deliver the meals and go home knowing you’ve super-sized your volunteer experience by personally delivering care and nourishment to our clients.

THA N K S G I V I N G & C H R I S TM A S DAY VOLUNTEERS NEEDED All holiday meals are prepared and delivered by volunteers on Thanksgiving and Christmas days. Delivery shifts start as early as 10:30 a.m. and run until 1 p.m. and are usually only 4 or 5 stops. We’re happy to try and accommodate your neighborhood or holiday route preference. If you are a returning holiday volunteer, please call to confirm that you will be here again this year.

Bill Precise delivers after his morning volunteer shift

Sue Aistrop Volunteer Coordinator 215-496-2662 ext. 120

Thanks for your help! We couldn’t do it without you. 3




by Ann Hoskins-Brown, Director of Development

First introduced in 1994, M·A·C Cosmetics’ VIVA GLAM lipstick has become one of the fashion world’s most glamorous and successful fundraising initiatives. Each eagerly anticipated VIVA GLAM launch features celebrity spokespeople—from the worlds of music, fashion and entertainment—dedicated to raising HIV/AIDS awareness and supporting the M·A·C AIDS Fund. Devoted solely to funding organizations worldwide that provide community-based, directcare services to men, women and children affected by HIV and AIDS, the M·A·C AIDS Fund has been a supporter of MANNA’s programs and services since 1999. This year, M·A·C AIDS Fund is MANNA’s sole Titanium Annual Sponsor at the $50,000 level; M·A·C also gave MANNA a $35,000 grant.

VIVA GLAM products retail in more than 700 stores in 47 countries. M·A·C Cosmetics underwrites all VIVA GLAMrelated expenses and, along with its worldwide retail partners, contributes 100 percent of the suggested retail sales price of every lipstick to the M·A·C AIDS Fund. With a total of six shades of VIVA GLAM lipstick and two shades of VIVA GLAM lipglass now sold worldwide, and through the annual Kids Helping Kids Card Program, M·A·C Cosmetics has provided more than $95 million (U.S.) to the M·A·C AIDS Fund. M·A·C AIDS Fund has been one of MANNA’s most significant supporters, contributing a total of $497,000. That’s more than 35,000 VIVA GLAM lipsticks and lipglasses! M·A·C Cosmetics’ support goes beyond dollars and cents. M·A·C make-up artists and local outlets in Center City Philadelphia have supported MANNA’s events by lending their creative talents and donating products. M·A·C make-up artists from the Philadelphia area stores have provided make overs for our clients at the Food For Thought conference held annually to educate clients about nutrition. Each year at Shut Up & Dance, M·A·C make-up artists create signature looks for the dancers of Pennsylvania Ballet. M·A·C make-up artists have also body-painted models (pictured) at the annual A Show of Hands art auction, and M·A·C Cosmetics has donated product for the gift bags at the ChefAID black-tie gala and MANNAfests events. MANNA is honored to consider the M·A·C AIDS Fund one of its annual sponsors and dedicated partners. Truly a global effort, the M·A·C AIDS Fund has supported initiatives in India and China, and most recently, in the Caribbean, where AIDS is now one of the leading causes of death among those aged 15-44. Under the Caribbean Initiative, M·A·C AIDS Fund has funded groups tackling the key issues in the islands, treatment through provision of antiretroviral therapy, community-led prevention and treatment education, legal advice for people with HIV/AIDS, prevention through family planning centers, and journalism. For more information about M·A·C AIDS Fund’s initiatives, visit






MANNA in Namibia

Continued from page 2

Hope Initiatives has grown tremendously in a short period of time. In addition to the feeding program at Okahandja Park there is now a feeding program at Kilimanjaro Park and a Bridging School which prepares children for basic education. Jointly, these programs feed more than 500 orphaned and vulnerable children (called OVCs), as well as adult women and men living with HIV/AIDS. I was overwhelmed with emotion as I met the children for the first time. These children have nothing, so they rely on Hope Initiatives six days a week for a meal and as a place to play safely together. For most of them, it’s their only meal of the day. When I arrived, I couldn’t help but notice it was a pretty chilly day- winter in Africa. I was wearing jeans, a shirt, sweater, shoes and socks, while most of the children were barefoot, wearing short-sleeved shirts or tank tops and shorts. As the car pulled up to the community, the excited children ran toward us. I pulled out my camera to take pictures and couldn’t help but feel very popular with children all around me. They were excited for me to take their photo on my digital camera and show it to them. For many of these kids, it is the only time they get to see themselves. I could write many pages on my experiences in Africa, and how these programs are critical to peoples’ lives every day. What they need is funding, along with resources, to sustain their program. Hopefully someday Hope Initiatives will be able to provide all the nutritional needs of the community. Many people said I would be changed when I returned. I was not sure what that meant until now. There is the gratitude I have for being part of the initial stages which will lay the foundation for a strong partnership between ANSA and Hope Initiatives, and on a more personal level, I have a new found appreciation for how lucky and privileged I am to live the life I do. For more information on ANSA and the international program in Africa, visit Photos: Sue Daugherty-Rodriguez




MANNA welcomes our new staff members since September 2006:

Chairperson: Barbara Kaplan

Chairperson: Steven Korman

Anne E. McCollum Vice Chair

John Alchin

Rudy Crews - Driver


Distribution Department

Cyndi Dinger, RD, LDN - Nutrition Manager Nutrition Department

M Catering

Andy Jacqmin - Catering Coordinator

Ira Gerber

Judith Benn Hurley

Daniel Alvarez, M.D.

Thomas H. Aschenbrenner

Infectious Disease Medicine, Internal Medicine, Garden State Infectious Disease Associates, P.A.

Kitchen Department

Executive Vice President, Co-Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Comcast Corporation

Secretary-Treasurer C.P.A.

David Condoluci, D.O., FACOI

Andre Hughes - Porter

President and CEO, AEM Investments

MEDICAL ADVISORY BOARD: Director of Antiviral Research, Drexel University College of Medicine

Steve Green - Production Chef

Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Patricia Bass

Project Leader, Futures Group; former Director, AIDS Activities Coordinating Office

Charles E. Chase

President and CEO, CertaPro Ltd.

M Catering

Amadou Diagne

Medical Science Liaison for National Accounts, Metabolic & Immune Therapy, Gilead Sciences

Nicole Laverty, RD, LDN - Registered Dietitian Nutrition Department

Marion Immerman Writer

Frederick Kroon Investor

John Lee - Porter

Pablo Tebas, M.D.

Kitchen Department

Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease, University of Pennsylvania

Antoinette Mapp - Client Services Coordinator/ Social Worker

Augusta Villanueva, Ph.D.

Nutrition Department

Assistant Professor, Drexel University School of Public Health

Kelvin Penn - Distribution Manager Distribution Department

Development/Events Departments

Norris Sullivan - Driver Distribution Department

Owner, Amglo, Inc.

Agnes Ogletree

Chief Operating Officer, Wireless Philadelphia

Gregory Rowe

Assistant Director, Culture Initiatives, The Pew Charitable Trusts CEO, Gamesa Energy

Events and Communications Department

Sara Strickland - Development Associate/ Philly Fellow

Pamela Levinson

Julius Steiner

Alisha Simons - Events Manager

CEO, Korman Communities

Author / Broadcaster

Kevin Boyle

Partner, Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP

Pat Ciarrocchi

Anchor, CBS3 KYW-TV

Larry Ceisler

Principal, Ceisler-Jubelirer, LLP, Media and Issue Advocacy

Melissa Dietz

General Manager, Neiman Marcus, King of Prussia

Mark Hershhorn

Chairman & CEO, New Horizons Housing LLC

Lynne Honickman

President, Honickman Foundation

Gordon Johnston

Partner, CPA Solutions

Barbara Kaplan Investor

Lauri Kavulich, Esq.

Partner, Reger, Rizzo, Kavulich & Darnall, LLP

Stan Klet, Sr.

Chairman, East Coast Salon Services

MANNA wishes fond farewells to former staff members Sará FlemingDonley, K.T. Kassler-Taub, Nicole Kemp, and Wendi Lyons, former interns Bridget Kleinberg and Kate Lindsay, and former board members Marian Conicella, Patrick Mullen and G. Keith Wagner. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for their dedication to MANNA, recognize their service to our clients and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

David Lipson

President, Philadelphia Magazine

Derek Pew

Partner, Boathouse Communications

Lorraine Popowich Philanthropist

Allan Schimmel

former Board President

Carole Shanis

MANNA round Town Tours for $10 Raises $6,270 at K. Hovnanian’s The National at Old City Tours-for-$10, a novel “open house” tour event created to benefit MANNA, was held on Sunday, June 10 from noon to 4 p.m. at K. Hovnanian’s The National at Old City located at Second Street between Arch and Race Streets in Philadelphia. Owners of the community’s lofts and town homes volunteered to allow visitors into their homes for a $10 donation to MANNA. “The National at Old City is a unique enclave intended to be a community within a community,” said Rick Buchholz, area vice L to R: MANNA’s Rob Saxon, K. Hovnanian’s Rick Bucholz, MANNA’s Meg Rider, and K. Hovnanian’s Ashley Metz and Christy Kass president for K. Hovnanian Homes. “We wanted to do something special to demonstrate our commitment to the community and help our less fortunate neighbors.” K. Hovnanian also hired M Catering to provide an abundant spread of Mediterranean hors d’oeuvres for anyone touring the facility. Proceeds from the tours generated $1,270. K. Hovnanian donated an additional $5,000 to bring the total donation to $6,270!


Susan E. Sherman

President, Independence Foundation

Philadelphia Mayoral Candidate Michael Nutter visits MANNA During the morning meal turnout on June 14, 2007, mayoral hopeful Michael Nutter toured MANNA’s kitchen and distribution facilities with MANNA CEO Richard Keaveney and discussed MANNA’s kitchen and office renovations scheduled for March of 2008. Funds from this $3 million capital campaign will enable us to increase our kitchen capacity, expand our fleet of delivery vehicles and increase our program to serve 1,500 clients a day. Mr. Nutter is pictured on the right in MANNA’s distribution area with Darryl Rose, our distribution coordinator.

MANNA appreciates K. Hovnanian’s dedication to supporting people in the greater Thanks to Natalie Hope McDonald for donating photography services for this issue. Philadelphia community. For more information, visit



B O U T M A N N A’s F I N A N C E S

by Chip Capelli, Director of Finance

On June 30, 2007, MANNA ended its fiscal year. Typically, within 90 days of the close, MANNA’s auditors, Renzi, Bernardi, Suarez & Company, will issue their independent statement of MANNA’s financial position. This statement is important when reporting to funders on the work MANNA does each year, as well as being useful when soliciting future funding.

Looking for an alternative to take out? Too busy to cook?

The audit process tests MANNA’s accounting practices to insure that all of the financial reporting falls within Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and that the reports are free of misstatements. Monitoring MANNA’s financial health is not just an annual event. The Board’s Management Oversight Committee meets monthly to review the financial statements and to make recommendations on strategies to help meet our goals. MANNA presents an annual budget to the Board of Directors in advance of its May meeting for approval and then monitors the financial performance to determine if any modifications need to be made during the course of the year. At this time, the first part of the audit has been completed and preliminary numbers are available. While these numbers may change somewhat during the audit process, MANNA’s accounting staff and auditors believe that they are reasonable projections of what the final report will show. For the year ended June 30, 2007, MANNA’s total income was $3,020,357. MANNA’s expenses for the same period were $2,685,171. MANNA is proud to report that nearly 67% of every dollar raised went directly to program services. Approximately 25% was used to raise money and 7.7% went to administrative costs (overhead, rent, utilities and the like). If you would like to review the full audit when it is complete, visit

Get Good Eats sensible, delicious meals delivered to your home or office each weekday. Choose from homemade lunch and dinner entrées. The menu selections change weekly and prices range from $7.95 to $19.95 each.

MANNA’s WEBSITE Gets a Face-lift In the fall of 2006, MANNA was awarded a Capacity Building Grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts to redesign our website. Thanks to technological advances during the last few years, the site needed some recharging to make it more reflective of the energetic organization that it represents. The goals: Make the site easy to use for clients, volunteers and donors. Update the homepage content with a new look and feel. Be able to update content regularly with news, volunteer scheduling and important information right from our office. MANNA wants to use its new website as a strong communication tool and a destination for anyone needing information about the organization. Whether you want to make a donation, bring in your book club to volunteer, buy a pie, ask about MANNA’s services, check out the M Catering menu or just see what we are serving each day, be sure to bookmark After an extensive review process, MANNA chose Yikes ( to redesign our website. “We are thrilled for the opportunity to work with such a highly-respected and important organization as MANNA” says Mia Levesque, Yikes’ co-owner and web developer. “Working with the MANNA staff on this project gave us insight into how they manage to accomplish the extraordinary work they do with such efficiency. It’s been a pleasure to work with these dedicated and organized people.” Yikes bills itself as “an old fashioned hi-tech company.” Their business model is simple: They provide good customer service and a quality product. Their portfolio of clients is impressive in both the nonprofit and corporate worlds and their responsiveness to MANNA’s needs has been exemplary. Not only has the Philadelphia-based company redesigned the site, but they also really took the time to get to know MANNA. Meg Rider, MANNA’s director of events and communications, has taken the lead on working with the Yikes staff to insure that the end result is a website worthy of the MANNA domain name. “This new design will give everyone who visits the site a much cleaner, easier way to find the information they are looking for,” says Rider. “It also features new sections for client services, a flash gallery of photos from our events and the MANNA video, produced by Ray Murray and Banyan productions.” MANNA is proud to be partners with Yikes on this important project and looks forward to having everyone soon visit our new home on the web at by Chip Capelli 6

100% of business profits from Good Eats and M Catering support MANNA’s mission.




J O I N M A N N A’ S M O N T H LY D O N O R P R O G R A M Want to help MANNA in a big way without having to write a big check? Just a little bite out of your wallet can feed a MANNA client.

ONE DAY OF NOURISHMENT • donate $15 a month • ONE WEEK OF NOURISHMENT • donate $75 a month • ONE MONTH OF NOURISHMENT • donate $300 a month • Modeled on United Way’s payroll deduction program, Raise the Dough allows you to make automatic monthly contributions via your checking account or credit card. For as little as 50 cents a day (or $15 a month) you can nourish a MANNA client.

Sign up on, or call Ann at 215-495-2662 x. 125. PLEASE MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN A CLIENT’S LIFE AND JOIN TODAY.



One person can make a difference. Jeff Mitchell, a longtime MANNA supporter, has introduced his co-workers at Advanced Health Media, LLC (AHM) to MANNA’s work and mission. Last year, AHM’s Philadelphia office participated in MANNA’s Pie in the Sky fundraiser.


As a sales team captain once again this year, Jeff will oversee placing pie orders on and collecting money from the AHM team. This fall, MANNA staff will introduce Pie in the Sky 2007 to the Philadelphia AHM office during their staff appreciation week and let them know of additional volunteer opportunities so they can continue to make a difference in the Philadelphia community.

Pie in the Sky teams are an essential component of our sales force, helping MANNA reach our goal of selling 13,000 pies. MANNA currently has more than 40 active teams that have a goal of selling 100 pies each. If you would like to form a Pie in the Sky team at your workplace or school, please contact Rob Saxon at 215-496-2662 ext. 138 or

The staff of Advanced Health Media’s Center City Philadelphia office.

About Advanced Health Media, LLC (AHM) AHM is the leading supplier of technology solutions for compliant pharmaceutical meetings and speaker programs, providing services to 45 pharmaceutical companies, including 13 of the top 20 in the industry. AHM has more than 500 employees in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Virginia. In 2006, AHM formed the Humanitarian Leadership Committee (HLC) to focus on community service, environmental awareness and to address the needs of individuals in the areas where AHM employees live and work. The initial group consisted of 10 people, including HLC founders Heather Binda and Susan Powell, and is now comprised of 35 employees spanning across all of AHM’s offices. Most recently, the HLC-Philadelphia chapter volunteered at MANNA on Thursday, August 9, 2007. The HLC members worked in the kitchen, packing nutritious client meals and preparing them for delivery to help make a difference in the Philadelphia community.

MANNA’s communication materials have a new look thanks to the professional team at the Philadelphia-based design firm studio Z. Jodi Cachia designed the new template for this biannual newsletter and created our new general information brochure pictured on the right.


For more information about studio Z visit

UNDRAISING EVENT RE-CAPS by Alisha Simons, Events Manager

Break Your

New Year’s Resolutions With a Special Benefit for MANNA at

CHEFAID GALA DISHES OUT $100,000 ChefAID, presented by the M·A·C AIDS Fund, was held on April 15, 2007 at the luxurious Rittenhouse Hotel. Fourteen reception chefs prepared scrumptious hors d’oeuvres for the cocktail reception, while nine presenting chefs prepared a fabulous six-course dinner. The chefs, representing restaurants from Philadelphia to New York City, donated their time, expertise and all food for this event. The entertainment carried over with music and dancing to the sounds of the Eddie Bruce Orchestra and was complemented with the exciting and fresh spring décor donated by Brian Kappra and Evantine Design. With 300 guests in attendance, more than $100,000 was raised to benefit MANNA. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all chefs, sponsors, and supporters of ChefAID 2007. Mark your calendars for next year’s ChefAID at The Rittenhouse on March 16, 2008.

ARTISTS, DONORS AND VOLUNTEERS GIVE SUPPORT THROUGH A SHOW OF HANDS MANNA’s 17th annual A Show of Hands art auction drew a crowd of more than 400 people on Friday, May 18, 2007 to The Galleries at Moore College of Art. This MANNA tradition had a festive Parisian theme with live and silent auctions, hors d’oeuvres and open bar. The auctions included more than 300 paintings, works on paper, sculpture, photography, jewelry, ceramics, goods and services and fine dining gift certificates. Thanks to the generosity of artists, donors, volunteers and guests, $125,000 was raised to benefit MANNA. Mark your calendars for next year’s A Show of Hands auction at Moore on May 30, 2008.

Questions about upcoming events? Contact Alisha: 215-496-2662 ext. 136 or

Philadelphia, PA New Hope, PA Princeton, NJ

ALL MONTH LONG January 1-31, 2008 For more info about the benefit visit: 7

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PA I D Philadelphia, PA Permit #2424

Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance

P.O. Box 30181 Philadelphia, PA 19103 P: 215.496.2662 F: 215.496.1349 Address correc tion requ e s te d



Visit us at 12 S. 23rd Street in Philadelphia, PA

MANNA IS NEIGHBORS NOURISHING NEIGHBORS The official registration and financial information of MANNA may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Dept. of State by calling toll-free within PA 1-800-932-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

UPCOMING EVENTS & DATES TO REMEMBER: PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE’S DESIGN HOME Now through October 7, 2007 in Villanova, PA $20 tour admission - 100% benefits MANNA PIE IN THE SKY Order your gourmet pies and MANNA pie server now through November 16 at noon! 1-866-SKY-PIES or SHUT UP & DANCE Saturday, February 9, 2008 6:30 p.m. VIP Reception, 8 p.m. Performance The Forrest Theatre ChefAID Sunday, March 16, 2008 5 p.m. Cocktail Hour 6 p.m. Dinner and Dancing The Rittenhouse Hotel A Show of Hands Friday, May 30, 2008 Moore College of Art and Design 4 p.m. VIP party 5 p.m. Cocktail party, Live & Silent auction

EASY WAYS TO MAKE A MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION TO MANNA MANNA is now able to accept donations from Federal employees through the Combined Federal Campaign—our new campaign number is 64328. We also participate in United Way Donor Choice —our number is 09917.

Our clients benefit the most when you sign up for Raise the Dough MANNA’s monthly donor program. It’s as easy as the options above, AND 100% of your donations directly fund our client nutrition programs. See page 6 for more information.

MANNAfests Events This Fall


Thursday, September 13, 2007 Philadelphia magazine’s Design Home Wednesday, October 10, 2007 MANNAfests at the Arden Theatre Thursday, December 20, 2007 Karaoke in the Kitchen at MANNA FOR INFORMATION ON UPCOMING MANNAfests EVENTS VISIT


Fall 2007 MANNA Newsletter  
Fall 2007 MANNA Newsletter  

Fall 2007 MANNA Newsletter