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Get Your Personal Financial Plan @ Manna Capital Management In the fast paced world today everyone needs financial planner having knowledge and right experience in financial management. Manna Capital Management is top financial planner Arlington and top financial advisors to many. In a world where choices abound, spending is easy, and saving is vital, Manna Capital Management seeks to partner individuals and drive them to the best financial decisions they make today, tomorrow, and for the future. The experts at Manna offer services that include Retirement Planning, Virginia College Savings Plan, Personal Financial Plan, Military Retirement Planning, Virginia 529 Plan, Rollover IRA, 401k Rollover and more. One of the many satisfied customers Todd Beck says “Definitely no one is like Manna Capital, I got more than I expected. My sincere recommendation� The website spokesperson says, “At Manna Capital Management we believe a key to healthy financial management is making choices based on what really matters to you. When you create a clear understanding of your priorities, you control your money. Not the other way around.

At Manna Capital Management, your financial advisor is a partner that will support you and guide you in taking the right steps each day to accomplish your long term goals.� David Kassir, Chief Executive Officer at Manna Capital Management has among his client’s affluent individuals and families, business owners and executives, professionals, divorcees and retirees. Mr. Kassir’s focus & strength is in strategy, creating systems & processes which enable clients to harness the power in all markets; Stock, Bond, Option & Real Estate. He offers a book written by him SuccessOnomics at the website which is a guide to ideal financial planning. Together with a top financial advisor, the experts strive to offer services that include Creating personal financial plan which is based on clients input and serves to map their financial future. Comprehensive 401k Guidance & Monitoring Ongoing Strategic Financial and Investment Advice Individuals having any questions or would like to open a retirement plan with Manna may feel free to contact the financial professionals at Manna Capital Management by calling 703 533 0030 About Manna Capital Management: Manna Capital Management is a resource offering services of financial planner Arlington to the individuals trying to balance a busy life with the financial demands of saving for retirement or saving for college and more. They help individuals and companies to make decision about spending, saving, and giving back to their family and community.

Personal Financial Plan  

As a Top Ranked Financial Advisor, David D. Kassir, specialises in helping people to plan their finances properly.

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