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BERLIN SPECIAL 14 pages take you to the city of sin. Discover the secret places of Berlin celebs and find out what its future brings for us.




ALPHATRIBE M A GA Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018


ALPHATRIBE M A GA Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018






6 of Berlins protagonists talk about their lives in the fetish capital and what the future holds.

From cum dump superstar to macho leather hunk as second runner up. Meet Blue Bailey.





Daddies are hot!

NORDINE BASSISTA Gunge all over me baby!



Alphatribes guide to ass works.





All about the leather mascotte and the new craze of vaping.

RALPH BRUNEAU All good things come to an end. Also his year of reign.



TOP 25 FETISH BARS Part two of our guide to the worlds best fetish bars.

JACK FRITSCHER Looking back on the recently passed Terry LeGrand.

IML Review on the best IML ever!

BOOT BLACK Inside information to become the best boot black in the world.

Billy Santoro (6), The worlds biggest orgy attempt (20), Hot vs Cold (20), We Want You (20), Pop quiz (32), Nial Kirby (37), Justin Duwe (40), Porn Charts (44), Anonymous Sex Parties (52), Mark Boyd - literature (66), DVD review (67), Addicted (72), Fetish Fitness (75), Current events (76) Future events (80), Next time (82)


ALPHATRIBE M A GA Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018



In the light of the recent criticism of the gay porn industry resulting in such comments from the vice chairman Ruby of the Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG Union) Which caused the entire gay world to be up in arms with the likes of our very well informed major porn stars such as Luke Adams, Conner Habib, Hugh Hunter, Jason Domino and Billy Santoro etc jumping straight to the defence. The Union which has no active panel members who are from the gay industry seems to know as much about gay porn as we do about straight porn.....which is bugger all. It is little surprise that our regular columnist Billy Santoro made this the topic of this editions column.

‘In the United States, Hiv+ Undetectable performers are prohibited from participating as a performer in all straight, trans and most gay porn scenes. The Free Speech Coalition created the PASS system of testing where a performer must be tested for various std/sti’s in order to be cleared for work for a 14 day period. Although Hiv+ undetectable has been deemed 100% safe to work with without fear of transmission, the status remains blackballed from performing. I accepted a board position with the to try to effect change in this area and immediately became aware of how much miseducation was being perpetuated by the board to scare performers into keeping Hiv+ undetectable out of the performer pool. I immediately resigned! Twitter has been a stir the past few days since I called out for their discriminatory views regarding HIV+ performers. It has been


proven that there is a severe information gap between the gay and straight sides of the industry. Maybe it is because doctors with agendas are providing the information? I know I called out the APAG Union, but they are insignificant in all this. They are not a true union who can get things done. I was asked to be on the board as gay industry representation. I also was under the impression that I could use that membership to push for the inclusion of Hiv+ Undetectable as a cleared status to work in the industry. This was not the case! After finding out the true mission of the Apag Union and their indifference to the needs of models on the gay side, I resigned immediately and took to twitter with hopes that I could start a conversation about this. And, boy, did I ever! I am glad that performers, producers, advocates, etc. have all joined the fight to end the stigma. This will not change

ALPHATRIBE M A GA Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018

overnight. It’s a fight! At the end of the day, we are battling more than their lack of acceptance of science. We are battling deeprooted homophobia at its core. For those of you who don’t think this applies to you because you aren’t in the industry, think again. This is no different than Trump calling anything he doesn’t want to hear “fake news.” There will come a day when you are the one who is discriminated against. It starts here! As an HIV- performer, I have issued a call for a boycott to my fellow performers to not shoot for studios who use PASS to issue the testing. I have already turned down scenes from Mindgeek since this discussion began.



I am excited and proud to help bring this terrific quarterly magazine to North America. With this issue, Alphatribe (“AT”) is available for free at more than 100 different bars, stores, clubs and events across the U.S. and Canada. Please notice our advertisers – they are paying the bills to bring AT to you every three months. And their ads are fucking sexy too!

n BOB MILLER US REGIONAL MANAGER Bob Miller is the President, Executive Director and Co-Founder of CLAW; Trustee of the Chuck Renslow Trust; and Board of Directors member of both IML and LA&M.

We promise a magazine that is “by, of and for” the gay leather community (or the “alpha male fetish” community, as our brothers in Europe call it). Our content is important and entertaining and 100% original. It’s important because it is about sex, health and community, and because it is hard to find elsewhere. It’s entertaining because it’s about sex, health and community, and it includes pictures and humour! We welcome your input and ideas. Four times a year, we will publish the best writing and

imagery our great community provides us. There is a lot to say, and to see. Welcome to Issue #9, marking the beginning of AT’s third year. The magazine was created in Europe in 2016 by publisher/ editor Jeroen Van Lievenoogan, the man who produces the amazing European Leather Pride event in Antwerp, Belgium every February.

On behalf of Jeroen and many other people including writers Paul Stag, and Tekskin, I am very happy to present Alphatribe in America.

Bob Miller

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A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 0 18





Alphatribe went to Berlin to speak to 6 of the city’s fetish community protagonists. In an entertaining conversation we learn how they became part of this community, how they live their lives in it and what they expect of Berlin’s future.

What is your fetish interest and what appeals to you about it? Ernesto: On top of my list you’ll find sneaks, socks, and jockstraps. I like Adidas a lot and since Boxer started coming out with various items, I’ve started collecting those as well. One important rule: socks must be white . Because white can become dirty easily, and that’s the point. Dirty with sweat, cum… you name it. Alexander: I like rubber and sports gear. I prefer people in outfits. Both fully and partially covered, but it should work with the person. The appearance is important – it has to make their body look good. Dirk: From my first memory as a child, I’ve always loved men in leather and boots. I’ve always looked at them. Ben: Leather and rubber. Everything that is black and shines. It is visually very aesthetic and sits well with me.


Olaf: Mostly it is leather. From a young age I was attracted by it, the shiny look, the smell of it, and the way it felt. It oozes masculinity and I always found that very appealing Mairis: There are so many things that interest me. Most of all I like uniforms. A man in uniform makes me crazy. If that’s a leather uniform, even better. I love being wrapped in leather myself as well. But also, rubber, sports, or even naked can turn me on (although naked might not be considered a true fetish by everyone). I like to experience new things. The freedom to experience new stuff with different people gives me the chance to be who I am. Oh yes, and I adore whipping! Uli: Ever since I can think, I was attracted to working men in their gear, especially authentic vintage leather clothing (welders, tank drivers, race drivers etc.). I have come to the conclusion that it must be the realness of these men that has always left such a deep impression on me.

A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

Name: Ulli Richter Occupation: Photographer Living in Berlin since: 2007 Name: Ernesto Klews Occupation: Head of sales and marketing Boner Magazine & Stores Living in Berlin since: Birth Name: Mairis Botmanis Occupation: Shop manager at Mister B Berlin Living in Berlin since: 2014 Name: Alexander Nemitz Occupation: Owner and manager of Rubaddiction Living in Berlin since: 2003 Name: Olaf of Berlin Occupation: PR and marketing manager Living in Berlin since: 2013 Name: Dirk Bensmann & Ben Mayerine Occupation: Owner (Dirk) and employee (Ben) of R&Co Living in Berlin since: 2004 (Ben) and 2003 (Dirk)

How did you come in contact with the Berlin fetish scene? Alexander: It started at a club called Ostgut where I had my first contact with the fetish scene in 2001. It was run by the guys who own Berghain and was located in the commercial centre of a train station in Berlin’s east. The first Snax parties were also held there. There was a nice spank scene and some guys in rubber who frequented the club. At first, I visited by myself. But then I started to get to know a lot of guys in Berlin and I began to think about moving. A new world opened for me, or rather, a new international world opened. Mairis: I lived Sweden from 2009 to 2014 and during that time I travelled to Berlin regularly. My first boyfriend was into leather and he dragged me into it. Although, dragged is not the right word. I started visiting Berlin more often and Mister B, where I bought my first leather pants, was always the first stop on my agenda. On my first trip, I went out to New Action in the gear I had just bought, and a lot of dirty things happened. I remember sitting in a corner, afraid of everything, and a guy approached me. We started to chat about my interests and my background. I explained it was my first time in a fetish bar and all these new crazy things I saw and experienced were mind-blowing. The night went on and we moved to the hotel. We had a leathery night filled with fun. That’s when the Berlin leather scene struck me for the first time. Dirk: When I was 22, I moved to Hamburg and came out as a gay man. My leather coming out occurred at the same time. I remember going to Tom’s leather bar and from the first moment I knew I felt good there. In that week I was on the scene for the first time. In a gay bar during the day, and at Tom’s in the night. The atmosphere was very appealing and exciting. Hot! Ben: I’ve been interested in S&M since I was young. And I got to learn about the scene in 2003 when I started to work. I learnt from Ramon who also works in R and Co. Through my work I got to know the scene better, although I already knew I already liked it. Ernesto: My initiation into the fetish community started rather late. I’m now 40 and had a ‘normal’ sex life until I was 28. It changed radically when I became 30. Normal just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. When I got bored with my sex life I scouted the neighbourhood where I grew up, Schöneberg. There was a lot to see. And remember, there was no internet at the end of the 1990s to facilitate my search. Finding a partner happened outdoors. The first thing I notice are the shoes, secondly the ass. But shoes always come first. I’m not very hardcore and not only into shoes, I can enjoy vanilla sex, or even be dominant, depending on the guy. Years later the internet came, webcams were standard equipment, clubs grew, and social media exploded. In the past you had to wear a certain attire if you liked leather for instance. Today people combine a lot, they have moved away from the traditional look. I love that. Sex has no rules. Uli: I used to love Berlin for the vibrant, creative and alternative place I found when returning from abroad. After living in London for 15 years my plan matured to leave an equally vibrant and amazingly creative city that was sadly beginning to get more and more difficult to afford if you refused to sell out on your artistic vision. I met one of my artistic directors of many years (and still going strong) in 2007, Bernd Friedrich, at Quälgeist Berlin (a large BDSM play club in Kreuzberg) and was immediately sold on his ideas and concepts but most of all his kindness toward and awareness of the people around him and his strong lifeaffirming spirit.

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A Z I NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 0 18


Olaf: I’ve been a part of the fetish scene for quite a while. I lived in Bavaria all my life, but I came to Berlin a lot a for work in the 1990s. I watched the scene in Bavaria going down slowly so in 2013 I decided to move to Berlin. And of course, I went out more to explore everything that Berlin had to offer leathermen.

At home I wear leather most days, and almost always when I go out. At the same time, fetish is not a must. It does not control me, I control it. I’m afraid that at a certain point I might get too used to wearing fetish and get over leather, so I’m trying to balance that these days.

Ernesto: My initiation into the fetish community started rather late. I’m now 40 and had a ‘normal’ sex life until I was 28. It changed radically when I became 30. Normal just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. When I got bored with my sex life I scouted the neighbourhood where I grew up,

Alexander: It is my personal interest, but it has also become my job so I live it every day.

What do you enjoy most about your job? Ben: First of all, being surrounded by these exciting products and materials is heaven. And there’s a lot of creativity when we develop new products. You have so many contacts and you know what’s going on in the scene continuously. And over time, you get to know a huge group of people. Dirk: The large spectrum of things I do: buying, bookkeeping, personnel, the online shop… One of the reasons I opened the shop was the creativity of the business. We’re able to create and produce our own lines. Ben: Because we’re so small and have the apartments, shop, and online shop we do a lot of different things. The variety in our job makes it very appealing. There is something new each day. And because we’re small, every employee does everything. Promotions, photos, sales… We’re Jacks of all trades. Alexander: The variation of the job and the many customers. My job is offering happiness to people through the products we create for them. That gives me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. I used to be a social worker in the past, so bringing happiness to other peoples’ lives was my main goal. It still is, but in a slightly different way (laughs). Ernesto: I’m a workaholic. I work about 70 to 80 hours a week. I work most days doing marketing. If we need to sell ideas and adverts, I’m the person in the company who has the contacts with the clients. It is my responsibility to get return on that. And that keeps me going every day. Being based in Berlin, a very open city, makes me very happy. In this job we always trying to make people happy with the products we create for them. I get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from that.

How important is fetish in your life? Olaf: It is a very important extension of my personality as a gay man. I feel quite good and normal wearing my gear. I started wearing full leather in the 1990s after many visits to the US and living in San Francisco. During those trips I became fascinated with how men were wearing leather. I’m sure that my holidays and living in San Francisco were a big influence on me becoming confident as a gay man who is attracted by leather. Uli: It keeps me sane and wanting to live. I very early realized the importance of personal judgement in Berlin and have since gathered a very small circle of close friends and collaborators (all of whom themselves strong fetishists and BDSM practitioners). This way I was able to focus on my work, running weekend fetish play photography events at derelict venues across Berlin, Munich and London and got spared the omnipresent disappointment you open yourself up to when going too untethered into the Berlin scene. Mairis: I work in a fetish shop, so my entire day evolves around fetish. I ‘live’ my fetish about 95% of my time. Even if I’m not wearing leather at work it’s sneakers and socks which are sometimes more comfortable.


Uli: Working with truly diverse people who do not fit the gay male normative and giving them the opportunity to show off their various talents in my images. Once I had lived a career of 25 years, I felt the strong need to highlight the fact that only a very small percentage of gay men fits either the young, virile and beautiful or hairy, muscular and affluent ideals and the ‘rest’ is marginalized and looked down upon by an elite. Olaf: I am a PR and marketing manager with a long background in event marketing. I love being creative and organising events. I work for a wide range of customers and companies and I always knew that I would use my professional skills at some point to organise events for our community. For the past three years I’ve been working on large scale projects for the fetish community in Berlin. I invented my own brand – MALE. SPACE – and created some very successful events including Fugger Cigar Lounge, Berlin Cigar Men, and the Fetish Comedy Show. They are the offspring of my umbrella brand and are well known already in the leather world. Mairis: The fact that I work in a shop like Mister B as a fetish guy is great in itself. I enjoy the contact with customers and every day is different. We’re a part of the community that we love so deeply and contributing to it. Sponsoring and supporting events is my personal responsibility. We need to show society we’re here and are part of it. Even when it’s difficult I have fun, I love the challenge.

A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 0 18


How do you make your brand stand out from others? Alexander: I commit myself to offer the highest quality possible. And we create designs that people recognise. Just by looking at our designs, without seeing the logo, you know it is a Rubaddicton creation. We are always developing new ways of treating and working with rubber. For example, our bleacher pants are something we’re very proud of. When we founded the company, we opened the market for fashionable rubber to young people with different colours and special patterns. We wanted to show the sexiness of it without falling into the same old look.

Uli: My clientele largely consists of gay men who very much enjoy their fetish (whatever it is) but feel that they themselves cannot live up to the supreme model look. My projects are therefore as much about capturing their own beauty and dignity at a moment in their lives, as well as being a therapeutic process providing them with a lasting positive self-image.

Who do you look up to? Uli: On a personal character level there are friends I have always looked up to and who have given me guidance and taught me patience and I will always remain thankful to them. There are also a number of photographic heroes that have influenced my work enormously, such as Diane Arbus, JoelPeter Witkin, Jan Saudek and Sebastiao Salgado. As most of my work happens in a cinematic style, there are also such talents like Michael Haneke, Werner Herzog and Lars von Trier that have repeatedly left me in a state of amazement.

Credit: Sly Hands

Ernesto: I have a client who has run a bar for 20 years. In the past, that was very difficult. Bars had closed doors, dark windows. These days it is very open, and it is safe to do this. People who have run a bar for more than 20 years are people I respect because of what they did and what they have gone through over that time. It’s hard and difficult work. A friend of mine goes on a gay cruise each year. In the USA, he tells me it’s normal that the younger ones give a shot of a beer to the older guys as a token of respect and gratitude for what they have done for us. I like that story a lot and I pay my respects to them as well. Mairis: Customer service. We are honest with customers, polite, and give them all the information they need. If you’re not honest you might sell more, but the customer won’t return. We try to maintain the highest standards and involve Mister B in elections and other community activities. To contribute and give something back. It’s not all about taking, it’s also about giving. We try to develop innovative designs and products that stand out from the rest to the market, but always keeping quality in mind. Dirk: We don’t really make comparisons. We have ideas, see how our clients react to them, see what their needs are. And then an idea for a new product comes along. Or an existing product is changed, cut, altered. Then I’ll be in the workshop to see where the weak points in our designs are. We’re continuously improving ourselves and our products. All feedback from clients goes back to the workshop. For example, our hustler pants are something totally new – 10 years ago they wouldn’t have been possible. Olaf: From the very beginning I focused on social interaction and entertainment in my events. I started with the Cigar Lounge as there was already a lot of hype around cigars but no place or room for them yet. I needed a different location rather than the local leather bars that were overfilled during Easter and Folsom. I’m trying to offer my guests a special atmosphere. A space where they can wear their gear, enjoy cigars for example, and meet other likeminded men. Something different from all the sex parties – but a male space. There are always many leathermen at my events, and I am one of the official representatives of BLUF Berlin. For BLUF I do fetish events like Black Weekend on the first weekend of every month. We launched it in December 2017 and it’s a perfect alternative and add-on to the big events in Berlin (or elsewhere) that attract a lot of fetish tourists. As I am focusing more on the old-school leather guy, I also threw the first Leather Dance Party. It harks back to the good old wild 1980s in New York. That era made a big impression on my gay socialisation at that time.


Olaf: I do not have classic idols, but I do look up to people who raise their voices. People who dare to step out there and stand up for their beliefs. People who make it their mission to make things grow, bring change for the good, or raise awareness. As a community I believe we still need a lot of these beacons. Mairis: Tom of Finland was a great inspiration to me. At one time, Tom was the only real thing to look at, it was all around. That butch look, the leather... It looked so easy to be a strong leatherman. I don’t like grumpy leathermen and Tom was an example of how to be a happy, macho leather guy. Fantastic!

What changes have you witnessed in Berlin over the years? Mairis: When I arrived in the community, the leather scene was a little bit ‘old’. Over the last three years it has become more colourful. A lot of young people are getting into fetish and becoming part of the community. The growing puppy community also makes a difference. But you see it in leather, rubber, all of them seem to be growing. There’s a mental change among young gay men towards fetish, it is more accepted. To be in fetish, use someone, or be used is becoming more mainstream. It wasn’t like that years ago. Alexander: When I arrived, I felt like one of the youngsters. Everything was very hidden, nothing out in the open. I was 25 then. Today you have a mostly young scene that meets frequently in Berlin. The people are more open about their fetish and don’t hide it. When they go to a party they just leave home in their outfit and wear it on the street as they go to the club. It’s more public and they show it off proudly. Ernesto: When I arrived on the scene at the age of 25, I felt like I was one of the youngsters. These days you see more and more guys exploring their fetish side at a younger age. As I mentioned before, everything used to happen behind closed

A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

doors. Nowadays people are more open and proud of their fetish. When they go to party they just leave home in the outfit they’re wearing at the club. Another important change is safe sex. Most people in Berlin want unsafe sex. Luckily most of them take PrEP now, an important change. Olaf: Unfortunately, I am witnessing the growing inability of people to communicate. Even though we all have all the means we need to communicate and be omnipresent, more people are suffering loneliness and disconnection. The drug problems in parts of the community is also something that worries me a lot. It inspired me to organise a special talk onstage during the Folsom Street fair in Berlin this year. Uli: My observations are more toward what has disappeared over the years, which is mainly mutual respect, accountability and human warmth. There is a multitude of new exciting fetishes around and every year the recurring Folsom Europe is being celebrated as the big community event. It provides a good testing ground for the younger generation to find their feet and feel welcome, not least, it also supports local businesses. Rapidly advancing gentrification has made it harder to find interesting locations for photography as well as play clubs and other venues, which have been hard-pressed and required to move on in order to find new and still barely affordable spaces for their activities. Ben: It’s much busier! More people from outside the city and Germany come to Berlin now. Folsom did a lot to encourage this. Events and parties have constantly become bigger and the scene is always moving. The puppies coming up over the past few years for example. There are always trends in our community. I also think there are more young people. Dirk: There were always young people, but they’ve also started wearing leather now. When I came to Berlin it was difficult to find people in leather, prices were high. That has changed. They used to wear jeans, now many wear leather. You see more fetish on the scene, also in the mainstream gay scene. Wesco boots were not worn by anyone years ago, now they are basic equipment for many leathermen. Ben: I notice that the bars are busy, and many tourists visit. It is not always easy for the bars, especially since the internet has taken over as the main way for fetish men to find each other and engage. I’m very happy to see that locals and visitors in Berlin still respect the bars and pay them a visit. In many cities you see gays bars disappearing.

Ben: I don’t have a specific place I go to. I usually make a tour through the bars. That is a fun thing to do here because you have so many options not far from each other. And you meet your friends at all those places. Alexander: I enjoy Prinzknecht on a Wednesday, Laboratory for special parties, and for weekend bar I go to New Action. That’s the place to be for fetish guys as they have a strict dress code. Normally on Wednesdays everyone meets at Prinzknecht for an after-work drink. We see a lot of colleagues from other shops for a drink. Laboratory is also a place for socialising. You’re never alone, you always meet so many people. Ernesto: My favourite place is Mutschmanns. You can dance, flirt, drink, cruise. It’s in my neighbourhood and welcomes very different types of men. I prefer a mixed environment like that more than let’s say a Sneaks and Socks party where everyone wants the same. The combination with non-fetish men at Mutschmanns attracts me even more. Mairis: I usually hang out at New Action or Mutschmanns. Prinzknecht is very open minded and welcomes everyone with a nice atmosphere. But there are so many great bars in Berlin, too many to talk about. New Action has a great atmosphere, everyone is in fetish. You almost feel like you’re in a playroom when you’re there (and getting abused by them – did I say that out loud?). Mutschmanns is different, mixed fetish and general. I like that as well, you can be who you are.

What makes Berlin so appealing? What places do you like to hang out in Berlin? What would you recommend visitors? Uli: General: I love hanging out at ‘Raststätte Gnadenbrot’, as the food (and cakes!) are all homemade and the waiting staff is very friendly and genuinely unobtrusive. Great space for meetings as well as socializing for hours! Photography: ‘C/O Berlin’ and ‘Museum of Photography’ are both only a stone’s throw apart and offer world-class exhibitions! Fetish: ‘Quälgeist Berlin’ for large, well-equipped play spaces and lots of guys willing to show you…ehm, the ropes. They offer a diverse range of regular themed nights (for all palates and interests) as well as workshops and safety advice on your favourite practice. This is not a cruising club. Olaf: If I go out on the gay scene in Berlin you will mostly find me in a classic leather bar in Schöneberg or, of course, at my own events. Berlin offers a lot for the gay community and theme nights for all tastes.

Olaf: It is a very open and relaxed city. No one is really bothered by your looks. If you play by the rules, a lot is possible. The gay area is also pretty condensed, like in Schöneberg. That’s not the same in other cities like London. Also, in Berlin you will always find something happening. There is not a single day or night where there is not some gay fetish thing happening. This city always reminds me of New York in the 1980s. So creative, so vibrant, and so full of opportunities. Mairis: Berlin is very queer and multi-cultural, a very different mix of cultures in an industrial city. You can be who you are and won’t get judged. It’s a big trashy and open-minded city where you won’t get branded or bored. I think you could walk naked on the street without anyone caring . That is Berlin. It’s a techno city delivering instant pleasure from the moment you set foot in it. When you arrive, sex is in the air. Ernesto: Berlin has some great events like Folsom and Easter. But if you are a modern fetish guy and you want to experience your fetish outside of these events, you can come to Berlin

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 01 8


at any time. It’s a city with a lot to offer which makes it interesting. And it has always been a gathering point for fetish guys from all over the world. Dirk: The atmosphere. In other cities I don’t always feel very comfortable as a leatherman. Here in Berlin, nobody looks at you strangely. Even if you walk down the street in chaps, people don’t look. Or maybe only a little. Ben: There’s so much to do. International people. It’s a melting pot with all kinds of fetish guys. In many other cities you see the inhabitants of that place. In Berlin you always have an international clientele. Alexander: The number of different clubs and bars to start with. We have the most developed fetish scene in the world when it comes to retailers and producers. As a fetish customer, you can’t get more options than in Berlin. The possibilities are limitless. This is one of the last cities where you can rent BDSM apartments from several owners. Berlin had a lot of empty venues in the past. But that created a lot of possibilities for companies, particularly those in the fetish scene. In more expensive cities you don’t have that option. Because of its cheap cost of living, Berlin has become a melting pot for people from all over the world who want this affordable lifestyle. The natural basis is its tolerance. People are very tolerant toward the gay community and gay fetish scene.

Olaf: Yes - to be able to sit down and not create something new... lol.

Where do you think the Berlin scene is going? Ernesto: Looking into the future is always very difficult. People used to come to Berlin for Easter and Folsom. Now people are making a choice between the two. I think it will be an interesting challenge to turn this around. Mairis: I hope it can grow even bigger than it is now. Other big cities had a large scene, but it has diminished. I hope this will never happen to Berlin, and I’m quite confident it won’t. Mister B will bring it on and stay involved to make sure the community and scene keeps growing in Berlin. And keep fighting the prejudices of those who judge the book by its cover without reading it. The scene has to be fun and easygoing. And we are not staying indoors!

Uli: Berlin still remains truly hedonistic! This combined with a huge and immensely creative art scene, makes for exciting opportunities and a multitude of art & sex inspired projects. This is still supported by relatively low rents and production costs, a benefit which is however diminishing fast.

Is there a personal goal you would still like to reach in life? Alexander: I’m living a happy life, I’m very happy and that is the most important thing. I hope to remain creative and have contact with a lot of people. And to reach out to the community with my products and contribute. I hope I’ll be able to give people the strength to find their place in life, so they can live their fetish. A dream? Maybe establish some kind of fetish art-hotel or resort somewhere in the world that can be rented by a group. Uli: Yes, I would like to stay well and healthy in order to live long enough to run all the photographic projects I have still got in my head. Mairis: I have never really thought of that. Becoming a shop manager is something I succeeded in three years ago. What the future brings I don’t know. Perhaps… (hesitates and doesn’t finish the sentence). I live in a flow and don’t plan too much. That way you never know what is going to happen which I find more exciting. Dirk: I’m happy and satisfied, both privately and professionally. I’m where I want to be, free and self-standing. I can arrange my job as I wish. In summer I can work in shorts. I work 7/7 but I don’t mind, it is a lot of fun. I like to go to work as we have a great team, I spend more time with them than with my own partner. And all our colleagues like to work together very happily. That’s great. It’s not always easy but it works. Ramon has been my friend for 25 years already. That makes it easier for me as well. A good team is good for the clients. Ben: We do have a great group of colleagues. Ernesto: I’m living a good life, I’m very happy and that is the most important thing. My only goal is to buy a flat. I love my work and I have enough sex.


Ben: Will it become bigger? We’ve thought many times that it has become as big as possible, but it seems to keep growing and growing. I expect the scene to be very innovative with more collaboration between the clubs. And to find ways we can keep offering an exciting scene to our visitors. It all takes a lot of work, nothing happens by itself. Luckily, we have many strong alpha men who can take on such a task. Dirk: The bars and parties don’t happen by themselves. Visitors don’t realise that. People who create a party, or open a bar or shop are taking a risk. If what you want isn’t there yet, you must act and create it yourself. These places have so much to offer. Uli: As fetish is no longer ‘underground’ and has been almost completely neutralized by the mainstream (gay and straight), a scene that insists on continuing focusing inward in the face of global sociopolitical changes is in danger of fast losing its credibility. I am hoping for emerging leaders who are not the result of commercial events, that understand and appreciate the gay male fetish/BDSM scene as a very small part of the world and can establish themselves with new inclusive ideas and real human values that will get others to follow and make the scene a friendlier and less single-minded place again! Olaf: Well, I’m hoping that this lifestyle we are actually living will continue and prosper. Unfortunately, the world is getting colder. I hope we have enough supporters to stand with me and hold our flag up! People who will fight for acceptance and stand for diversity. Alexander: I’m sure we’ll be working more closely with our colleagues in the coming years in order to make it an even bigger success than it already is.

A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 01 8


What is your favourite sex toy? Alexander: I like to use and get ‘used’ with floggers and gloves. Uli: Victorian Bull Pizzle whip Ernesto: I have over 20 cock rings, do I need to say more?


International Porn Star (Best Top Winner 2017) who lives in Berlin.

Mairis: Penis pump, cock cylinder, ball stretcher… I can’t choose. Dirk: Ball stretcher! Ben: Doggy mask, pig hole.

What is the weirdest sex you’ve ever had? Dirk: Rough sex in a small mini as a bus full of people drove by. Ben: Someone was once very orderly and clean. They had towels everywhere, so nothing would get dirty. It was very unsexy. I like it a bit nastier. Mairis: My sex is always weird. (Laughs). I guess the best sex was in a park not far from where I live with a Tom of Finland kind of guy. I met him, we started touching, and had sex in the middle of the night in the park. Ernesto: At a certain moment, I woke up and couldn’t remember what had happened. There were several naked guys around me, but I didn’t know where I was. It must have been a very heavy night. Uli: It involved very large vegetables, high heels, fur, a pig’s head and Bavarian Lederhosen.

1 Romeo und Romeo. Gay cafe, free wifi, free refills plus hot guys. 2 Barscheune. Best for skinhead parties. 3 Lab.Oratory legendary berghain basement. 4 KitCatClub. Berlins grand dame of fetish clubbing and my favourite. 5 Herrensauna. Party like a Berliner at this hip Neuköln club. AJ’s Secret Place - Mmaah Korean BBQ. Nollendorfstraße. I’m all about Korean BBQ


Leading Fetish DJ (Best DJ Of The Year 2017) that has made Berlin his home.

Alexander: Must have been one of the nights with my friends in the playroom. I can’t give details, but my friends will know what I’m talking about.

1 Berghain - The worlds world’s best techno temple, not more needs to be said. 2 Tresor - A legend in the Berlin techno scene, best basement club of Berlin with a more underground selection of DJs. 3 About Blank - Known for its marathon 24 - 48 hour techno and house parties, open air secret garden, very mixed alternative crowds and special atmosphere 4 Vaballi - A beautiful large sauna and spa located in the centrr of the city. All wood is imported from Bali. 5 Stranero - Best Pizza in the city in one of the coolest and adventurous neighborhoods. “Spencer Secret” Görlitzer Park - A cool hip park where large crowds gather to chill, drink, smoke and listen to music, very Berlin. Credit: BellevueLove


A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 01 8





WHEN TO VISIT BERLIN The real answer is anytime but there are obviously better and worse times depending on what you are looking for. Some guys like the busy Circuit party tentpole weekends others prefer to experience Berlin without all the overseas influx that the big events attract. The local Berliners themselves avoid the big parties like a plague and would not dream of visiting the likes of Berghain or Qualgeist when it is crammed on a party weekend with endless queues when they can have more time shagging at the venues than lining up at the coatcheck the previous or following weeks.

THE BERLIN CALENDAR 21/22 July - 26th Lesbian & Gay City Festival 28 July - Christopher Street Fair (CSD) - Berlin Pride 6 Sept - Black And Blue Ball 5/9 Sept - Folsom Europe 2018 8 Sept - Pig Berlin Throughout Sept - Fetish Boat Cruise, Gay Ship Ahoi 29 Sept - 2 Oct - BLF Rubber Weekend 1 Oct - Wasteland Berlin @ The Kit Kat club 19/22 Oct - Hustlaball Weekend 21 Oct - Salvation Berlin 3/6 Nov - Berlin skin Weekend 9 Dec - Unshaved 30/31 - Fetish Finals 2019 - PLEASE CHECK EXACT DATES BEFORE BOOKING etc. Throughout January - Slave Camps at Qualgeist 27 Jan - Angel in Berlin 27 Jan - 2 Feb S&M Weekend 28 Mar - 4 Apr Easter Leather & Fetish Week 14 Apr Easter Bear Dance 27 Apr - 1 May 11 German Fetish Ball 29 - 30 Apr German Fetish Fair 24 - 27 May Xposed 13th International Queer Film Festival 24 Feb - Bondage weekend at Qualgeist (And twice more throughout the year)


A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

CELEB BERLIN TIPS BEST MONTHLY PARTIES Gayhane @ S036 Propaganda @ Puro - First Friday of the Month Revolver @ The Kit Kat Club


Top Berlin Gay promoter behind events such as Biohazard, Ficstudenmart and Hustlaball.

THE JEWEL IN THE BERLIN CROWN Berghain & Panorama Bar alongside Lab. oratory - open all year round with Saturday nights being incredible - SNAX is there Bimonthly.

BIOHAZARD THE WORLDS MOST FAMOUS POZ PARTIES 27 July 17 Aug 7 Sept 20 Oct 23 Nov 2019 dates not published yet so check the website we expect the following 23 Feb 30 Mar 20 Apr 29 Jun

FICKSTUDENMARKT THE INCREDIBLE ‘STALLION & MARE’ FUCK PARTIES 11 Aug 8 Sept 3 Nov 8 Dec 2019 dates not published yet so check the website we expect the following 4 Feb 3 Mar 5 Apr 3 May 2 Jun

1 The Berlin Oasis gym - the best place to workout in the city. I’m at the Fitness-First Black-Label at the „Kranzler-Eck“, it’s at the 13th, 14th and 15th floor with a roof Sauna and a perfect view….BUT it’s not a gay one, also if there’s a lot of gays there. 2 The Fuggestrasse tower - the best view in the city. What do you mean?? The RIU Plaza Hotel?? They have great big rooms and good prices if you book early enough BUT it’s not a gay-hotel! 3 The egg and spoon - the best place to eat in the city without spending a fortune etc etc A interesting place for daytime is the new „Kantini“ at the Bikini at the „Gedächsniskirche“, it’s a non-typical food-floor with international food and Currywurst also AND 0NE SASCHAS SECRET PLACE IN THE CITY - THE OLD winter barracks which is the best way for cruising local guys


Former Mr Leather Germany and Berlin-based boss of ‘Classic Meets Fetish’

1) Prinzknecht 2) Schleusenkrug 3) Café am Neuen See 4) Heike Welt 5) Kitkat Club

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 01 8



The record attempt is planned by a group of sex enthusiasts called Menage Life. ‘We will blow that number out of the water’ they said ‘we are not looking at 500 people but we are anticipating 1,000plus participants for this monumental event. This is Sin City after all.” The Sin City Adult Hotel is the venue and it says participants have to pay in order to take part. The actual event itself is free, but a pass into the hotel (which you must have to participate in the event) costs money. Couples have to pay $200 and single women have to pay $25. As for single men, they’re not invited. Gay couples could sign up and just play with their partners while the two hour orgy goes on apparently. Then if any other couples consent to swingers play with the gay guys then the fun can expand. Consent is mandatory at the event. If anyone is caught trying to force sex on anyone else, patrolling security guards will come around and kick the offenders out. So there you have it get yourselves in the record books for just buttfucking. Although we are pretty sure we have been in certain dark rooms in Berlin, London Belgium, San Fran, and Spain where there have been way over 1000 men exchanging bodily fluids and stretching manholes so maybe the straight world needs to catch up a little and Guinness may need to make a couple of official visits to Leatherpride Antwerp or The Laboratory in Berlin soon.


Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (Image: DreamWorks Pictures / Castelao Productions)

It’s on - the record that has stood for 12 years that was set in Tokyo in 2006 is about to be destroyed next month in of course......Las Vegas. The City of Sin hosts the straight man on woman megafuck and this time for the first time for a record attempt gay men are included.

HOT VS COLD Max Duro Leather Suspenders/bracers Jake Shears Electro By PC Programme Breedwell Clothing Star Wars TV Series Puppy Coloured Hoods Chavs Eric Videos Studio Israeli Pop Music Gunge Incest Porn Chris Evans Sexy Beard Muir Caps On whilst Speaking Rubber Uniforms Online Privacy Glow Harness’s & Jocks Viktor Rom Mamma Mia 2 Leather Bow Ties Full Pubic Bush Jason Statham’s Wetsuit Movie Bullwhips Being Green St Petersburg Puppy Yoga Sleepyboy Escort Site Magic Mike The Musical

Mickey Taylor Leather Harness’s Harry Styles Electro with attached control Speedo’s Roseanne Black Puppy Hoods Skinheads Cazzo Studio K-Pop Shower Sex Twink Porn Justin Timberlake’s Hideous Beard Removing Your Leather Cap Rubber Kilts Facebook Glitter Tee’s AJ Alexander The Greatest Showman Leather Ties Shaved Cock & Balls The Rock’s Monkey Movie Paddles Non-Disposable Plastics Moscow Puppy Ballpools Adam 4 Adam Escort Site Women Strippers & Hooters.

WE WANT YOU IN ALPHATRIBE! Take a picture of yourself or your buddies with a copy of AT outside your favourite Fetish Bar, Club, Store, Event or even better in front of a well known landmark and we will print it and show the World. So if you have a High Res pic/iphone 7 or better pic of you hanging at The Ramrod, Jackhammer, Boots or Mutchsmann’s or whether you are admiring the Pyramids, fucking in front of The Pantheon or Hiking and having a BJ around the Grand Canyon send them in and show us all your happy Fetish travels.

A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A Z I NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 01 8





Hi Jens. Berlin is known throughout the world as a hotspot for fetish. How does it feel to have been elected to represent the fetish scene here? I just feel incredibly proud and honoured to represent my chosen home. Berlin is not only an international hotspot, it’s also the home of my fetish family. Ten years ago I moved here and was received with open arms and now it’s my turn to welcome the next generation of fetish guys to Berlin. What makes Berlin so special for fetish tourists? Berlin is a vibrant, dirty, sleazy, disgusting city - and you will love every minute of it! It’s a city of rough edges - you come for the clubs, but you’ll stay for the flair.

Your election was held in the Connection Club: do you also visit the club regularly? Actually, it was my first night in Connection in some years, but the club did an amazing job at hosting such a huge crowd during the election and I’m definitely planning to come back soon. Apart from that, I don’t have one single favourite club, because it always depends on my mood. From Lab Dance at Laboratory, Revolver or Carneball Bizarre at KitKat, to Madonna Mania at Schwuz. Sometimes it’s pop, sometimes it’s techno and sometimes I just wanna dance my ass off to Britney Spears but always in gear!

The big attractions of Berlin are of course Easter and Folsom Europe. During these events, you can see the versatility of Berlin - from going to fetish cruising areas, attending classical concerts in fetish, such as Classic Meets Fetish, or meeting up with old and new friends at a BLUF dinner. Apart from Folsom or Easter, there’s always fetish bars and shopping or dancing in nightclubs. It doesn’t matter if you go for a night to Laboratory or to the monthly BLF events or independent leather socials. Berlin has something to offer every night of the week.


A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

Do you go out in fetish in Berlin regularly? I go out quite a lot, from clubbing to the fetish bars, cinemas or the theatre - and there’s always some gear on me. It’s not always full leather, but I usually wear some boots and my leather pants when I go out. What is your favourite fetish bar in Berlin? My favourite fetish bar in Berlin is New Action. You can usually meet me there on Thursdays or Saturdays, depending on my work schedule. It’s the place in Berlin with the highest ratio of leather guys and the barkeepers are always up to a nice chat. Where do you go if you want to go out with your colleagues for a drink after work and you’re wearing a suit? Even though I hardly ever only wear cotton, Prinzknecht is the best place for an after-work beer. For me, this bar is like a second home and the start to every night out in the fetish scene, because it’s a nice mix of fetish and non fetish guys in a relaxed environment. The best days for Prinzknecht are Wednesdays - all drinks are 50% off, so half of the city is there and you can meet some new people. But you’ve also got to eat now and again! Is there a restaurant where you can pop into, even if you’re in leather?

Basically all restaurants around Fuggerstraße and Motzstraße in Schöneberg are totally fine with customers in full fetish, from Mexican food at Frida and Diego next to Prinzknecht to Zsa Zsa Burger or Sissy in Motzstraße for the city’s best Schnitzel! Where’s the best place for visitors to Berlin to go fetish shopping? Motzstraße and its side streets make up the epicentre of fetish shopping. Here, you can find everything from Mister B, Gear, Boxer, R&Co to smaller shops for everything your fetish heart desires. I’ve heard you’re working on a fetish event calendar? What can you tell us about it? My current project thefetishtraveller. com is about connecting people worldwide with events that they might not yet have heard about. Whenever I travel around the world, I’ve tried to get into contact with the local fetish scene, but sometimes I was a bit stuck on where to go and which events to attend. As a titleholder now, I also have to decide which events I can attend, but up until now there hasn’t been complete list of events yet. I’m trying to solve this problem by collecting a list of fetish events worldwide, from Brazil to San Francisco to Germany, with reviews, details about locations, dress code and specifics about the local fetish scene. This is a lot of work and I’m happy some people already started helping me gathering this info, but we still need some more help on this!

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018




BERLIN’S BIG 4 FETISH PARTIES Berlin has so much going on from the fetish light of CSD Pride with it;s parade through to the hardcore goings on of Easter Leather Week. That has been and gone for this year so we want to highlight the big attractions for the rest of 2018 in the City of sin

1 THE BIGGEST DANCE PARTY ON THE CONTINENT - EUROPEAN HUSTLABALL 2018 It’s back the largest porn party of the year will be with us in mid October as per usual as the Twelfth Annual European Hustlaball rumbles over the horizon with this years names to be announced as we went to press Paul Stag looks back to last year and gets the advance skinny on this years mega public fuckathon. So the date you need is Friday 20th October, the venue - Europe’s most famous club bar none the Kit Kat Club, Berlin.

The reason this is such a big deal in a world of over promoted pseudo-parties is that Hustlaball is the longest running continuous international club brand we can think of now in it’s 16th year and due to promoter changes this will be the ONLY one in Europe during 2018 as the London, Tel Aviv and Belgium ones are taking a rest but will be


back soon our contacts inform us. So although there are many imitators the biggest and the original is the only place you can see the really famous American porn stars together with the best Euro talent and the top dj’s all together for an entire weekend doing the hardest sex shows that many countries don’t allow in the best club surroundings we know. Even Britney Spears goes to the Hustlaball where she was seen to both ‘Scream and Shout’ at gay men eating ass on stage in front of her - Christ there is even a swimming pool where you can go naked skinny dipping alongside the cooling off hung pornstars post their live sex shows. Hustlaball was part of the Rentboy conglomerate and was invented to bring all the best porn stars and escort/hustlers basically the fittest most hung guys

on the planet into the same room as thousands of fans to see what then happens. It got it’s unique name as the original term ‘Hustler’ was taken by the since defunct legendary American porn mag and absolutely every cock you have ever jerked off watching on screen has appeared at a Hustlaball from Jeff Stryker to Ken Ryker to Matthew Rush to Michael

A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

Lucas to Francois Sagat it is the only event which can claim this. The tagline last time was Scandalicious and previously it with the promise ‘Check out our SizeQueens in the Club that night as all dicks over 9” inches get a free gift and they will be measured...’ The promoter Sascha Muller-Bardone of this years as well as all the previous European Hustlaball’s told us that contracts and flights with porn stars and dj’s were at the time of writing still being sorted so check media nearer the event or the Hustlaball website What we do know is there will be 30 major stars including some big names from America coming to a European stage for the very first time for example last year saw the likes of superstars Ricky Sinz, Austin Wolf, Seth Santoro and Armond Rizzo flying in especially to fuck on the main stage. DJ wise it will be headed by the two sexiest men ever to step behind decks in Fabio White and Spencer Reed both are so great to look at sweating in the Dj booth that they should both be International porn stars, oh wait one already is ! Last years saw the superb DJ team of UK’s DJ Pagano, Micky Friedmann from Berlin, ASAF Dolel from Israel, Ron Hamelin from Canada, Redtomat and many will be a exciting event. So the most important party of the year awaits you with its 4 dancefloors, double catacomb dark fuckroom maze, stage shows, awards, huge VIP zone and that full size swimming pool it is an event not to be missed and your only chance to see the big stars in one place this year and hopefully you will get to finger Brent Everett or Johnny V in the deep end we know that is where we will be.

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A Z I NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018


2 BIOHAZARD Biohazard is the worlds most successful Poz party brand. Based across several countries on mainland Europe but its biggest events by far and it’s most commonly found in Berlin. To get around the various laws and regulations all guests have to become full members before the party signing a online document and most importantly state that they are HIV positive. This means the promoters are just throwing a party for Poz guys who of course should be allowed to have club nights and cruising events as much as anyone else. In reality of course guys who don’t know their status or who know they are neg either on PrEP or not and enjoy the thrill of anon bareback sex also sign up and get playing but it is then there own responsibility. These events ARE ALWAYS SOLD OUT. We have seen major International porn stars like Jorge Ballantinos being turned away at the door as they are heaving already. There are roughly 4 regular parties across the year in various cities and at least 3 Special Biohazards in larger venues as part of fetish weekends like Folsom Street Fair (7th Sept) or Hustlaball weekend (20th Oct) check their calender for a full list. The events are crammed with beds, St Andrew’s crosses, fuck benches, rim seats, slings etc with a DJ and special guest ‘well known cumdumps’ such as the legendary ‘ExtremeCumHole’ at the next one who states ‘I will not refuse any load whatsoever guaranteed’. The dress code is sexy, nude, underwear or sports gear generally although not policed.

one at the Midnight Sun in Berlin in 2005. This brand has now grown into a pan-European mega success with about 20 events per year in various countries with the biggest in Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels. Like all the party brands that allow bareback sex there are strict rules for players. Not an out and out bareback party itself the first choice you have to make is are you going to play safe or raw at an event (The last Stallion and mare party we visited we estimated over 80% of the mares and stallions were there to play condomless and flesh on flesh. Then you have to choose whether you are going to be a Stallion (top) or mare (bottom) for the whole party as you cannot change later on. The mare’s arrive an hour or so earlier than the stallions and they are given numbers and either white hoods or red hoods to wear. White means you will be fucked safe all night, red means you will be fucked bare all night. The stallions then turn up are also given numbers as there are prizes for the best stallion and mare voted by all the fuckers or fuckee’s present. The stallions are then presented with many rooms of endless asses in the air that they can abuse either raw or covered along with the hood code for the duration of the event. You can fuck a couple of hundred guys if you want which is the major appeal alternatively you will be fucked a few hundred times by anonymous guy’s all blindfolded so everyone is happy. The brand now has its own promotional gear/items and now has a line of porn released through Wurst Films which we can thoroughly recommend.

2018 BERLIN CALENDER (Same weekends likely in 2019) 23rd Feb 30th Mar Easter XXL Special 20th Apr 29th Jun 27th Jul 17th Aug 7 Sept Folsom XXL Special 20 Oct Hustlaball XXL Special 23 Nov

BERLIN DATES FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR 11th Aug 8th Sept Folsom Special 3rd Nov 8th Dec ELSEWHERE Amsterdam 25th Aug, 24th Nov Hamburg 1st Sept, 1st Dec Cologne 22nd Sept, 17th Nov Leipzig 4th Aug, 6th Oct, 15th Dec Mannheim 29th Sept, 10th Nov



Fickstutenmarkt, commonly and more better known as the Stallion and Mare parties this year are celebrating their 13 year anniversary on the 11th of August with the first


Folsom Europe in Berlin is the newer sister event to the original San Francisco Folsom Street Fair which is heading towards its 40th year and

A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

is the worlds largest LGBT event. The European event over the weekend of September 5th and 9th will be its 14th festival of leather, rubber, skin and sports fetish with over 25,000 visitors annually from all over Germany, Europe and further afield.

Credit: BellevueLove

So what will you find there - basically you will meet porn stars, the worlds fittest leathermen, loads of title holders see some very strange sites, fashions, sex acts in the street, make some new friends and have a great time. One of the organisers told Alphatribe that ‘ this year we have a bigger Fair than ever with many more booths booked than previous years and the parties will be bigger and better especially the Pig Party which for the first time ever is walking distance from the main Street Party’ The event officially starts on the Wednesday and runs to the following Tuesday but really hots up over the weekend with the main events being throughout Saturday but as the city has more leather and gay bars than the whole of the rest of Europe put together there is plenty of sleaze to keep you occupied before the wave of debauchery kicks off in earnest also of course an early arrival gives you the opportunity to see the extensive tourist sites of this beautiful and historic city before you bury yourself in a never ending chain of sweaty dark rooms. Berlin is an easy city to get around with excellent public transport and affordable taxi’s but the majority of the event is centred in West Berlin’s gay village Scheunenberg along Fuggerstrasse and Motzstrasse with the nearest U Bahn’s being

Credit: BellevueLove

Wittenbergplatz and Nollendorfplatz - The fair itself is located along the full length of the Fuggerstrasse and the information booth is located on Motzstrasse opposite Tom’s bar. The first real event is the Dungeon Party on the Thursday night at Connection and also BLUF’s event at Mann’s bar across the road. Friday is when the area really turns black with everyone turning out in their finest leather and rubber which will stay on until the early part of the following week. Thursday is also when there will be a special performance of Classic Meets Fetish. Feel free to wear your gear anywhere in and around Berlin as the public see it most weekends and won’t even turn a hair so be brave and just go for it but your ass should of course be covered if you want to pop into McDonald’s. If you don’t know the city or want to make new friends the Official Folsom boat trip around the City is a must which has two boats captained by the Cities finest drag queens that will take you through the City to see such buildings as the Reichstag and over beyond the wall into East Berlin. Friday evening is where the choices start as you can party in all the bars which will be heaving by then and stay open late with many of them actually keeping there doors and dark rooms open 24 hours or you can hit the Official parties with the main one being ‘Perverts’ which will have two dancefloor’s playing European techno and a couple of packed playrooms or our tip if it is your thing is to head to Club Culture Houze, which is part of the legendary ‘Laboratary’ for Europe’s largest fisting event. Saturday is all about the fair which runs from midday until 9pm where there will be many booths from clothing companies, porn studios, toy & equipment stalls etc together with endless outdoor Stein bars and

fratwurst stalls for people watching If you think you have seen all types of gay clothing prepare to be shocked and keep your cameras handy at all times, there is also a dancing area with live DJ’s all day. In the past the Saturday has been blessed with hot sunshine and also rain so be prepared for anything. There is a VIP area where the porn stars will be hanging out so expect to see Spencer Reed, Logan McCree, PigBoy or Jean Franko popping in and out for TV interviews etc. At 4pm they hold a big photo opportunity for all the current leather and rubber title holders which there will be about 30 including the present International Mr leather from America and Germany’s hugely successful current own title holder. There is also a large chill-out zone. The main party of the whole weekend is the massively popular flagship party ‘Pig’ which is at a great venue this year and please ensure you have a ticket before you head to Germany as it is extremely difficult to get them last minute over the weekend. It runs from 11pm and goes all night with over 5000 leather pigs dancing and playing over six floors in a converted factory with many of the original fittings just like every porn fetish film you have ever seen with the biggest cruising maze in the world and if you don’t get off there half-a-dozen times then you may not actually be gay. Not many locals tend to go due to ticket pricing but that means you get to dance and play in a true world of men party atmosphere with fetish guys from all over the globe, keep an eye out for guys like Matthius Von Fistenberg, Alex Marte, Max Duro, Ashley Ryder, Matthieu Paris or Jeff Stronger getting it on in a dark corner. To round out the weekend there are many other events and of course the eternal draw of those sleazy bars and dark rooms - Alphatribe Top 5 are 1)

Mutschmann’s, 2) Prinzknecht, 3) Tom’s, 4) Scheune and 5) New Action all within walking distance of the fair. If you fancy being a porn star and have not been spotted by one of the German studios by then there is an open shoot in Scheune Bar for BLUF at 2pm on the Sunday so take your gear. There are plenty more parties over the remaining days of the event with titles such as ‘Shut up and swallow’, ‘Take the rest’ and ‘Fuck the leftovers’ well this is Germany after all. If it is guaranteed endless group sex you want then don’t miss the Fickstutenmarkt ‘Stallion and Mare’ breeding party but be prepared to queue for this one and be ready for the sight of over 500 naked asses in the air waiting for you when you get inside - this is also a very bareback friendly event . If the weather is good head for The Tiergarten where the main gay sunbathing area locally known as the MeatRack is just beneath the Siegessaule monument where Berlin gets naked out of doors. If shopping is your thing then you will be spoilt for choice with endless gay stores many of which are names you will recognize but in our opinion you will have more choice of fetish gear than anywhere else on the planet but it all tends to be on the expensive side so maybe a window shopping trip and then some time online when you get home. The best place to eat and watch the horny gay guy’s go by is More Restaurant on Motzstrasse but there are also excellent eateries along MaaBenStraas and a great American diner right by Nollendorfplatz station Accommodation near the fair all entirely gay or very gay friendly Axel Hotel Tom’s Hotel The Black Tulip Art Hotel Connection Hotel Artim Central Berlin is also very apartment orientated so often this type of accommodation is better value Folsom Berlin is very sleazy, extremely safe and great fun and you will never get bored there, the sexual opportunities are endless but its also a great place to meet old friends and make new ones, its where men play like real men and boys grow up fast and discover their inner pig. For more information on this years event check

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Dallas Steele is one of the biggest Porn Stars on the planet with a much sort after exclusive contract with Titan Men. He only began his porn career in 2015 when he was deep in is Fourties after 20 successful years as a news presenter. He is now picking up Awards everywhere and is one of the most desired men on the planet and a very high paid escort to boot. He is the living proof that ‘Daddies’ are now very sought after and purely and simply a phenomenom. PAUL STAG asked Steele what he thought was behind the current appeal of older guys and why all our readers of whatever age should seriously now think about a career as a porn star. Twinks are fun, cute and sexy but Daddies really know what to do in the bedroom and are probably a whole lot sleazier.

“I think there’s been a larger acceptance of men older than 40 as sexual and sexy creatures in the world at large. Partly that has been the result of more science around fitness, diet, and health at large, extending the perceived sexual life of men,” said Dirk Caber, who has appeared in several dozen gay adult movies during the last five years.

Dietrich, Ale Tedesco, Antinio Molinas, Dino Rossi, John Galt, Diesel Washington, Jesse Jackman, Jake Cruise, David Anthony, Ben Willis, Allen Silver, Max Sergeant, Tomas Brand, Rocco Steele, yours truly Dallas Steele and many, many more. Scott Reynolds, a performer in his sixties, feels the seeds of the trend were planted about 20 years ago. “Bear Magazine introduced the idea (and fact) that heavyset hirsute men can be appealing. I think if there were still more paper magazines, older men could be advanced the same way, only faster. As well, for whatever reasons, a lot of younger men are attracted to older “daddy” types,” said Reynolds.

During the 1990s, the number of men over 40 performing in gay porn could be counted on one hand. Today, the industry has Caber, Hugh Hunter, Dolf

“I would also propose that, as we move away from the AIDS crisis and there are once more an increasing number of men of that age group, we may simply be

Daddies are “in.” The appreciation and interest in the attractiveness of men over 40 seems to be everywhere these days, but perhaps nowhere is it more apparent than in the world of gay porn. In an industry typically dominated by men in their early twenties, demand for mature guys is booming.


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seeing a resurgence of interest in more mature men that perhaps parallels an Intergenerational interest occurring in the 1970’s and early ’80’s, but forgotten as that age group died off in the 80’s,” said Caber. Based on his social media interactions, Caber says many of his fans are guys in their late twenties or early thirties, but his biggest fan group are men his own age, who often are not as active on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. “I think gay men don’t get enough credit for being able

to fantasize about a fellow they might actually be able to fall in love with and build a life with. For men of our age, that’s more often than not men of our own age,” added Caber. While the “Daddy-boy” genre of porn is still incredibly popular and accounts for about 40% of movies involving men over 40, many companies like Titan, Men. com, Hot Older Male, Pantheon, DickWadd, and Men At Play, are finding commercial success by pairing mature men with other mature men in traditional masculine themes. Another explanation for older men in porn these days may have to do with advances in medicine allowing the male body to perform better, longer, even as we age. Prior to the development of Viagra and Cialis in the late 1990s, the only erectile disfunction medication available was Caverject, which was rarely prescribed and often shied away from, as it has to be injected directly into the penis. Performers in their twenties and thirties were considered to have more dependable erections until the development of prescription oral ED medications. “It goes both ways. In terms of the physical demands, naturally the younger man still enjoying his youthful virility, horniness, and general athleticism is likely to find himself better equipped.

However, making porn also requires a certain emotional maturity, an ability to be able to distinguish between types of intimacy, a sense of diplomacy, and an ease of comradeship. These are characteristics more commonly found in men who’ve had a few more years or decades of life experience,” said Caber. But how old is too old to be doing porn? Is there really an age limit? Most performers say it’s the industry deciding to quit them, not the other way around. “The biggest challenge for me, is there are fewer companies who work with men my age. A number of companies who produce “Daddy” porn feature “Dads” who can’t be more than 26. True, a 26 year old can definitely be a dad, but the kid’s probably going to be maybe 5 or 6 years old, and that’s pretty unappetizing. And the “sons” appear to be about 20. Ludicrous! Most companies top out their model-age-allowance at 45 and sometimes, rarely, 50, so I can’t even solicit them,” said Reynolds. But with the changing market and the new demand for Daddies, performers are optimistic that studios will recognize the marketability of older men. “My feeling is that, if there’s a sustainable market for a performer and a fanbase willing to watch, age is not a factor,” said Caber.

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NORDINE BASSISTA Who is Nordine Bassista?

Natrosol – named Slime. The appeal depends on the person, but Nordine Bassista was my stage name there are some common elements. until 2011 when I was musician. I’ve The sensation of being covered is used this name since then as my essential. Feeling the texture gliding fetish alter-ego. I’ve used the name for slowly over your body. Feeling the sport clubs, fetish clubs, and projects thickness, the softness of gunge. I’ve created. But for work and family I The colour is also important. Mostly use my birth name of course. you’ll find green, but over time brands I’m a club and project creator. I am a have developed more colours. But if long-time European fetish enthusiast. you mix them, it just looks like mud in COURTESY OF MEN.COM And somehow – through those the end – lol. projects, clubs, and connections – I The slippery touch and the visual guess I am also an LGBTQ+ activist. aspect are another thing. Have you How did you get into fetish and what ever liked touching soft leather route did you take through our tribes? or lubed rubber? Well it is a close As musician in metal bands I’ve been second to that. It is like soaping or oil surrounded by leather guys playing massage. It gives you that touch. It metal music or goth from an early age. shines, it has texture. But watching TV and seeing typical mud fight and quicksand scenes Can you give our readers an idiots gave me my gunge fetish. I started guide to gunge? very early – like 13-14 years old. And rubber and leather at 16-17 (that one Lots of people use gunge with clothes. cost more money). The idea that you can get messy and dirty has its appeal! What was your first or best fetish You also find sportswear fans, guys session? in suits and tie, uniforms. Depends really. But the more you want to feel One of them was in a wood. A leather the thickness and heaviness of gunge, master brought me in chains and the more you will wear. rubber to a deep and muddy area. I Personally, I prefer tight clothes or had the best sexual triggers: shine, just naked. slippery, slickness, and thickness. I can’t tell you all details, but it was Gunge is very big in the straight great. Being trampled and crawling world. Have you ever done gunge with towards his boots. women and what are the differences, if any? What is the appeal of gunge (slime as it’s known in North America) in the I’ve never done it with a woman. But gay sex world? through TV shows I’ve discovered that women are mostly gunged or used for The main product used is called mud fights. Later, I discovered web


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sites such as where straight people mix with LGBT+. The only difference is the perception of how you objectify your counterparts. The way to live the fetish remains the same. There are other websites such as S.L.O.S.H. in the UK which also organises messy parties. Even Recon now has a Gunge fetish tag! What is the best gunge material and how do you find it? For starters, try shaving cream. It’s easy to clean and clean looking. If you like it sugary, try custard! Then come J-lube and other brands like it. You can colour them with edible dyes. Natrosol is more expensive and difficult to find. There are two brands which are easy to find: Slube (less coloured) and Messy (more for the advanced gungers). On gunge sites you also see mud, food, foam, pies, chocolate… Take us through the most popular things in the gunge world. The umbrella name for the fetish is Messy, and people in general like it all. Mud is the most common and my favourite. You find it everywhere and it’s great if you like deep mess. It has everything a messy fetishist enjoys and can be safe for rubber and leather. Food will destroy your rubber or leather. What is your ultimate gunge fantasy? Being top, I guess it would be meeting the right master who will make me

become devoted to him and being taken as bottom in deep mud. Are their gunge events? How do guys find each other to get messy?


Recently Recon held a party called Sensored where they created a space for gunge. S.L.O.S.H. also regularly organise a party in the UK. And there is a ranch in the south Belgium, and of course Drexx and Laboratory. Check

their agendas!! :) Who would you most like to have strapped down for a gunge session and what would you do to them? A funny and sexy man. I have no defined type, but I like men who look and behave in a healthy way (no extremes). Are there any problems you would point out to guys wishing to try gunge? Health issues, permanent staining, rubber or latex destruction…? It depends on the product. If you wear a condom then use a thick one if you are into mud. I use a cocksheet as it doesn’t break. And it is great! Rubber doesn’t work with greasy products. The rest is just common sense. It is slippery fun! Have an anti-slip carpet on the floor.

The gunge scene seems heavily connected to the rubber and spandex worlds including wetsuits and superheroes for example. It’s all nice and skin tight. What type of gear and brands are you into personally? Spandex is regularly used. Especially the wrestling suits. Obviously messing around is an open invite for wrestling and slippery contact! I mostly wear mostly Lycra, neoprene, or Nasty Pig chaps for food mess as it’s easier to clean. For mud I still have a jockstrap and waders. I keep it minimal as I love the feeling of mud on my skin. You won Mr Leather Belgium and you controversially mixed it up with rubber gear. What was your thinking with that? The Mister Leather title in Belgium is an umbrella name. There are no rules that oblige the titleholder to only wear leather. I took this opportunity to reunite fetishes and give a hand to other communities. Of course, I was the only one doing so. It was shocking for the old-guard leathermen, but it got a lot of positive reaction from the new generation of fetish lovers. What is your favourite fetish event and city to get sleazy in? I guess Berlin is still top of the list. You have such an easiness in the city. It’s very liberating. Laboratory remains my favourite place by far. After that comes Drexx in Essen. Are their gunge groups our readers can find? Sure, Facebook is full of gunging clubs! I would also suggest: • Recon now has a gunge tag so you can meet other gungers everywhere in the world. • also has huge global community you can meet. You create

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an account and can see videos. • S.L.O.S.H. is another good club.


Where and what is the best gunge porn? Here again is a list: • Splat movies are great. Only gunge videos with very sexy guys! • A lot of porn houses are using messy fun. Try Cazzo, Pig Prod, and Kink Fight. • Recently Joe P. Dargie made a gunge video with Studio UKHotJocks. For once a rather mainstream porn house took gunge as an artistic angle. You were good friends with Sly Hands – the king of rubber. Sadly, he recently passed away. What is your favourite memory of the great man? Among so many memories, my favourite was when he came all the way to Brussels to support my first rubber social. To thank him we held his first photo exhibition. He was so proud and shy. Who knew Sly could be? But that was him. When it came to his art, he couldn’t put a price on it. It was so great to see him that way. A very genuine and good soul. We really started to be dear friends from that moment. Sly was lovely to so many and surely loved in return. We brainstormed our vision of the rubber world a lot and pushed some to create their clubs and events. It was great to meet him. Sly used to call me the queen but he surely was the king. How can fans find out more about you and follow your messy sessions? You can follow me on Instagram: Jabier_bassista And via my fetish social groups: Belgian Rubbermen and MSC Belgium on Facebook. My Recon is still Muddymind. I often get questions there and I respond gladly.

Q. What do porn megastars Dolf Dietrich and Rocco Steele have in common ? A. They both have the same tattoo across their chests ‘Bulletproof’ with Rocco’s in Italian. (5 Alphatribe Points). Completely independently of each other and before they became famous the like minded leading cocksmen had the same 4 hour painful tattoo experience to permanently brand their fucking amazing chests with the same word....the porn and fetish world moves in very mysterious ways. Obviously if you want to become the biggest porn star on the planet you now know what tattoo to get, its written in the (porn) stars!.

Other acceptable answers: - They are both incredibly successful porn stars in their fifties, who wants to get fucked by a twink ! (4 points) - They have single handedly made daddy porn a multi-million pound business (3 points) - They have fucked on film bareback together many times and both now run their own studios (2 points) - They have both had major features in Alphatribe Magazine (Dolf getting the cover and Rocco being the first ever featured interview) (1 point) - You would love to be spit roasted by both of them for 8 cum soaked/ asseating hours and eat their babies all night long whilst taking endless bragging rights pictures (0 points)


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Sex with a hot leather daddy or muscled hung cop smoking a big fat juicy cigar is high on all our fantasy list’s but with national smoking ban’s now across many Countries how do you make this become a reality in your fetish sex life. Alphatibe lights up a Stogie and pushes a willing sub onto his knees and inhales deeply to look at the whole smoking in gay sex fetish. Smoking rightly or wrongly has always been a sign of masculinity from the early days of Hollywood male screen idols through the famous Marlboro cowboy cigarette ad’s on to Tom of Finland and modern gay leather/uniformed art. There are hundreds of gay websites and groups for men with an interest in cigars and lest we forget ciggies and pipes to a lesser extent and smoking in porn (and there is a lot of it) has always been seen as a sign of dominance so what is the appeal of what many see as an unsociable activity. It seems to stem from the history referred to above where it is embedded in our culture that a smoking guy is more masculine than a non-smoker and if you see a guy puffing on a big cigar he is almost certainly a top, probably hung and you are about to get a hard nasty butt fucking from a real alpha-male man. Basically cigars are synonymous with power and domination in the gay world.


There are many gay fetish smoking clubs and associations. Ignite is one of the longest established groups which harness’s this to the full locating it’s events in the infamous Backstreet leatherbar which has a great outdoor space that feels like part of the club (not a legal ad-on). It is not overlooked so the guys can light-up and get blown and fuck like animals until there stogies get reduced to mere butts. Many clubs and bars have smoking areas but often these are just on the street or little alcoves added purely to get the smokers business and when the butt is finished you head back inside where all the action really is this is the opposite at Backstreet and similar smoking clubs. Nigel Whitfield of BLUF notoriety is one of the men behind Ignite he told us ‘Ignite really came into it’s own when the smoking ban was introduced in all clubs beforehand many of the fetish events were filled with the beautiful acrid smell of cigar/ciggie smoke and guys lit up everywhere carried on smoking during sex and used smoking as the best possible icebreaker where you could go and ask a guy for a smoke or a light and start chatting. Now that has gone so our club works to keep this great fetish out there’. Of course the cigar has a major involvement in the sex act itself. Firstly there is the blowing of smoke into a partners face, then there is snogging the smoke to your partner,

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Another well known cigar dom Aaron ‘Bear’ Oreschnick told us: ‘The smell and the look has always been a turn on to me and has made me look at guys and notice them more. My first cigar was at 14. I was in Austria and bought some Romeo Julieta Churchill’s. And never looked back. I am a leather top and I only smoke cigars. I just love cigars, smoke them nearly daily. But the best time to smoke is when having cigar sex and having a cub/boy/son/pig with u while u are enjoying a cigar. Hell yeah i use cigars in sex. Most of the cigar porn I watch is on xtube and the hot cigar men site but that is mostly amature stuff.’ Because cigars are so expensive in the Europe i tend to buy them in the

States when I’m there or have them shipped here. Got a nice full humidor. I Tend to smoke cigars with a 56ring upwards. But I mostly smoke a 60 ring great size. But really love the 66 and 70s like the Thompson fat boy and asylum. The Martinez 85 and bigger are also amazing cigars. The one key is that in this world SIZE MATTERS so you need the biggest cigars available at least 55 - 60 ring in thickness and of course as long as possible after all a big cigar means a big cock so the next time you see a guy smoking a 10” stogie get ready for a real ass-splitting and a night of saying ‘Sir’ and ‘Boss’

Picture Credit: Matt Spike

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The cigar has been tied to leather through History as much as a harness and the musk of a man’

it can also be blown up a guys ass, smoke can also be used in gas mask play. The cigar itself can be inserted into the manring and many guys go as far as having there nipples, cock and balls tortured by the burns too. This is a form of branding where a dom top can leave a permanent mark on his sub ‘property’ anywhere on his body and with any type of ‘signature’ of his choice. Some subs like to be used as a human ashtray either on their body or their tongue - like hot wax the temperature drops very quickly as it passes through the air so distance between the cigar and the flesh is critical. Recently a new addition to the scene has arrived in the form of Vaping. This is where electronic cigars and cigarettes are used instead of the real thing which has health benefits to all those involved including fellow bargoers who no longer become passive smokers by accident and cit an be done by people with medical conditions that cannot get involved in general smoking. The electronic versions are of course able to be used readily in clubs and bars as they emit water vapour rather than smoke but you loose the social act of actually lighting up. They may not look quite as good as a huge cigar but are definitely increasingly entering the gay arena and both ends can be used in the guys butt for different purposes which is fun. The most famous MR Hoist of recent times Francisco Villatoro who is well known around the scene as ‘The Cigarman of XXL’ seemed to be the


right guy to ask about the appeal of the smoking fetish. Frankee as he likes to be called is a total top and he models him self on the old style leather uniform guy with copious amounts of facial hair and an oft nonsmiling aggressive confident stance. He will usually be found smoking a huge cigar for hours on end at all the biggest fetish events across Europe and North America although the XXL club seems to be his most natural habitat. where he is usually

awaiting his next conquest up for a good holestretching. He told us ‘I like the look of a cigar that is what first attracted me and also the attention it got me. I saw porn movies and art films such as Querrelle and got really turned on by the cigar smoking tops. I don’t smoke ciggies and i also don’t smoke cigars in private, for me it is wholly when i am out for the look and the smell of the smoke; my cigar is now an extension of myself. Cigar’s are not addictive like cigarettes and


Hog The Leather File - Colt Studios with Adam Dexter & Dave Angelo Cigar Daddy - Butch Dixon where an aged daddy’s nipples get a good burning Smoking - Super sexy Peter Latz does the greatest ever solo jerk-off whilst puffing a cigar Italian Hunks - Uniform US Studios where Pure beefcake ‘Rock’ does three cigar scenes as a leather biker, a cop and a soldier covering all your dominance bases Abandon - Hot Older Male Studios (San Francisco) where Denny Taylor’s nipples, chest and cock head gets some serious cigar burns from our very own Paul Stag Muscles In leather - Colt Studios with Phillip Aubrey having cigar sex with his former boyfriend porn superstar and current winner of Best Fetish DJ on the planet Mr. Spencer Reed

A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

are perfect for guys just after a look and to show dominance for me it reminds me of when i was younger as i associate it with my Grandad and Christmas. My first cigar hero was Sean Connery in an early bond film and i thought it gave him such presence and i decided i wanted that look. The majority of guys see it as a turn on negative comments are few and far between. It is a great icebreaker and the guys find it easier to approach a smoking top they come up and ask for a puff and i always make them say please so the dominance is in position from the outset. Yes cigar guys are virtually always top it is more clear cut than wearing an armband or an earring in the correct lobe to indicate whether you take it up the ass or give it. My favourite Country to visit is Germany as you can smoke anywhere in their leather/uniform/ fetish clubs and it is so associated with the BLUF ideal so i head to Berlin for a cigar sex trip several times a year. My favourite is Folsom Street Fair in September or as Folsom Europe as it is often known where there are cigar tops everywhere standing so proud and the leather subs are just gagging to get there tongues onto their boots’. ‘Since becoming Mr Hoist and more latterly Mr Sir Hoist i am a bit more conscious of my position for getting sleazy in public as i competed at IML(International Mr Leather) in Chicago and made the last round so i do not want to bring the titles into disrepute particularly when i am doing things like the Leathermen march as part of Pride etc. Often leathermen look similar which is great but it is amazing how a cameraman gets drawn through a crowd of black to the one smoking a cigar. My stogies have now extended into whatever i wear as you will still find me outside for an hour or so puffing on one in my daywear at a fetish bar or in my best rubber outfit in the smoking corridor inside - one tip though is never put a cigar out and then re-light it as this looks cheap and is not an accepted dominant act’.



Niall Kirby is a gay fetish artist who believes in recycling art - this is how he describes his art : My art is my own interpretation of the parallels beauty and lechery, light and dark, stillness in a state of flux. The allure of the taboo. I aim to liberate my audience by evoking emotion and self expression; illuminating that which resides in the shadows. I like to challenge the psych and the conflict of the subconscious mind through it’s associations. Desire and disdain, the guilt of unbridled lust captivated by the shapes and silhouettes of the naked body married with the fragility and erotica of the male flesh. Inspired by the up-cycling and recycling culture, as well as pop artists such as Andy Warhol and Banksy I bring these homoerotic sentiments forward in contemporary statements, by using mediums such as maps and pages from books to create a personal intimacy with the viewer. My art evokes contemplation and discovery of self, which conflicts the judgment and moral superiority one often feels when observing others. It unapologetically pushes the boundaries of extreme exploration through hedonistic pursuits and is the true essence of the simplicity of beauty transfixed in chaos and fantasy. Check out my work online at

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Ralph has written for Alphatribe throughout his year as the Worlds number one fetish guy. He stepped down at IML 40 in Chicago in May and he gave us his exclusive speech from his big night way ahead of delivering it to the audience to make our publishing deadlines for which we thank him. Ralph we salute you and even though a new man has stepped into the limelight and your leather boots you will be IML 39 and IML 2017 for all eternity.

I’m a relationship expert. That may not be what my husband or friends say about me but it is what my psychotherapy license states so it must be true. Relationships have always been primary for me. From my first nites at the Mineshaft to this year as IML I have focused on forging relationships both within and outside our community. I have traveled all over the world—118,000 miles to be exact—from San Francisco to Antwerp, from Minneapolis to Nice, Ft Lauderdale to Berlin, London to Atlanta. 43 weekends of events out of 52. I’ve done keynotes, video interviews, panels, numerous magazine cover stories, Huffington post, and Advocate photo essays almost monthly. I’ve sold pins, tees, jocks and nudes to raise money to fight Conversion Therapy. My face, ideas, and, yes, my full frontals, have been everywhere. I’ve shared meals, drinks, smiles, hugs, and sometimes bodily fluids with you. It has been my pleasure to meet you, to know you, and to be known by you. This is my history of our community. When I was a young gay leather man in Manhattan I wore my engineer boots, white tee and motorcycle jacket so you could find me. I flagged my hankie and my keys so that you could know me. This is how we made community.


It was at the anvil and the mineshaft, on the docks and in the trucks, on Fire Island and Blacks Beach. See, I don’t believe the actual hub of our community to be online or on apps. I believe it lives in dungeons, bars, clubs, restaurants, and all the varied ways in which we come together. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Luddite. I know I’m the oldest IML in history but I’ve tried to keep my mind and body fit and nimble. So, I appreciate social media. You’ve seen me post relentlessly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and, yes, Tumblr, during my title years, but there is, for me, no substitute for face to face, body to body relatedness. Energy exchange is, after all, a core component of our shared fetish. So, as I step aside from this role as current IML I urge you to celebrate our outsider status with each other. Go to your dungeons, your play parties,

A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

your Anvil, Eagle, Ramrod. Attend your leather pride, bear pride, rubber pride, puppy pride, trans pride. Get out and be with other. Our community is made of this relatedness. Turn off the computer, the app, the porn a bit more frequently and go out and share yourselves with us. That’s how

this whole thing got started. If you are sitting at home and only posting on Facebook and not going out, you are impoverishing our communitynot leading or participating in it. If you only meet men one on one thru recon, scruff and grinder, you are the architects of the slow but sure atrophy of our scene. Chuck Renslow created this whole title/event thing for us all to find each other and to be with each other. I will always be the first man in the history to not have h i s name called b y

Chuck while winning the IML title. I never got the chance to meet him, to hear his congrats and launch me off into my year. But I certainly knew Chuck.

He stood for the same principles as do I. Leather, family, co-operation, protecting ourselves and fighting for those who can’t and, of course, the fullness and freedom of our kink and sexual expression. I hope that I have shared and furthered this legacy in my tenure as IML. This has been a singularly remarkable year in what has already been a longer life than I ever imagined as I watched my brothers die back in the dark days of our community. I’m so grateful to have survived so that I could share this time with you all but, in all honesty, I would be remiss to not spend my final moments as IML celebrating the ones who are missing tonite. Starting with Chuck--but many, many others. I have spent so much time talking about the future of our tribe. I have fought Conversion Therapy, traveling around the world raising money and awareness for BornPerfect to ensure the generations behind us do not continue to be plagued by our larger culture’s projected shame, homophobia, transphobia and misogyny. I have stood before you on countless occasions, a mental health professional talking about the violence being perpetrated on our LGBT youth by my colleagues thru the barbaric practice of Conversion Therapy. I am heartened that their well being means as much to you all as it does to me. It has to. Without their mental and physical health we are doomed. We must not let them kill the soul and spirit of our future generations. As they did mine. With that thought, the old guy wants his last moment in the spotlight to celebrate the ones that paved my way here. The elders that they did kill through their negligent genocide. I moved to Manhattan in 1974. AIDS joined me there seven years later, and by the end of 1981 the number of AIDSrelated deaths in Manhattan was fifteen. By the time I fled west in 1984, that number had risen to 1,967. Three

years and 1,967 deaths in my town, in my bars, in my clubs. These men were, in large part, my leather family. They were vital, young, talented, and sexy as fuck. And then they were gone. My life went from Quaaludes, Fire Island, Coke, Studio 54, Chinese food, leather, 501’s and sex, to funerals, wheel chairs, pic lines, morphine drips, hospital gowns, Kaposi’s Sarcoma and horror. I fled west, withdrew from the scene but things only got worse. I have, honestly, never recovered. I miss that life. I miss those men, every day. I wish they were here to have shared this year with me. So, my final thanks and tribute goes to you, my fallen generation, my buddies from the Mineshaft, my long gone heroes, my brothers, the Tom Rolfings, the Jeff Schmidts, the Reed Jones, the Bud Nieces and all that are not here to stand beside me today. I love you. I remember you. I am representing for you. I’m teaching young kinksters that they didn’t create this world any more than we did. You, my younger brothers and sisters, you are now the stewards of what has been passed to you. Please continue to evolve and adapt our culture. Evolve, don’t reflexively disrespect, dismiss, and discard. There is much richness in our collective histories that deserves to be carried forward as there is much that has to---absolutely--has to— change. Survive. Respect. Evolve. This must happen to ensure all a place at our table. We needn’t all squeeze into the same chair, but we all must have a place at the table. Leave our small world a little better than you found it. Cherish it. Protect it. Pass it along a bit improved, as I have done, to those that come behind us. To paraphrase what I said here last year. None among us should ever be made to feel that they are anything less than born perfect. You are, I am, we are all Born Perfect. I leave you with this hope -- this blessing. Be smart, be kind, and have a fucking ball. I have and I want nothing less than that for you all.

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018



JUSTIN DUWE By Thomas Swallow

Alphatribe’s very own version of an agony aunt. Can’t get it up in the sack? Struggling with your ‘open’ relationship? Or simply wondering what PrEP is? Then this is the man you need to talk to!

Justin Duwe, BSc, MA, SAC Dip, Dip, MBACP, is an openly gay psychologist, sexologist, and columnist. He runs a busy and successful private practice in central London where he specialises in addictions, sexual issues, relationship matters, body image issues, existential crisis, and more. With over 12 years mental health experience, he has helped hundreds of people across the globe achieve their personal and professional goals. His innovative and challenging approach to therapy has earned him an excellent professional reputation amongst his colleagues and he is known affectionally by his clients as ‘London’s top gay psychologist.’ Contact details: All questions posed to Justin will be handled in a private and confidential manner. Don’t worry – he’s here to help and get you the answers to the questions you’re too scared to ask. Email: Mobile: +44 7717664177


A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

How normal is blood during anal sex? It’s happened a few times when I’ve been with my partner and it freaks me out a bit. This is a common question that many men who have anal play ask and wonder about. It is rare that a man can become seriously injured through anal sex/play, however, some mild bleeding after anal play is not uncommon. The most common reason for bleeding after anal play are anal tears in the lining of the colon. The inner lining of the colon is sensitive and not used to dealing with friction and thus tears more easily. Sometimes these tears are so small that they don’t even bleed, but some bleeding after anal sex for a few hours or even days is not uncommon. The other major cause of bleeding after anal play will be due to haemorrhoids. You may not even know you suffer from them until you have anal stimulation which causes one to burst and then you find blood. Haemorrhoids, are swollen blood vessels, and can make anal play uncomfortable or even painful, so listen to your body and make sure you always use a lot of good lubricant. Bleeding caused my haemorrhoids usually subside within a few days after anal play. If you are concerned about any bleeding it is always best to have it checked out by a medical professional, better to be aware of a problem and have it treated than to leave it and only have a bigger problem later.

I don’t understand why my rubber catsuit makes me feel so confident and sexy but I’ve even started wearing it under my suit to work. Is it normal to become so attached like this? Normal is a tricky word to use correctly. When I work with my clients I will use it, it isn’t always a bad word, even in therapy. I have always thought it best to compare ourselves with ourselves, not others. Normal is what we are used to and should feel accepting of. I have worked with men who wear other fetish gear under their clothes and did so on a regular basis, thus it was normal for them. I have also worked with men who don’t own any fetish gear and wearing a catsuit wouldn’t be normal for them. Normal is relative. I think that if you feel empowered by wearing your catsuit, then wear it! Just make sure that you pay attention to possible hygiene issues. Fetish gear is not meant to be worn all the time and good gear tends to be expensive. Many men who enjoy wearing their gear will do so frequently and skip on the necessary steps to keep it in pristine condition. Don’t be afraid to feel confident, it should help you to stand out at work !

the same direction ? Perhaps there are health issues that need to be taken into consideration, speaking to a medical professional about PREP may be a solution if he is wearing a condom over fears of HIV. Many men I work with prefer to wear a condom due to unrealistic hygiene expectations, they fear getting poop on their dicks. I have never meet anyone who didn’t poop from their anus. Yet, despite this they still fear getting dirty and it causes a significant impairment to sexual intimacy. I recommend that you speak to him and see if both of you see the relationship going in the same direction. It is possible that his unwillingness to not use a condom is code for his feelings about the relationship’s direction. He is after all, literally putting a barrier between the two of you.

Having sex with a condom really bothers me. The feeling when a guy is wearing one inside me just makes me soft instantly but my boyfriend doesn’t do bareback. Is there anything you can suggest? This is a tough situation and a difficult question for me to answer without meeting you both and knowing the full story. However, I will do my best to answer this question. Both you and your boyfriend have a right to feel comfortable during sex. Feeling comfortable and safe are necessary for the body to function in the desired sexual way, if we don’t feel comfortable or safe humans often experience sexual dysfunctions, i.e. loss of desire or erection issues. How long have you and your boyfriend been together ? Is it perhaps time to have a conversation about sexual boundaries and expectations? My fear is that if you continue to have sex and feel a lack of desire that this would cause the relationship to become too strained and may cause it to end. Then again, there is more to life than a strong erection. I wonder if the two of you see the relationship going in

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 01 8



THE TOP 25 FETISH BARS IN THE WORLD YOU MUST VISIT BEFORE YOU DIE. (PART 2) What makes a good Fetish Bar and where are the best and most piggy ones located. PAUL STAG spoke to many regular circuit event players/travellers, Fetish title holders, Porn stars and guys who basically live to get their asses into a sling and ride a wrist deep to find the best Fetish Bars in every sleazy corner of mother earth.

12 Ramrod, Fort Lauderdale We just love this bar and it is the top destination to be considered in Florida way above Disneyland. It prides itself as being a levi-leather bar so you will see as many jean covered blue collared tight asses as guys in black plus a nice sprinkling of cowboys for variety sake. There is also a Leatherwerks fetish store on site for you to grab some new gear.

11 Mutchsmann’s, Berlin With 38 fetish bars in Central Berlin many of which are fully open for butt action 24/7 it means that everyone has there favourite and you will be spoiled for choice. Mutchsmann’s is a cut above with a great double bar upstairs with a fuck deck and pool table which has a nice layer of mixed cum on the green beige. Downstairs is a catacomb cruising area of hairy sweaty mansweat.

10 The Barracks, Palm Springs Slightly away from the centre of town closer to Cathedral City this Californian legendary bar has ample parking, a great open air deck, slings, fuck benches and restraint play gear and superb porn in fact we are not sure we could name a pornstar that has not played within its walls at some time or another.

9 The laird, Melbourne. Basically the pride of Oz. As Sydney has cleaned up and un-gayed the main beneficiary has been Melbourne


A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

and this bar it’s jewel in the crown is there to keep all the fetish boys on their knees gobbling each other’s knobs. It is part of the Laird hotel complex which provides accom exclusively to the bear, leather, fetish brigade so the play can start or finish upstairs.

8 Powerhouse, San Francisco A great busy busy....busy bar every night. No trip to SF would be complete without spending some time at Powerhouse in fact guys often go their every single night they are in town - we do !. In the SOMA (South of Market Street) district in the heart of the City it has loads of shows and events in the bottom section, with good company upstairs. Great bar staff and loads and

loads of porn stars who work in the City or are visiting absolotely guranteed. The outdoor covered back area is where the sleaze happens and being a tight space guys are on top of each other literally whether they want it or not. The bar has been used as the location for a few hundred of your favourite porn films as there are 9 major gay adult studios within walking distance.

7 Dirty Dicks, Amsterdam Not so much a bar as a Dutch institution now in it’s 43rd year and there has never been a better time to get to know every corner of this sleaze den as it was completely refurbished 3 years ago. No strict dress code but the locals know how to create a vibe especially at key nights like Golden Shower, Fist Factory and Naked Dark.

6 Bunker Bar, Gran Canaria The centrepiece of the Yumbo Centre in Maspalomas and the best Fetish bar in the sun on mother earth. The complex of three floors with the top floor being a classy club/bar vibe the middle floor being a classic German style fetish bar and the entire basement being a cruising maze with watersports areas, fuck tables and cages and you can move up and down the bar as your mood takes you. With 5 major week long Circuit Festivals anually including Fetish Week and Bear Carnival together with all the other gay establishments literally a stonethrow away GC is now killing Sitges, Barcelona, Ibiza & Mykonos as the best gay destination and Bunker is it’s beating heart.

5 Factory, Johannesberg The best fetish play area in the Southern hemisphere a very big space that you can get lost in easily. Spread over several floors with access to the stars up a treachorous staircase. Loads of slings and Fetish play kit with loads of hot South African guys playing right through the night. Once you are there you may never want to leave this industrial complex bar of course. Some of the best internal fetish decor we have ever seen.

4 Jackhammer, Chicago The pearl of the north side of The Windy City a drag up from downtown or ‘Boy’s Town’ but so worth it coming in as the second best Fetish Bar in North America. It is such a friendly bar with serious dancing and drinking on the ground floor and mezzanine pool area but it really scores downstairs. Of course the big draw is the most famous fuck area in the USA the legendary ‘Hole’ which is dark, crammed, sweaty and really gets the spunk flying. So popular that you may have to queue to get down to the basement and then have to queue again to get into the ‘Hole’ to suck some Yanky dick.

over in East LA in a safe area called Silvertown where there is so much space with easy on street parking and the added bonus that it is just as easy to park a truck as a car so it gets hundreds of working truckers many probably bi at best calling by giving it a real working mans bar feel where real men do what feels right after a hard days graft. Great open air area too.

2 The Lab/Berghain, Berlin The biggest permanant gay play area on the planet with more slings under one roof than the rest of the chart put together. Located in East Berlin a former huge factory converted into a large straight nightclub with it’s gay brother next door. The Lab entrance is around the side and for large events it is merged into the full gay club which can easily hold a few thousand guys. There is so much kit including three watersports areas, two changing rooms and multi-level play areas. It would be number one on this list but it is a destination play venue rather than a true local’s bar but on the weekend when a major event is in town you may have to queue for a couple of hours to get in but it’s well worth the wait every single solitary time.

1 The Boots, Antwerp. Let’s make this simple, Boots is the best Fetish bar on the planet period. It is a proper bar, well located, easy to get to in a safe area and there is so much to do over its five fours of pig sleaze heaven - YES FIVE FLOORS !. Each floor or part thereof aims at a different sex act from fisting to watersports, bondage etc and roughly the higher up the building you go the more full on it gets. Big queues on event weekends and year by year it’s popularity and noteriety just gets bigger and bigger. If you havn’t visited Boots yet then your Fetish training is not yet complete and with cheap flights from anywhere in Europe and just 2 hours from the London, Berlin, Paris or Amsterdam it is easy to fit into any European sex trip and it must be next on your list and that’s not up for discussion - your ass will thank you.

3 Slammer, Los Angeles Huge two tiered play area which brings a whole new meaning to the word cruising maze as there is so much space to cover both inside and out. Located way

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018




Find out which actors and movies dominate the charts this quarter. courtesy of




Logan Moore


Rocco Steele


Johnny Rapid


Austin Wolf


Armand Rizzo


Trenton Ducati


Beaux Banks


Ryan Rose


Jack Hunter


Carter Dane


Jock And Doc Hothouse


Mexican Brother Fuckers TreasureIslandMedia


Bo Sinn


Serviced Chaos Men


Big Dicks Fuck Fraternity X


Brent Corrigan


Daddy Issues 2 IconMale


Wild Side Dark Alley Media


Sky Knoxx


Untouched Gentlemen’s Closet


Deep Cum Holes


Deviant Otter


Addicted Lucas Kazan


Battlefield Threesomes 4 Active Duty


Cutler X


Seth Stark Dream Boy Bondage


Horn dogs Kristen Bjorn Productions


Teddy Torres


Put It All Inn Macho Guys


Friendly Vacations Next Door Raw Studios


Dolf Dietrich


Helpless Boys Fetish Network


Bushy Maniacs Big Rig Studios


Johnny V


Dirty Daddy Bears Pantheon Productions


Thirty For Juice Eric Videos


Billy Santoro


No Sailor is Safe Hot Dicks Video


Fuck Rikk York


Viktor Rom



My 10 inches

ALPHATRIBE M A GA Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018






A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018




Decide what you want to achieve. If you want a nice pliable hole that returns to it’s nice puckered airtight starting point or you want a permanent gape that means your tops can see right inside your Chamber of Secrets without touching at all. Both are fine but require huge different training regimes.


Preparation is everything and we are not just talking douching. Get your body and hole relaxed. A warm bath is very useful to relax your entire body and that of course includes your sphincter maybe try inserting the soap. Poppers or Amyl’s sniffed individually through each nostril are the best way to relax your ring. If you are not used to taking cock, large cocks and even larger ringbusting dildos then get one of the many readily available ass numbing creams from your chemists non prescription shelf which are for pile treatment/ haemorrhoids......they work great and you will soon be taking a fist up to the shoulder probably unnoticed whilst you are reading a book or eating some cereal whilst being gaped beyond the point of no return.


Your ass has two rings which are airtight when you are born and stay so until your 16th birthday when your phys ed teacher bends you over the vaulting horse and puts you to the cock for the very first time. From then on your ass has found its purpose and will get hungry for more and more spunk. There is a reason that god or nature put your G-spot and prostrate in your ass and within very easy reach by probing hands and that is because you should put as many varied objects especially cocks up there as you can in your lifetime - straight guys just don’t get it, which is why if ever you get a chance to stick a finger up a straight lads ass onto his spot then you will have in one split second introduced him to the wonderful Narnia world of being gay and you will have turned him off fish for good. Gaping which is all about width is training the outer ring. The inner ring which is beyond your cavity


at the entrance to your intestinal track is for can train and extend both so as you can take Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hemsworth up to the shoulder at the same time or just one ring of your choice depending on what you wish to achieve.


Every gay man should own a number of butt plugs of varying sizes. Tops need them for their subs whose holes will come in every shape and size and bottoms need them as your sex life will develop and improve overtime - we are not talking about straight men here who marry one vagina for life and just plough the same sized fish bowl for 40 years like watching the entire 180 episodes of the ‘Lost’ Box set in what must be the true definition of boredom. Butt plugs basically are inserted in your ass before you go to work and removed 8 hours later when you get home, have walked the dog and eaten dinner. It will train you hole to be more used to being stretched and getting used to remaining open rather than closing airtight shut and it will be ready for that evenings dildo session and as you progress to bigger and bigger butt plugs you will have a hole the size of the Brooklyn Tunnel in no time and then you will never fear any cock, fist or Jack Daniels bottle again.

5 This takes time. A fuck can be done in a minute or two

whereas a fisting, gaping or holestretching session should take about 4 hours or longer. Repitition is everything a top working a hole must be like a piston on a production line going in and out over and over again and then repeat. Slowly and surely that mancunt will relax its resistance its muscles will give in and a beautiful and oh so tadty rosebud will start to bloom from that boy’s willing gash. Lube is important two as fisting and fucking lube are two very different beasts (See a forthcoming Alphatribe article). For the time being get commercial lube or spit for fucking and J lube, Crisco or special products for advanced hole work

ALPHATRIBE M A GA Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018


If you go to far your hole will prolapse. This is permanent. We have all seen a heavily fisted ass that can push it’s beautiful pink inards out into the waiting world - in effect turning your ass inside out to give the ultimate fetish goal the truly beautiful rosebud and these can be huge up to 15cms of your inards pushed outside of your sphincter. These are a thing of pride to many guys but the ass will now be in a very different physical condition what is known as fisted into putty or fisted into nappies. This means that the likelihood of you being able to hold your poop inside is history and this will have a greater effect as you grow older.


Cocks are a lot easier to take than dildos.....yippeee!. A cock being fleshy will get squeezed by our outer ring and its girth will be reduced whereas a dildo has no give in it whatsoever. Glass and steel dildos, police nightsticks, baseball bats, traffic cones and all the other fun objects we live to ram up our chuff’s take no mercy at all on your ring muscle resistance. Don’t get carried away challenging yourself to the monster latex tennis ball tube size dildo from the local store invite Cutler X or Rocco Steele over first for an escort session to start training your pucker up. Of course those guys or decent sized cocks are not available all the time so that’s when your dildo collection comes in and with those gradually work up through the sizes to the magnum ones and the point of no sphincter return.


If you do numb your ass with creams or get high on poppers you may not know when something has gone wrong down there in your love tunnel as you wont feel pain which is the point of them so take it slowly or work with your top. If you feel discomfort stop if you see blood then definitely stop - don’t get carried away or let your top get carried away. Listen to our body and be aware that you have numbed your nerve endings around your cunt so be concious of it. We all know that feeling when we hurt ourselves whilst drunk or high but don’t notice

the cut, bruise or pain until the next day when you have sobered up so don’t let that happen to your pride and joy of a hole when your boxing mate has decided to fist you without taking his metal tack filled boxing gloves off.

4 No two asses are the same. We all have what is known

as an ass map. Sometimes your outer and inner ring are in a straight line and other times they are off centre or around corners that would even fox Stephen Hawking or make Indiana Jones struggle to work out. Therefore make sure you get the right sex toy for your own individual ass map. It is a common mistake by a young aggressive top that the harder he fucks the better serviceman he is being and the bigger a macho guy he is.....of course if all he is doing is banging repeatedly against his subs inside ass wall causing increased pain and no pleasure at all for his sub just stomach ache he would not do it. Maybe he is better spending his time rather than watching prison/ army/Police rape porn and looking up the subject of a subs inner ring and where to find it, luckily he will suss this by his 25th birthday and then he will become a great top giving his sub pleasure rather than just pain and the guts ache. Work out your own and partners inner ‘route’ and before long his hand will be coming out of your mouth like kermit.


Think hole training through. If you get yourself a rosebud the size of a dinner plate or a gape as open as box of Pringles brilliant a career in gay porn and escorting awaits you. Of course the downside of this is that a cock will ever touch the sides in you again. You may be the big attraction of the sling down your local leather bar but even the most hung rugby or football player may be underwelmed fucking you if he just has the feeling that he is pounding a bowl of custerd. Fisted or gaped asses often become the least satisfactory to screw there is more you can do with them but the primal benefit of being a gay man which is riding a new cock you have partially surrendered.

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A Z I NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 01 8





Guest Writer

Jack Fritscher

Pioneer film producer Terry LeGrand (1939-2018) died at his Hollywood home April 18. The Tom of Finland House hosted his memorial in its garden in Los Angeles on June 3. As the founder of Marathon Films, Terry produced the leather classic “Born to Raise Hell” (1975) directed by Roger Earl starring their discovery, Val Martin, whom “Drummer” editor Jeanne Barney featured on the cover of issue 3. At the violent police raid of the “Drummer Slave Auction” on April 11, 1976, the foursome of friends (Terry, Roger, Jeanne, and Val) were among the 42 arrested—partially because fascist LAPD Police Chief Ed Davis knew “Drummer” was promoting “Born to Raise Hell” which Davis decreed could never be screened in Los Angeles. Davis was a fuck up. He knew how to entrap fags and bust fairies. But he couldn’t stomach the new breed of homomasculine leathermen who looked more authentic in cop uniforms than did many of his officers. When his late-night stormtroopers cuffed the straight Jeanne Barney, they asked if she were a drag queen, and she snapped: “If I were a drag, I’d have bigger tits.”

Jack Fritscher - pic by Steven Dansky

One of the core principals of Alphatribe is to document our fantastic fetish history, inform and educate about our incredible fetish forefathers, and the great people whose leatherboot prints we step in every single day. Jack Fritscher is a massively successful writer whose subject is our fetish origins and past. Alphatribe is honoured to welcome Jack as a regular contributor to our quarterly tome. Jack doesn’t write about our history, he was there living through it. We can’t think of anyone better to help us appreciate what most of us now take for granted in our fetish lives.


ALPHATRIBE M A GA Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018

Banned in LA, Terry moved the world premiere of “Born” to San Francisco at the Powell Theater where we first met in 1975. Terry and Roger, never lovers, were dear friends to each other for forty-four years, and Terry was the sole owner of Marathon. They met while Roger was working at NBC in Burbank in 1974. Roger was a guest at one of those ever-so patio parties in the Hollywood Hills where the talent stood on one side of the pool and the wallets stood on the other. It was the kind of backstage mixer described by party host Scotty

Bowers in his book, “Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars.” At that soiree, Roger’s erstwhile leather-bottom George Lawson, who had gotten him his job at NBC, introduced him to Terry who needed a director for his new S&M leather picture. Lawson who was originally slated to direct the film told Terry that Roger would be a better choice. Remembering that night, Roger told me that driving back to his West Hollywood apartment where he has now lived for more than fifty years, “The title ‘Born to Raise Hell’ just came to me. I pictured a motorcycle guy with a tattoo. I needed a really dynamic guy to carry this movie. Otherwise it was going to be the same old shit. Terry couldn’t have agreed more. I thought of the Colt model Ledermeister but he was not into the scene. I was lucky to find Val Martin tending bar. He scared me, and I’m a top, so I knew he was perfect for the part of ‘Bearded Sadist.’”

Casting authentic leathermen made “Born”like a transgressive play-within-a-play by Genet. Terry cast non-actors role-playing themselves as characters who are themselves. Existentially speaking: Is gay porn fiction or documentary? This ambiguity alarmed Davis who feared it was real, and charmed Terry who knew it was. The 1960s cultural revolution was in the 1970s air. Shot in the style of “Mondo Cane” and “Scorpio Rising” (both 1963). “Born” is the backstory of “Cruising” (1980). The LA press called Davis “Crazy Ed” after he went on TV demanding a portable gallows to hang skyjackers on

airport tarmacs. He had recently arrested the Manson Family for torture murders, and had shootouts with the Black Panthers and the Symbionese Liberation Army that had kidnaped and tortured newspaper heiress Patty Hearst who later starred in John Waters’ films “Cry Baby” and “Serial Mom.” Terry led gay resistance. He dared produce his realpolitik documentary in LA despite Crazy Ed raiding leather bars, tapping phones at “Drummer,” and freaking out over the two “cops” in “Born” and ads for “Born” in “Drummer.” Like the politically correct gays who ran screaming “rape” from the Powell premiere, he confused the film’s consensual S&M with violence. He feared being played a fool by fags. Because some pills make you larger and some pills make you ironic, gay nemesis Davis inspired gay resistance. As birthday twins of a certain age in 1989, Terry and I joked with Roger Earl and my husband Mark Hemry one June evening when Terry kissed me partying on a little supper boat cruising the canals of Amsterdam. Terry was born thirteen days after me in summer 1939, and like an existential punch-line two months later, Hitler invaded Poland. The joke was on us. So was the violence we had to process. Born into a world dangerous to everyone, and always more risky for gays, we teen boys grew up in the 1950s well aware there were no gay magazines or movies. Then came Stonewall. By the 1970s in our thirties, Terry was the producer of “Born” and I was the editor of “Drummer.” It was war babies who empowered the 1970s culture of liberating resistance.

Marathon’s films were charted but unscripted. “Terry and I preferred to let guys do their own thing on camera to keep it real.” Roger remembers Terry as a mindful producer. “I give a 1000 % credit to Terry. He was the one with the guts to dare go out and hire the cast. I’d say ‘I want this one’ and he’d go convince the guy. Remember: this was back in the day when gay men

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A Z I NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018


feared cameras as tools of blackmail, and nobody had yet really seen a gay S&M leather movie. We worked wonderfully together.”

When the Museum of Modern Art inducted “LA Plays Itself” into its permanent collection, that validation gave Terry a green light more certain than the great Gatsby’s to follow his passion. Politically, Terry had no question about his rights as a gay filmmaker. Nor did Roger or Halsted. “We would never have made it,” Roger told me, “if it hadn’t been for Fred putting out ‘LA Plays Itself.’” In “Beyond Shame,” Patrick Moore observed in 2004: “What is being explored in both films is a kind of sex that depends not only upon erections and ejaculations, but rather on an emotional stretching that remains shocking today, but must have seemed nothing short of revolutionary in the early 1970s.” LeGrand-Earl helped grow that “emotional stretch” bonding men together in leather culture. In that postStonewall decade of emerging liberation, the new gay S&M porn, like sadomasochism itself, was roaring out of the closet. Producers and directors were educating gay and straight audiences into sadomasochistic literacy with international films like “The Night Porter,” “Salo,” “Seven Beauties,” and the camp “Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS.” Because Terry and Roger made “Born” together as equals, they deserve co-star billing, but, as often happens in Hollywood, one name can outshine another, and reviewers and queer historians seem to side with French auteur theory which defines a movie by its director: a Truffaut film, a Hitchcock film. Terry and Roger deserved double-billing like Merchant Ivory, but self-effacing Terry, who produced 22 of their films, made Roger the star in their advertising, which buried Terry’s name in Marathon publicity.

That production summer of 1974 was a key moment in the birth of the gay porn industry. Terry wanted to earn big bucks at the Box Office because money and fame empower visibility. He was an opera buff who dreamed operatic porn dreams after watching “Deep Throat” break through to make millions in 1972. As a marketing activist, he was keen to fill gay gaps and silences. He fused trends. He saw an unserved audience of leathermen standing in bars. He saw the red-hot popularity of Kenneth Anger’s “Scorpio Rising” and Fred Halsted’s “LA Plays Itself.” Why not produce a film to out bondage, fisting, and S&M for that audience wanting authentic identity entertainment on page and screen? For the same reasons at the same moment, Terry’s frenemy, John Embry, founded “Drummer.” That film and that magazine suddenly gave leathermen visions and voices. In perfect synergy, the producer needed “Drummer” to publicize “Born,” and the publisher needed “Born” to fill “Drummer.”

It was Terry who planned and coordinated the actual film production creating the safe environment they needed in order to work free from harassment by Davis. It was Roger who helped Terry finance this little gay art film with a personal loan of $10,000 dollars while he was dresser for singing star Dean Martin at NBC. Terry protected Roger—and the cast and crew Roger directed, including one of the pornstar Christie twins as sound recordist, and Ray Tomargo and Vince Trainer as the cinematographers. Terry managed their shoot on location outdoors in Griffith Park, and inside the old Truck Stop bar way out in the San Fernando Valley. With a half-dozen reels in the can, Roger spent four weeks in post-production guiding Trainer in cutting the 16mm Eastmancolor footage on a Moviescope set on Roger’s kitchen table. “It was dangerous,” Roger said, “Because we could not afford a work print, I was cutting original footage, and didn’t want to screw it up.” In 1988, as a grand finale to refresh their life’s work in LA, Terry decided to use their international


A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

success with “Born” as a calling card to hire European leathermen and locations by traveling to London to shoot Marathon’s first three-film series, “Dungeons of Europe” with British tattoo and piercer artist Mr. Sebastian opening his studio for the first of the trilogy, “Pictures from the Black Dance,” after which they flew to Amsterdam to film “Like Moths to a Flame” and “Men with No Name.” At the height of the AIDS emergency, a new generation of film fans got hard on this safer-sex kink. Everything old at Marathon was hot again.

Session” inside the Argos Bar documenting that interior gay bar space that opened in 1957 and closed in 2015. I remembered that sex pit fondly from 1969 when I had slept in a room for a week backstairs at the Argos on Heintje Hoekssteeg, and some dude tattooed my taint. Leaving Holland, Mark drove our rented Mercedes van, speeding with six passengers down the Autobahn, to film in Dusseldorf and Cologne. In a straight mistress’s dungeon in Hamburg, we shot two films. We shot two more in gritty West Berlin bars, the Knast and the Connection. It was the last exciting and romantic summer in a nervous West Berlin just ninety days before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Terry Legrand, Jack Fritscher, Roger Earl, January 2007. Photo by Mark Hemry

Wanting more of that European sex-magic in 1989, Terry hired Mark Hemry and me as cameramen, because he liked the features we had shot for our Palm Drive Video studio. We also bonded because our mutual friend, Fred Halsted had just committed suicide. Flying to Amsterdam, we four traveled on a wild monthlong shoot for our six-film series, “Bound for Europe,” documenting Dutch and German S&M: “The Argos Session,” “Fit to Be Tied,” “Marks of Pleasure,” “Knast” and “The Berlin Connection.” We two gave Marathon its first two-camera shoot which Roger edited over the next two years. What is more erotic than being part of a film crew shooting leathermen on location in summer in Europe? That month, we eye-witnessed the efficiency of Roger and Terry working together. In Amsterdam, Terry produced a location whose realism inspired the actors. At the dark hour of 2AM on a two-night shoot, we began filming “The Argos

Terry wanted to shoot in East Berlin; but at Checkpoint Charlie we turned around because no one on the crew felt it was safe for a Mercedes full of gay pornographers to cross over to East Germany. Instead, the last night in West Berlin, a hot young German on our crew asked us if we would like to go stand and scream under the roaring railroad bridge where in “Cabaret”Liza taught Michael York how to scream anxiety away.” For Christmas 1989, Terry sent each of us a small chunk of cement from the Berlin Wall. In 1991, Terry became the founding publisher of “Leatherman Magazine” which he sold to the publishers of “Bear” magazine. He closed Marathon when he broke his hip in 2007. He then hosted his gay chat show LATALKRadio, and did AIDS-support work. He was pleased that in 2017, Editions Moustache in Germany published my updated 1997 interview of Roger Earl talking about him and “Born to Raise Hell” in the book “California Dreamin’: West Coast Directors and the Golden Age of Forbidden Gay Movies.”

© 2018

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 01 8






We constantly here that LA is full of bottoms, Paris is full of bottoms, Fort Lauderdale is full of bottoms, London is full of bottoms repeated ad nausea for every City in the world which we always took with a pinch of salt but now it seems it is true. One recent party has decided to charge bottoms 3 times more than tops for entry to get the required fucking proportions right. It seems as though this has always been the case but as bareback has taken over as the preferred sex act to wearing condoms predominantly due to the massive uptake of PrEP Worldwide this top/bottom discrepancy has become more obvious. In the bareback world it is all about being a cumdump taking as many loads as possible as a badge of honour, success, sleaziness and popularity often with marker pen score cards on your back therefore obviously multiple tops are required and clubland has noticed this trend and will probably continue to do so. The new sex club event in Manhattan called ‘Anonymous’ is leading the way on this trend following the basic format of Europes well established Fickstutenmarkt ‘Stallion and Mare parties’. So the situation is with both the stallion and mare events and the new Anonymous is that Bottoms are blindfolded all night while the tops cum and go, until the bottoms have had their fill. The difference is that at Fickstutenmarkt you can be a condom only bottom if you want and everyone tops and bottoms alike pay the same whereas with Anonymous it is raw all the way reflecting the changing times.


Where it gets interesting is with the entrance charge to the New York event where Tops are charged $25 entry while the bottoms pay a whopping $65. If you’re Versatile but pay to enter as a top, don’t think you can cheat the system and take a few loads as that is wholly against the club rules. Speaking to the gay press the promoter of the event said, “The way the party works is that bottoms volunteer as a cum-dump. They are placed into position for the entirety of the party and stay there as long as they want. I’m a big old bottom myself, and this has always been a fantasy of mine and it seems everyone else’s too but for it to work – and for the experience to be achieved for the cum-dump bottoms – we need a huge ratio of tops to bottoms, which means discounting admission for anyone who wants to top”. This of course means that bareback tops are the most valuable commodity in the gay world so it does seem as though the world and every city IS full of bottoms which maybe no surprise to many as that is where our G-spot and prostrate are handily located “That’s also part of what the bottoms are paying more for – guaranteed high numbers of tops. We are not proctoring anybody’s sexual identity, we’re just asking which role you’ll prefer to play in this particular fantasy experience”.

A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

“If someone is versatile they can play as a top. They just can’t switch over to bottom during the party because the bottoms have already volunteered for a LIMITED number of spots in advance.” Of course the world of gay porn and our fantasies often include one ass taking more than one cock sometimes in other holes too. This type of group session around one mancunt is infamously impossible to organise so it seems as though club promoters are on to a winner offering this scene up as a guarantee for extra cash and of course New York tops are not complaining and the subs get the true cumdump experience but of course there is no quality control so if you are the sort of guy who never refuses a load then the party for you has arrived.

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018



f WHEN? May 2018

WHERE? Chicago

International Mr Leather 40, Chicago The much heralded centrepiece of the leather year all came together like clockwork over the hottest 3 day holiday the event had ever seen. There were five important landmarks which made this years event the biggest and best IML ever. 1 It was the 40th anniversary of the longest and most famous gay fetish event on the planet so it included much extra celebration and importance. The event was attended by the original and first ever International title holder (And AT writer) the fucking gorgeous David Kloss together with of course the current superstar of fetish IML39 Ralph Bruneau who has been gracing our magazine regularly with his thoughts and travels over the last year. Ralph is from LA and a real showman so it is no surprise that besides his formal step down speech which he gave exclusively to AT before delivering it to the World from the main Chicago stage that he also made a hugely professional music video including back up singers etc shot on location around the City Of Angels singing the whole of Diana Ross’s hit Remember Me. We hope it makes it to YouTube soon so as the whole world can see it and with the final line of ‘Remember me as a good thing’ it was pure class and we sure will remember him......but we are not letting him go that easily as he is now working on future pieces for ongoing editions of AT and Cerebral. 2 This IML was the first without the (co) founder and main driving force behind the entire event the late great Chuck Renslow who sadly passed away last Summer. He presented every sash over 4 decades to the 120 top men the gay fetish world has produced except in 2017 when he was too ill to attend and followed proceding’s from his home via Skype. He was also the originator of the Leather Archive and Museum which is the number one facility protecting our wonderful gay fetish history and struggles. There were tears all


A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

around the auditorium at several points through the evening of each of the three nights of competition especially on the final night through a video montage and a section where the new boss of all things IML Jon Krongaard invited all of the volunteer heads onto the stage for the very first time. 3 In 2002 IML broke all it’s and any gay contest records with 66 contestants roll on to this year where 72 winners entered the contest from around the World not so much breaking the previous record as obliterating it. The entrants have all been busy winning their own national/Continental/Association/ State or bar contests over the last 18 months from as far away as Australia and Brazil all coming together in a final to end them all.....but we firmly believe that all 72 of them are winners and deserve their individual titles which are all recorded in the history books of their own contests - you may step down one day but you keep your sash, waistcoat and title for all eternity. 4 It costs a lot to compete at IML mainly due to travel and accommodation costs together with the time off work that is needed. Therefore many contestants simply cannot afford to go even though their associations and sponsors do their best but of course crowd funding nowadays helps with that. Some years we have seen as low as one European in contest in Chicago but this year the great Continent of Europe sent a whopping 12 great national winners and boy did they score highly with many flying straight into the top twenty and one grabbing his much deserved spot

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A Z I NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018


The results of IML were as follows. Winner - James Lee, Mr Leather Kentucky - who is a fabulous guy and incredible dancer. He is also hung like a horse judging by the online pictures of him being gobbled immediately after the contest by the second runner up who we all know loves to swallow a big load. 1st Runner Up - Sandro Cossero. Mr Leather Belgium - Europe’s favourite pocket rocket came good in America where the judges fell for his unique style as a leatherman with is soft toy buddy Elmo alongside throughout and even pink sneakers in the final round instead of the obvious leather boots - his success was deserved and the judges went for it all hook, line and sinker.

on the podium for him and his famous much travelled soft toy. Over recent years European title holders have started visiting each others competitions in support of one another which means that they all know each other, become family and doing things like competing at IML seems a lot more fun when you are doing it with your buddies, friends and equals. We predict this trend will continue with ever record numbers of Euro title holders heading to the states and after two runners up in a row we think it maybe next year that we get another European IML which we have not had for 6 years since the sexiest man alive not called Channing Tatum Mr Eric Gutteirez brought the title back to France as that years Mr Leather Europe. 5 The Alphatribe and Cerebral Magazine teams were there in force. We launched our separate American edition and new website back in April so it was perfect timing to head over from Europe to link with our American team, writers and contributors and find out what is new, trending and happening around the world of fetish from the many exhibitors in the leather market and the great and good fetish visitors. We met a great wave of approval and were able to get on board many great new contributors from the world of leather, rubber, puppies and everything inbetween including the new IML winner who has signed up to give us his exclusive diary and thoughts throughout the year as the number one guy of gay fetish.


A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

2nd Runner Up - Stephan Ferris, Mr Friendly San Francisco - The former International porn star Blue Bailey competing under his family name was hugely popular throughout the week. The first out poz porn star ever made that a major part of his speech controversially attacking IML’s bareback ban of 2010 he got the biggest standing ovation of the evening showing how out of touch that policy is in a post PrEP world. He then went on to fuck all 71 of the other contestants at the House Of Blues Victory Party we heard or at least tried too !

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A Z I NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 01 8





Stephan Ferris, known in porn as Blue Bailey, has been one of the most successful American porn stars on film over the last decade. He is a truly intelligent guy, who outside of the adult industry is working on establishing his legal career. Currently he is studying to take the California Bar Exam, after coming winning Second Runner Up From IML. Sexwise he is a real dirty nasty fukka. He is one of the newer trailblazing porn actors who jumps between the highest production value condom porn with the biggest studios and some incredibly hot bareback scenes for all the great raw studios, which now hugely dominate the industry without any problems to his career. Living proof along with huge condom/bareback models such as Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian and Rocco Steee that the old adage that if an actor does bareback his condom career is over is well and truly dead.


A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

Blue is a trailblazer in an even more important way. He was diagnosed HIV positive in 2007 and has been open and proud about it throughout his entire modelling career, unlike many other porn actors who would rather keep their status hidden rather for risk of loosing work for which we admire him. Recently, this Las Vegas born 30 year old, who now bases himself in San Francisco was the star of hugely controversial film Treasure Island Media’s megaselling ‘Viral Loads’ where not only was he barebacked by 21 tops his ass was also filled up with a giant load of mixed spunk from a jar labelled ‘Positive cum’. So in our opinion there is no-one better qualified stud to talk about the current massive trend in porn towards bareback film and the use of PrEP/PEP in the adult industry.

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018


Furthermore he has recently come front and centre in opposition to the the APAG (American PornStar Union) controversy where they appear to be stigmifying HIV undetectable performers and have been accused of pushing for a black list of Porn stars with HIV and limiting their employment also using the dated term ‘clean’ to refer to Negative performers.... remember this is a Union !!! This has resulted in their board member and Alphatribe regular columnist of the last 3 years Billy Santoro resigning from the board over this matter.

most models that I have encountered are educated on the risk/lack of risk associated with HIV-positive, undetectable men who take medication. For those who may be unaware, undetectable equals untransmittable (U=U).

How did Blue Bailey get started in the adult industry? A ‘career’ in porn was never my intention, I got into the industry almost by mistake. I was playing with a fuckbuddy of mine, and he asked if I wanted to join his circle jerk film scene the next day. I checked it out, did it, and loved i. I slowly worked my way up from circle jerks, to sucking big cock, to massive gangbangs. I find it is a great way to have sex and explore my sexuality with the hottest guys on the planet. MR. Pam from NakedSword is an amazing director and hired me for my first condom shoot after having performed in bareback films for a number of years. I doubt I would have attained this notoriety without her help and support. She even called to wish me well the morning of my big gangbang. A few years ago, I filmed a documentary, in New Zealand, which focuses on my life in porn and work as an HIV activist. I was personally denounced by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation for my advocacy of Prep, Pep, and TasP, but our work led to trials of Truvada being introduced into Auckland.

Has your massive success as a bareback performer hindered your potential to work with condom studios at all or has that myth now died for good ? I certainly was never offered any exclusive positions with the condom studios (nor did I want them), but I don’t think my work in bareback hindered at all. Filming bareback used to be a very serious issue, with guys being blackballed from the industry overnight for one raw fuck on film. Years ago, the audience presumed was that all bareback performers were positive. I’ve had scene partners stigmatized for working with me and I’ve had models refuse to work with me because of my positive status, but I don’t think it hindered run in the adult industry. Now we have PrEP, and PrEP is a game-changer for the industry. The presumption that a performer is automatically positive because they do bareback porn isn’t a logical inference anymore. Furthermore,


A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

Do you prefer bareback sex and what most turns you on about it? A lot of people assume that I only play bareback because of my films, but that is not always the case. However, Bareback is certainly my preference, and I predominantly play bareback off camera. I get turned on by eating sweaty cum-filled hole after its been fucked in. I am a major pig in the bedroom, but you only catch a glimpse of it on camera.

You were diagnosed positive in 2007 before your porn career started - why do you think more poz porn stars are not public about it like yourself? It’s simple, there is stigma attached to being HIVpositive. Being an adult performer was a hobby and side hustle for me. Thus, I had more freedom to pursue the scenes that turned me on, which were almost always bareback, because I didn’t rely on my success within the industry to provide my income. Other

Is there much difference doing a bareback scene for Treasure Island Media which are often shot in real time as opposed to doing a raw scene for Michael Lucas who is more renowned for more staged quality well lit longer shoots ?

models may not have such freedom because they are dependent upon working within industry proscribed standards. Performers who are uneducated about how the virus is transmitted often make judgments and refuse to work with HIV-positive models. Porn “unions” such as APAG publicly denounce HIV-positive performers and wish for them to be banned entirely from the industry. Organizations who oppose PrEP and performer autonomy, like the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, label PreP a party drug and create public shame around its use. There are many reasons why a performer would chose not to disclose their status. I will say this though. I have encountered numerous people in my life who are totally fine with taking loads from self-identified HIV-negative men, but whom automatically turn away HIV-Positive men. This thinking is backwards. HIV-positive undetectable men are statistically less likely to transmit the HIV virus than someone who believes their status to be HIVnegative. Don’t believe me? Research it for yourself.

Shooting in real time, which is TIM’s approach, is way more fun. There is no stopping and repositioning every couple minutes to get the right angle or lighting . It’s a much more organic and authentic representation of the chemistry and energy. Some fans prefer the more staged big production sex scenes and some prefer the guerilla style like TIM does where if the cameraman wanders into shot so what, it is horses for courses.

What was it like filming probably your most famous scene in Viral Loads ? What was in that jar labelled ‘Poz Loads’ ?

Has their been any issues with models or directors because of your status as in some guys not wishing to do a scene with you or alternatively specifically seeking you out to work with because you are Poz ?

I had filmed oral after oral scene for Treasure Island and it was boring me. Show up, suck a big dick, leave without getting fucked. I’m not so turned on by sucking dick because my jaw starts to lock up pretty quickly. I’d rather eat ass. My favorite videos to wank off to were the Dawson scenes from back in the day, and I really wanted to do a gangbang scene like his. I approached Paul Morris about setting it up, and he was open to it. The jar of cum was the studio’s doing. They told me it was cum, and whether it was positive or not, I wasn’t at risk of HIV. The set was great and really horny and it was all filmed in real time as it happened. It was a hot time and one of my favorite scenes. What I most enjoyed about the scene was the dialogue it started in the media about the impact and responsibilities of bareback porn. I used the success of the film as a platform to discuss what it means to be HIV-positive and undetectable and to highlight technological advances such as PrEP. Having safe sex doesn’t always mean wearing a condom.,

There have been some models that have cancelled scenes with me due to my status. I’m not aware of any models that have sought me out because I am positive, but I’m sure I may have been selected via serosorting.

So you achieved one of the things on your bucket list a 20 plus stud raw gang bang all working your bare hole, how did you feel doing it and afterwards ?

Have you ever been asked for a HIV test certificate by any studio ? Most of the studios I have worked with do not ask for proof of HIV testing, probably because I am openly positive. But yes, I have occasionally.

I felt pretty fucking awesome and ready for more to be honest. Thankfully it was the start of Dore Alley weekend a major fetish party here in San Francisco and the gangbang was a nice warm-up. Dore Alley is like the dirtier little cousin of Folsom Street Fair and your readers should check it out if the like a sleazy good time.

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 01 8


Do you worry what message extreme bareback sex sends out to your fans and porn viewers ? I respect the porn viewers intelligence to separate fantasy from what they watch and the reality of what they do in privat. Porn is fantasy. People jerk off to porn and can achieve sexual gratification from viewing fetish without physically participating in it. Masturbation, even to extreme bareback scenes, is safe sex. Playing bareback with someone on PrEP or someone who is undetectable is a form of safe sex. Moreover, some of the audience that bareback porn appeals to already participate in bareback sex. We don’t place a duty on Hollywood to make their films educational and realistic, so why would place a duty on porn. If you argue that viewers learn their sex education only from viewing porn, then the real problem is promoting methods of sex education. I don’t worry that bareback sends the wrong message, and I support viewer choice. If someone thinks that a different message needs to be conveyed, fight speech with more speech, not censorship.

and call me Blue (My Porn Pseudonym). She did attend Hustlaball as my date and had a great time, but there was no live sex shows that evening due to Nevada State Laws so she didn’t have to watch her little boy do depraved things in front of a cheering crowd as the Vegas Club that hosted it had a strict policy on sex and alcohol. All the shows are more performance based like flogging etc.

What are the best and worst things about being a porn star ? The best part about being a porn star is getting to travel to countries that have lot of uncut dick to ride on. I don’t drink but I am a dick cheese connoisseur. The worst part about being a porn star is dealing with other models and their oversized egos.

What is your favourite sex act ?

You are one of the worlds top escorts winning best Rentboy in San Francisco amongst other accolades, what makes a great escort and what was your best ever job ? I find that people reciprocate good energy when it’s given to them, and I think that having good energy and being kind makes a great escort.

I love getting under my rim chair and eating a ripe musky ass. Do you enjoy doing live sex shows and personal appearances like Hustlaball ? Did you enjoy the fuck machine and getting deep fisted in ‘Punch in, Punch out’ - would you like to do more fisting work ? I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would, but that was a VERY long day. After about 8 hours of the fuck machine, my hole was tired and ready for bed. I love fisting, top or bottom.

Your mum sounds incredible even accompanying you to the Las Vegas Hustlaball what does she think of you and your adult career ? She’s fascinated by the fact that people come up to me


A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

Live sex shows are great because you get to fuck in front of a crowd with random hands copping a feel. Personal appearances are even better cause you just have to show up and have fun meeting the fans and whatever.

You have visited Europe many times, what is your favourite City and where did you have the best fuck.... Is it all about hot foreskin ? I adore the culture and architecture in Amsterdam. It reminds me of being at home in San Francisco. However, the best fuck(s) I had in Europe would be

at The Hoist in London for Fetish week. Yes, it is absolutely all about that cheesy foreskin. An uncut dick just smells better.

You are now only doing the porn films that really interest you whilst you persue your Law career what is your next adult project ? I am not currently pursuing film work. I’ve only been out of law school for a year, and I’m focusing on taking the necessary steps to establish myself as an attorney in the legal community. I still do kink modelling for Mr.S Leather in San Francisco, and I enjoy making sex videos on my phone. Maybe one day I’ll make a return to porn as a bear or muscle Daddy. Maybe PigBoy Reuben or a gangbang with Dawson himself would draw me back. It’s hard rounding up tops on your own. I am very excited to compete this Memorial Day weekend at the 40th annual International Mister Leather competition in Chicago. My title is Mr. Friendly San Francisco and I am a representative for the HIV non-profit For those who may be unfamiliar with this organization, Mr Friendly is an international, yet grassroots movement to reduce stigma of HIV, encourage testing for HIV, and improve quality of life for those living with HIV in friendly ways. I recently published an article called Sex, Panic, and Videotape in the Hastings Women’s Law Journal Detailing AIDS Healthcare Foundations assault on the adult entertainment industry through a failed condom mandate. I’m drawn to opportunities to research and speak about issues affecting our community.

Stephens controversial standing ovation speech at IML 2018 YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!, YOU’RE SPREADING AIDS! Here I am living out my cumdump fantasy on a porn set and another HIV positive gay man says this to me? Being undetectable, I knew that I was at no risk of transmitting the virus because as we know Undetectable is untransmittable. There is still stigma around being Poz or having sex with someone who’s Poz and It sucks. I was born in 1987 when our community was on the streets screaming Silence = Death. 30 years later, I say... Silence = Stigma When groups are silenced by defunding, there is no education and outreach. When platforms, like craigslist, are silenced, we lose ways of simply “finding each other” When organizations decide to ban our porn. WHEN EVENTS WE ALL GO TO BAN BAREBACK PORN, our ability to make informed decisions is silenced.

Blue Bailey is a very fit, bright porn talent equally well known for his condom work as his bareback stuff. He is a great top and has a bottomless hole too, he also fists and does harder fetish as both a top and bottom, a true professional versatile performer who just happens to be Poz and doesn’t mind who knows it as he is not ashamed of his status and makes no attempt to hide the fact in many ways making him the safest porn star to work with in the industry. Blue is one of the most level headed porn stars who just simply loves gay sex, hot men, hairy asses and big cocks. He will return to be apart of the porn community, but it may be not be in court instead of in front of the camera. Meanwhile we have his hundred plus movies to enjoy over and over again and he can of course be followed by his fans on Twitter @BlueBaileyxxx. If ever you get into trouble in the States you know which Lawyer to book now. Just ask to see his briefs.

I chose to break that silence by being open about my status, my kinks, my life in recovery. And when you own who you are and what you stand for, it will invite others to speak up and to do the same. So, Speak up when you see your freedoms squashed by stigma Speak up when you hear misinformation being passed on as truth Speak up by using your power to vote in each and every election. When we speak up together, we are loud and we are heard.

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018




Erick is one of the most popular and successful Bootblacks that has ever walked the planet and cleaned it’s boots afterwards and he is a young sexy buck too. He lives in Anchorage, Alaska the 49thor 50th state of America depending on how you are counting where he organises many events and in his time off he mutates into his alter ego Pup Chaos and can be found in the nearest ballpit or ballsack depending on his mood with the other misbehaving Puppies. He won the massive title of International Boot Black in 2016 in Chicago against stiff competition and we are proud to have him as a regular contributor and boot cleaner at Alphatribe.

Have you ever seen a Bootblack at your local leather bar and thought about how HOT boot and leather care scenes can actually be? Maybe you’re wondering why someone would want to be a Bootblack? Each individual Bootblack has a reason for getting down on their knees to clean a person’s leather and why it’s hot for them. A Bootblack stand can be a playground for both consenting adults to trade passion, sexual energy and fun. For me it’s the act of providing this amazing service and seeing someone’s eyes light up


when their old or dried leathers are brought back to life. That doesn’t mean I don’t play while working however. Bootblacking is also a way that I can start to build fun scenes in and out of my Bootblack stand. Ask me about my lap service sometime! Unfortunately I won’t be going in that direction this time but keep an eye out! In this article I will be explaining the minimum you’ll need to build a beginner kit and what each tool and product is for. This is my personal opinion on what a basic kit would include. Each Bootblack has

A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

their own ideas behind the art, what they use, and who they provide this service for. Some choose to only work on their partner’s leather as a way to serve them. Some choose to provide the service to an entire community. Regardless of your reason for finding out more about being a Bootblack a basic kit will work for either scenario and I’m very excited you’re reading this! One of the most important things I like to tell people is you can usually strip the boot and start over if you mess up but generally try to avoid that. If you have questions don’t be afraid to ask!

A basic kit would consist of the items below. Keep in mind the two most common types of boots being HIGH SHINE which is a hard feeling shine-able leather and OIL TAN which is a softer feeling conditioned leather. It is important to have a set of products for BOTH types. Keep these items separated as best you can as to not mix polish and conditioner. • Saddle soap- Soap used to clean leather. • Shaving brush or small dauber- Used to apply soap on leather • Rags- To wipe off soap from leather after cleaning it. • Black Wax Polish- Apply with small amounts on boot to shine. • Horse hair buffing brush- run brush over polished area to create friction and heat to even put polish creating shine. Method for high shines: 1: clean the leather. Whether it’s boots, pants, gloves or a leather jock don’t be afraid to have some fun and explore the sensation of TOUCH. Apply the saddle soap using a shaving brush or dauber. Afterwards use your hands to reach those... hard to reach areas, (hehe). 2: Take your rag and wipe up all the soap. 3: Using your hands you can apply a small amount of polish to the desired area to be shined. 4: In back and forth motions using the entire brush you can buff out the polish to create an even shine. It’ll take practice. [Isn’t there some technique to this? just back and forth doesn’t work] 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 until happy! 6: Wash hands after each boot. This way you do not transfer any unwanted product to the next piece you work on. • (Oil Tan) Rags- To wipe off soap from leather after cleaning it. Neutral oil/leather preservative- Rejuvenates and protects dried leather. Horse hair buffing brush- Run brush over covered area to evenly spread conditioner throughout leather. Method for Oil Tans: 1: Clean the Leather. Again, don’t be afraid to get playful and touch areas as long as both you and your client are consenting adults. Apply soap using a brush or dauber. Use your hands to really rub it in. 2: Use your other rag to wipe off soap. 3: Using your hands apply a small but generous amount of leather conditioner to the boot. This is where it gets really fun. REALLY WORK IT IN. Rub the conditioner deep into the boot or leather and make your client feel like they are recieving the worlds best massage...if both of you consent then other “services” may be provided while they are melting from relaxation in your chair! Take as long as you want with this step. Make sure you and your client are satisfied. 4: Using your other horsehair buffing brush in a back and forth motion. Buff out until conditioner is evenly spread throughout boot or leather. Each person starts to develop their own techniques, styles, and kit after times, but these methods are a good place to start. Whether you are working privately on your own leathers or publicly on other people’s gear it is absolutely OK to say something is beyond your experience in the moment. Ask questions, watch someone work and learn as you go. There are many resources in the world for you to receive information from. Websites like social media, email current international and local title holders, books. There will always be people willing to help you learn. Bootblacking is always evolving and has to be something you put your own twist on. Just remember to have fun, and teach others, and don’t be afraid to get dirty!

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018




Stan Kashola was shocked by the plan he had just overheard. The porn studio legend, who was credited with singlehandedly reinvigorating the earnings potential of video-on-demand services in the age of free downloading and online piracy, was now facing a new test to his income earning ingenuity. He was widely known for having opened up new porn film business models leveraging on-screen advertising, cross-promotional event spinoffs, and by building a platform to sell his actors’ escort services. But now, as he updated his accounting software with the product placement contracts he had organized for his upcoming Bulges&Biceps Studio feature, he heard the Managetti Twins talking about how they were planning to use some sort of seagull hypnotic suggestion, whatever that was, to get his film audience to buy their products. Stan had always been slightly uncomfortable around the Managetti Twins since they premiered on the Pig Bastards brand a good five years ago. That discomfort only got stronger when he started working with them as their director a couple of years back. Their fucking-each-other routine didn’t bother him: each to their own, and audiences were increasingly into niche fetishes like that anyway, so it was good for business. And, if he was honest, they did take direction well on camera, never needed fluffing or extra time, and were reliable at arriving on set. But for the last few years especially, they seemed to have a creepy-as-shit, silent way of communicating with each other that he found disconcerting, mostly because it was out of his sphere of control. Now he had heard them talking about plans to use Stan’s next movie ( his movie!), to implant this seagull hypnotic suggestion or something. Stan only heard the tail end of the coded discussion between the leanmuscled, big-lipped, high-cheekboned Italian brothers, but it sounded like they were planning to give the popular Brazilian musclebear powerbottom,


Mario Bonerz, a tattoo as a part of the plan. (Bonerz was immensely popular this year, but Stan had a feeling that the Danish ex-professional basketballer Casey Holton, who he was grooming to be the next major bottom on the studio’s Creamy Jizzers label, would far surpass the current interest in Mario.) Studio gopher and fluffer Lukey Riggs innocently mentioned to Stan one day that his friends at rival studio, Salty Loads, had said that the Managettis were trying to build up their own business. They had apparently approached a few of the more popular actors on SL and offered them exclusive contracts for moulds of their penises for a new dildo line they were investing in. Stan overlooked admonishing Lukey for talking so openly with Salty Loads, the studio that Stan had once mentored by encouraging them to build up their amateur bareback aesthetic but with whom Stan had fallen out once they started to poach Stan’s own stable of actors. Lukey was, as always, oblivious to these kinds of politics, and his stream-of-conscious mouth often just blazed right passed any tactful gossiping. Stan often downplayed his anger at the Salty Loads crew in front of Lukey so that he could use the blonde twink as his unwitting studio spy. Stan felt sidelined that the Managetti Twins hadn’t come to him for advice or to craft a deal for placing the dildos in his movies, especially given that he was known in the industry as having successfully funded an entire production solely off on-screen product placement, where every prop used on camera was paid for through advertising, from the El Toro jockstraps and harnesses right down to the Skunkoff tobacco that was used to fill Daddy Pig’s signature pipe. Stan DuckDuckGoed the internet to try and get a jump on what seagull hypnotism was. Nothing, unless he was meant to read that Jonathan

ALPHATRIBE M A GA Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018

Livingstone Seagull book again that was popular in his twenties, but he thought that would be a dead-end. That book reminded him of his old business school buddy Maynard Florentine, who would be be interested in that type of hippy dippy shit. Stan was about to pick up his mobile and call his almostforgotten associate, when Lukey Riggs knocked on his office door. “I was just smelling the bed sheets from this afternoon’s shoot and I noticed there are some stains on them, shall I get them washed before we film some more?” Lukey asked, tucking his hands into his back pockets as if presenting himself fully to Stan, who, now standing, towered over the eager blonde youngster and was keen to make use of the boy. Stan started undoing his belt and as if in a Pavlovian response to the jangling of the belt buckle, Lukey slid off his tank top and got on his knees in front of the porn studio producer. Stan used his thumbs to pry open each side of the boy’s mouth and slowly slid his thick cock into the fluffer’s eager mouth. With the warm mouth around his bulging cock, Stan felt his shoulders relax slightly and it occurred to him how stressed he had been trying to work out the Managetti Twins’ plan and the potential risk they posed to his income stream. Read the rest of the story on our website


FOUR AMAZING PORNOS Each issue Paul -porn-addict- Stag reviews some of the latest porn movies released



Studio - TitanMen Cast - Daymin Voss - Julian Knowles - Liam Knox - Lorenzo Flexx - Jason Vario - Luke Adams - Jesse Jackman Director -Jason Mark



courtesy of TitanMen

Titan don’t mess around they know their niche and go straight for it. Big burly hairy men often in blue collar scenarios all dicking each other balls deep and condomed. So here we get construction workers, handy men etc etc and you can smell their sweat a mile away. Four extended traditional 20 minute scenes as you always get from Titan. Three exclusives are on show here in the form of Lorenzo, Liam and Jesse and they are beefed up by solid muscle from the other 5 men all doing a great one on one flip job on each others hairy man muffs but where is the beefed up group scene this movie craves. Bonus points for the inclusion of a great black performer in scene one too. BEST BIT Scene one is shot on set in San Francisco and the other three are shot on location down in Palm Springs a regular Titan haunt. The third scene is the standout, set pool side between the biggest man in gay porn not called Austin Wolf namely Jesse Jackman paired with the tiny Luke Adams. The size deception works well as Jesse’s cock which is big anyway looks massive going inside the petite lads straining pucker of a boy hole. Part of the scene is shot underwater and those particular penetration shots are to be seen to be believed. A hot 20 minutes for anyone’s wank bank.

BEHIND THE SCENES Ten years ago the gay porn industry was 95% safe sex and then came PrEP. Titan are the firmest supporters of condoms in porn regularly turning down models who have barebacked and cancelling contracts of any guy on their books who indulge in condomless sex anywhere. Roll on to 2018 and one by one all the other studios have slowly gone bareback and this year that has turned into an absolute flood. From the original 36 major North American studios only 4 remain showing all safe sex of course Titan included. ANY GOOD Have you ever seen a bad Titan film ?, no....nor have we. One of the most common complaints is that as they are one of the remaining studios that operate the exclusive model contract system. This means that we often get the same guys over and over again which sits awkwardly in this fast moving world of pornhub/X tube/Just For Fans & Only Fans. When the exclusives are as hot as the men currently on their roster we see little problem in this although Jesse does seem to be in every Titan film of the last 3 years. This movie is route one Titan if you like their stuff this is a fine addition if you prefer out and out sleaze, cumplay or realistic looking guys you may be better off with a different movie. We bust our nut anyway.

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A Z I NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 01 8




THE WORLDS THIRD MOST IMPORTANT FETISH MAN’S FUCKING CAREER In place of reviewing one Blue Bailey DVD we thought we would give a quick overview of the great mans fetish films.

courtesy of TreasureIslandMedia

10/10 In case you have been under a rock this Summer Blue Bailey had a top flight gay porn career lasting 9 years. He retired a few months ago and turned his attention to the leather fetish world his natural home as he grew from a young gay porn star to a masculine fetish stud. He entered a local title contest in California which he won and then went forward to International Mr leather in Chicago in May the worlds top fetish contest where he competed against the World record number of title holders ever 72 in all and ended up as the third top gay fetish man on the planet as second runner up.

Early Blue Shove That Load Up My Bum - Factory Video. From the studio that launched the website behemoth BarebackRT and the ultimate gay party brand CumUnion comes an early hot film where Blue who was out and open about his Poz status lays down the law that it is bareback all the way for him. Gang Bang Blue Blue Bailey Is A Cumdump - SX Video. Our hero headed to the Mexican border to San Diego where he was set upon by 8 raw tops and he bloody loved it truly gaining his filmed cumdump status and he is left dripping......he got paid too for what most would do for free. Cocksucking Blue Suck Dick Save The World 3 - TreasureIslandMedia Blue likes to suck on a huge schlong and the bigger the better and he has no gag reflex so can suck right through to completion. He loves to swallow spunk as much as he enjoys a good facial where he prefers 3 cocks to one obviously. Fetish Blue Punch In Punch Out - Club Inferno. A out and out fisting and holestretching film where Blue does his ultimate bottoming and even gets attacked by a fuck machine that almost destroys the future leather kings butt crack. This film made him truly bottomless.


Blue’s first love - Piss Piss Love Cum - Dickwadd Yes its true Blue fucking loves the yellow nectar both as a top and bottom and he gets a tonne of it here. He often slips watersports into a number of his movies and in particular loves to get piss fucked. Classic Blue Born To Be Bred - DarkAlley Media/RawFuckClub Bottoming for a bunch of incredible tops raw is what Blue was put on earth to do and here he gets real life police officer (and Alphatribe fave) Morgan Black, Dominic Sol, Dark Alley boss Brandon Hawk and others - his guts get well fucking filled.

Blue Takes Black Dick The Mix/A Dangerous Toast - NakedSword Blue who likes some interracial barebacking takes on the most famous black dick of all that is attached to the stunning and hung Race Cooper. Blues Landmark Film Trenton Ducati Goes Bareback - Lucas Entertainment The king of porn Mr Ducati himself after many years of great condom work was persuaded by Michael Lucas to do his bareback debut and so who are you going to call to breed that legendary ass for the very first time, a certain pozzed up Blue Bailey of course. Blues Award Winner Hard Cuts - TreasureIslandMedia Blue closed out his career before hitting the fetish scene full on with this huge bareback award hoover of a movie that won fetish film of the year at multiple shows thanks largely to Blue’s performance according to director Liam Cole. Alphatribes Favourite Blue Holebusters 10 - Hothouse Blue gets serious on the hands, wrists, dildos and more inserted mercilessly into his cunt by nasty top Marcus Ruhl. Blue is also in Holebusters 7 with Derek Parker and these two films are the reason his ass has never closed again properly over the last 5 years.

ALPHATRIBE M A GA Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018



Studio -UK Hot Jocks Cast - Logan Moore, Gabriel Phoenix, Jayden Middleton, Jeffrey Lloyd, Endo Black, Jonas Jackson, Colin White & Alexis Belfort Director - JP Dubois & Sam Barclay

courtesy of UK Hot Jocks


There are so little wrestling sex films out there and absolutely none produced in Europe so it is great that UKHJ produce the Grappld series (Yes that is the right spelling). This is great straight forward stuff one wrestling ring with 5 bouts of pairs of hot men in the de rigeur tight as fuck wrestling singlets. The bouts start realistically enough but once a guy is pinned down and sweating then the testosterone takes over the bulges get bigger and soon the rimming starts and then the ‘losers’ get fucked or sometimes both get fucked and then the singlets get covered in hot man spunk. Nothing clever here but that’s not the point its just like watching a great night of wrestling with hotter men than normal and guaranteed happy finishes for all concerned.

BEST BIT For two reasons bout number one of the five is the horniest. As the location never changes or the scenario just the men differ from bout to bout then obviously the drama of watching something the first time has a added frisson and horniness when the surprise of the change from real sport to real sex kicks in. The second reason is the guys. Bout one is between the slightly larger and smooth Jayden Middleton taking on the hairier megahung Jeffrey Lloyd. The sport is great and these guys both want to win and then on the mat the kissing starts and you will start jerking like crazy. There is great sucking and a real masculine 69 then they flip fuck and both cum all over Jeffreys hairy abs. You don’t get this down your local wrestling/boxing hall. BEHIND THE SCENES Both Dubois and Barclay were major porn stars before turning to directing. Whilst still in the prime of their careers they started their own studio in Manchester, England based largely on the structure

of the former bricks and mortar type studios. They had instant success with mainly condom films which meant after their first year they were the 47th most clicked on gay porn site on the planet.... not bad for a start-up. The studio is now 5 years old. They have won awards as both models and directors with Barclay recently getting a lifetime achievement award and have succeeded where millions of other porn models have failed moving to the more lucrative behind the camera position very successfully. This film also includes multi award winning European stars in Logan Moore and Gabriel Phoenix both of which have conquered North America, Logan just recently adding the Best Bottom trophy to his World Fetish Award for performer of the year whilst fans gave Gabriel the much deserved best jock trophy. ANY GOOD The format is great and the men are superb and everything you see here is real and not particularly directed or scripted. As with all UKHJ you get a lot of behind the scenes footage and interviews which many fans love as an insight into porn whilst others think it destroys the magic....well if you are the latter that is what the fast forward button is for. We hope the sweaty singlets are available to purchase on ebay as we would definitely be up for a couple of the most cum stained rank ones. Basically if you are into sportsman sex then this is perfect, well made, well lit with fantastic guys who all look as though they could make a living in the ring for real when their, eh..hum porn rings give out on them. This film is right up our fetish minded little street and there are no losers in these bouts as everyone bust their nuts eventually mixing with their man sweat. Next time can we have a fit referee who joins in please or maybe a tag-team bout with 4 guys or all 8 but then we re just fucking pigs for this sort of stuff.

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018




Studio - TreasureIslandMedia Cast Eddie X, Xavier, Leo Ing, El Malas, The Perez Brothers and many many more Director - Paul Morris

courtesy of UK TreasureIslandMedia


The one thing you get from TreasureIslandMedia is value for money. All their films are very long indeed with more scenes than any other studio we can think of. Here we get a whopping 7 extended scenes all shot over the course of a year from their Mexican office which means you are in for one hot latin fur covered bareback stud after another breeding gaping Lating manhole. The multi number of scenes mean that there is plenty of room for variety which means that here we get solos, duos, tag teams, group fucks, blowjob scenes etc. This is undoubtedly the best porn film to come out of Mexico and probably the best ever from Latin and South America. The language and accents are as hot as hell and boy are these fukka’s verbal. The keynote is of course the infamous incest scene (see beow). BEST BIT Scene 7 features the infamous Perez Brothers real life brothers in arms who simply live to ball each other raw and cum in each others asses. This may of course not be to everyone’s moral taste so enjoy the other scenes but for many viewing this will be as hot as it gets. For years gay porn have staged mock incest scenes which this decade have been taken over by real life incest with dad on son, son on dad, grandad getting involved and of course the infamous Visconti triplets who all shagged each other a few times a couple of years ago but very few of these are condomless. Most of these scenes were more staged than actually hot and now with this sequence that has been turned on its head big time. The Perez Brothers are very famous indeed in Mexico City n dive by the self created term of broballing. They’ve been cheerfully fucking each other since they were kids according to the studio !!. Once they hit their teens, they started getting hired by


sex parties and sex clubs and their live shows are infamous south of the border. They don’t just share each others flesh, blood and spunk, they’re also both total exhibitionists. They are very muscular ex farmboys who look like twins but aren’t as Jairo is a year younger. Here they flip fuck raw for 15 horny as hell minutes of ‘family fun’. BEHIND THE SCENES TreasureIslandMedia is the only studio which has multiple offices across the globe. This means they get access to many different men and types that other studios can only dream of. This is so evident here as we get the best of Mexican manhood and visiting talent all being ‘Timified’ and subjected to the studios ongoing breeding programme and unique type of sleaze. The Mexican studio is only in its third year and boy this talented team are hitting it out of the ball park already. Maybe you would like to start a TIM studio in your country with your own raw hung local talent doing it TIM style, we are sure Paul Morris would be interested to hear from you. Any Good There is nothing like this on the market and we truly love it. The men are incredible as is the varying locations including a number of outdoor locations. The group and tag team fucks are particularly sleazy and those incestuous muscular farmboys are simply incredible. If you like TIM films then this will be different to anything you currently have as their style translates so well to the world of raw Latin heat. Of course two scenes from porn megastar Xavier taking simply massive cocks which look like a man’s arm is worth the money any day of the week. Simply fantastic stuff that you will play with again and again like your favourite wank rag or twenty inch x eight inch dildo.

A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 01 8




BY THOMAS SWALLOW Spanish brand ADDICTED are no stranger to the gay community. Providing a range of underwear, swimwear and sportswear, that not only makes you feel like a pornstar but drives all the men around you insane! Trust us, you wear an ADDICTED jock in the locker-room and your ass will be getting more of a workout than just leg day…


ADDICTED’s answer to summer 2018! Their new range of sexy swimwear is guaranteed to get you noticed. With styles ranging from staple block colour/logo trunks to more provocative and playful lifeguard and superhero briefs, there is no denying you’ll fall in love with this collection. AD Fetish have even had an influence with the new #Top/#Bottom range, that lets you bring your fetish colours into the mix!

What we think:

There’s no denying the quality of ADDICTED products. They’re soft to the touch, figure hugging in all the right places and when you see a guy in ADDICTED, you just want to drag him to bed! Their new swimwear range is no exception to this. With your bubble-butt lifted to perfection and their bulge enhancing cup in place, you will definitely be turning heads this summer and getting more than water splashed across your ass!


A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

Where can you get your hands on them? Unless your fortunate enough to live in the sundrenched country of Spain, you’re not very likely to run into an ADDICTED shop. However, this sexy Spanish brand is available online via their website and other official retailers.

Locker-room Top Picks:

Our opinion is all well and good but we always believe it’s best to get a second opinion. This time from our sexy Spanish stallion Dani Robles. These are his top 3 picks from the new Splash collection!

1. ADDICTED Hero Swimming Brief

2. ADDICTED #Top/#Bottom Swimming Brief

3. ADDICTED Lifeguard Swimming Brief

A L PHA T R I B E M A G A Z I NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 01 8




Your seasonal guide to staying healthy, fit and ready for that sling in Berlin! Featuring top tips from international porn star and Best European Newcomer 2018, Dani Robles. Including how he keeps that speedoworthy bubble butt on-point all year round!

If you don’t know who Dani Robles is by this point, where have you been hiding for the last 4 years? This stunning Spanish stallion hailing from Malaga, has taken the European porn world by storm! Recently winning Best European Newcomer 2018 at the Prowler Porn Awards in London, we couldn’t think of anyone better to get us in shape for those long summer days fucking on the Spanish sand dunes. We gotta look good in those speedos after all! How often and how does he workout? Now Dani himself has been going to the gym 6 days a week for about 2 and a half years now and evidently it’s paying off. So we asked him a bit more about he splits up his workouts and keeps his porn star body ready for action. Day 1: Is all about legs, Dani bottoms in a lot of his movies and so it really is important to keep that ass onpoint. Day 2: Shoulders take the centre stage. Being a great stabilising muscle group, it’s important not to neglect them and Dani certainly doesn’t. Day 3: Back day! What many argue is your most important muscle group. Making progress in your back will


A LPH A TRIB E M A G A Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S EP T E M B E R · 2 018

support progress in all other areas. Not one to be missed. Day 4: It’s time for arms. If you want to be bulging not only in your speedos this summer, then this muscle group is definitely not to be missed. It’s also one of the easiest to notice a significant pump with following your workout! Day 5: Similarly to arms, we can’t forget the chest muscles in order to be bulging all over. The important thing to remember here, is to keep the chest proportionate to the rest of your body. No point having a built torso if your legs look like two twigs! Day 6: This is when Dani works on his washboard abs. Doing core work is essential in achieving progress in other muscle groups. He also throws in a secondary muscle group he trained previously in the week, to work that little bit harder and keep that body fat down. It’s important to vary this muscle group as he does though, in order to keep everything proportionate. Day 7: After an intense 6 days of working on his body, this is the day our Spanish stallion rests. Resting is extremely important when working on your body, to give it time to heal and grow. We think he definitely deserves it after his weekly gym sessions!

What are your top tips for people to achieve their fitness goals? I think my top tips in achieving what you want for your body, is to set achievable smaller goals and remain determined in achieving them. There is no point setting huge goals and being disappointed in yourself. It will always be a slow process that you must do continually every day but this will always be the best way long term.

What are your top 3 favourite exercises?

If you don’t know who Dani Robles is by this point, where have you been hiding for the last 4 years? This stunning Spanish stallion hailing from Malaga, has taken the European porn world by storm! Recently winning Best European Newcomer 2018 at the Prowler Porn Awards in London, we couldn’t think of anyone better to get us in shape for those long summer days fucking on the Spanish sand dunes. We gotta look good in those speedos after all!

Day 4: It’s time for arms. If you want to be bulging not only in your My 3 favourite exercises have to speedos this summer, then this be squats for my butt, using an ab muscle group is definitely not to be roller to keep my core strong and missed. It’s also one of the easiest pec dec fly for my chest. I think they to notice a significant pump with are all key exercises in maintaining following your workout! my body and are great to get that Day 5: Similarly to arms, we can’t instant pumped up feeling! forget the chest muscles in order to be bulging all over. The important Supplement of the season: thing to remember here, is to keep the chest proportionate to the rest I have found that the best way of of your body. No point having a achieving success in fitness has built torso if your legs look like two been not to use supplements and twigs! instead I focus more or keeping up How often and how does he Day 6: This is when Dani works on a healthy diet year round. Usually workout? his washboard abs. Doing core work incorporating a lean protein like Now Dani himself has been going to is essential in achieving progress chicken and greens like broccoli in the gym 6 days a week for about 2 in other muscle groups. He also my diet daily. and a half years now and evidently throws in a secondary muscle it’s paying off. So we asked him group he trained previously in the a bit more about he splits up his week, to work that little bit harder workouts and keeps his porn star and keep that body fat down. It’s body ready for action. important to vary this muscle group Day 1: Is all about legs, Dani bottoms as he does though, in order to keep in a lot of his movies and so it really everything proportionate. 3 step guide to getting a speedo-worthy bubble butt: is important to butt keepand thatif ass Afteronanpoint intense 6 days So undoubtably Dani has a pretty speedo-worthy bubble you onwant get Day your7:booty like his, readof below! point. working on his body, this is the Day 2: Shoulders take the centre day our Spanish stallion rests. stage. Being a great stabilising Resting is extremely important 1. Always place your weight on 2. Keep a curve in your spine at all 3. Do different variations of muscle group, it’s important not to when working yourare body, tobut give the back of your feet, this will times, this will avoid any squats, barbell on squats key neglect themfrom andthe Dani certainly it timevariations to heal and grow. help stabilise your body during back trauma exercise. doing will keepWe youthink doesn’t. he definitely deserves it after his the exercise. motivated. Day 3: Back day! What many argue is weekly gym sessions! your most important muscle group. Making progress in your back will support progress in all other areas. Not one to be missed.

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CURRENT EVENTS What your tribe is up to in the spring months

JULY 2018

J FETISH WEEK 8 - 15 LONDON Recon’s main event of the year, gets bigger and better each time with a real International reputation and a great Full fetish on the main Saturday is a must but don’t forget the great opening party from the best Fetish website planet earth has ever seen.

7 London Pride London Close down the Capital as the streets will be teaming with gays, whistles, flesh and colour plus the parties. 8-15 Bear Week Provincetown The North west hairiest men gather for a full week of furry assed mancunt action 9-16 The Cruise 2018 Barcelona



12-15 International Puppy Contest 2016 St Louis The top night of the year on the puppy calendar 12-16 Wet ‘N’ Hot Palm Springs The worlds premier watersports party where yellow is the only colour of the weekend - all urinals are shut for 3 days solid. Run by the worlds sleaziest porn studio Dickwadd. 13 Rostocker Steppenbrand Western Pommerania 21-22 Lesbian & Gay Stadfest Berlin 28 Berlin Gay Pride THE FETISH PRIDE. 28/7-5/8 Amsterdam gay Pride 29 Up Your Alley San Francisco Also known as Dore Alley, Folsons much sleazier and nastier little brother - you will get fucked on repeat hard and rough

J CIRCUIT 9 - 19 BARCELONA Fun in the sun peaking with Europe’s largest pool party, basically the Continent goes for its annual two week holiday shag and the pool party is off the hook.

2-5 Pride Amsterdam Where Fetish meets the feather boas of the pride world 2-9 Toronto Leather Pride Canada’s gay party town goes really wild 3-4 Brighton Gay Pride Everyone just loves this totally relaxed pure fun Pride 4 BIG Paris THE GAY GAMES OPENING PARTY

ALPHATRIBE M A GA Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018

The fittest and sportiest gay men all in one place, cum on six-packs will follow 8-16 Mad Bear Beach Party Weekend Torremolinos 8-12 Ledertreffen Hamburg 9-14 Antwerp Pride Boots mega fetish bar goes plain mental, guys will get fucked into nappies 11 A Hard Night Antwerp 14-19 Europride Gothenberg 17 Ascension Fire Island The best beach party of the year in North America. 18 Fisteval Deluxe Antwerp Tulips may be from Amsterdam but Rosebuds are from Antwerp

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22-29 XLSIOR Mykonos The best Summer party period 24 Manchester Gay Pride Canal Street relives ‘Queer as Folk’ in the big bash in the Northern powerhouse 23 -26 Pink Lake Austria the best Summer party in the Alps, trust us it’s great.


J FOLSOM FOLSOM 28 - 30 SAN FRANCISCO Just shaves Folsom Europe due to it being the first, the original and has better weather. The whole of SOMA goes wild for a week so many things to do our tip is to base yourself in the Castro and go on and back and whatever you do don’t miss the tour of the Treasure Island Media porn studio with live sex shows.


27/8-4/9 Burning Man Mojave Desert Where straight men go to discover their gay side 1-4 Bears On ice Reykjavik The most Northern fetish event with some VERY different play areas. 1-11 Sitges Bear week Close of the season event for anyone who has not fucked enough ass by now. OUR NEW FAVOURITE CIRCUIT PARTY ! 5-9 Folsom Europe Berlin great fun, loads of gear, parties and special Biohazrd poz parties and the biggest Stallion & Mare fuck party of the year 5-9 Southern Decadence New Orleans The sleaziest weekend down on the Gulf 14-16 Parteresports Barcelona

15 XXL Birthday party London Bears, Rugger Buggers and real men dance, drink, fuck and eat cake. 15 On Anniversary event London Suzie Krueger’s big one with the best porn star show she can lay on.

More gay partying at the other Disneyland again don’t miss the pool parties or the TV celeb meet and greets you get if you go VIP - we met the entire cast of Glee overlooking the park the last time we were there.


22 Damage Paris The Amsterdam concepts comes to the city of lights with top dj’s a great darkroom and gogo dancers. 23 Gay Oktoberfest Munich Gay men in laderhausen with loads of beer and the largest funfair at the internationally famous festival 23-25 XXL Three day fist Antwerp More rosebud training in pig City

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28/9-1/10 Gay Days Anaheim

M FULL AGENDA For a full agenda including the program at local bars and clubs, please visit or read Cerebral magazine.

M NOTE Please confirm all dates on individual websites as they may change slightly (Any promoters from across Europe or Worldwide who want there events featured please contact Alphatribe.


f WHEN? January 2019

WHERE? Washington


Let’s Spend the Night Together... ...or at least enough time to get off. Welcome to MAL, North America’s premier leather fuckfest! MAL is the weekend of the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather contest but it encompasses much more. It takes place in mid-January in Washington DC and due to the location—twothirds of America’s population lives within a few hours by car, train or plane--is very well-attended. A leather mart, dance parties off-site, cruising and drinking in the lobby all day, the announcement of the judges for IML and the contest on Sunday will keep you busy as long as you want. Or you could just have a lot of sex all weekend in what is the most active and horny leather event I’ve ever attended in the US. Gimme Shelter Probably the most unique thing about MAL is the main venue, the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capital Hill: a Voyeur’s and Exhibitionist’s dream. Standing 11 stories tall, the hotel forms a c-shape around three sides of the lobby with an arch above the fourth side at the 10th and 11th floors that quickly becomes the Voyeur’s Gallery. Viewers can stand in the “gallery” and look into the rooms of three walls to see the play going on inside. Window curtains are not popular at the Hyatt on MAL weekend—but sex of all kinds inside

the rooms is, with orgies, slings and fucking up against the windows especially popular, in rooms that are often elaborately lit and decorated. Waiting On A Friend Sex is plentiful at MAL, did I mention that? Doors left open are an invitation to strangers, Bareback RealTime has literally hundreds of parties listed inside the Hyatt (devoted tops take note: many of those “parties” are thirsty bottoms looking for quick anonymous gang fucks), nearby hotels fill up, Scruff and Grindr go wild, and, of course, there is hanging out in the crowded lobby to meet men the old-fashioned way. There are thousands of men, horny and often barely dressed the way leather men usually are. The hotel starts to get very busy by Friday afternoon, gets packed by Friday night and stays that way until late Sunday night. I Wanna Be Your Man It’s not all sex all the time at MAL weekend, unless you want it to be. A leather mart starts on Friday; on Saturday there is an event announcing the judges for the International Mr. Leather contest in May; ONYX, an organization for leather men of color, holds an auction in one of the rooms inside the hotel; and on Sunday afternoon, in the ballroom downstairs, there is the MAL contest, watched by several hundred people while the leather

mart continues outside. Residents of North America take note: you do not have to win a contest prior to MAL to enter the contest and it is not confined only to residents of the midatlantic region of the United States. All residents of North America are eligible to enter. Off site, there are dance parties starting with Furball on Friday night at the DC Eagle and continuing to Sunday night. For those who come early or want to take a break, Washington DC offers fantastic sightseeing and the location of the hotel, on Capitol Hill, means some of the best sightseeing is literally minutes away by foot. Another advantage to the location of the Hyatt is the fact that Union Station, the city’s main train station, lies even closer nearby than the Capitol. The subway has a stop there, a food court with a large variety of quick and affordable food is downstairs, and there is shopping inside the station, including a Walgreen’s pharmacy if you need toothpaste, deodorant, or, say, lube, etc. It’s convenient to be able to get many things you might need all in one place without having to go very far into an unfamiliar city. Start Me Up The next MAL is slated for January 2019. You have your marching orders. Now go make reservations!

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Maspalomas Fetish Week, Gran Canaria - 9 days, 18 parties including the fetish boat trip with below deck cruising maze. Sex on beach 7, in the dunes, in the resorts, in Bunker Bar, In Construction bar and then try the many more sex clubs for even more ass - Including Into The Tank, Twisted, Boxer and Alphatribe parties.

28/9-1/10 BLF Rubber Fetish Weekend Berlin Big European rubber gathering 5-8 Leather Pride Fort Lauderdale Floridas finest fetish week 5-7 Manchester Leather Weekend Big party in the UK’s fastest growing Fetish destination.


6 Milk Party Barcelona 12 -14 Mr Leather Europe All the top leather title holders compete - This year’s host City MSC Paris. 13 European Sneaker Weekend Milan The most famous event for guys into feet and their horny smell 16-27 Bear Pride Brussels More bum fun for a very long party in the Belgium capital 18-21 Hustlaball Weekend Berlin The best party with the best porn stars in the worlds best club ‘The Kit Kat Club’ with its indoor swimming pool - go VIP if possible - Last year’s theme ‘Scandalicious’ will we are sure be replaced by something even sleazier in the original venue used in the ‘Cabaret’ film and stage musical.

Leather Weekend London Year two after the huge success of the debut weekend - A dozen parties across the Capital. 25-28 Leatherpride Amsterdam In 2015 this won the award for the Best Fetish event of the year, say no more 25 Boots Birthday Antwerp Our favourite European club puts up some balloons, throws the rubbers away, bends over and thinks of Belgium chocolate 26-28 Vienna In Black Vienna 26-28 Palm Springs Leather Pride The whole of LA ‘s sleaze merchants hit the desert oasis for some geared up play time 26/10-4/11 Fetish Fest Key West A real 24/7 happy as fuck play party


ALPHATRIBE M A GA Z I N E · J U LY - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018

7 London Pride London Close down the Capital as the streets will be teaming with gays, whistles, flesh and colour plus the parties.


J MIR 21 9 - 11 CHICAGO Mr International Rubber comes of age and we expect therefore it will be the biggest and best by far with every rubber player heading to the Windy City.

2-5 BLF Skinhead Weekend Berlin One of BLF’s main parties tends to run 24/7 2-5 Black Party Weekend Zurich A hidden gem of a great fetish party 3-5 Mr Leather Spain Barcelona

The best new title contest. Not to be confused with the equally important and great Mr Fetish Spain Contest. 5-12 Winter Pride Maspalomas Gran Canaria Europes pigs escape the cold to play in the tropics for a week 8-10 Sexpo London The Uk’s premier sex exhibition at Olympia 17 Mr Puppy UK Birmingham The third ever winning pup will get crowned. 23/25 Mr Rubber Spain Hot Latin guys in sweaty tight gear - and you can pick the fittest. How do guys in Spain wear Rubber in that heat ? but we love the fact that they do. 23 Nice So Fetish Nice The new up and coming big European event not to miss - Roby Leather made us say that....but the guy is right xxx 23-25 Oi Fest Birmingham The big skin event largely based in and around Boltz. 24-2/12 Pig Week Fort Lauderdale, Florida The fastest rising fetish event in North America



8 Unshaved Powered By Scruff Berlin For masculine alpha-male, bearded hairy men and lumberjacks apparently

M FULL AGENDA For a full agenda including the program at local bars and clubs, please visit or read Cerebral magazine.

London formerly their Full Fetish Winter party. As much a part of Christmas as Turkey, The Queen, Presents and tinsel. Recon’s present to all its members is the big bash at Fire for when you have had enough stuffing it’s time for eh...some more stuffing of the back passage variety

29-31 Fetish Finals Week Berlin Including the main event ‘Fast dirty bastards Berlin’ at Club Connection.

M NOTE Please confirm all dates on individual websites as they may change slightly (Any promoters from across Europe or Worldwide who want there events featured please contact Alphatribe.

1-7 Mad Bears Madrid 18th running of the most important date on the euro ursine calendar with over 4000 bears attending

1-4 Southern Hibernation Bristol Huge catchment area pulls in a huge posse of hairy chested assfuckers 1 Milk Party Barcelona 5-7 Leather Roma Catacombs Rome 6 Rut London The sleaziest party in the UK going is back 7-9 FetishPride Italy

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A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018


A L PHA T R I B E M A G A ZI NE · JU L Y - A U G U S T - S E PT E M B E R · 2 018


Alphatribe issue 9

Alphatribe issue 9