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Dear Members       We  are  extremely  proud  to  announce  that  our  2010  Sea  Eagles  Community  Program  has  been  by  far  our  best  yet.  Not  only  did  we  extend  our  range   of  programs  in  the  community  but  our  Players  were  more  acCve  than  they  have  ever  been  before  and  the  program  culminated  with  Deanne  Lees   our  Community  RelaCons  Manager  being  awarded  the  Harvey  Norman  Women  in  League  Achievement  Award  –  Paid.       In  2010  we  created  four  key  pillars  of  our  community  program:       The  Sea  Eagles  FoundaCon   The  Sea  Eagles  Kids  Program   Local  Indigenous  Programs   SupporCng  Charity  Partners       One  of  our  most  important  iniCaCves  within  the  Kids  Program  is  “Sea  Eagles  Read”.  The  Players  have  truly  embraced  this  concept  and  we  had  the   majority  of  our  Players  parCcipaCng  as  either  “Reading  Captains”  or  visiCng  as  surprise  players  in  2010.  This  fantasCc  iniCaCve  has  produced  some   spectacular  results  and  is  now  being  looked  at  by  the  NSW  EducaCon  Department  to  see  if  there  are  learning’s  they  can  incorporate  into  the  school   curriculum.  Some  of  the  changes  in  the  last  12  months  have  been  phenomenal,  just  look  at  these  results:       Prior  to  the  Sea  Eagles  Reads  Program  -­‐  2009     82%  of  boys  listed  literacy,  in  parCcular  reading  as  their  least  favourite  subject   18%  of  children  parCcipated  in  voluntary  reading  programs   64%  of  the  boys  listed  sports  stars,  in  parCcular  Rugby  League  stars  as  their  male  hero       Follow  up  results  –  2010   No  boys  detailed  reading  as  their  least  favourite   65%  listed  literacy  as  their  favourite  subject   90%  of  children  parCcipated  in  voluntary  reading  programs       What  an  amazing  turn  around  for  the  kids,  in  parCcular  the  boys  and  this  is  a  testament  to  the  staff  who  Crelessly  created  the  program  in  the  first   place  and  the  Players  who  are  helping  to  bring  it  to  life  and  moCvate  the  kids  to  parCcipate.        We  are  also  very  proud  of  our  involvement  with  the  Royal  Far  West,  Manly.  Previously  we  had  supported  the  Arrounubi  School  and  raised  over   $40,000  to  help  them  purchase  a  new  school  bus.         In  2010  we  turned  our  aaenCon  to  Royal  Far  West  and  created  the  “Eagles  Nest”  within  their  facility  at  Manly.  This  purpose  built  room  now  has   couches,  computers,  Wii  and  PlaystaCon  consoles  and  is  a  fantasCc  environment  for  the  kids  and  their  families  to  relax.  I  would  like  to  parCcularly   acknowledge  Glenn  Stewart  for  helping  to  champion  this  project  and  David  Williams  for  the  sensaConal  mural  he  painted  in  the  room.  The  Players   will  now  take  an  acCve  role  in  helping  to  build  relaConships  with  the  kids  who  come  to  Royal  Far  West  and  make  them  feel  part  of  the  Sea  Eagles   family.       We  urge  you  to  read  this  E-­‐Newsleaer  to  beaer  understand  how  the  Sea  Eagles  are  truly  trying  to  make  a  difference  in  the  Community  and  how  you   can  help  us  with  our  efforts.       Thank  you  for  all  your  support.           Scoa  Penn   Chairman   Manly-­‐Warringah  Sea  Eagles  Limited    


TABLE OF  CONTENTS   1  –  Chairmans  Leaer   3  –  2010  Charity  Partners   4  –  Sea  Eagles  Read   5  –  Ready  Set  Grow   6  –  Eagles  Nest   7  –  Cultural  Immersion  Camp   9  –  Sea  Eagles  of  Tomorrow   10  –  Yunus   11  –  Game  Day  AcCvaCons  –  Women  I                    League  Round   12  –  Indigenous  Round   13  –  Community  Carnival   14  –  Community  Outreach   17  –  Every  Other  Day   20  –  Community  Clubman  of  the  Year   21  –  Ken  Stephens  Nominee   22  –  DonaCons  &  Appearances   23-­‐  Sea  Eagles  Healthy  Living  FoundaCon                Limited   We  give  thanks  and  photo  credit  to  our   official  team  photographer  Maa  Harris.    

What the  Community  said  about  the  2010  Sea  Eagles   Hey   We  just  wanted  to  say  Thank  you  to  the  all  you  guys  for  what  you  did   for  Johno,  yesterday  was  awesome  and  going  to  the  game  last  night   was  certainly  a  highlight  in  Johno's  life  to  date.  He  couldn’t  stop  talking   last  night  and  it  took  him  a  long  Cme  to  go  to  sleep  he  was  so  happy.  If   you  could  pass  on  a  huge  Thank  you  to  Glenn  &  Brea  for  what  they  did   for  him  we  would  really  appreciate  it.  The  whole  day  was  an   experience  and  a  boost  for  him  we  haven't  seen  him  that  happy  in  a   long  Cme.  So  to  all  that  helped  make  this  day  possible  Thanks  you  guys   are  legends  and  you  know  have  all  our  enCre  family  as  your  number  1   fans!   Cheers   Brad  and  Ethan     GreeCngs   CongratulaCons  on  a  great  win  and  our  thanks  for  enabling  Lifeline   Northern  Beaches  to  gain  exposure  to  supporters  together  with  the   collecCon  of  funds  for  the  ongoing  support  of  our  24x7  telephone   service  and  the  band  of  volunteers  who  answer  some  2000  calls  per   month.   We  greatly  value  the  ongoing  support  provided  by  the  Sea  Eagles  and   appreciate  the  opportuniCes  you  offer  and  the  direct  involvement  of   your  execuCve  and  players.   Please  accept  our  thanks;  we  appreciate  all  you  do  for  our  centre.   Best  regards   Barry  J  W,  Chairman,  Lifeline  Northern  Beaches        

I would  like  to  thank  and  congratulate  Kieran  Foran  and  Darcy  Lussick   for  their  efforts  recently  at  the  Forestville  skills  night.   The  boys  both  got  involved  with  the  acCviCes  with  the  kids  and  stuck   around  alerwards  to  sign  autographs.  The  feedback  I  have  received   from  parents  has  all  been  posiCve  and  boys  were  a  credit  to  the  club   and  themselves.   Thanks  again   Clinton,  Forestville  Ferrets     I  just  wanted  to  drop  you  a  line  to  thank  you  for  allowing  David  to   aaend  the  David  Peachey  Shield  &  Russell  Richardson  Cup  finals  day  in   Dubbo  on  Wednesday.   The  compeCCon  is  celebrated  its  10th  year  in  2010  with  over  250   primary  schools  &  2500  kids  parCcipaCng  from  an  area  covering   Lithgow  to  LighCng  Ridge  &  across  to  Bourke  (plus  all  points  in   between).   Given  our  developing  relaConship  with  the  Sea  Eagles,  it  was  great  to   have  a  current  player  involved  –  he  was  mobbed  by  a  heap  of  kids  all   day  &  conducted  himself  in  a  very  friendly  &  professional  manner.   As  always,  a  massive  thanks  to  you  too!   Please  also  pass  on  our  thanks  to  your  football  staff  &  Board.   Cheers,   Si.   Simon  Dirs,  Program  Manager,  David  Peachey  FoundaDon      


2010 Charity Partners We work  closely  with  each  of  our  selected  Charity  Partners  in  helping  raise  awareness  for  their  chosen  causes  and  offer   fundraising  opportuniCes  at  our  home  game  per  charity.  This  year  we  helped  our  charity  partners  raise  over  $21,000  just   from  home  game  acCvaCons.      


The Sea  Eagles  Read  program  was  a  great  success  again  in  2010,  with  below  results  highlighCng  the  posiCve  impact  we  are  having  on   children  and  their  literacy  studies.       12  schools  were  iniCated  into  the  Sea  Eagles  Reads  program  in  2010  and  12  players  were  trained  as  Sea  Eagles  Reading  Captains   during  the  season.  In  addiCon  to  reading  captains  another  18  Sea  Eagles  players  were  acCvely  involved  in  Sea  Eagles  Read  in  2010.     2009  -­‐  Prior  to  the  Sea  Eagles  Reading  Program   82%  of  boys  listed  literacy,  in  parCcular  reading  as  their  least  favourite  subject.     Of  those  boys  64%  listed  sports  stars,  in  parCcular  rugby  league  stars  as  their  male  hero.    

Sea Eagles Read

ALer the  Sea  Eagles  Reading  Program  and  Rugby  League  mulD-­‐literacy  approach   The  amount  of  boys  who  listed  reading  as  their  least  favourite  subject  was  0%.  65%  now  listed  literacy  as  their  favourite  subject.   90%  of  children  enjoy  voluntary  reading  since  program  implementaCon  compared  to  18%  at  the  start  of  the  program.  

100% of  boys  recommended  the  program  to  other  schools.    


Ready Set Grow The Ready,  Set,  Grow  school  garden  program  was  started  due  to  the  increase  in  the  number  of  schools  interested  in  starCng  fruit  and  vegetable  gardens.  We   now  have  28  schools  parCcipaCng  in  the  Ready  Set  Grow  Program  on  the  Northern  Beaches  which  is  fully  supported  by  all  three  councils.   28  Northern  Beaches  schools  aaended  the  workshop:  9  early  child  care  centres,  14  primary  schools  and  5  high  schools  with  a  total  of  60  teachers,  parents,   SRC  leaders,  school  garden  club  commiaee  members  aaending  one  of  the  three  workshops  held  at  Kimbriki  Eco  House  and  Garden.   The  general  visions  for  school  gardens  were:  posiCve  learning  environment,  supplying  a  link  to  the  canteen,  learning  about  healthy  eaCng  and  the   environment,  involving  the  whole  school  in  the  care  of  the  garden,  linking  in  classroom  lessons  with  the  garden          

A phase  2  workshop  is  planned  uClising  the  Coal  Loader   Health  Topics  resource.   It  will  be  run  in  early  term  1,  2011.  The  next  phase  focuses   on  increasing  schools’  capacity  to  uClise  the  garden  as  a   learning  and  teaching  tool  around  nutriCon  and  physical   acCvity,  and  make  more  links  with  the  curriculum.    


Eagles Nest The Eagles  Nest  is  a  purpose  built  room  at  Royal  Far  West  Manly  that   provides  a  space  not  only  for  educaConal  programs  such  as  Rapteens,     delivered  in  a  less  sterile  environment  ,  but  also  provides  a  recreaConal   room  where  players  can  interact  with  visiCng  children.  There  are  computers   available  for  online  educaCon  programs,  an  entertainment  area  with  a   Nintendo  Wii  and  play  staCon,  arts  and  cral  area,  outside  garden  area   where  herbs  and  vegetables  are  grown  and  acCviCes  organized  surrounding   the  garden  maintenance.    All  acCviCes  involve  players  on  a  roster  basis   throughout  the  year.  We  want  the  children  and  their  parents  to  indenCfy   with  the  players  as  individuals  on  a  more  personal  level  where  the  kids  can   actually  build  relaConships  with  the  players  and  feel  part  of  the  Sea  Eagles   family.  


Cultural Immersion Camp The Manly  Sea  Eagles  in  consultaCon  with  the  David  Peachey  FoundaCon  conducted  its  first  Cultural  Immersion,  Youth  Leadership   and  Mentoring  camp  in  Bindal  and  Wulgurukaba  country  (out  from  Townsville,  QLD).  ParCcipants  were  selected  on  the  basis  of   their  posiCve  contribuCons  to  their  school,  community,  family  and/or  sporCng  groups.         From  the  cultural  Immersion  camp  we  were  able  to  achieve  the  following  outcomes.   A  strong  connectedness  and  awareness  of  Indigenous  history  and  current  issues     A  new  network  of  peers  and  support  resources     The  development  of  leadership  qualiCes     A  heightened  awareness  of  social  responsibiliCes     Goal  sesng  (Dreaming)     Awareness  of  educaConal  pathways     Taking  responsibility  for  your  acCons  


Cultural Immersion Camp PARTICIPANTS QUOTES     “The  trip  was  great.  I  learnt  about  my  culture  and  to  be  proud  of  who   I  am.  I  also  learnt  how  to  look  aFer  myself  and  become  an  adult”  –   Andrew  Shaw       “The  bush  was  great  and  Uncle  Russell  got  me  really  interested  in  my   culture.   I   learnt   how   to   use   a   woomera,   spear   and   how   to   throw   a   boomerang  properly”  –  Jimmy  WreghiR         “I  learnt  a  lot  of  new  things  that  I  will  never  forget,  especially  in  the   bush.   Through   this   program   I   have   grown   to   love   my   people   even   more”  –  Kyle  Plant    

“I  loved  the  cultural  centre  and  our  pain7ng.  The  University  was  a  bit   sad   because   of   how   hard   our   old   people   had   it   trying   to   get   an   educa7on”  –  Jordan  Seymour         “It   was   such   a   deadly   experience   coming   up   here.   My   favourite   moment  was  going  in  the  scrub  with  Uncle  Russell  and  also  the  tube   rides  on  Magne7c  Island”  –  Ma#hew  Waites         “It  was  good  to  able  to  talk  about  my  problems  with  Si  and  Peach.  I   feel   like   they   really   listened   to   me   and   give   good   advice”   –   Ryan   Mitchell  


Sea Eagles of Tomorrow

Not only  does  Rugby  League  offer  youngsters  skills  to  play  the  game  -­‐  but  more  importantly,  Rugby  League  provides  them  with  skills  and   opportuniCes  to  succeed  in  life.  The  enCre  Sea  Eagles  organizaCon  supports  juniors  of  all  ages  parCcipaCng  in  the  game  we  all  love,  both  on  and   off  the  field.  We  recognize  that  these  young  people  are  the  future  of  the  NRL,  making  junior  development  a  priority  for  the  Sea  Eagles.  By   working  hand-­‐in-­‐hand  with  ARL  Development  and  through  the  Creless  efforts  of  our  ARLD  Officer,  Melissa  Vayro,  the  Sea  Eagles  in  season  2010   delivered  the  following:     -­‐  6  Gala  Days;  Manly  All  Schools  Carnival,  Catholic  All  Schools  Carnival,  Legends  of  League  Carnival  and  3  Eagle  Tag  Carnivals   -­‐  Delivered  over  22  In  School  Programs   -­‐  Hosted  2  School  Holiday  “Sea  Eagles  of  Tomorrow”  Clinics,  our  July  Clinic  at  Brookvale  Oval  saw  over  300  children  taking  part  in  the  largest  clinic   naConally  in  the  NRL.


Yunus I think  we  all  agree  it  is  every  child’s  right  to  have  access  to  basic  necessiCes  such  a  clean  drinking  water,  food  and  shelter.  Unfortunately  in   some  countries  this  is  a  luxury.  The  Manly  Sea  Eagles  players  have  decided  to  lend  a  hand  by  sponsoring  a  liale  boy  named  Yunus,  who  now   resides  in  the  Jodie  O’Shea  orphanage  in  Bali.  Yunus  was  born  in    poverty  stricken  Sumba,  a  very  poor  and  arid  island  to  the  east  of  Bali  where   he  was  growing  up  malnourished  and  surviving  on  a  meager  hand  to  mouth  existence.   Today,  however,  in  his  new  home  Yunus  is  embracing  a  life  he  have  never  known  and  through  his  Sea  Eagles  sponsorship  can  now  conCnue  to   flourish  with  a  healthy  diet,  an  educaCon,  being  nurtured  and  cared  for  and  having  the  freedom  to  simply  be  an  acCve  liale  boy.    

Dear De,  Robbo  and  Kingy     How  are  you?  I  am  good   I  have  been  learnin g  more  English   I  love  to  jump  on  o ur  new  trampoline   My  best  friend  is  N yong  we  like  to  pla y   We  are  at  school  m ore  because  of  exa ms     Thank  you  for  your   support   From  Yunus  



Game Activations

Women In League Round

Women in  League  from  the  Manly  area  with  Dave  Williams  

Sea Eagles  players  wore  pink  on  their  Jerseys   in  support  of  the  Women  in  League  Round   Jamie  Lyon  with  our  Women  in   League  Ambassador  Sue  Alder  


Indigenous Round

Game Activations

Jye Elemes-­‐Carr  from  Wellington  Public  School   was  our  special  guest  for  the  Indigenous  Round   leading  the  team  out  with  captain  Jamie  Lyon.   Jye  symbolizes  the  Sea  Eagles  commitment  to   help  provide  opportuniCes  for  our  indigenous   youth  to  help  improve  their  physical  health   and  educaCon  through  mentoring  programs   from  our  players  and  staff.    


Community Carnival The 2010  NRL  Community  Carnival  saw  the  Manly  Sea  Eagle  Players  visit  schools   on  the  Central  Coast,  North  Sydney  and  Manly  presenCng  the  “Eat  Well  Play   Well  Stay  Well”  message.  They  pracCced  their  skills  on  the  school  ovals  with  the   students  and  preached  the  word  of  Rugby  League.    The  20  schools  who   parCcipated  in  the  Community  Carnival  all  received  a  school  pack  containing  20   footballs,  a  ball  bag,  12  water  boales  and  carrier,  teacher  resource  packs  for   classroom  and  field  acCviCes,  Manly  Sea  Eagle  merchandise  and  lots  of  prizes   and  giveaways  to  the  students.   From  a  result  of  the  players  visiCng  the  schools  there  was  an  increase  in  team   parCcipaCon  in  school  Rugby  League  in  Manly  (30%    from  2009  to  2010)  and  Nth   Sydney  (20%  from  2009  to  2010).  There  was  also  a  slight  increase  in  Manly  JRLD   registraCons  especially  in  the  U6’s  age  group.  The  North  Sydney  Junior  Rugby   League  district  saw  an  increase  in  numbers  across  the  mini  and  mod  age  groups   (U6-­‐12)  due  to  the  Sea  Eagles  visiCng  the  schools.  


Will Hopoate  &  Chris  Bailey  with  students  from  St  Lucy’s  School  

George Rose  as  Santa  at  the  Sea  Eagles   Kids  Christmas  Party  

Maa Ballin  training  kids  as  part  of  a  charity  prize.  

Jamie Lyon  signing  autographs  at  training  


George Rose  and  Jamie  Buhrer  at  St  Lukes  Primary  School  

Brent Kite  at  a  Camp  Quality  Fundraiser  

Ben Farrar  with  Kids  from  Brewarrina  

Michael Robertson  and  Anthony   Watmough  at  Royal  Far  West   Manly    


Dave Williams  at  the  Ronnie  Gibbs  knockout  in  Bourke   Dave  Williams  visited  St  IgnaCus  school  in  Bourke  

Dave Williams  &  David  Peachey  with  players  at  the   Peachey  knockout  in  Dubbo  


Every Other Day The Sea  Eagles  have  a  proud  tradiCon  of  civic  involvement  and  remain  commiaed  to  supporCng  the  people  on  the  Northern  Peninsula  both  with  their  play  on  the  field   and  their  contribuCons  off  it.   In  each  of  the  past  2  seasons,  every  player  in  the  Sea  Eagles  NRL  squad  has  taken  part  in  a  community  event,  strengthening  even  further  the  organizaCon’s  commitment   to  giving  back.  So  while  the  Sea  Eagles  are  striving  to  win  football  games  on  weekends,  they’re  also  trying  just  as  hard  every  other  day  to  improve  local  communiCes  and   to  make  Northern  Peninsula  locals  proud  of  their  football  team.   The  “Every  Other  Day”  campaign  highlights  the  outstanding  work  the  players  have  done  in  the  community.  Below  you’ll  find  just  a  sampling  of  the  great  work  Sea  Eagles   players  are  doing.    


a Every Other D


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a Every Other D


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GEORGE ROSE Community Clubman of the Year

George was  one  of  our  shining  lights  last  year   across  all  our   Community  iniCaCves  s howing  enthusiasm  in   every   appearance  and  was  a   reading  captain  at  Narr abeen  Lakes   Public  School  where  the  children  adored  him.  G eorge  is  always   extremely  acCve  in  all  o ur  Indigenous  program s   as  he   is  conscious  and  thankful  of  the  opportuniCes  h e   was  given  as   an  Indigenous  child  grow ing  up  in  Bathurst  NSW  to  develop   and  play  the  game  he  l oves  eventually  as  a  prof essional  and   gaining  the  added  honou r  of  represenCng  his  peo ple  for  the   past  two  years  in  the  a nnual  Allstars  match.  G eorge  has  a  cult   following  on  the  Northe rn  Beaches  and  always   represents  the   Sea  Eagles  with  honour   and  pride  so  we  were  t hr illed  to   announce  him  as  our  C lubman  of  the  year  in  2 010.  

George reading  with  the  Kids  at  Narrabeen  Lakes     Primary  School  


DAVE WILLIAMS 2010 Ken Stephens Nominee ason he   ed  David’s  se y   d n e   h ic h w   Communit  season  trial injury  in  a  pre e  himself  in  all  Sea  Eagles   g   n aC act  across   st va e d e  a  huge  imp Aler  a   o  involv t   ad n m o   si e h ci   e ry d e s   urg r  week  in   iou m  shoulder  s nt  on  average  4  hours  pe made  a  consc ro f g   n ri ve co is  was   id  spe hilst  re ddiCon  to  th a   Programs.  W community  outreach.  Dav n i   s, al iv n ar ur   ue  related  c ar  West,   all  facets  of  o nd  rugby  leag st ”  at  Royal  F a e s   N e s   iC e gl ar h Ea c “ l     e schools,  loca hment  of  th n  the  refurbis i t   ar p   al gr te an  in Manly.    


Donation Procedure

DonaCon Items       The  popularity  of  the  Manly  Sea  Eagles  allows  numerous  opportuniCes  for  chariCes  to  benefit  from  the  teams  success.  DonaCng  merchandise  and  autographed   memorabilia  to  nonprofit  groups  is  another  Sea  Eagles  tradiCon.  Examples  of  events  we  support  include:  school  fundraisers,  charity  aucCons,  raffles  and   community  fundraisers.  To  receive  a  donaCon  we  must  receive  a  type  wriaen  request  four  weeks  in  advance  of  your  event.      

Player Appearance

The  bond  between  the  Manly  Sea  Eagles  and  the  community  is  never  more  evident  than  when  a  player     volunteers  his  Cme  at  a  school,  hospital  or  community  event.  As  with  donaCons  we  must  receive  a  wriaen   request  for  a  player  appearance  at  least  four  weeks  in  advance  of  your  event.  Due  to  the  hundreds  of   requests  we  receive  we  are  unable  to  service  them  all  but  do  our  utmost  to  fulfill  as  many  requests  as  we  can.   If  your  wriaen  request  is  selected  we  will  call  or  email  you  to  advise  same  and  closer  to  the  date  of   appearance  confirm  details  and  players  appearing.  If  you  are  looking  for  a  donaCon  item  or  player  appearance   to  make  a  difference  to  your  event  please  email  or  write  to:       Grace  Alder   The  Manly  Sea  Eagles Community  RelaCons  Administrator    are  commiaed  to  m aking  our  community live,  work  and  play  t Manly  Sea  Eagles    a  beaer  place  to   hrough  charitable  effo rts.  We  hope  the  pre given  you  a  picture  o P.O.  Box  607   ce ding  pages  have   f  some    of  the  many   outstanding  organiza during  the  year  with Brookvale  NSW  2100   Cons  we  assist    Cme,  autographed   memorabilia    and  ass However,  its  just  a  s     istance  in  fundraising ampling  of  how  we  c .   onCnue  to  team  with locally  and  in  far  rea      communiCes  both   ching  places.    


Sea Eagles Healthy Living Foundation Limited The Sea  Eagles  Community  Outreach  Programs  are  a  means  for  Sea  Eagles  players,  coaches  staff   and  their  families  to  focus  their  community  support.  Our  primary  goal  is  to  support  youth  and   their  families  assisCng  in  programs  that  foster  cultural  diversity,  educaCon,  family  and  health.   The  Sea  Eagles  Healthy  Living  FoundaCon  Limited  has  been  established  to  raise  funds  and  to   develop  and  run  programs  that  encourage,  educate  and  advance  healthy  lifestyles,  healthy   eaCng  habits  and  physical  acCvity  for  young  people  and  their  families  in  Sydney,  rural  NSW  and   other  parts  of  Australia.       But  for  the  Sea  Eagles  to  conCnue  providing  these  meaningful  and  sustainable  community   programs  we  need  your  financial  support.  We  have  been  provided  with  the  authority  by  the   NSW  Office  of  Liquor,  Gaming  and  Racing  to  commence  fundraising  acCviCes  in  NSW  and  we   emphasise  that  100%  of  donaCons  received  go  towards  the  FoundaCon’s  programs  –  there  are   no  commissions  or  other  fees  paid  in  relaCon  to  these  fundraising  acCviCes.       Your  donaCon  will  help  to  provide  hundreds  of  children  and  families  with  opportuniCes  to   parCcipate  in  Sea  Eagles  community  outreach  programs.         Please  send  your  tax  deducCble  donaCon  &  contact  details  to  the  aaenCon  of:       Deanne  Lees   Community  RelaCons  Manager   PO  Box  607   Brookvale  NSW  2100       OR  CALL  9970  3000       Cheques  payable  to:  Sea  Eagles  Healthy  Living  FoundaCon  Limited     SEA  EAGLES  HEALTHY  LIVING  FOUNDATION  LIMITED  ABN  69  146  801  667  


Community Game Plan  

Sampling of some of the great work your Sea Eagles do in the Community

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