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Hyderabad Bathes - 13 @CTS

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How CTS IS Becoming A Stepping Stone for engineers to build thier carriers


Life @CTS...

CTS Has surpassed like any other service oriented companies

Jayaram JD009

The best thing during our training tenure were the Behavioral sessions and Cognorators.

The qualities that we learnt during these sessions were being a team player, situational behaviour and many more.

Sangeetha JD005

The two things which strike my mind when I think about CTS are Work and fun …. Its lively atmosphere at workplace makes it stand different from others

January Edition, 2014

HOW are the trainers and Tranieee? CLASSROOM

Amrita JD008

Though had thousands of apprehensions in mind,confused,shy,excited,curious,wait ing to make new friends…,my journey in CTS has been been a wonderfull experience-

Dhwanika JD009

Our training was a fun filled experience along with a lot of learning. Be it assessments or outings, everything was memorable


Phani - Some JD Batch

after i came to CTS i am brain washed and i speak java,eat java and ,breath java. Its like CORE JAVA,MAR JAVA,MIT JAVA. AND there is no life with out java… phani



Mr. X is a newly hired corporate employee. Here is what he has to go through every day in the Cafeteria. Scenario 1 (The moment that leaves you shattered) • Counter guy: “Do you have change of 5 Rs?” Mr. X: “No..” Counter guy: *Deep silence*

Mr. X walks away awkwardly thinking,’ it’s a waste of 5 Rs. again making it 20 for the day! I could have bought a nice sandwich for that money.’ PS: Why the hell can’t they just deal in round figures?

Mr. X walks to the coffee counter. He joins a line which was already a km long. He notices Ms. Y walking to the same point. Mr. X becomes a gentleman and makes way for Ms. Y. She happily obliges.

It’s too late before he realizes that Ms. Y is not alone and is accompanied by Ms. A and her Mister. Not only are they getting coffees for themselves but also for their long lost families.

All the while chit chatting loudly as if there is no tomorrow. He is getting late to the class and is cursing himself now. After what seems like a yearlong wait, it is his turn now to celebrate. Much to his dismay, all he could see is an empty sugar bowl! Poor Mr. X


Cognizant aims to deliver innovative solutions and helps clients to realize their business goals and take it to the new dimensions in most cheapest and efficient way. In the last three years it has shown tremendous growth in the field of Information Te c h n o l o g y. Let’s talk in terms of facts and figures.

Cognizant goes past lead-

ing companies like Infosys and TCS in quarterly to emerge as second largest IT s e r v i c e provider leveraging India. The company reaffirms 20% revenue growth guidance for calendar year 2012 as against n a s s c o m growth guidance of 1114%.Quatarly revenue rose to $1.795 billion up 4.9% sequentially and 20.9% from the year ago

“Staying ahead, focused, determined growing every quarter by quarter....”

quarter.GAAP net income was $251.9 million, up 3.4% sequentially and 21.1% from the year-ago quarter. OnGAAP operating margin was 20.0% at the top end of the company’s targeted 19-20% range. It met analyst

expectations for its fourth quarter, which ended in December 2012. The information technology (IT) S e r v i c e s Company’s revenue grew three per cent over the previous quarter to $1.95 billion. In

absolute revenue terms, Cognizant maintained a slender quarterly lead over Infosys, which reported a topline of $1.91 billion. With this growth, fresher are inclined to join the company in a large number as with the growth their career accelerates at faster rate as compared to other companies.

In October 2009, one of our former colleagues Elizabeth Flock asked Francisco D’Souza a question: Which is the one book that influenced

you the most?

Frank, as the now 43year-old CEO of Cognizant Te c h n o l o g y Solutions is known to friends, came up with an entirely

c l i c h é d answer. Built to Last by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, he said. Because it provided him with a framework to establish a “cult

like” culture focussed on core values. And that once this culture is in place, a firm doesn’t need personality-led leadership.

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