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HYD13JD008 - PART I PRIYA : Playful Woman says : “Dont show me your attitude becz u cant handle mine”

“OK!! I cannot handle “mine” attitude as well :P :P LOL KEERTHI : Dragon Chicken The Dragon Chicken says : “No philosophy in my philosophy” Class says : OMG is Dragon has spoken on Philosophy


SWETHA : Graceful

He thinks : “never

She said that : “give ever expect

expect else ull


regret;\m/” Well, Charan can you

Well, we also expect the never

pass in Java exam

to be expect of the excepts of


the never of the ever expected


[Author fainted]

VAIDEHI : Musical She thinks: “You cannot stop the waves… But you

BALAKRISHNA : Chupa Rustam

can learn to surf over them”

Bala Speaks : “So many people can be responsible for your

Well, if we stop waves, why

Success,but only you are

surf? Take a tub bath with a

responsible for your failure”

chicken :P



He Quoted : “Follow ur desire

Well he says that “I am

else follow me”

Intelligent because I Know that I Know Nothing”

Well we also heard Mr. Gajanan SNEH ANSHU : IDEALISTIC

that even Dogs, Monkeys,

Dude, guess even we all

Buffaloes etc also Follow You

heard that chimpangee and

She says : “You may live or not but let me live” [Sometimes she become SENTI Woman] Devdasini Version 1.2.3(To Be Released)

apes also don’t know Wow!! That’s Killer Awesome.. GO GO GO GAJAAAAAA….

anything. Is it true buddy?

20 batch mates 1