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Volume II


Profile Of The Month Dedy Dahlan, or well known as Mas D, is a Passionate Coach. A best seller author, trainer, public speaker, radio show host, and young entrepreneur who is known for his enthusiasm in getting people to enjoy what they actually do, it could be their job, career, or business. As an educator and lecturer, he always encourages others, including his students to achieve Financial freedom! As a lecturer at PresUniv, he teaches several subjects under Visual Communication Design concentration. Apart from that, he also gives motivation, self-development and a strong entrepreneurial mindset to all students in his class.

Freshmen from People’s Republic of China Finally Arrived!

Monday, October 9th 2011, Prof. Dr. Ermaya Suradinata, the Rector of President University, accompanied by some University’s academicians, welcomed 54 freshmen from People’s Republic of China (PRC) at the workshop room of President University’s main campus, Cikarang. Interestingly, students from PRC cover almost 50% of total incoming foreign students every year. The incoming freshmen added 200's students of PRC who are currently studying at the

ULSA Delivers 36 Vietnamese Monday, 26th September 2011, University of Labor and Social Affairs (ULSA), Vietnam, represented by Ms. Nguyen Lan Huong along with 36 Vietnamese students visited President University (PresUniv), Indonesia. The purpose of the visit was to deliver the 36 Vietnamese students who were going to study at President University this year and to put in effect several actions program as covered in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two parties formulated three years ago. One of several highlight programs including 2+2 program which allows Vietnamese students who have completed a 2 year-study program in ULSA, Vietnam, to continue another 2 year-study program in PresUniv, Indonesia. What is so special about 2+2 program in PresUniv? Jhanghiz Syahrivar, the Head of Public Relations of the University, said, “Since our first establishment, President University has aggressively attracted overseas students to study in Indonesia. 2+2 program with other reputable universities around the world allows even more overseas students to study in President University. While there are many universities in Indonesia which encourage and send our local bright students abroad, we simply do the opposite. And that is to attract bright overseas students to study in Indonesia hence enabling our University and our country to be one of favorite study destinations in South East Asia!” The deliverance of 36 Vietnamese students by one of reputable universities in Vietnam, ULSA, was the true sign of trust and acknowledgement from a foreign University towards the quality of President University, Indonesia.


PresUniv welcomes foreign students from China (54 students), Vietnam (36 students), South Korea (6 Students) and England (1 student). We hope that the students will enjoy their studies as much as PresUniv will enjoy helping them to realize their dreams and future careers.

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Innovation Among University Students T hursday,

15 th September 2011, President University in collaboration with S.D. Darmono, the founder and CEO of PT. JABABEKA, tbk., conducted a seminar entitled “INNOVATON” at the auditorium of Charles Himawan, President University, Cikarang. The seminar started at 9 sharp in the morning and was hosted by A.B.M Witono, the Head of Business and Administration of President University. During the seminar, Darmono asserted the importance of innovation in industrial sector. Inn ovat ion w as essential to remain excel with other competitors during the globalization era regardless the type and size of the industry. When doing some innovation, economic value of the innovation had to be considered. No matter how innovative a product or a service was, if it did not possess any economic value, then it would be pointless. Darmono as the founder of President University encouraged all students to get their hands “dirty” or to get hands on

experience before graduating from the University. He said that some theories learned in the classrooms and good academic scores were not e n o u g h t o s u p p o rt le a r n i n g experiences, let alone to guarantee success in life. Students must also

learn some practical skills which could only be obtained by being an intern in a company. Moreover, he said that many companies within Jababeka Industrial Estate were open for President University’s students who wished to gain working experience and some pocket money. Darmono remained all students of President

University that their rivals while seeking for future employments were not limited to local graduates only, but also overseas students from reputable universities in the world hence English became compulsory. During the question and answer session, a student asked whether Indonesia as a new e m e r g in g f or c e should revolutionize its economic sectors. Darmono responded by asserting that innovation was indeed revolution! By doing some innovation in our economic sectors in terms of products, services, procedures and processes, policies, and technologies, we had h e l p e d revolutionizing Indonesia as a whole. The inspiring seminar which lasted for 2 hours was attended by Prof. Dr. Ermaya Suradinata, the Rector of President University, along with several hundreds of the University’s students.

A Thousand for ONE President

University (PresUniv) through Green Planet Supporters (GPS) and Dirventure (DV) in cooperation with Toshiba and PT. Jababeka Tbk. organized A Thousand for One (1000 trees planting) on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at PresUniv’s campus. The event was attended by 150 participants as a form of awareness of Student Executive Board of President University (GPS and DV) to environment. GPS and DV realize about many existing industries in Jababeka surrounding, ± 1500 industries, will cause

environmental problems. For those reasons, GPS and DV want to protect environment and educate the communities about saving our environment is obligation of all parties without any exception. On this occasion GPS and DV also want the younger generation as successor to nation have a sensitivity of importance green lifestyle, more senses of responsibility about environment and realize that open space really necessary for community.

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The Enchanting Culture Night 2011 Last

Friday, September 2011, 9 President University’s students of batch 2011 enjoyed a unique experience of Culture Night at Information Technology and Communication (ICT) Training Center, Jababeka, Cikarang. The Culture Night is an annual event held by President University to expose the University’s freshmen with various cultures from many countries performed by their fellow friends from Indonesia and abroad. Attended by not less than 1,100 freshmen, not to mention sophomores, making this year’s Culture Night the th

biggest Culture Night ever held at President University. What was so unique about this year’s Culture Night? As a start, this year’s Culture Night was held at ICT instead of President University’s main campus

for the reason that the committee of the event felt the urge to bring about a more unique experience in comparison to last year’s event. The location of ICT which was just few hundred meters away from the University’s main campus and student housing top up with its private location away from the residential houses was very ideal to conduct various loud band performances and dances. To name some in this event: Jainong Dance, Prekustik and Dinda Catmusic. The ignition of fireworks at the end of the event signified that President University’s Culture Night 2011 officially end. All in all, the Culture Night 2011 was truly an amazing and memorable event held this year by President University. It served as mean to introduce and appreciate cultural arts and

Watch Your Videos at PRESUNIVTUBE!

President Professional Development Center (PPDC) Along with the advancement of our civilization and technology wonder during the globalization era, there come great demands toward highly skilled, trained, and professional workers. Therefore, an institution to nurture and produce such quality human resources is essential. President Professional Development Center (PPDC) is the right place for executives and publics who wish to develop their knowledge, skill and potential. The training program offered by PPDC emphasis on the quality of instructions expected to unleash the potential within participants which currently lie dormant. Through combination of interactive teachings, simulations, role plays and experienced trainers, the presence of PPDC can provide solutions to the needs toward improving human re-

source’s competence and professionalism in certain lines of works hence giving a certain edge to companies/ organizations he or she works with. The training includes foreign language (English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korea and German), some soft skills (Business Communication, Effective Filling Management, Effective Lobbying & Negotiation Skill, Excellent Communication, Leadership, MC & Protocol. NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Personality Development, Public Speaking, Presentation Technique, Selling Skill), short courses (Accurate Inventory Planning & Stock Control, Budgeting, Event Organization, Export & Import, Finance for Non Finance (Finon), Fundamental Supply Chain Management (FSCM)), IT courses (Autocad, Coreldraw, Design Ilustrator, Design Photoshop, Dream-

weaver, Freehand), Professional Program (Broadcasting, Retail and Distribution Business Management, Finance and Taxation Management, Taxation (Brevet A-B-C), Graphic Design, Interior Design), Professional Certification and Team Building. PPDC equipped with Executive Classroom, Computer Laboratory, Language Laboratory, Multimedia with some benefits such as Member Card PPDC, Training Materials (Hard & Soft Copy), Certificate, Refreshment Training, Internship Placement.

Timotius Noto Susilo, S.E., M.M. 0812 1975 329 / 0818 95 8989

President University Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara Jababeka Education Park Cikarang Baru - Bekasi Phone: 021-8910 9762/63 Fax: 021-8910 3726 Where Tomorrow’s Leaders Come Together

SCHOLARSHIP TESTS SCHEDULE BATCH 2012/2013 REMINDER! (visit: ☻ Jakarta , 23 October 2011 ☻ Pangkal Pinang , 16 October 2011 ☻ Bandung, 16 October 2011 ☻ Lampung, 23 October 2011 ☻ Makasar, 23 October 2011 ☻ Samarinda, 5 November 2011 ☻ Banjarmasin, 6 November 2011 ☻ Balikpapan, 6 November 2011

VOICES FROM PRESUNIVERS President University gives me the opportunities to learn many things about the skill and character development, while providing facilities for academic knowledge Ramsi Dharma learning. President Tjahjadi University also provides chances and facilities for its students to grow and excel within and outside the university environment (national and international). I am proud to have chosen the university president who helped encourage students and all civitas academia to love Indonesia and proud that President University can be an asset to the nation of Indonesia. During college at the University President, I managed to earn several awards both nationally and internationally, such as, Global Young Leaders Peace Award (GPF Asia Pacific)

Upcoming Events ! •

PresUniv Idol, 12 October 2011

Visits from Hubei, China 12 October 2011

Retreat Cool, 14-16 October 2011

Guest lecture from Minister of Defense, 14 October 2011

Pucatso Student Camp, 3-6 November 2011


in October 2010, representing Indonesia in February 2011 in KOREAF u t u re - or i en t e d A SE A N Y o u t h Exchange Programme 2011 in Seoul, CHEC Award 2011 for the recognition of the excellence in both of academic and non-academic field, and successfully being listed on the list of awardees of ASTRA 1st Scholarship, even being the best participant in the workshop program (Best AWP). ***


resident University has opened a lot of doors of opportunities for its students to unleash their potential. Initiative is valued, and resilience is continuously empowered in order to forge the students to Putri Dwinatalis Baeha own a solid, mature characters who can contribute to the

Adjusting to College Life Adjusting to college life can be very difficult for students because everything is new and different. However, students who consider the following tips will certainly be better prepared for college life and will adjust quickly and easily.

society. The learning atmosphere exceeds even the classes into my daily life, where the dormitory becomes our nest of friendship and memories. ***


on July 21st 1991, Cherly Yuliana Aggraini or publicly known as Cherly Chibi is a member of CherryBelle, a rising girlband in Indonesia. She is student of President University, majoring in Public Cherly Yuliana Relations Batch 2009. Aggraini Known as being cheerful and energetic, Cherly Chibi used to be one of PresUniv Idols. She is now taking a leave permit for one semester to focus with her career in entertainment industry. Wish her success! Support and follow her twitter account: @CherlyChiBi

♦ Get involved. ♦ Stay on campus. ♦ Eat and sleep regularly. ♦ Manage stress. ♦ Stay focused. ♦ Attend every class. ♦ Look on the bright side. ♦ Have fun and communicate. When you follow these suggestions you will certainly adapt to college life quickly, easily and without needing a lot of time to settle in. You will be off and running and should consider theses tips as your success guide for settling into college. (

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