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Friends $30+

Barb and Dennis Fletcher

Darren MacDonald

Lorna Aasland

Karen Gripp

Lee Anne and Kelly McAuley

Christine and Alex Albert

Joci Guerra

Barry McKay and Cindy Miller

Tyler and Nadine Albright

Elizabeth Hammond

Linda Meckling

Jean-Guy Bourgeois

Shirley Hampton

Celoris Miller

Edward Carriere

Teresa Hay

Lorna Pryce

Laurence Christensen

Melissa Hazelton

Daniel Rosin

Doug and Patty Christie

Richard Howell

Val and Brent Severyn

R. Keith Coffin and Wilma L. Coffin

Brenda Hrycyk

Casey Shapira

Linda Hull

Sandy Shay

Katherine Corbor and Gordon Steindel

Ron and Shannon Ivsek

Ava Snow

Ian King

Geri and Peter Spencer

Donna Kowal

Eric St. Vincent

Andrea Kowal

Mireille St. Vincent

Don Laluk

Lea Stirling

Andre Lambert

Ross and Bette Jean Taylor

Paul Leinburd

Michelle Vandenbroeck

Andre Lewis and Caroline Gruber

Stephanie Weins

Cathy Litman


Stewart and Darla Croall Catherine Dalrymple (In honour of Alyssa Dalrymple} Lisa and Walter Demczuk Joy and Patrick Doyle Julie Eccles Lynn Fairhall Gayle Fischer Jennifer Fisher

Michael Williams

Sharon Love

This listing reflects gifts made from February 1st, 2015 – November 24th, 2016. If there are inaccuracies in the listing please let us know by calling Rebecca Brask at 204.954.1708 or email

THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, give the GIFT OF THEATRE a young person who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend an MTYP production or take a theatre class. Through our ArtStart Program, MTYP distributes complimentary or reduced-price tickets to schools and community organizations throughout Winnipeg, and offers financial assistance to youth wanting to participate in MTYP's Theatre School. Join our partners, The Asper Foundation and In Memory of Peter D. Curry, and bring a smile to a young person's face by making your donation today! Donate on-line at or contact Rebecca Brask at 204.954.1708 or

MTYP The Jungle Book program  

24 page program for December 2016 performances

MTYP The Jungle Book program  

24 page program for December 2016 performances