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Online newsletter for The Regent’s School, Bangkok

From the Principal The first briefing of the year reinforces that we ar a very busy school and a successful one. I am pleased to puthise once again the exam because of the success of the last academic year 2010-2011

Group 1 5 Eng A1 HL Katie 6 Eng A1 HL Lasma 5 Eng A1 SL Triin 5 Eng A1 SL Kristina 5 Eng A1 SL Bastijan 4 Eng A1 HL Miki 5 Thai A1 SL Sophia 6 Kor A1 HL 7 Young Soo Kor A1 SL Mane 5 Eng A1 SL Benz 4 Thai A1 SL Natalie 4 Eng A1 HL Chod 4 Eng A1 SL Kevin 3 Eng A1 SL Chan Woo 5 Kor A1 SL Kim

Group 2 6 Fr B SL 6 Sp Ab SL 5 Sp Ab SL 7 Sp Ab SL 6 Sp Ab SL 6 Sp Ab SL 5 Eng B HL 6 Eng B HL 6 Eng B HL 4 Fre B SL 6 Eng B SL 4 Sp Ab SL 5 Sp Ab SL 4 Sp Ab SL 6 Eng B HL

Group 3 6 His HL 6 His HL 6 Bus HL 6 Geo HL 5 His SL 5 Bus HL 6 Bus HL 5 Geo SL 5 Geo SL 6 Bus HL 5 Geo SL 4 His HL 4 Bus HL 5 Geo HL 5 Bus HL

Group 4 6 DT SL 6 Bio SL 6 DT SL 6 DT SL 5 Phys HL 5 Dt SL 4 Bio SL 3 Phys SL 3 Phys HL 5 Phys SL 5 Bio HL 4 DT SL 4 DT HL 4 DT HL 3 Bio HL

Group 5 Group 6 Core (EE/TOK) 7 6 3 Math SL Econ HL (AB) 6 6 2 (BB) Math SL Theatre HL 4 6 3 Math HL Art HL (AB) 4 6 1 Math HL Econ HL (BD) 7 5 1 (CB) Math HL Theatre HL 5 6 3 Math SL Econ HL (AB) 3 6 2 Math SL Econ HL (AC) 5 6 0 Math SL Art HL (DD) 4 4 1 Math HL Chem SL (CB) 4 4 1 (DB) Math HL Theatre HL 4 4 0 Math HL Chem HL (DC) 6 4 1 Math ST SLTheatre HL (BD) 4 5 0 Math ST SL Art HL (DC) 5 5 0 Math SL Econ HL (CD) 2 4 0 Math SL Econ SL (CD)

Total 39 38 35 35 34 34 31 31 30 29 28 27 26 26 25

The first Parents' forum of the year was a huge success with a very good attendance by parents who gathered for lunch first and then who listened to excellent presentations from our Community Partners. PATT, The Mercy Centre and The Cammilian Home. The presentations have now been uploaded onto our NEW WEBSITE. Do please look at New WEBSITE and feel free to provide us with some feedback by using the form below I look forward to future success during the year.

Martin Kneath

Welcome New Staff and Teachers

Darren Gale Secondary Mathematics

David Lucas Head of Mathematics

Eddie Leorato Boarding House Assistant

Gemma James Year 2 Tutor

Heather Neill Secondary EAL

Mark Watson Secondary Mathematics

Evie Larcombe Primary EAL

Sophie Roberts Drama & English Teacher

Vivienne Deveney Year 6 Tutor

William Vosko Primary EAL Coordinator

Yanan Yang Mandarin Teacher

Daniela Pretelt Gaps Staff

Lea Alina Gap Staff

Nicolas Bermudez Gap Staff

David Figes

Deputy Head of Secondary Hello my name is David Figes and I am the new Deputy Head – Pastoral here at The Regent’s School, Bangkok. I am originally from the UK but have been living and working in Thailand for the previous five years. I love the culture, people and opportunities that exist here. I was attracted to The Regent’s School, Bangkok as I believe its ideals and philosophy regarding education match my own. I think it is important to educate every aspect of a young person, so that our students enter the adult world as well rounded individuals who can make a difference to the world they occupy. I am excited about the challenges ahead and look forward to helping The Regent’s School, Bangkok achieve its potential.

Whats New ! Before


Our modernly designed NEW WEBSITE with updated information New user friendly Interface News and events on the home page itself Picture gallery on every page New Easy to use Admission Form and Contact us Form And a lot more, please check out,

Wai Kru Ceremony at the Regent’s School, Bangkok Wai Kru ceremony is held where the students pay respect to their teachers. They are doing this partly to thank their teachers for teaching them well in the past, but also in order to gain merit and good fortune for the future. Actually Wai Kru Day is on Thursday the second week after the start of the academic year. At Regent’s School we held this

ceremony early in the morning on Thursday September 1st, 2011. We are excited to join in the ceremony of 'Wai Kru Day' to let students show their respect to their teachers by wai-ing (Wai). They hold beautiful flowers also and hand these to their teachers. They smile and in reply are blessed by their teachers.


Peace A Chance

On Wednesday 21st of September students came to school dressed in white with blue jeans to celebrate International Day of Peace. Across the world on the same day every year, since 1982, people create practical acts of peace marking our personal and planetary progress toward peace.

and harmony. At break-time each house sold delicious cakes and food from their own stalls with the Red Dragons House raising the most money, an incredible 9,550 baht in only 30 minutes!! Thank you to all students and their parents who supported the Bake Sale by bringing in food to sell.

Our day at school started with tutor teachers collecting donations for wearing nonuniform and then sending students off to their first lesson with messages of peace

The total money raised for the day was over 37,000 baht. 11,000 baht marks the start of our Term 1 fundraising target of the Camillian Home Aquatherapy pool that has a total

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE goal of 50,000. The remainder of the money raised begins the annual Loy Krathong House competition campaign. A big thank-you to the new House Captains; Amal and Name for Yellow Tigers, Nan and Emilie for Red Dragons, Name and Nol for Blue Sharks, Dylan and David for Green Crocodiles who dedicated themselves fully to the organisation and running of the best Bake Sale in the history of The Regent’s School Bangkok!

1st SET Trade Gold Medal Awards May Y10 and Poh Y8 have been awarded Gold Medals in the Settrade 2011 Young Musician of Thailand. May has previously won this award and has recently studied at the Mozarteum in Salzburg on a scholarship she won in an earlier competition. Poh is a new scholar who plays Soprano saxophone and piano to an extremely high standard. We would like to congratulate both musicians!

Bangkok String Festival

9 students from Year 9 to 12 recently took part in the Third Bangkok String Festival held over three days at ISB school. The students played in an orchestra made up of students from Bangkok Patana, Harrow, ICS and ISB conducted by Dr Cheung Chau from America.

The students worked in sectional groups and as a whole orchestra producing on Saturday afternoon an exciting concert of string orchestra music including Britten's Simple Symphony and Grieg's Holberg Suite.

Regent’s Staff visit Community Service Partners CFBT

We departed in our school vans with an air of excitment. New staff were looking forward to meeting the wonderful people at the Christian Foundation for the Blind in Thailand, while old staff were happy to reaquaint themselves with the centre and the children that they had already met. On arrival the centre manager, Louyne, gave an informative tour and many staff were surprised at the quality facilities. The upstairs school at the Centre was a point of interest for our teachers as they could relate to the work undertaken daily in the cheerful and very clean classrooms. Downstairs the children of the Centre were happily engaged in a very lively musical show and many of our staff were moved to see the joy in the performance by the children. Our plans for the future with the CFBT include a schedule of weekly visits by our students who will assist at the school upstairs at the centre, help the caregivers prepare and serve morning tea and afternoon tea, and generally share their time and love with children who ask very little and deserve a lot. Mrs J. Veale

Plant a tree

We were met from the bus by the Plant a Tree Today representative called Kwanjai. On arrival we were taken round the back of a Wat and then followed some stilted paths through mangove and coconut palm territory boardered by stilted housing. We arrived at the centre which was very quiet and were given a brief history of PATT in the area and how the government had bought back much of the land and was now reclaiming the land from coconut plantation to becoming forest land again. We were then lead through another winding route of raised platforms through areas that had already been cleared and replanted up to an area that was ready to be replanted the next day. The next group of visitors where to be the employees of a large bank who had raised money and they were due the next day to actually dig the holes and plant the trees. This was an excellent opportunity to get out into the beautiful Thai Countryside and I look forward to the opportunity of doing it again. Mr M. Riddlesdale

Mercy Centre

After a long bus journey through the centre of Bangkok, we got to the Mercy Centre in the Klong Toey Slum area at around 2pm. We where met in this area - formerly called 'the slaughterhouse', by Prawina, the Communications Director for The Mercy Centre, or simply 'Mercy' as it is known by those who live and work there. Prawina welcomed us into the Centre and gave us a brief introduction to what happened there, and who was involved. We where then shown around the modern facility that makes up Mercy, from its Community Centre to its Mackintosh suite, its art room, its School and its HIV Palliative Care Unit. All teachers where impressed with the professionalism and dedication with which the Centre was run, and we all look forward to going back there soon.

Sisters of the Good Shepherd

On the 19th August a group of Regents teachers went to visit one of our community partners, The Sisters of Good Shepherd . The Fatima Centre of the Sisters of Good Shepherd of Thailand is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to developing the quality of life of all those in need regardless of their religious affiliation. Under the expert direction of those whose sole concern is the welfare of others the Fatima Centre provides opportunities for women and young girls at risk in the community and to break out of the unending cycle of poverty. As we arrived we were greeted warmly and taken to see a presentation about the history of the centre and its ongoing projects. We then had the chance to spend some time with the preschool children in their learning centre. We were also given a tour of the Fatima shop and production facilities, where many handicrafts and fine embroidery works are made and sold.

It was very inspiring to see the work the Good Shepherd Sisters do for their community. We hope to continue building our partnership with the Good Shepherd Sisters and supporting them in any way we can. Mr P.McKenna

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Bangkok Briefing September 2011  

Newsletter for The Regent's School Bangkok

Bangkok Briefing September 2011  

Newsletter for The Regent's School Bangkok