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We provide comprehensive information about group discussion The lack of attention to group discussion factors in the creativity field is consistent with much evidence in the literature that groups may inhibit intellectual activity or optimal performance. Groups may feel pressure to achieve premature consensus, leading to suboptimal and noncreative solutions Group Discussion , contexts can lower accountability and individual motivation to perform at a high level Groups that share information tend to focus on common rather than unique ideas However, even in this literature there is a glimmer of hope. Research on minority influence in group contexts has discovered that exposure to minority points of view can increase creative thinking in other domains In 1992, Karen Radtke, a property management executive, met Jane Cavanaugh, shortly after Jane moved into the Wrigleyville neighborhood of Chicago. At the time, Cavanaugh was single and struggling to make a career in acting, while Radtke had been recently divorced. The two women formed an immediate bond that still exists today. They talked about forming a group that would focus on their shared concerns. Radtke contacted five additional women, all of whom were strong, independent people who were successful in their professional lives. In those early years none of them had children and few had outside connections, so the group also became their primary social network. All these women wanted a support group where they could talk about the pain of failed prior relationships and explore what was ahead in their lives. Radtke says, “We needed a place where we could lick our wounds. We also wanted to grow from sharing our lives, our dreams, and our spiritual journeys. “The group bonded quickly and provided each other with much needed support and encouragement. They decided to meet biweekly in one of the women’s homes. Cavanaugh had natural talent as a leader, so she took that role with the new group. Radtke reflects on those days, noting, “Early in our About Group Discussion’s life it seemed there were more tears than laughter. Over time, that was reversed as all of us supported each other in moving forward. “In those early years they read many of the same books and applied the main points to help them grow. The group members also had a common interest in social justice. For one of their programs they studied the life and work of an indigenous female hero in Guatemala, and then went to Guatemala as a group to examine this woman’s work firsthand. Radtke explains why the content of their discussions was so meaningful: “We studied much of the female literature that was beginning to explode in the 1990s.” She adds, that led to discussion sessions on topics such as the worth of women, our strengths, how to discover and apply our talents, and the giftedness of our journeys. This group that started as a spiritual women’s circle evolved into the sharing of our lives and supporting each other through myriad transitions. Four years later, Cavanaugh brought the group a dilemma about whether she should move to Los Angeles to advance her acting career. The other women strongly urged her to do so. As a result, the group was without its leader, so the remaining women converted to a member-led group. This transition was not an easy one because some members were less effective than others at leading the group.

We provide comprehensive information about group discussion  

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