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Strategic development partners! Shipping Offshore Cruise Ports

Marine infrastructure!

Quite simply, we help our clients in their efforts to seize opportunities in a continually changing competitive environment. !

Through our extensive global network of industry experts across maritime functions, we are able to hand-pick and deploy the most relevant expertise to meet the strategic and tactical requirements of our clients. !

We bring together the insights to help them service their customers effectively, engage their suppliers efficiently and develop their personnel and knowledge-base in a sustainable manner. ! Our consultancy and advisory work spans all functions within the industries of our expertise.!

A growing pool of over 50 multifunctional professionals globally, with extensive experience in maritime and associated industries.!

Who we are !

As a maritime management consulting firm, we work with a range of businesses, large and small, within the marine, offshore, ports and marine infrastructure industries. !

Partners bring unrivalled C-Suite level experience in the marine consulting market!

Partners and Consultants have decades of experience in their region of expertise!

Functional Expertise! Each of our consultant has over 15 years of experience in the area of engagement!

Our partners and consultants continually update their knowledgebase in an everchanging industry environment. !

Strategic approach to addressing core issues! We have a well defined strategic review process that gets to the heart of the core issues on our assignments!

Our experienced team has hands on experience with a wide range of industry issues to draw upon. !

How do we add value ?!

Industry and Regional Insights!

Fixed! fee!

Fixed! Success! fee! fee!

•  Industry expertise on call!

•  Flexible contract structures!

•  Competitive consulting rates!

•  Pay-for-performance!

•  Low turn-around period!

•  Value add guaranteed!

•  Lump-sum fees structure!

•  Selective roll-over of fee-income !

•  No hidden costs / fees!

•  Equity participation possible!

Pay for performance!

Adopting a partnership and performance based approach to maritime advisory and management consulting!

An extensive audit of organisational processes, client feedback, personnel interviews and systems review!

Benchmarkin g against other service providers in the same service verticals!

Identifiy areas of strengths and gap analysis on development areas.!







A stagnant business model, dated systems, no succession plan, nondifferentiated service offering and a geographically limited client base!

Business turnaround by developing team, enhancing systems capabilities, new market entries and succession plan !

Source and integrate new talent into the business, plan new market entry and systems reorganisation!

Coach senior management, helping them with the implementation !


Our approach – Example 1!

A diversified services company with a client base in shipping, offshore O&G, ports and terminals markets!





Assit client with investment analysis, market outlook, commercial strategy, Inspection of the asset / fleet and appoint managers. !

Deploying capabilities to source, review and help with management of the fleet. Manage the managers, vendors and various counterparties.!

Structuring of project /asset management to the clientĘźs fleet. Ongoing advisory enabling client to penetrate the marine and offshore market through further acquisitions!

Identify key project risks. Fleet employment opportunities! Evaluation of asset managers!

Develop deployment plan for fleet and manage implementati on risk for clients!

Oversee deployment of fleet and management of vessels in fleet!




Management support and exit / fleet replacement strategy!

Our approach – Example 2!

Shipping investment fund with a diverse portfolio of opportunistic investments in a range of asset classes !


Identify key strategic assets and resources as well as areas of potential risk

Working capital review, further area of service application, stratgic alliances to enable diversification






Detailed audit of the business, including financial, operational, contractual and quality management

Due diligence and strategic review of the business. Identifying and harvesting new area of sustained growth, management of underperformin g service lines

Commercial and technical diligence and a strategic review. Identifying areas of value creation by optimizing cost, diversifying service portfolio and strategic alliances

Re-organise supply chain and operational structure, help develop key personnel into further service areas

Assess partnerships that offer increased penetration in further service markets


Our approach – Example 3!

Trade player / investor with businesses in marine services market

Where most see unprecedented challenges, we see untapped potential! Where most see turbulent waters, we see an ocean of opportunities ! Where most see spiraling risks, we see ideas for growth!

Strategic Solutions For Navigating Your Maritime Business Through Challenging Waters!

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Ideocean Group  

Overview of Ideocean Grup

Ideocean Group  

Overview of Ideocean Grup