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Catheters and its importance The medical industry has made innovation in surgical products to ease the operation process and also provide convenience to the patients, who otherwise has to undergo pain and stress in the process. Kidney and urinary ailments are one such issue, where patients undergo severe pain due to the improper passage of urine. The stone accumulated in the kidney due to various medical reasons, block the ureter from the free flow of urine, which in turn causes severe pain and bleeding. To ease patient’s discomfort, urological products by Manish Medi innovation has been a boon for the patients. Different kinds of catheters are been provided by Manish Medi innovation for urological treatments. Pigtail catheters are one such product that is utilized to empty liquid to allow circulation into pleural spaces inside.

Pigtail catheters- features and benefits The use of catheters in the medical field is inevitable. The catheters are thin tubes that are inserted into the body to empty liquids. The pigtail catheters have a curl at the end of the catheter, which resembles a pig’s tail and hence it is named as pigtail catheter. The curl at the end of the pigtail catheters is designed to keep the catheter intact and prevent from moving to and fro. It has a pack or a bottle connected at the other end of the catheter which is used in gathering the liquid or any kind of waste substance coming out of the body. The pigtail catheters are widely used in clearing the liquid formed in bile, bladder, and pancreatic liquids. The pigtail catheters are manufactured using good quality materials such as silicone elastic, latex, thermoplastic, elastomers etc. The Silicone which is used in the manufacturing of pigtail catheters is considered as a very safe material and also unresponsive to body liquids. For More Information Visit Our Website:

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Pigtail Catheters by Manishmedi Innovation in Bangalore manufactures high quality products which help in draining fluids or air from pleural...