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Double J stent, an invaluable tool for patients suffering from Urology problems The name double J stent derived from a small loop created at both ends. It is a priceless little tool that is used to alleviate pains of patients suffering from urological problems. Usually it is implanted after surgery done to remove kidney stones, connecting urinary bladder and kidney. The simple curve at both ends keeps the stent in its place firmly. It is used to provide relief for patients suffering from urinary obstruction, to create prospective drainage. Though it is very useful tool for the patients, it is important to take some precautions. When double J stents are implanted, the patients have to follow some instructions that are suggested by the surgeons. The company Manish medi innovations, is a well known name among double j stent manufacturers. They are known for their quality products in medical fraternity.

When patients have double j stent inserted into the ureter they need to follow post surgical instructions with alertness. There are some risk factors, it is important for the patients to know them properly before they undergo surgery. Since there are no guidelines to manage this double j stent after it is inserted into the ureter, patients need to maintain alertness. There is a risk of stent migration, encrustation, stone formation, and obstruction. It is important for patients to know the risks they are going to face when the double j stents are placed into the ureter.

It is inserted into the ureter for drainage of urine as a post operative procedure. After its introduction into the medical fraternity double j stents found to be a priceless post operative tool that helps patients to relieve from their pain while urinating. At the same time it is important to note that all experienced surgeons have encountered various cases where, patients’ neglect cautions spelled out by surgeons and they never bother to get it removed from their body. After suffering a lot they will again come back due to the complications created by the misplacement of double j stents. Experienced surgeons and doctors caution their patients and they ask them to return for post operative checkups. Though these types of cases are very low, nevertheless it happens and doctors do witness such cases now and then. Therefore patients should follow doctor’s instructions without fail. They can escape from the complications created due to prolonged use of double j stent.

Double j stent  
Double j stent  

Double J stent and Ureteral Stent used in removing tumors either from ureter or the kidney.Manish Medi is a leading manufacturers of Double...