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Get Educated at IGNOU for a Bright Career The education imparted at Ignou is very flexible and accessible to people all around the world. It offers various courses ranging from engineering to public administration and at all levels. It has helped the educational territory since 1985 in almost every authority and has played a significant role in imparting education to people of all age groups from the comfort of their home and also for people who want to work as well as study. It is also referred to as the People’s University because the main vision of this university is to provide education to every nook and area of the nation. It offers about 3,500 courses and imparts instructive needs to about 30 lakh students.

IGNOU helpline is a private helpline site that has been developed mainly for the students. This Ignou Helpline site provides assistance and guidance related to information about Ignou and the various courses it offers. This site has been developed keeping in mind the requirements of the fresh students and also for those who want to apply for further studies. This initiative of providing valuable information has been taken up mainly for the students by Neeraj publications and that too free of cost. The

students can browse the website and gain the information required. Queries relating to previous question papers, guide books, sample papers, question bank and reference books can be attained easily from here. The Ignou papers can be downloaded from the website free of cost and they are very helpful to understand the exam pattern of the course taken. They are valuable resources that help one prepare for the examinations better. Also these days the previous question papers are gaining a lot of popularity among the masses as they help to guess one’s potency and weak points. The internet is the best resource where one can not only find the Ignou papers but also can download papers of IAS exams and UPSC exams. It is very easy to download the Ignou papers, one just needs to fill in some details like selecting the course, medium of language preferred and year for which the papers are required. The main vision of the Ignou is to impart high quality education to all irrespective of age and religion. It offers its courses in 46 overseas centers, especially in places like Asia and Africa. The popular distance education learning programs offered by the Ignou can be completed in a span of six months and help students build up a productive career. Some of the courses it offers are MBA, MCA, M.A, B.A, B.Com, Journalism, Technology and Computer. The Ignou imparts education through print materials, audio cassettes, video programs, and teleconferencing. It plays a vital role in maintaining the principles in distance education in the country. It caters to all learning needs of students, from a Bachelors degree to PHD and even various vocational courses. It encourages students to make use of technology and promote research and innovation in ODL systems.

Get educated at ignou for a bright career  

The education imparted at Ignou is very flexible and accessible to people all around the world. It offers various courses ranging from engin...

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