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Infosys Public Services Healthcare and Public Sector organizations are at the cusp of transformation. Infosys Public Services helps clients succeed in this transformation - we bring cross-industry ideas and practices to your initiatives, accelerate time-to-market with ready-made industry solutions, and ensure you derive value from investments through systematic execution. Healthcare Insurers

Healthcare Providers

Federal Government

State & Local Government

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5140 Yonge Street Suite 1400 Toronto, Ontario M2N 6L7 Tel: +1 416 224 7400

Building Tomorrow’s Government Public Sector organizations face a range of challenges including complex mission requirements, high citizen service level expectations, rapid technology changes and an aging workforce, amidst increased budget pressures. We have the experience and capabilities to assist Public Sector organizations in successfully navigating these challenges.

Imperatives Connected


Engage Constituents Optimize Reach, Service and Costs


Optimize Costs, Improve Effectiveness & Efficiency, Cut Fraud & Waste

Modernize, Collaborate for Informed Decisions, Adapt to Change

Our Solutions • • • • • •

Customer Relationship Management Enterprise Mobility Mobile App Marketplace (Flypp™) Social Commerce (SocialEdge™) Health Benefit Exchange EHR Interoperability

• • • • • •

Enterprise Content Management Business Intelligence Advanced Analytics (HIMI) Legacy Modernization ICD-10 Transition (iTransform™) Medicaid Modernization

• • • • • •

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) IT Cost Reduction Consolidation & Virtualization Security & Identity Management Data Masking (MaskIT) Fraud Detection

Our Services • Business & Technology Consulting • Enterprise Architecture • Cloud + Services

• Packaged Application Services (e.g. ERP, CRM, ECM) • Systems Integration

• Application Development • Independent Validation • Infrastructure Management

How We Partner To Deliver Business Value Territory Government

Created an e-Services platform for Vehicle and Driving License renewal — transforming service delivery, resulting in 5% yearly revenue growth while reducing operational cost.

Multi-State Medicaid Solutions Provider

Upgraded core benefits administration & claims processing platform to achieve HIPAA 5010

Long Term Care Partners

Performance Engineering of enrollment systems for Federal employees - improving response time by 40% and facilitating growth to over 1 million enrollments from 30,000.

City of Orlando

Cloud-based transformation of messaging and collaboration system reduced operational costs by 60% and improved productivity.

compliance and support delivery of Medicaid services in three states with over 1 million enrollees.

Building Tomorrow’s Healthcare Healthcare organizations are at a cross-road of competing market and operational challenges including a shift to patient-centric services and outcomes, better quality care expectations at lower cost and unprecedented regulatory changes and reforms. We assist our healthcare clients to address these challenges and transform their business model, services and operations to create competitive advantage while improving patient care and services.

Imperatives Affordability


Costs: Cost-effective, Transparent, Valuebased

Consumer: Engagement, Prevention, Personalization


Care: Integrated, Accountable, Outcomedriven

Our Solutions • • • •

Health Benefit Exchange Healthcare Analytics Hospital Performance Management Legacy Modernization

• • • •

HealthPlan e-Connect Disease and Wellness Management Mobile Healthcare Social Commerce (SocialEdge™)

• • • •

ICD-10 Transition (iTransform™) Healthcare Analytics Accountable care EHR Interoperability

Our Services • Business & Technology Consulting • Enterprise Architecture • Cloud + Services

• Packaged Application Services (e.g. ERP, CRM, ECM) • Systems Integration

• Application Development • Independent Validation • Infrastructure Management

How We Partner To Deliver Business Value Aetna

Trusted strategic IT partner for over a decade - delivering services across multiple business process areas.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

Accelerated operation of upgraded claims system, implementing process efficiencies that cut unit costs by 27% and reduced training timelines by over 20%.

Top 3 Healthcare Software Product Company

Applied healthcare and product expertise to transform four of the client’s next-generation

Fortune 100 Health Plan

Implemented a new provider reimbursement model to support scalable ACO expansion with responsibility for care management and quality.

core clinical and financial products for the hospital market.

Innovative Industry Solutions - Examples

Industry Associations & Alliance Partners

Health Benefit Exchange platform is a one-stop-shop forstates to offer individuals and small employers healthinsurance under the Affordable Care Act. iTransform™ accelerates HIPAA 5010 & ICD-10 complianceby automating significant amount of ICD-10 transition tosave time and cost - ensuring neutrality. SocialEdge™ social CRM platform, delivered via SaaSmodel, helps leverage social media to improve servicequality and reduce service costs. MaskIT masks sensitive client data - platformindependent product supports conditional, partial,incremental, and selective masking models.

How We Deliver Measurable Business Value and Predictability Systematic approach to analyze, articulate and achieve business value.

• • •

Business Transformation

Accelerating Innovation

Best practices from across industries Best-of-breed (COTS) partners Practices to deploy & support processes

• Solutions & domain COEs • Delivery flexibility - products & services • Pricing flexibility - fixed, variable



Efficient Operations • • •

Industry-leading training, certification Integrated service delivery, knowledge reuse Delivery: 99% on-time, 96% on-budget


Beyond Business Our other mission: “Invest in job creation, facilities, university partnerships, and social programs in the local economy and communities where we operate.”

We support

We sponsor

• • • •

Go Red for Women - American Heart Association Leukemia & Lymphoma Society American Conference on Diversity Boy Scouts of America

New York Academy of Sciences’ NYC Science Education Initiative • Software Engineering Boot Camp at Wayne County College District, Detroit


About Infosys Public Services Infosys Public Services is a U.S. based subsidiary of Infosys (NASDAQ: INFY), a global business consulting & technology services company. Infosys Public Services helps Healthcare & Public sector clients to transform, innovate and optimize their organizations to build tomorrow’s enterprise. We blend 30 years of commercial best practices with innovative industry solutions, best-of-breed partner content and proven execution to deliver measurable business value with predictability. For more information, contact

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Healthcare and Public Sector organization are at the cusp of transformation. Infosys Public Services helps clients succeed in this transform...

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