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mWallet - Infosys Mobile Wallet Solution Mobile phones today have the power of enabling financial transaction between two parties. Research firms estimate that by 2014 over 1.4 billion users will be carrying mobile phones with capability of processing payments. However enabling mobile commerce for endcustomers involves getting a complex system in place to support requirements of Financial Institutions, Mobile Service Providers, Customers and Payments Gateways. Infosys mWallet or Mobile Wallet solution lets enterprises unleash the power of Mobile Telephony to enable end-Customers seamlessly conduct transactions using their mobile.

Infosys mWallet Solution Highlights Infosys mWallet is a comprehensive Mobile Payments solution which goes beyond the traditional mobile banking solution. The features include • • • •

Extending banking facilities to your phone. Enabling payments at POS Terminals. Personal Finance Manager on your phone. Maintain and track budgets for personal finance. Enhanced security. It is more secure than traditional card payments (both e-payments and POS Payments) as it uses one time generated pass codes for payment authorizations at runtime • Links multiple credit and debit cards into the phone and use it for payments. • Supports multiple channels for access - IVR , SMS, Smart App, NFC

Infosys mWallet Solution Framework Consumers

Infosys mWallet Solution Multi Channel Gateway




Points of sale FIS Core Engine

Contactless Payments

Infosys mWallet Solution Benefits • Increase stickiness of clients • Better user experience • Safer and Faster transaction capability

Stored Value Accounts Server

Prepaid VAS

APIs Payment Gateways

Infosys mWallet - Features Infosys mWallet offers multiple features including • • • • • •

User Login Account Statements Payment @ POS E-payments Peer to Peer Payments SMS confirmations

• • • • •

IVR , Sim Tool Kit, Smart App Support Social Payments ATM cash withdrawals Multiple Bank card linkage Individual Bill save capability

Infosys mWallet - Sample Examples Infosys has created solutions for three industries to start with • Banking and Financial Institutions • Mobile Operators • Retail Stores For a large Asia based Telecom Operator, Infosys has designed the entire Mobile Money platform based on Infosys mWallet Solution. the solution included a core transaction platform and a multi-channel access gateway and 3rd party components for document management. This Opened a lucrative new revenue stream for the Telecom Service Provider

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We work with you to develop implementable architecture solutions that help you leverage technology to enable business strategy. Our solution helps you achieve a balance between IT Effectiveness and business innovation.

Gives your applications the third degree treatment and tests their robustness and ability to survive your business growth. A “must have” service if you are serious about long term leverage of your application assets.

Strong quality processes are the key to delivering reliable, usable software within scope and budget commitments. Infosys can help you put in place robust processes to increase productivity, shrink cycle time and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our SOA Services will help you achieve better BusinessIT alignment with clearly defined accountability. They help you build on existing IT investments to achieve process standardization & improve process efficiency.

mWallet- Infosys Mobile Wallet Solution  

Infosys mWallet or Mobile Wallet solution lets enterprises unleash the power of Mobile Telephony to enable end-customers seamlessly conduct...

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