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Infosys’ Exploration & Production Practice Exploration & Production professionals are faced with a “perfect storm” of issues today. Faced with a scarcity of experienced professionals, and increasing volumes of data, E&P companies are turning to Information Technology, and traditional IT methods of automation and standardization to solve their issues. Given the wild fluctuations in oil prices, and the increasing demand for reserves replacement, production, and cost management, E&P companies are searching for cost-effective, scalable solutions on a global scale. Infosys is helping Oil & Gas Companies and Oilfield Service Companies in solving many of these challenges. Infosys’ tradition of delivery excellence is based on providing over 27 years of IT-centric services around the globe. We have the knowledge and experience, as well as a dedication to quality, that has allowed us to rapidly grow to over 100,000 employees with revenues exceeding $4B (US). We have taken this dedication to quality and expertise to the Oil and Gas industry, with a focus on providing domain-specific solutions that leverages our IT heritage. More specifically, we have built our Exploration & Production Practice to specifically address issues and needs in Upstream Oil and Gas. We have combined our expertise in data integration, systems integration, and data management with a portfolio of partners to provide in depth geotechnical and geoscientific products and knowledge. Our capabilities in automation, integration and Global Delivery, along with the ability to leverage collaboration with our partners’ products and services, delivers differentiating complimentary s kills and business value to E&P companies. In short, we help our clients get the right data, to the right people, at the right time, and do it all on a global basis with measurable business value.

Infosys provides you a competitive edge leveraging our Exploration and Production Practice … • Dedicated team of Exploration and Production technology experts

•Collaboration and alliances with multiple product vendors, from portals to geotechnical to enterprise systems

•Centers of Excellence around leading petrotechnical applications

• Wide ranging system integration and product implementation experience

•Integration services for connecting data sources, normalizing and managing data, and presenting data securely

• Proven track record of executing process-driven, large & complex projects

What does the E&P Practice look like? The E&P practice has a dedicated group of professionals focusing on applications and processes across the E&P Business value chain, including petrotechnical applications. Our professionals focus on connecting data from traditional applications like reservoir modelers and simulators, to non-traditional systems like portals, ERP and reporting systems. The Practice uses the concept of the Center of Excellence, focusing on particular products or technologies, and connecting those with other technologies as required. The Centers of Excellence synergize with each other to provide groups of experts working to create the solution based on your requirements. Each Center of Excellence offers a range of consulting, implementation, testing, and support services, as well as solutions, frameworks, and reusable components. The Practice is integrated with other groups outside of E&P as well, including other Oil and Gas Practic es like Supply & Trading, Refining & Marketing, and Pipelines, to identify areas where innovation can be leveraged across the entire Oil and Gas value chain. Our services and solutions are supported by a mix of product and technology vendors and corporate centers of excellence.

Digital Oilfield Programs

E&P Information Management Programs

•Reservoir and Production Management Workflow Automation

•Collaboration Portal based on GIS Integration with E&P Data and Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)

•Petrotechnical applications development, integration and support (e.g. Subsurface modeling and simulation, Production real-time data - Hydrocarbon Accounting)

•Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services for Scanning and Metadata filing of Paper Documents (e.g. Well files, Land records)

•Rig Scheduling Solutions •Oilfield Workforce Mobility and Systems Automation Infosys is an Energistics member, and supports standards such as PPDM, PRODML and WITSML.

The following diagram depicts the data flow and integration points for Infosys’ systems integration services. The Practice focuses on data inputs and outputs, tying these to systems, and delivering the content via collaboration portals or remote applications.

How can Infosys help you in Exploration & Production? The E&P practice at Infosys delivers solutions for the Upstream:

Information management-Infosys' Exploration & Production Practice  

Exploration & Production professionals are faced with a "perfect storm" of issues today. Read "Information management-Infosys' Exploration &...

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