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FSA - Infosys Mobile Field Service Solution Field force personnel today need to be equipped with accurate and up-to-date data so as to adequately respond to business opportunities and customer queries. Companies today are increasingly looking at a comprehensive solution for their Field force Personnel which will provide them with comprehensive information on the go. The solution should be able to • • • • • •

To provide Relevant and up-to date information to Field service Assistant for responding to work request on a timely and effective way. To provide handy and relevant information for real-time intelligence To provide real-time data across all channels for quick decision making To remove latency, Reduce Turnaround Time, Increase Productivity, Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction. To integrate with existing enterprise systems like CRM, ERP, Work Order Management and reduces overall operational cost and protecting the investments. To leverage’s the next generation mobile devices such as iPod, i-Phone, i-Pad, Android, Blackberry etc for optimizing the business process through Mobility

In short - Companies need a comprehensive mobility solution to reduce operational cost and increase customer satisfaction

Infosys Field Service Solution Infosys Field Service solution is a unique mobility solution that enables the organizations to open a new channel to service their customers. The solution helps the Field Service technician to increase productivity, protect profitability, reduce errors with manual process, provide relevant work information to aid servicing and provide real time data enhancing the customer satisfaction. The solution helps in the field service agent to visit more customers in a day, efficient utilization of the vehicle through route mapping and GPS features, Provide information for cross and up sell.

FFA Is an effective Personailzed Service Agent

Of ce on the go

Is an effective Productivity enhancer

Effective sales assist Tool

One stop view for all service operation

The solution is designed to leverage the existing ERP, CRM, Work Order Management and other enterprise systems providing all information at one place. The solution is comprised of client application that runs on a handheld device like iPod Touch / Ipad / Iphone / Android / Windows / Blackberry device and integration services designed to run on existing server. The client application establishes and maintains a wireless connection with the application server. The solution is designed to work in both online and offline mode, integrating with popular middlewares.

Field Force Solution Native App Development

Smart Client Development

Using Mobile App Framework

Thin Client


Nokia-WAP Emicsson Open Wave

Thick Client Smart Client

Security Identify Management

Mobile User


Messaging Services


PDA Smart Phone


Enterprise App Server

Device Management




Tablet PC Access Mechanism

Laptop Win CE

Pocket IE Nokia




SQL Server




Infosys FSA for Field Assistant - Features In addition to Integration with Popular Middleware and backend including SAP/Oracle/Microsoft Dynamics, Infosys Field Force Assist Provides for several additional features Basic Features • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Extended Features

Employee Login Work Order Management New Appointment/Lead Barcode Scanning Inventory Lookup Suspend/Resume Customer Management Offline data access Field person Order/Check Inventory Defective Inventory Customer Feedback Signature Capture Sync Void Transaction

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Credit Card Tendering Debit Card Tendering Rounds Management Replenish Management Expense Management Invoice Management Automatic Timesheet Management Print Camera Scanning Receipt Printing - Zebra printer GPS / Route Finder Encryption

Business Benefits • • • • • • •

Advanced Features • • • • •

3rd Party Card Balance Inquiry (Amex/Visa) Device Management Print Remote Deployment Enhanced Security Features

Technical Highlights

Improved Productivity Improved Customer Service Improved Data Quality Reduce Paper work Improved real-time intelligence Improved operational Efficiency Improved Adherence to Regulatory Compliance

• • • • •

Ready to integrate adapters available for leading CRM, ERP, WOM system Multi device platform support Minimal investment on intial infrastructure Leveraging business logic/rules available from existing system Easily customizable client side UI framework

Allied services Technology Consulting

Independent Validation

Process Consulting

SOA Services

We work with you to develop implementable architecture solutions that help you leverage technology to enable business strategy. Our solution helps you achieve a balance between IT Effectiveness and business innovation.

Gives your applications the third degree treatment and tests their robustness and ability to survive your business growth. A “must have” service if you are serious about long term leverage of your application assets.

Strong quality processes are the key to delivering reliable, usable software within scope and budget commitments. Infosys can help you put in place robust processes to increase productivity, shrink cycle time and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our SOA Services will help you achieve better BusinessIT alignment with clearly defined accountability. They help you build on existing IT investments to achieve process standardization & improve process efficiency.

Field sevice solution  

FSA - Infosys Mobile Field Service Solution

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