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Infosys SocialEdge Employee Engagement Platform Effective collaboration through the real-time sharing of information, ideas and expertise can empower your business with a decisive advantage in today’s turbulent marketplace. As the enterprise grows across geographies, business units and functions, it must cut through cultural boundaries and break information silos by seamlessly sharing thoughts, perspectives and data. The need of the hour is to increase employee productivity and innovate continuously - and to do this, your business needs to keep employees motivated, inspired and engaged with the organization. Infosys SocialEdge Employee Engagement Platform improves workforce productivity and efficiency, deepens employee engagement, and enables faster innovation by connecting and engaging with employees.

Solution Overview The Employee Engagement Platform - available in the enterprise SaaS model - is built on industry leading Social Business Software and powered by the SocialEdge Context Engine. It energizes a range of employee engagement initiatives, such as: I

Skill Management

I Sales Collaboration

I Employee Network Management I Knowledge Networks

I Employee On-boarding I Alumni Networks

Architecture Diagram Access Layer - Desktop and Mobile Application Scenario Layer - for various applications of Employee Engagement

Network Manager

build employees intra-organizational social scorecard

Policy Manager

Pro le Manager

employees participate in formulation of company policies

manage employee pro le used for mapping & onborading

Ideation Manager

Knowledge Manager

post a new idea and browse / recommend existing ones

nd documents by topic, author or relevance

My Work Manager contains snapshot of pending work, attendance, project timelines etc

HR Management System

Employee details - interests, pro le, skills etc


Project Management System

Knowledge Management System

Project cost, scope, schedule etc

Documents, artifacts, videos etc

Communication System Corporate news, announcements etc

Secure, open, configurable, and scalable, the Employee Engagement Platform adapts to your organization’s corporate identity. Your business can leverage the platform to enhance internal collaboration and optimize existing organizational assets. It provides a single and unified platform for employees to voice their opinions, generate new ideas, connect with colleagues, and participate in the organizational decision-making processes. These efforts engage the employee, increasing levels of satisfaction and knowledge retention. While the platform is available for use by all employees, it can also be extended to external business partners, alumni and customers, driving the creation of a truly networked enterprise.

SocialEdge Context Engine The SocialEdge Context Engine (patent pending) powers the Employee Engagement Platform by automatically providing suggestions and recommendations in six default dimensions. The Context Engine runs on the basis of more than 58 rules defined for every employee based on: I What the employee creates I What the employee reads I Where the employee participates I What are the employee’s skills / interests / groups These rules are executed in a defined time-frame of every 2 hours and are associated with weightings to compute credits. The summation of these credits is used to recommend content, people, communities, etc., to other users. The dimensions, rules, weightings and the frequency at which the rules are executed can be configured as per your business requirements.

Delivery Models

Infosys Cloud

Infosys SocialEdge is available as an out-of-box offering which enterprises can start using - and realize the value - almost immediately. In this model, Infosys takes end-to-end responsibility for all aspects of the offering - from infrastructure and applications to professional services and consulting - with clear service-level agreements. This model also provides a capex versus opex advantage because the pricing is based on the value being delivered by the platform based on page views or number of employees on-boarded.

Client Cloud

Infosys SocialEdge can also be deployed in the client’s Cloud, aligning with customer strategy. This solution is priced on a subscription basis for usage of the Infosys IP. Infosys provides services clustered around running the platform, such as strategy, adoption, application support, business process management, and professional services.

Test drive


If your organization wants to test the waters before taking the plunge, the Infosys SocialEdge Employee Engagement Platform is available on a pilot basis which promises low investment without a lock-in. In the pilot phase, SocialEdge can on-board up to 1,000 users for 3 months; launch projects and campaigns; and display the complete capabilities of the platform. Upon successful completion of the pilot phase, SocialEdge experts can help you create the platform roadmap, processes and guidelines to manage bigger deployments and create in-house competency centers.

Adoption Methodology 1

INITIATING You can begin with an out-of-box Infosys SocialEdge Employee Engagement set-up comprising of multiple social business features and the SocialEdge Context Engine. This requires integration with identity federation and other managed information systems.


CONFIGURING The platform configurations can be updated later depending on employee adoption, behavior and interactions.


INTEGRATING Enterprise document management systems (Share Point, Documentum, etc.) can now be integrated with the Employee Engagement Platform to let your employees access all relevant information from a single interface.

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Infosys SocialEdge Employee Engagement Platform  

Infosys SocialEdge Employee Engagement Platform improves workforce productivity and efficiency, deepens employee engagement, and enables fas...

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