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Tomorrow’s channels for corporate customers A

s both local and multi-national organizations continue to scale up at a tremendous pace, banks serving these enterprises have had to innovate equally fast to help their rapidly growing clients manage their cash efficiently, minimize real-time risk, and forecast cash positions accurately. Simultaneously, banks have had to deal with competitive pressures that necessitate building operational efficiencies, reducing time to market for new product and service launches and building long term client relationships. The internet, one of banking’s key channels, has empowered banks to marry these demands by delivering next generation Internet banking services to corporates. However, to truly tap the power of this channel, banks need an e-banking solution that provides corporate customers instant, real-time and unified access to banking relationships along with intelligent insights into liquidity positions that can drive business profitability.



Finacle corporate e-banking Finacle corporate e-banking is a proven, secure and multi-channel enabled Internet banking solution to power tomorrow’s banks and their corporate customers. The solution brings together personalized real-time financial management with a rich and diverse feature set delivering global account management and liquidity management, financial supply chain management, with online transactional capabilities. Built on a configurable

and flexible architecture, the solution is truly platform independent and integrates with multiple host systems. With its complementary bouquet of surround solutions including alerts, social media and intelligent analytics, Finacle corporate e-banking solution empowers your bank’s channel innovation agenda by driving cost efficiencies and building customer loyalty and profitability.

A comprehensive solution Deliver smart corporate financial management At a time when multi-national organizations are trying to mitigate financial risks and maximize shareholder value, a corporate e-banking solution can help deliver critical information that ensures accurate and timely decisions. Finacle corporate e-banking solution delivers global, unified views of finances to corporate entities ranging from small/medium enterprises to large multi-national corporations. With comprehensive financial supply chain management, trade finance and analytics built in, our solution helps your bank equip enterprise customers with the right tools to manage risk intelligently and improve investment returns.

Build, deploy, enhance, scale Built on open industry standard technologies (J2EE & .NET), Finacle e-banking solution brings inherent architectural differentiation with a highly scalable Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and multiple levels of configurability and feature extensibility. Our modular architecture ensures improved



productivity, easy maintainability, upgradability and ability to roll out into new markets within shorter timelines.

Integrate with flexibility The solution is built on the Host Integration Framework (HIF), which offers industry standard, flexible and modifiable host inter faces that integrate seamlessly with multiple back-ends.

Ensure 24x7 secure banking When it comes to corporate bank ing, we understand that user security is critical towards building trust and motivating channel adoption and usage. Our solution addresses all aspects of Internet banking security at both application and transaction layers with features such as SSL and cr yp tography, multi -f ac tor and ad ap ti ve authentication as well as digital certificates and signatures. Regular security audits ensure that our solution offers a secure Internet banking experience to corporate clients.

Functional architecture

Multi-Channel Delivery


Finacle Surround Solutions



Secure Mails

Product Modeling

Single Sign On

Financial Txn Designer

Account Info

Request Mgmt

Payables Mgmt


Receivablesi bl Mgmt


LiquidityLi idi Mgmt


Trade Finance

Multi-Pro le Mgmt


Mails Manager RequeRequest Designer

$$ $

Remote Assist Finanz Tools





Financial Supply Chain



Txn Support

StandarStandard Downloads ReporReports Designer


AuditsA Imaging

User Experience Enablersblers Alerts


Personalizedersonalizen Dashboard

ocia NetworciaialwSocial Network Integrations




Remote Deposits

Analytics Usage Trend Analytics | Customer Analytics | Smart Marketing | Advisory Services


Host Integration Layer



Content Management

Multiple Host Systems

$ Core








Key modules Balance and transaction information

Financial supply chain management and trade services

A unified view is valuable when it comes to managing finances of corporate entities across the globe. Finacle corporate e-banking solution provides a comprehensive customer relationship view of the corporate with a consolidated view of all accounts and corresponding transaction information, held with the home bank as well as other banks. Additional services supported include account origination, transaction fulfillment, statement downloads, transaction search history view and other service requests for the following account types:

Business customers today need greater control over the flow of information, finances and materials. Finacle corporate e-banking solution offers a comprehensive financial supply chain management functionality that enables organization and integration of these flows both within and among corporates. This includes traditional trade instruments as well.

The trade finance services module in Finacle corporate e-banking solution supports initiation, inquir y, document management, template creation and maintenance for a diverse set of instruments such as: • Checking accounts



• Loan accounts, deposit accounts

• Letters of Credit (including standbys)

• Additional configurable bank accounts

• Bills under Letter of Credit

• Bills under Collection • Direct Collection • Bank Guarantees • Shipping Guarantees

Check printing This functionality allows the corporate user to print corporate checks as well as initiate manager’s approval requests. As part of the Finacle solution offering, the features supported include:

• Import and Export financing • Bank user led check print request initiations

Liquidity management M ar ket forces can chang e dra stica lly and consequently influence corporate liquidity levels. In such conditions, your bank must ensure it delivers corporate liquidity management services that help track and manage working capital and liquid assets closely. Services supported under the liquidity management feature are:

• Sweeping including sweeping rules, and structure maintenance and inquiry

• Allocation of check inventory to a particular account for check printing • Online or file upload based information entry on check details • Initiation of manager approvals on either corporate or bank side • Printable signatures on checks, subject to corporate providing templates and list of signatories

• Pooling including pool structure maintenance, pool balance reports and interest details report • Forecasting including single view of cash positions along with various investments and liabilities, graphical view of cash position and the facility to download forecasting reports



Reconciliation As part of the Finacle corporate e-banking solution offering, the features supported include: • Account Registration for Reconciliation • Payable/Receivable MIS File Upload • Auto Reconciliation • Manual Reconciliation • Reporting

Payable and receivable management Corporate finance executives need advance visibility and information when it comes to managing supplier credit or customer receivables. With Finacle corporate e-banking solution, your bank can offer both electronic and instrument based payments and receivable to customers. This is provided in three different modes: electronic, traditional, and Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP). The ability to configure each of these options provides your bank the flexibility to meet differing enterprise needs.

Positive pay Positive pay, the most widely used method of fraud control for instruments, involves comparing checks presented for payments with the ‘check issued’ information and honoring only those checks that match. Checks that fail to match are sent to the issuer for confirmation or rejection. As part of the Finacle corporate e-banking solution offering, the various features supported are:

• Basic positive pay ∙

Received check validation on details such as check number, account number, amount, c heck date, M a gnetic I n k Cha rac ter Recognition (MICR) number with the checks received for payments, but does not cover payee name verification.

• Payee positive pay ∙

In addition to validation on all details covered in basic positive pay, includes payee name validation.

• Reverse positive pay ∙

A new approach wherein the bank raises all checks received for payment for issuer confirmation. Based on the list, corporate issuer has to take pay or no pay decisions.

All positive pay options supports • Registration for positive pay services • Upload issuance file • View/edit issuance records • View exceptions and upload responses



Electronic mode In the electronic mode, the solution allows setting up multiple payment/collection networks such as ACH, SWIFT, NEFT, RTGS and SEPA and any other domestic and international networks. Payment types supported include self and third party funds transfer, domestic and international payments/collections, tax payments and debit transfers.

Instrument mode In the instrument mode, instruments such as checks and drafts are supported. The solution supports issuance, collection, positive pay, remote deposits, reconciliations, imaging of checks/drafts and warehousing.

Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP) Bill Payment is moving online to banking portals with corporate customers preferring to pay bills directly from their finance accounts. Finacle corporate e-banking solution brings single click customer convenience through the Bill Payment feature which supports biller registration, bill presentment and payment including auto payments, recurring payments and scheduled payments, and transaction inquiries.

Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) I n today ’s increasingly competitive wor ld, organizations are constantly looking to streamline their operations and reduce costs. The EIPP module enables customers to exercise better control over their financial supply chain. It does so by providing facilities to customers in managing the invoices and purchase orders online thus providing greater control and visibility, along with convenience. Supported features include:

Customer on-boarding

Purchase order management

Invoice management



Forecasting As part of the Finacle corporate e-banking solution offering, the features supported include: • Receivables tool to view all future receivables for an account or group of accounts over a defined period of time

• Ability to upload offline transactions • Basic reconciliation to match future receivables with funds received • Transaction ageing on a chart, calculated using the reconciliations feature

Interactive services The Internet may seem like an impersonal channel compared to the branch, but Finacle corporate e-banking solution helps your bank maintain the same level of interaction with your customers as in a branch or business centers. Using interactive services such as secure e-mail, text, audio and video chat, co-browsing, and remote assist, corporate executives can interact with bank representatives ensuring service satisfaction and hassle free banking.

Risk and access controls The solution’s risk management framework helps limit your bank’s customer exposure to risks and frauds. Risk management features include multi-level hierarchical approvals for financial and non-financial transactions, the ability to configure/ reconfigure transaction limits and define account and transaction access authorization for bank users.

Administration While the corporate e-banking solution delivers cutting edge features to enterprise banking customers, it also offers comprehensive bank administration capabilities for bank users. Supported features that enable bank users to maintain and manage customer information and perform administrative activities include system administration, customer account setup, activity management, auditing and reporting.

• Payables tool to view all future payables for an account or group of accounts over a defined period of time




Corporate self-administration

The ability to personalize the banking experience not only empowers the user but can also help your bank foster loyalty and build relationships beyond the branch. With Finacle corporate e-banking solution, you can now provide your customers the flexibility to customize their corporate banking portal to match their preferences and tastes. Personalization features supported include:

One of the features within the administration setup is the ability for banks to enable corporates to manage their own portal. This feature helps banks configure selective administrative access for corporate users, who in turn can manage administrative tasks such as creating more users, defining rules/workflows and setting financial and non-financial transaction limits.

• Personalized dashboards to perform quick actions and view complete relationships, alerts, favorites


• Configurable favorites – activities, accounts, counter parties, search criteria • Customized transaction limits, nicknames, menu labels, date and amount format, language, themes, colors, fonts • Configurable widgets, social networking, blog links • Customized reporting – Field selection, report scheduling, download format choice



With Finacle corporate e-banking solution, you can configure various functionalities such as secure mail, service requests and imaging.

Content management Finacle corporate e-banking solution integrates with any CMIS-compliant content management system to deliver context-sensitive marketing campaigns, help, and advanced search capabilities.

Surround solutions In keeping with the philosophy of delivering a comprehensive and consistent banking service to customers and banks alike, Finacle corporate e-banking solution integrates with multiple solutions from the Finacle universal banking solution suite to deliver an all-round cross channel experience.

• Allows customers to recommend a product of choice on their social network • Enables alert notification on social networking sites

Finacle Mobile Banking Mobile banking and payments services

Finacle Advizor

Finacle Analyz

Interactive assistance services

Channel and customer analytics

Finacle e-banking Finacle Finanz Tools

Infosys SocialEdge

Financial calculators, product selectors and comparators

Social engagement and commerce platform

Finacle Alerts Con gurable multi-channel alerts

Finacle Analyz Our customer analytics solution delivers: • Intelligent insights through statistics driven business reports • Web trend and transaction usage analysis reports • Social analytics to right-sell context oriented product offerings to customers

Infosys SocialEdge Infosys SocialEdge is a social media solution that allows customers to participate in and view surveys and polls, discussion forums, wikis, blogs, RSS feeds, and reviews & ratings for services offered by the bank. Integrated with Finacle corporate e-banking, the solution:

• Supports creation of social networking apps such as Facebook apps for checking balance with built-in customer access to social media, external mailboxes and to e-banking using a single authentication

Finacle Alerts The solution is a notifications engine that facilitates the delivery of periodic critical alerts including: • Multi-channel alerts to customers and bank staff through e-mails, SMS, voice, fax and the Internet • Alerts aligned to preferred delivery channel, delivery time and triggered from multiple hosts



Finacle Finanz Tools Finacle Finanz Tools is an integrated family of advanced tools that empowers banks’ customers with simple calculators and financial simulator tools to perform needs analysis and select products. It entails:

• Real-time access to relationships with the bank, such as account inquiries, fund transfers, remittances, credit card and mutual fund payments • Ability to make payments to individuals and institutions through channels like the Internet

• Comprehensive need analysis to select the best fit product

Finacle mobile banking

• Engaging and interactive visual presentations of products and product comparisons

Finacle mobile banking is a comprehensive solution that:

• Simulation of outcomes of personalized scenarios and easy-to-understand rendering of complex concepts

• Enables access to banking services through wide variety of handsets, leveraging a single platform

Finacle Advizor

• Offers multi-channel and cross channel capabilities to customers like scheduling a transaction over Internet and approving it or checking status via mobile devices

Finacle Advizor empowers banks to deliver products and services through a fully assisted self-service channel. Our solution provides: • The comfort of human intervention through ‘triple play’ entailing video, audio and data communication along with co-browsing

Partners and alliances Finacle corporate e-banking solution integrates with partner and alliance solutions to offer complementary services that enhance the overall consumer online banking experience. Services offered through partner and alliance solutions include: • Security • Imaging



• • • • •

Reporting Charge management Remote deposits Real-time customer experience management Content management

Business benefits Build relationships, improve loyalty and revenues

Lower costs, improve efficiency and productivity

At the end of the day, relationships build revenue. With our enhanced user-centric interface, the corporate e-banking solution delivers best-inclass user experience to users with personalization capabilities that enhance stickiness and full functionality adoption. Engage your enterprise clients, build communities, track feedback and uptake through intelligent analytics leading to mutually rewarding relationships and improved cross-sell revenue.

Besides the inherent advantages of the cost-efficient Internet channel and reduced workload on the branch, the solution helps configure and automate banking workflows which would otherwise have needed manual effort, thus freeing up valuable resources. Seamless integration ensures that your bank will invest in reduced integration, testing and deployment effort.

Reduce time to market Deliver smart, efficient liquidity management Using the solution, large and small enterprises gain complete control of and unique insights into their global cash position. Personalized reports and intelligent analytics help simplify daily cash management and forecast cash flows, helping clients manage and move idle cash reserves for maximum return on investment and reduce possibilities of overdraft or cash shortfall.

Built on industry standard platforms (J2EE and .Net), Finacle corporate e-banking solution can help your bank extend its product portfolio globally with built-in configurability for local markets. This enhances agility of operation, helping global expansion within shorter timeframes.



Finacle helps build tomorrow’s bank

Finacle from Infosys partners with banks, the world over, to accelerate innovation and unlock the value levers of their business. Launching new products and services on virtual channels, delivering rich customer experience and optimizing processes to support agile and cost efficient operations has never been easier. Deliver channel innovations to customers of tomorrow’s banks using Finacle e-Banking.





About Finacle Finacle from Infosys partners with banks to transform process, product and customer experience, arming them with ‘accelerated innovation’ that is key to building tomorrow’s bank.

For more information, contact nacle

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Finacle corporate e-banking is a proven, secure and multi-channel enabled Internet banking solution to power tomorrow’s banks and their corp...

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