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National Institute of Fashion Technology Shillong Campus

Graduation Project Log-Book Name of Interned Student : Manisha Singh Company/Industry Name & Address : Jaipur Watch Company, Jaipur Date of Joining : November 27, 2017

December 2017 Assignment Description 1. Gold watch design 1 For a client from Singapore.

(To be gifted on wedding anniversary) Finished.

2. Jaipur Jewellery Show Layout 

Wall layout and Specifications

Visual display of watches

Picture editing

3. Artistry Collection (A new collection inspired by Art) Taking traditional Ganjifa paintings as inspiration, a collection of hand-painted dials is created. 


Steel cases - Unisex

Selection of pictures of be painted (Hindu mythology and nature) based on clientele

Story card (Stationary)

The watches are ready, but the photography is still to be done.

4. Gold watch design 2 Highly customized


January 2018 Assignment Description 1. Gold watch design 3 Client- Managing partner of the corporation: ATV Legal

(Still in Production…)

2. Gold watch design 4 For a client from South India


3. Watch designs for Uttarakhand Tourism Client: Shri Satpal Maharaj Ji Hon'ble Minister of Tourism, Uttarakhand 

Official watches by the Government for promoting Uttarakhand tourism

Two designs - Kedarnath and Badrinath

(Design are finalized, yet to be produced.)

February 2018 Assignment Description 1. Gold watch design 5 For a client who is a follower of Shree Sadguru Dev (Not yet produced)

2. Visual identity for a website A new e-commerce website with the domain for exclusive readymade and tailor-made watch straps in India. -Presentation -Visual elements

March 2018 Assignment Description 1. Brochure design (In progress) 2. Gold watch design (In progress)

Other work includes: 1. Editing images on Photoshop – Detailing and a lot of editing 2. Graphics - Magazine Ads, Event invites, Facebook posts, Brochure designs, Layouts, Presentations etc. 3. Content writing 4. Creating new watch designs 5. Photography

Some watch designs are made, but not produced.

A few examples of work that is given on a daily basis.

All bespoke watches are customized as per client’s requirements and are made in pure gold. The design process includes: 1. Brief by the client 2. Conceptualization and 2D designs on Photoshop 3. 3D Modelling and Technical Specifications (Done in Bangalore) 4. Production (Done in Bangalore) 5. Photography and Packaging

The designing part includes: 

Conceptualization of the brief given by the client

Initial design ideas on Photoshop

Material selection

Editing of images, if used

Aesthetic details

Keeping in mind the practicality in terms of production

Changes as per client’s taste and budget

Techniques which can be done (Cut-out, Engraving, Embossing etc.)

Details (Stone setting, correct tone/hue, Proper placement of the elements, Proportions etc.)