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Did Long Tail SEO Increase Your Sales

SEO is not just providing traffic to your site. It can also be used to increase your sales. Now a day’s long tail SEO becomes more popular. Before starting this I have one question, why we use search engine? The reason is that you can search short keyword as well as long tail keyword while searching on search engine. Now how can you increase your revenue or sales through long tail keyword search? You can do that by following given steps... 1.

How to do Keyword research:

What are the keywords did the customers or visitors search while buying any product. i.e.    

(Company Name) alternatives (Company Name) reviews (Company Name) competitors (Company Name) discounts

You should get a set of result when you type any keyword into the Google search box. What people are searching, you can look at Google search result, where you can get the more suggested keyword related to your keyword.

Google only suggest limited no of keywords to you. There are various tools in the market you can also take help from them, they will gives you more keyword than that of Google search. Now with the help of the list you can find out keywords which are mostly search by the visitors for the product. Now after the keywords you have to make a strategy.


How to create a proper strategy

There are two options for this…firstly you have to create a landing page for your website for which you want to focus your long tail keywords and the second one is to get other people, creating their landing page for your product on their site for the same keyword. Now start with creating your own landing page on your site. It should be very easy if you are using CMS. If you don’t have CMS then you can also try WordPress. There are some free templates also available for landing page. Now, if you want other people to create pages on their sites that revolve around your long tail keywords, there are a few strategies you can use: Provide product or service to bloggers – don’t expect anything in return from them, but if you have a great product or service, there is a good chance they will write about it. If they write about it, make sure you let them know to no-follow the links so that you aren’t manipulating search engines. This strategy should help you control the results for “review”-related keywords. Provide promotional offers to customers – by adding coupons and discount codes to sites such as Retail Me Not or, you can start having other sites rank for terms revolving around coupons. Create free program – Give free services and your product to the customers or visitors as same as Microsoft (providing many free services & their products). By this way you will create goodwill and popularity of your website or company. You can also do PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign, if you are unable to create the landing page.

Finally Optimize your landing page for conversions Now finally we have to optimize our landing page content for conversions. Content play the important role, it tell people about your product or encourage the people to buy the product from your website that’s why content should be unique and attractive. To optimize your landing page conversions when it comes to long tail SEO is to provide the users with the answers they were searching for and then add a call-to-action button that force or push them to sign up or buy the products. Conclusion We have focus only on which keyword though which we convert the traffic into goal conversion. You don’t have to focus on the traffic while targeting long tail keywords, just focus on the goals. This is the way you can use long tail keywords to increase your sales?

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Did long tail seo increase your sales  

Google only suggest limited no of keywords to you. There are various tools in the market you can also take help from them, they will gives y...

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