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Business website development

When you are talking about a website development, then there is a lot more difference between a business website and just a website, there are a lot of people opting for, the World Wide Web as scope of business is increasing day by day, with improvements in technologies. Most of the people who opt to get there business online don’t know very basic thing between just a website and a professional business website which leads them to a business failure and they keep on hunting, “What wrong do they did” That lead them to a business failure, this article will cover certain very basic website development factors that we often over look while going to have our business online. Business Website Development Factors: 1. About yourself Have a very clear description of you and your services or product, so that people don’t have to hunt down “What you are, where you are and what you do “when they land on your website, make your website very user friendly, so that people try to find more about you. People staying more on your site increase the chances of converting them to a prospective client. 2. Simple domain name

Try to opt for a simple domain name that is easy to remember by the users, as “headwaywebsolutions” because having something complex will make it difficult for the users to remember it. Say “web-head-solution-way” or something like that. 3. Site structure Try to have a very simple navigation system for your website, so that visitors can find all the information easily when they come to your website, make sure that all the important pages of your website can be reached, from no more than two clicks from the home page. 4. Contact us information One of the biggest mistakes that business can do is making it hard for the visitor to find a contact us form. If you have done this mistake than I am very sure that you will have to shut down very early, as after all good work on your site you will have visitors, but they will not be able to contact you, this will hit you hard. So make sure that the visitor who are coming to your website have a very easy to fill and easy to reach contact form. This will improve your Visitor turnover rate. 5. Testimonials People who will visit your site always want to know, that are you the right person or firm they were looking for their problems, so to make them comfortable with this part, ask your current clients or customers to drop words about “your work, how they are benefited by your work or services.” This will make the visitors more comfortable, as people often like to read success stories and by this you will have a very good impression on your prospects even before you start a conversation with them. 6. Call to action A very basic but effective measure which can increase the number of enquires on your site. Call to action is to, ask your visitor to perform an action that you want them to do. Say you want them to fill the contact us form, then you can use these lines.     

“Get the form filled and leave all your problems with us” “Fill the form and get a free quote” “Free analysis” “Call us for a free quote” “Subscribe to us”

And many others, this will give a clear instruction or encourage the visitors to perform an action. 7. SEO Try to keep the site as Search engine friendly as you can, it will give it an extra push in the search results for major search engines. Things to be kept in mind:

            

Domain optimization. Link optimization. Link structure optimization. Content optimization. Keyword optimization. Image optimization. Code optimization. Meta tags optimization. Site map optimization. Robot optimization. Alt tag optimization. Anchor text optimization. H1 tag optimization.

And a few more 8. Content Then, now and always Content is the king and if you can provide something new on your site which the visitor is looking for then you will generate enormous amount of traffic. So keep it as fresh and as informative as you can, as major search engines give a lot of important to fresh and relevant content. 9. Hosting Make it sure that the hosting company, that you are engaged with provides you a secured server so that your site can run in a smooth manner. By this I mean, safe from any kind of malware attack or hacking because it can hit your business hard with respect to your brand image and business too. These are certain things to be kept in mind while developing a Professional Website for business. Thanks for reading will keep on discussing facts about it, keep on reading.

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Business website development  
Business website development  

When you are talking about a website development, then there is a lot more difference between a business website and just a website, there a...