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Online Accounting Software For Small BusinessAccounting Guru

Businesses using Accounting Guru 

Nursing Homes

Ecommerce Websites

Food Suppliers

Medical Equipment

Finance Companies

Electronics Stores

Staff augmentation

IT Services

Why AccountingGuru ?  AccountingGuru to run your business more effectively if your business is operating in one or more situations described below  My sales staff are always travelling and would like to see the invoice and sales data all the time  My accounting staffs are working from home and would like to finalize the quarterly accounts by working from home and without visiting the office.

Why AccountingGuru ? I have the need to just record the invoices and receipts of my customers My accountant just uses journal entries to maintain all our company accounts My company has two branches/locations and I would like to maintain one single database and get the overall finance health of the company

Easytotouse useAccounting Accounting Easy SoftwareSoftware  Simple online accounting to help you run and control your SME business.  No Accounting Knowledge required Easy to start 

Setup in minutes

Self Implementation

 No Installation required  No Downloads required

Saving Time And scope for high Accuracy ď ś

Physical books are a matter of time and maintenance. Further these have to be stored in a safe place in for the point of reference and further these are very delicate to store

ď ś

Whereas online accounting software removes all the hindrances and gives you most high record of reliance and dependence to get access to the data at any time.

Technology benefits for small businesses • There will be many doubts and questions as to how software technology can help small businesses. • Online accounting software is not only knowledge- based but it is a path of success as there is every detail of business available in your business account.

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Online accounting software for small business is a proven accounting website that can save exceedingly good costs while improving efficiency and it brings a very...