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29th November 2011

Media students interact with renowned Indian authors Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Shobhaa De, Ruskin Bond and Chetan Bhagat among top notch novelists interviewed by the Manipal Dubai Media department

Maria Hussain THE 30th edition of the annual Sharjah International Book Fair took place between 16th November to 26th November 2011 at the Sharjah Expo Centre.

Holding the tag, “For Love of the Written Word” the eleven day event attracted around 900 publishers from 50 countries and more than half a million visitors that successfully promoted cultural exchange and understanding. The Book Fair was inaugurated by His Highness Dr. Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, and was organized by the Department of Culture. The Sharjah International Book Fair declared this year as the “India Focus Year” as it records an increase in export and the largest ever display of books by Indian authors for the first time in the Middle East. The final year students specializing in Journalism and Television Production from the Department of Media and Communications of Manipal University, Dubai covered all the events under the India Focus banner, making it the only broadcast, print and online media team present throughout the event as they interacted with various dignitaries, authors, publishers, organizers and the like, from whom they received exclusive interviews. India Focus Year was introduced by the chief guest, Shri Vayalar Ravi, a prominent Indian politician and currently the Union Cabinet Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs, as he launched Nizhalayi Maranam, an autobiography of the late Mercy Ravi,

Congress Leader and wife of Minister Vayalar Ravi. Journalism and Television students managed to get an exclusive byte with Shri Vayalar Ravi, as he reminds students that, “Knowledge serves as a purpose to influence the human minds and build a culture which can contribute towards the growing society.” The book fair invited Shobhaa De, a significant writer, social commenter and Indian columnist shared her views on book fairs, future of book and views on blogging. According to De, the future of blogging is bright as it acts as a “democratic space especially for a young person for selfexpression and more. A blog can only get popular if people like the content and are able to say something different, innovative and challenging.” Sharjah International Book Fair - India Focus also welcomed Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), author, former Under-Secretary General, United Nations on 20th November. He talked about his passion for writing and commented that he is very glad to see the community flourish here and also lauded “India’s ability to manage its diversity in an age of globalization and wield its ‘soft power’ internationally which could well make it into a world leader in the near future.” Dr. Tharoor also shared his exclusive interview with Manipal University students on Twitter. The fifth day of the fair invited renowned literary Indian author Chetan Bhagat. Known as the “biggest selling English language novelist in India’s history” Chetan Bhagat has five bestselling

Manipal University, Dubai Media Department with Indian author, Chetan Bhagat on 21 November 2011

novels to his credit including his latest release ‘Revolution 2020: love, corruption, ambition’ currently selling thousands of copies in the international market. In conversation with the media team, he shared his thoughts on Bollywood film industry. He also appreciated the students and advised them to work hard to become media professionals, as the media plays a very important role in changing society. Also present at the book fair were

Students’ Speak: “UAE for me is.......”

acclaimed Indian authors like Dr. Lekshmi Nair, Jaishree Misra, M T Vasudevan, Nair, Ghazal maestro Umbayee and renowned Malayalee authors, M. Mukundan and Benyamin. Ruskin Bond was also the main highlight of the Sharjah International Book Fair. It was overwhelming for school students to see him and interact with him. In an exclusive interview he shared his views on the debate between, internet and books.

UAE gears up to celebrate 40th National Day on 2nd December Samiha Naaz

Ahmed Abdullah, 3rd year Anil Kumar, 3rd year Faaria Mariam, 3rd year Civil Engineering Media and Communications Information Systems Managment In a bid to draw attention on what you think and feel strongly about, students of Manipal Dubai carry banners with their opinions, written out loud and clear. This week we bring to you the much anticipated “Students’ speak” where you can share your thoughts and ideas. As UAE marks its 40th National Day, we give students a chance to think about what UAE actually means to them. By Fathima Layeek and Nazia Fatma. For more pictures log on to the Manipal Dubai Blog or our Facebook page.

He believes that internet and e-books still have time to overtake books. Overall, the Manipal media students gained a lot of exposure through this event. They learned how to report, interview and interact with famous personalities and had an opportunity to prove themselves as future media profesionals. To view full coverage log on to www. and subscribe to our youtube channel, manipaldubai.

UNITED Arab Emirates observes it’s 40th National Day with celebrations across the country that kick - started 40 days ago. With 2nd December approaching, various activites and events are lined up for residents to get a taste of some Arab culture. Dubai International Academic City will be hosting an Arabian themed souq along with music, dance and much more related to the Emirati culture, this event will be held on 28th, 29th and 30th November from 10am to 10pm. Students from various universities are welcomed to join in the celebrations of the spirit of the union. With fireworks lighting the skyline of Emirates, spending the holidays with family, head down to the Spirit of the Union event at Heritage Village from 3pm onwards on 1st December 2011 and enjoy the fireworks. Several competitons are organized to mark the day such as “UAE is my home” where students interested can

upload a short film or video explaining why they are proud to live in the UAE or by sending in pictures or stories explaining the UAE pride. For aspiring cooks, “UAE Cookbook”, known for its rich flavour and Emirati cuisine provides an opportunity to share your family’s most treasured dish or simply your favourite recipe and its own unique way of preparing it. “Spot The 40” is another activity, where residents can snap a picture of the number 40 from anywhere around the city, be it a billboard, any decorated building to a poster drawn by a kid- anything that represents the 40th milestone. Sharjah known for it’s culture and heritage will be hosting art and heritage shows such as folklore dances performed by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and community development. Blend in with the tradition of the UAE and join in the celebrations of the Spirit of the Union. For more information on the events and competitions, log onto the official 40th National Day web page:


TUESDAY 29 NOVEMBER 2011 | Manipal Dubai Newsletter


Heena Makhijani Christine Cherian OUR very first issue of Manipal Dubai Blog Newsletter is an imprint of the Print specialization students, Department of Media and Communications.

Being the next generation of young journalists, we play a credible role in society thus, it is an honour to present this very first issue bundled with information, university updates, entertainment and reviews. This issue kick starts with UAE’s 40th National Day leading to a literary fanatic’s dream come true having one on one interviews with notable Indian authors at the Sharjah International Book Fair. Also, learn about the threats of texting and driving from people, who’ve suffered its repercussions. Our arts section artistically allures readers with its Leonardo Da Vinci’s Exhibition at Bur Juman. In addition to this read, the Visual Communication students have designed a special comic, “A very boring class” . We look forward to your feedback, do email us at EVENTS

BBA wins inter department dance competition Qudsiya Siddiqui

THE annual inter-departmental dance competition was held on the 24th of November 2011 in the University’s auditorium. BBA Department bagged the first place with Bhangra; displaying their energetic moves, choreographed by their faculty Ms. Seena Biju. The second place was tied between Engineering and Biotechnology departments. Second year Biotechnology student and particpant, Nicola Thurgood said, “I was ecstatic about the win. All the hard work and body pains were totally worth it.” The third place was also shared by two departments; another team from Engineering and BBA, who performed eastern dances with a fusion of Hindi, Tamil and Arabic.

Over 300 attend the blood donation drive Fathima Layeek

“Donate blood, Donate Love” read the tagline of the 12th blood donation drive organized by the Department of Biotechnology, Manipal University Dubai in collaboration with Al Wasl Hospital. Started on 20th November 2011, the two day event kicked off with an overwhelming response from the students and staff belonging to different departments. The event saw 332 students register for blood donation while only 184 students emerged medically fit to donate blood making it to an approximate 83 litres of blood yielded in two days. The donation drive involved a very systematic process starting from online registration, followed by form filling where one had to answer all the necessary details required before donating blood, moving on to a hemoglobin and blood pressure test


Middle Eastern debut opens with Leonardo Da Vinci’s art works

Florentine artisans from the Niccolai Teknoart SNC (Firenze) group display historial machines at the Da Vinci Exhibition Fatema Khokha

BURJUMAN presents the Middle Eastern debut of the Da Vinci’s Exhibition between November 6 – December 5, 2011.

The brilliant artist of Italian Renaissance Leonardo Da Vinci’s Exhibition has brought a remarkable collection of his inventions, manuscripts and artwork to Dubai. It is the only Middle Eastern stop over on the travelling exhibition’s circuit. Born in 1452 in Tuscan town of Vinci, Leonardo da Vinci was one of the great masters of the High Renaissance as well celebrated as a painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, and scientist. The machines displayed in the Da Vinci Exhibition have been built over a number of years by the team of Florentine artisans from the Niccolai Teknoart SNC (Firenze) group. Held in association with the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Florence, the exhibition held at Bur Juman displays five themes: War Machines, Flying Machines, Nautical and Hydraulic Inventions, Principles of Mechanics and Artwork (Reproductions). This is the first time the Middle East has welcomed such an extensive collection of Da Vinci’s work that range from his models of the Italian genius’ flying, war, hydraulic and nautical machines, and codices of notes and reproductions of his most famous artwork.. TECHNOLOGY

Skype adds new feature for users

Christine Cherian

A NEW feature has been added by the internet phone service Skype. The users can now have video chats with their family and friends on Facebook at free of charge. Through this feature, both companies expand on an existing partnership. Though chats were already possible on Facebook, which was an instant – messaging feature on Skype, the option of video component was still not available. Skype lets their users make calls, have video chats and send instant messages over the internet which are free of cost, while calling regular phones from a computer are paid services.

Bicicletta: known as ‘Bicycle’, one of the many mysteries surrounding Leonardo’s life and work

This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to view machines created

from original Da Vinci drawings, including flying machines, nautical, hydraulic and architectural innovations, applications of civil engineering and inventive war machines. The interactive

machines, many of which are replicas are a popular feature of the Da Vinci Exhibition as visitors can touch and handle these models to gain a firsthand appreciation of how they work. Explanatory notes and illustrative panels with Leonardo’s drawings are

accompanied with each model. Besides Dubai, the interactive collection has travelled across the world, showing in cities such as Venice, Madrid, Berlin, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney, Vienna, Chicago and Hollywood among others.


Driving and texting: A risky combination Heena Makhijani

WHILE most of the UAE residents assume that accidents occur due to overspeeding, research has proved that texting while driving proves deadly. A recent series of unfortunate incidents have made texting an offence and punishable for Dhs 1000 which also includes suspension of the license for thirty days. So what is the reason to constantly engage in communication while driving? Why can’t we stay away from our phones understanding our multi tasking limitations? Investigations in 2009 recorded the effects of using a cell phone on the driving performance of young novice drivers. They found

that while drivers spent up to 400 percent less time looking at the road as compared to when they are not texting. While another research proves that the risks of crashing while text messaging and driving is more than double that of talking on a cell phone. A local student who was guilty of BBMing while driving said, “This one time, I was driving on the floating bridge at the speed of 20 Km/hr, I rammed into a car ahead of me because I was texting on my Blackberry, after this incident I have never touched my phone while driving because it can be extremely fatal.” To spread more awareness on the deadly drawbacks of texting and driving Gulf News launched a campaign in October 2011 called, “Make It Safe”

that educates people on safe driving and the dangers of reckless behaviour. The newspaper also set a goal of reducing the number of accidents to those equal to Scandinavian countries. Most of the campaigns do showcase the real problems of texting, while there are certainly more issues than writing a message while driving. Some women are also accused of applying make-up while driving, which is as distracting as typing. If most of these campaigns are focusing on texting, blackberry messaging and the drawbacks of a whatsapp application, other things that can distract a driver should also be in the picture. The choice however is still in hands of the driver; safety should be a precaution, not an inflicted rule.

Editors: Heena Makhijani and Christine Cherian | Copyeditors: Maria Hussain and Qudsiya Siddiqui|Production Editor :Nazia Fatma | Faculty Incharge: Megna Kalvani Disclaimer: The Manipal Dubai Blog Newsletter is written and edited by the students specializing in Print and Online Journalism. They are solely reponsible for editorial policy and content and these do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Manipal University Dubai.

Manipal Dubai Student Newsletter  

Manipal Dubai Student Newsletter is a fortnightly publication produced by the students speacializing in Print and Online Journalism in Manip...

Manipal Dubai Student Newsletter  

Manipal Dubai Student Newsletter is a fortnightly publication produced by the students speacializing in Print and Online Journalism in Manip...