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25th December 2011

Over 400 students graduate at the Convocation’11 Zainab A. & Heena M.

The 5th annual convocation ceremony for the graduating batch of 2011 was held at the Manipal University, Dubai Campus Auditorium on Saturday, December 17th. The ceremony was held in the presence of Dr. Ramjee, Director, Manipal University; Dr. K Ramnarayan, Vice Chancellor, Manipal University India; Anand Sudarshan, Managing Director, Manipal Global Education; A.M. Thimmiya. CEO, Manipal Education MENA; Dr. Ayoub Kazim, Managing Director DIAC; and the chief guest for the day, K Ramkumar, Executive Director, ICICI India. Dressed in their traditional cloaks and caps, the 419 students filled in the auditorium with heavy hearts yet happy minds as the day marked the start to a new chapter in their lives. After the grand procession, the ceremony began with inspiring speeches by the present guests. Dr. Ramjee congratulated each and every student in his speech and said that graduation is just the commencement of their life and not the ‘end’. Dr. K Ramnarayan regaled the graduates with a tale of how Manipal University began and what it fundamentally stands for. Addressing the graduates with a lot of vigour, he said, “you now have a sense of being a Manipalite, the story of Manipal is the story of imagination, the story of Manipal is the one of inspiration and life.” He also added,that life is God’s gift to you and how you live it is your gift to God.

Mr. Anand Sudarshan speaking on behalf of Manipal University, Dubai campus said, “I am humbled and honoured to be here. It’s a proud moment as it is the first convocation in our campus.” Chief guest K. Ramkumar, gave an inspiring speech filled with real- life anecdotes and expressed his concern to the graduating students that he felt worried when people stopped learning after they graduated for “90 percent of us stop learning after the day of graduation.” The speeches were a foreword to the proceedings, the excitement that filled the hall as the conferring of degrees began was palpable. After the conferring, students from each specialization were called upon stage and received their certificates. Given out next were the student excellence awards to the deserving ones. The ceremony ended with an oath taken by each and every graduating student. The caps were thrown in the air with a sense of freedom along with a twinge of sorrow of finally leaving the threshold of college life. As we watched the graduating class leave our fold, we wish them all the best in their future endeavours! A proud parent of the newly graduted student, Rizwana Das said to the current students, “You all are very lucky to have such a beautiful campus for studying, and the privelege to host your own convocation here. It’s really big and very nice.”

Students all smiles at the 5th annual convocation ceremony in Manipal Dubai’s new campus. Photo credit - Nazia Fatma.

Students’ Speak: “My New Year resolution for 2012 is...”

Anzuma Akhtar, 3rd Year, Media student.

Srijita Chattopadhyay, 2nd Year, Media student.

Farah Unni, 3rd Year, Interior Design student.

With Christmas rolling by and New Year around the corner, the time for change is here...... As a custom,every year we have a set of changes that we would like to incorporate into our lives which usually turns out to be ineffective. As 2011 descends into 2012 ,everyone has started to make their list of resolutions, some with longer lists than the others. The students of Manipal University, Dubai share their resolutions for the New Year. By Christine Cherian For more pictures log on to or our Facebook page, Manipal Dubai Blog

Manipal students design the NatuzziSound Chair worth AED 30,000 MariaHussain After displaying an outstanding performance and winning the first prize at the INDEX Student Challenge, 2011, the Interior Design students of Manipal University- Dubai have now designed the new Natuzzi Sound Chair. Natuzzi, a luxury Italian furniture brand, and partners of the Index exhibition 2011, unveiled the redesign of Natuzzi iconic Sound Chair by Students of Manipal University – Dubai, students of Interior Design Department. Consisting of seven members, this design team was awarded an opportunity to re-create the Natuzzi Sound Chair and win an internship program to gain insight and product knowledge of the Italian brand. For the Natuzzi Sound Chair challenge, the students had complete a creative freedom to explore and unleash their creativity to remodel the iconic piece. “The team from Manipal did an outstanding job of re-designing the Sound Chair to enhance its essence and we are very pleased with the results.” said Mr. Mikdad Bhabrawala, General Manager, Natuzzi. The Natuzzi iconic Sound chair is an embodiment of relaxation and hi-fi that brings entertainment to a new dimension; easy listening is now plugged into your seat. The Natuzzi Sound Chair is designed with built-in loudspeakers that can be connected to mp3 players or any other mini-jack

plugged entertainment device and with an easy function. This art of composition is made using a single dynamic silhouette, composed of steel Hex-Bolts, in sizes varying from M2M12, all along structured profiles. Just as music is coherent, intriguing and satisfying, they have tried to incorporate the finer nuances of one art-form into another. The chair embellished with rhinestones in red, white, maroon or black holds promise to be a true musical compilation from a different sort of artistic viewpoint. “This was a great opportunity for us to explore our creativity and work on a great brand. Redesigning the Sound Chair was exceptionally challenging as we wanted to maintain the equity of the product yet put in our own influence without taking away the original design. We went through several sketches and alternatives and we are proud with the final design” said Frenziata, Manipal University. The stunning re-designed creation of the Sound Chair will be showcased in Natuzzi’s Store on Sheikh Zayed Road and the sale proceeds of the piece will go to Dubai Cares in support of their international campaign “Education for Children”. Additionally, Natuzzi has also committed to donate a portion of revenue between November to December 2011 to Dubai Cares as part of their CSR commitment to the region.

Log on to for more information and photographs.


Sunday 25th December 2011 | Manipal Dubai Newsletter

EDITORIAL Rabab Kazi With our second edition of the Manipal Newsletter, we bring to you our very own mixture of news and entertainment. Whether its university ongings, holiday features or even our first foray into the Dubai International Film Festival, we have something for everyone. With the end of the year and a New Year beckoning, it is time not only to reflect and ponder on the past but also to begin anew. Newer territories must be traversed and ultimately conquered to achieve a wondrous triumph. With our final edition for the semester, we at the Manipal Dubai Newsletter team bid you adieu with hearty wishes for the holiday season. Happy New Year and best of luck to all in the upcoming exams! You’ll hear from us soon enough. Mail us at: com .Your feedback is our fodder!

Campus Placements for Engineering Students Qudsiya Siddiqui The engineering students of Manipal University, Dubai received a opportunity to show their theoretical and practical skills to obtain a position in recent campus recruitments. Organized and initiated by Mr. S.V. Kota Reddy, these campus placements were offered to interested engineering students with a minimum CGPA of 6.5. The qualified students were to appear for interviews with Middle Eastern based companies. After an insightful seminar on Architecture for Civil Engineers conducted by Al Reyami Group, 4 students were shortlisted for interviews with the company. Tanveer Ahmed, a final year Civil Engineering student was offered a job post- graduation for a monthly pay of AED 6000 with Al Reyami Group. Also, an industrial visit was organized for the Mechanical Engineering students to Fabtech, in Middle East. Here, in collaboration with the Engineering Department; 4 interested students underwent a series of written tests and group discussions. They were further tested upon their technical skills and had personal interviews through which Myron Gomes a final year Mechanical Engineering student was selected in the company. This batch of students is the first to be given an opportunity for getting job offers on campus. Working with a number of companies, Manipal students can hope for greener pastures in the future!

Five Manipal Dubai, Media students nominated for the 8th DIFF Young Journalist Award 2011 Nazia Fatma

The 8th edition of the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) was held between 7th-14th December 2011. It unveiled 171 films from 56 countries combining substance, star power and industry offerings. Since 2008, the DIFF Young Journalist Award aims to bring together different students from various universities to participate and provide them with exciting opportunities with the constant guide of experienced international film critics and journalists. This year’s topic covered pertinent issues and subjects necessary for a career in film critique, business and technology writing and also addressed new /social media within a journalistic framework. This year’s mentors were Colin Brown and Sultan Batawi, who assisted and encouraged the participants to win the award. Five out of nine YJA finalists were from Manipal University, Dubai with our media students Rabab Kazi, Qudsiya Siddiqui, Diana Khambatta, Lavanya Narayan and Maria Hussain making it to the finals. Diana Khambatta, a second year media student said, “It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience that managed to keep us on our toes all the while. More than a competition, it proved to be a platform that helped us work together, in an amicable way. What we’ve taken away from this experience is a victory in itself.” Third year media student Maria Hussian also said, “DIFF proved to be an excellent platform to grab profound

Manipal students with Sultan Batawi; one of the mentors for the Young Journalist Award at DIFF. Photo credit Nazia Fatma.

opportunities that build up experiences and interaction with the outside world; a world of challenge and a disclosure of hidden talents.” Lavanya Narayan, a first year media student said, “the competition was Informative and exciting, we had two very good mentors who taught us the ropes of journalism.”

The winner was Nabila Usman from Middlesex University Dubai, a first year Journalism and Communication student whose skills were commended by the two mentors. Colin Brown, one of the senior mentors at the close of the competition advised the participants to “Keep laughing and

enjoying yourself, only your imagination limits you and nothing else does”. Sultan Batawi, social media mentor added that he hopes the participants do great in life and excel in their future endeavors.


‘Tis the Season to be Jolly Rabab Kazi

Green trees decked with gold and red streamers, gifts lining up shop displays, a slight chill in the atmosphere … It is December in Dubai and that means only one thingChristmas. The time for giving and receiving gifts, meeting loved ones and eating delicious holiday treats has finally arrived. Whether you’re young or old, the Christmas spirit is infectious and surely you’ve caught it too. Looking at the decorations in your neighbourhood, in the malls and the restaurants is bound to put you in that special holiday mood. And the delicious waft of goodies helps too. So the season to be joyous is here and we have found a few ways to keep you entertained during this festive time1. Ski Dubai: In true Christmas style, reminiscent of snow and mountains, head down to Ski Dubai to get into that celebratory mood. Rush down the snowy peaks of Ski Dubai or enjoy a steaming cup of cocoa at the coffee shop overlooking the snow. Or perhaps you can go ice skating and get right into the christmas mode.

2. Gift Shopping: Christmas aint Christmas without presents. So visit one or more of the many malls and splurge on presents. With a number of festive offers, you’ll be sure to get a good deal! 3. At the Top: Glimpse the festivities of Christmas and New Year at greater heights. Go to Burj Khalifa and be engulfed by the cool breeze and great view. A memory to be preserved forever,be sure to visit with friends and family in tow. 4. Party Time: Since it is a time for celebrations, so why not host your own party or help a friend throw a bash. Friends, family and food make a great mix especially in this merry season so get ready to party! 5. Do Good: A celebration like this does not only include having fun. So be charitable and help out those in need. Make their Christmas a merry occasion by doing some good .They will be forever grateful for your kindness. So put out your stockings, light the fire and start cooking that scrumptious Christmas meal. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, don’t you see?

Editors: Rabab Kazi| Copyeditor: Fatema Khokha|Production Editor :Nazia Fatma |Photographers: Nazia Fatma and Zainab Akbarali |Illustrators: Chris D’soua, Luvlyn Prem and Sakina Ummeabiha and Khadija Shabbir |Faculty Incharge: Megna Kalvani | Disclaimer: The Manipal Dubai Blog Newsletter is written and edited by the students specialiing in Print and Online Journalism. They are solely reponsible for editorial policy and content and these do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Manipal University Dubai.

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