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“If we resist our passions, it is more through their weakness than from our strength.” ( François de la Rochefoucauld )

Manuela Cimmino, artist. Maria Vittoria Magno, interior designer and structural engineer.

“The Architecture becomes generous and significant to human beings only if it is a fine and delicate extension of the nature’s order.” ( Giancarlo De Carlo, Immagini e frammenti )

NEW YORK A three-dimensional illuminated piece which transmits the explosive force of New York at night. Combining the rigid verticality of skyscrapers and the chaotic tangle of underground life and lighting this piece shares its energy with the environment in which it is located giving the viewer the feeling of entering a mysterious and fascinating world.

PRIVATE APARTMENT PORTA VENEZIA AREA, MILAN. Located in a 30’s building nearby Porta Venezia, the neoclassical atmospheres are recalled by the lozenge texture of the ceilings and the authentic linen colored doors. The restyling project carefully balanced the original 30’s style with the contrast created by modern art.

MOTION The wave motion wants to communicate to the fluidity of movement, emphasized by the veins in plaster raised. It ‘s an easy to read work that goes straight to the sensitivity of the observer. Inspired by the idea of ​​movement and the pony lining of Le Corbusier famous rocking chairs.

TOP FLOOR FLAT IN A RATIONALIST BUILDING FROM THE FIFTIES, MILAN. In the linearity of this rationalist apartment we wanted to add some emphasis: a new scenography created by the bookcase and the heavy grey columns. Those elements and the colour that we choose are in illusory contrast with the logical order of the spaces but still in harmony.

Magic This is a work that hides a secret. It may be a single one or it can be seen as a double. The brilliance of the color of gold combines the chaos of the design, and give the viewer a very nice feeling of confusion. The uncertainty unfolds when you go to the second part of the framework, which reassure offering a recognizable image. It’s the MAGIC of what we can not see, because it is hidden by the complication of everyday life. Cobalt blue and gold dominate this piece which makes it suitable for neutral environments. LOFT IN A CONVERTED LATE 19TH CENTURY FACTORY, MILAN. The project preserves the original warehouse structure and at the same time creates new spaces for a residential living with a clear industrial character.

selected works from the same author:


1.62 X 0.62 Oil on canvas, Iron


1.58 x 1.58 Oil on canvas, Brass

Pregnant 1 1.00 x 0.75 Steel, Oil-based paints


0.56 x 1.15 / 0.40 x 1.15 Oil on brass



1.20 x 60 Oil on canvas, Plaster

Pregnant 2 1.00 x 1.00 Steel, Oil-based paints

New York

1.02 x 2.00 Transparent Opaline, Iron

1.20 x 1.20 Oil on canvas, Steel, Iron


1.00 x 1.00 Steel, Plaster, Oil color


1.50 x 1.50 Iron, Cement, Plaster

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top floor flat, 60 sq mt, Via Vetere 10, Milan. flat, 50 sq mt, Via Vetere 10, Milan. flat, 100 sq mt, Via della Camilluccia 589/D. top floor flat, 120 sq mt, Via Emilio Faa’ di Bruno 24, Rome. family flat, 220 sq mt, Viale Regina Giovanna 42, Milan. 5th floor flat, 80 sq mt, Via Emilio Faa di Bruno 24, Rome. flat, 210 sq mt, Via Gallina 1, Milan. flat, 300 sq mt, Via Palermo 1, Milano.

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Arts by Manuela Cimmino

Interiors by Maria Vittoria Magno


Art: Pensiero Project: Private flat, Via della Camilluccia 589/D, Rome

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