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Effective Ways of Checking Fraud for Business Owners Majority of business organizations do not incorporate some sound strategies to prevent the fraud. However, some of businesses only formulate strategies for investigation and detection of fraud. One of the major challenges, arising in front of the managers and owners of the companies is the understanding of severe risks associated with the fraud. In fact, if you are one of the owners of your company, you can never underestimate any of the risk of fraud elements within your business premises. Companies, which have not faced any incident related to fraudulent activities, likely stay unaware of various forms of business risks. Business managers and owners of present times will not only have to focus on direct expenses or financial costs, but also have to look over some other costs for making sure about the success of the businesses. These include legal costs, investigative costs, consequential losses, time management and regulatory fines, losing of customers and prospects, increase in the insurance premiums, switching over the jobs of staff members and various others. Other than this, owners and managers of businesses should focus over the enhancement of financial costs and inabilities of enhancing various new finances. Although, complete elimination of fraudulent activities is impossible for business owners, but still, they can put control or restrictions on such undesirable activities or events to a big extent. Despite, business owners cannot eliminate the fraud from their places in entire way, but they can take some necessary steps for putting restrictions on the same. Combat with any of the fraudulent activities need some fresh approaches to cover almost every cycle of fraud. The approaches may include prevention and deterrence of fraud, detection and investigation of fraud. Software Solutions in Identifying Risks and Preventing Fraud “Now days, many international companies are installing RA7 software solution by well-trained and special technicians of Nemesysco Company based on emotional analysis techniques of Amir Liberman. The system can identify medium risk and high risk claims for putting restrictions on certain fraudulent conducted inside and outside of working places.”

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Identify Risk to Prevent Fraud is of Huge Significance Identification and prevention of risk factors within the business premises can be considered as an effective way of controlling fraud or fraudulent activities. Experienced business personalities have suggested, “If you do not have any awareness or knowledge about the risk factors of your working places or businesses, you may never take suitable steps for preventing fraud.” Once the business owners achieve success in identifying business risk factors, they can go for further steps for risk and fraud preventions.

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Amir Liberman studied about computer programming at the age of 8 year and started writing code professionally at the age of 11 and finally a...

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