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QNo time to go out? Jog on a treadmill.


Remarkable benef its of exercise and f itness A

Basically, with an exercise and RE you ready to jumpstart a new fitness program, you’ve taken you? Don’t wait any longer to begin charge of your life. You can truly A PROGRAM OF EXERCISE AND kTNESS enjoy your life again. That’s the It’s practically a miracle what exercise and NUMBER ONE BENEkT OF EXERCISE kTNESS CAN DO FOR YOU %VERY DAY YOU HEAR ANDkTNESS MORE GOOD NEWS ABOUT THE BENEkTS OF kT- Get started with an NESS4HINKABOUTYOURkTNESSGOALSANDGET exercise and fitness plan MOTIVATED TO MOVE -AKE EXERCISE AND kT- Get started right now. Set up your ness your number one priority and you’ll kTNESSGOALSANDDEVELOPANEXERNEVERREGRETIT,OOKATALLTHEBENEkTSYOU cise schedule to get you there fast. Choose the program that suits GETFROMEXERCISEANDkTNESS you best, whether it is aerobics 1. People look and feel great when they exercise and eat well. 2. Understand that how you look and feel affects almost every aspect of your life. 3. Once you start, you will be amazed at how refreshed, revitalIZEDANDCONkDENTYOUFEEL 4. You’ll be able to fit into smaller clothes. And you’ll feel good shopping for new clothes. 5. Exercise reduces your appetite so that you don’t crave junk food. 6. You won’t need a fad diet plan to lose weight. Burning fat and losing weight will be faster and easier, because you’ll be motivated to make healthy eating choices. 7. You will develop a more positive attitude and determination. 8. Exercise will help you relax and sleep better. 9. Relationships are better when you are in shape. 10. Exercise will help you live longer, and enjoy the extra years more. 11. With exercise and fitness, your energy and performance improve.

12. People notice you as you walk down the street. They’ll admire your appearance pearance and an nd envy your enthusiasm. sm. 13. Your family mily will ll respond positively to the change. he chang nge. It will be easier to play ball with them. 14. You’ll climb steps without losing your breath. 15. Exercise se and getting fit teach you how ow to set goals and accomplish them. hem. One of the most rewarding things ngs in life is achievingg your goals. 16. Nothing ng will improve your quality of life more than han being bein healthy, fit, confident and passionate ate about each and everyy day.

classes, weightlifting, the gym circuit or walking. Resolve to stick with the program.

-AKEEXERCISEAPARTOFYOUR daily schedule. Every day, work your program, get up, get in, get out and get on with your day. Don’t pressure yourself to exercise intensely. Start your fitness program slowly, and increase gradually as you build up your endurance. Keep a log of your workouts. Hang in there until you realize the PLEASURE OF EXERCISE AND kTNESS Your commitment to your exercise ANDkTNESSPROGRAMANDYOURACcountability is the ultimate secret to your success.

Change yourself with exercise and fitness $OYOUWORRYABOUTTHECOSTOFkTNESS4HECOSTOFUN kTNESSISMUCH higher in the long run. Do you think you don’t have time to exercise? After each workout, the energy and revitalization you experience will actually give you more time because it increases your productivity. With your commitment and accountability to a program of your choice, you can’t fail. If you want to lose weight and BODYFAT IFYOUWANTTOBEkTFOR sports, if you want to prevent disease, YOUMUSTCHOOSEAkTNESSPROGRAM for yourself. Fitness also increases your energy, gives you better sleep, enhanced vigor, zest and passion.

Q A couple of dumbbells can get you toned at home.

QExercise at home.

QThe walking that comes with golf – or even without it – is great exercise.

QPlay sports for exercise.

9OUCANWEARASWIMSUITCONkDENTLY Other people notice your appearance and are attracted to you.

Lasting results as reward %XERCISE AND kTNESS BRING YOU ALL THESE BENEkTS AND MORE 9OU WILL REALLY kND THAT IT IS EASY  FUN AND incredibly rewarding. You may be SKEPTICALATkRST0ERHAPSYOUNEED a gentle nudge to get you started. To be completely honest, once you experience how great you feel, and see the early results of exercise and good nutrition, you’ll want to continue. It’s hard to stop doing something that gets real, lasting results and makes you look and feel so good.


Q Strengthen your core with regular pushups.

A call to care for eyes HOW often do we hear that the eyes are the window to the soul? The Scriptures are even replete with verses saying just how important they are. Matthew 6:22 to 23 says, “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light, but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of

darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!� (English Standard Version). Among many cultures, including the Philippines, eye care is not given much importance, causing a lot of people visual problems. “In the Philippines, eye healthcare is not a priority and we aim to change that mindset. It’s a

QIdeal Vision Center assistant vice president for marketing and merchandising Joy Go.

long, ongoing process especially with the fast-changing business landscape but we look forward to seeing the light at the end of it,� Ideal Vision Center (IVC) assistant vice president for marketing and merchandising Joy Go shared with The Manila Times. IVC is already a household name in the eye healthcare industry for more than three decades but according to Go, the vision should not stop there. She believes that the company’s reputation should be treated as an opportunity to continue to educate, innoVATEANDRESEARCHFORTHEBENEkT of Filipinos. Go, whose grandfather launched Ideal Optical, said she IS CONkDENT AND DETERMINED TO achieve their goals. As head of branding, marketing and merchandising, she is also always finding new opportunities to explore, expand and discover new solutions to make eye care accessible to everyone. D e s p i t e g r ow i n g u p i n a f a m i l y o f e ye c a r e p r o f e s sionals, Go’s involvement in the eye care industry is not a

QThe eyes are the window to the soul. FLICKR PHOTO childhood dream. Her initial passion was in food which explains why she has a degree in Culinary Arts and Related Services. Her interest in eyewear and eye care was piqued only when she started working parttime in the family enterprise. “More than the technicalities BEHINDBEINGANOPTOMETRIST )kND the marketing and research side of the business very endearing. Aside from that, I am also very interested in eyewear fashion,� she stated. Go got her degree in Optometry at the Centro Escolar University and joined the family business in 2002. She still loves to cook and SAYSTHEKEYTOkNDINGABALANCE between two passions is “you don’t give up one or the other but enjoy

both at the same time.� The eye doctor also noted that being in the eye care industry gave her a meaningful purpose of taking care of other people’s needs and well-being. It has also become important to her to provide only the best vision solutions. g7EALWAYSTRYTOkNDTHEMOST advanced products, to offer more advanced and better products to our patients,� she stated. To do that, Go noted the importance of partnering with brands that share their vision. Hence, their partnership with Essilor, the world’s number one ophthalmic company that offers complete vision solution through its wide range of products including Crizal,

Transitions and Varilux, gives them an opportunity to provide clients an access to worldclass eye care products. “Partnering with Essilor for more than 32 years is the best move we made to improve our service to our customers. We at IVC, know that Essilor share the same vision with us — to offer topnotch eye health care to Filipinos,� she said. “It is my ambition, through IVC, to leave a legacy and be a part of every Filipino’s eye healthcare routine. It is a long and challenging path but we will never stop improving and kNDINGSOLUTIONSSOTHATQUALITYEYE healthcare will be more convenient and accessible to all,� the eye doctor noted.

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The Manila Times is one of the leading national broadsheets in the Philippines. It is also one of the oldest, having been founded in 1898.


The Manila Times is one of the leading national broadsheets in the Philippines. It is also one of the oldest, having been founded in 1898.