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Maniks Desuperheater for Energy conservation Introduction Maniks makes high productivity and predominant quality desuperheater. The fundamental limit of a desuperheater is to cut down the temperature of superheated steam or different vapors. For the viable temperature diminishment we utilize a shower of water into the steam pipe this will frame an organize contact of steam with water or another liquid, For instance, water as a result of which we acquire temperature diminishment. It will scatter the implanted water.

The term desuperheating implies attemperation or steam molding which really used to lessen steam temperature in a high warmth age plants. To acquire temperature diminishment we sprinkle water into the pipe. This water vaporizes with superheated steam and creates consistent state yield toward the end.

Need of Desuperheater Desuperheater assumes a critical part in boilers and warmth age frameworks. They lessen the temperature of the superheated steam and reuse the warmth vitality to some different applications. There are two favorable circumstances of diminishment of this steam temperature.

1. The downstream process gear intended to work at a low temperature. To acquire this foundation we require desuperheater.


Maintain a steady temperature for facilitate processor applications

Working Principle Desuperheater takes a shot at an extremely straightforward guideline it diminishes the steam temperature with the assistance of water. The shower of water diminishes the temperature of the superheated steam. At the point when this water comes in coordinate contact with the superheated steam, dissipation process happens and steam temperature lessens at the outlet. When we infuse water to the superheated steam some water beads amassed on the inward surface of the divider. The utilization of high temp water shower wanted to evacuate these water beads. The temperature of this high temp water decided from the temperature of the superheated steam. The utilization of heated water splash for infusion into steam pipe dodges the aggregation of water beads inside the pipe. The temperature of the heated water ought to be close to immersion temperature of the steam.

Types of Desuperheater There are four sorts of desuperheaters accessible • Indirect contact compose the medium used to cool the superheated steam does not come into organize contact with it. The cooling medium is a fluid or gas as opposed to encompassing air. These sorts of desuperheaters are shell and tube warm exchangers. • Direct contact write - The medium used to cool the superheated steam comes into arrange contact with it. By and large, the cooling medium is an

indistinguishable liquid from that of the vapors to desuperheated, however in the fluid state. Steam desuperheater utilizes water as a cooling medium. • Integral compose Desuperheater is in-worked with actuator so that there is no compelling reason to isolate splash water valve • Non Integral write Desuperheater spout and water valve are separate units

Maniks Desuperheater Maniks are having thorough scope of desuperheater supply since most recent three decades. They presented assortment of desuperheaters with exact temperature control for different applications in compound or oil and gas process plants where the accessible refrigerant is at superheated conditions. The desuperheater created my Maniks utilizes smelling salts water as a super warmer fluid and its primary reason to configuration to utilize as a part of refrigeration frameworks to keep up the temperature inside it.

In the typical refrigeration cycle, a refrigerant gas, for example, smelling salts, Freon packed in a compressor, goes through a condenser where it emits warmth and changes to a fluid state and after that goes inside the extension valve to an evaporator curl to assimilate warmth and change the refrigerant back to a vaporous state for' recompressing in the compressor to finish the refrigeration cycle.

The evaporator curl situated inside a refrigerated box, show case, or bureau and the warmth consumed by the refrigerant going through the loop serves to remove warm from the refrigerated box and its substance to keep up the container at the coveted temperature. As is notable, this separating of warmth from the refrigerated box' and its substance makes ice frame on the evaporator curl and refrigerated box which intermittently should expelled to keep up legitimate working of the evaporator loop and maintain a strategic distance from unwanted develop of ice on the curl or different parts of the refrigerated box.

Design of desuperheater Twofold Walled "Tube in Tube ", vented, counter stream warm exchanger. Vent tube having serrations on internal and external surfaces to keep away from cross sullying of refrigerant and water/liquid. Each tube has a tube inside that permits water/liquid to movement in a contrary bearing.

Installation Process

The Desuperheater Water Heater presented before the condenser and the oil separator. The refrigerant experiences the course of action of tubes in the Desuperheater before entering the condenser. Consistently the Desuperheater Water warmer blueprints the high temp water as an essential for the systems. Exactly when necessities of bubbling water and refrigeration are not simultaneous, a "Distribution" type structure is given wherein high temp water is delivered, secured and kept up in an ensured tank. This warmed water by then can utilize as and when required.

Maniks desuperheater for energy conservation  

Maniks makes high productivity and predominant quality desuperheater. The fundamental limit of a desuperheater is to cut down the temperatur...

Maniks desuperheater for energy conservation  

Maniks makes high productivity and predominant quality desuperheater. The fundamental limit of a desuperheater is to cut down the temperatur...